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June 27, 2022, 01:35:27 am

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Author Topic: [NCES?] D&D3.5-ish, a Harem of Fiends  (Read 538 times)

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[NCES?] D&D3.5-ish, a Harem of Fiends
« on: January 31, 2014, 02:09:13 am »
So, government cuts to such silly things as the education budget have resulted in downsizing the IT staff at the high school, resulting in me being made redundant. Another way of looking at it is I have a whole lot of time on my hands.

This idea could honestly be Non-Con or Bondage, likewise I suppose it could actually be Humanoid rather than Exotic. I don't know, this cider is really awesome but it does make "coherent thought" take the back seat.

Anyway, in Tome of Bad IdeasMagic, there's a prestige class that thankfully doesn't make much use of the completely awful Truenaming rules, the Fiend Binder. Basically, you enter it as a Wizard or something, and then you can permanently summon various fiends and bind them to your will. Much like pokemon, you don't just get to control an army, you have to spend your actions issuing commands, so you still get one set of actions per turn when there are fights.

But out of battle? You can wander around with a harem of fiends. Succubi are an obvious one, but the others can still be turned into sexy monstergirls. This allows for day-to-day situations much like you might find in various fan-service anime. And if that sounds awesome to anyone else out there, then this might be the game for you.

My character would be a young lady who feels passionately about her fiends - she loves and cares for them and has a hope that they can be redeemed from evil... she also spends a lot of time in bed with them, and engaging in naughtiness, when not adventuring.

You need to be a minimum of level 7 to access the class at all, and you need 2 levels to summon succubi, so that's 9. Using their chart as a guideline, level 10 (Wizard 7/Fiendbinder 3) would also allow for an erinyes, so that would be awesome. Higher levels are not necessary (I totally understand that the higher the level, the bigger and more instantly-dangerous the challenges get and the crazier the plots get and players have a million options), but if you feel up to it they open up more fiend ideas. I would really like it if the fiends would stay relevant by gaining levels (racial hit dice generally) at the same rate as I do. So succubi come online at level 2 (total level 9 - they're now two levels weaker than you, in theory), and at level 3 (total 10) they could gain an extra Outsider hit die or Rogue level or something. Just to keep them strong enough that keeping them around is still good in combat.

Any takers?