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Author Topic: First thread here. Looking for female user's to play with  (Read 503 times)

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First thread here. Looking for female user's to play with
« on: January 03, 2014, 06:43:34 AM »
After a few month's have signing up here, I decided to make a thread here. I am not new to rp and have done fan fiction before, but I hoping to improve my writing skill's.  I ask that you have to be flexible with the post length's because I am not good with writing sex. I can rp here or through email. Thread's is a maybe but I would feel embarrass if we stop role playing when something comes up. I want someone(female of course) who can different types of character's not just submissive one's Some of these are story driven while I think one is mostly smut. A few of these are written in first person but I only write in third person during role playing. Just did it  in the mood really. I would be updating this thread with more plot's, because I have a few in my hand. I hope to role play with you soon!

edit: all characters are 18+ btw

pairing's with no plot yet:
hero x female villain
porn star x virgin

Friends to the End(werewolf x human pairing)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
When you were young you foolishly walk in to the woods in the middle of the night when you had an argument that you could never see me again because I  was from a lower caste. But you didn't care because I meant the world to you. You try to to seem but was attack and bitten by a werewolf. You  scurried back to your village. You didn't tell to your parents that you were bit by a werewolf, just one of the local woodland wolf's. But you were changing as days passed by. You were eating more than usually do, able to lift heavy object's, and had violent outbursts. But that wasn't the worse thing a person can do. One night, during a full moon, You started to transform in your room, You screamed and howl and your parent's come at aid to see what was going on with their little girl. But they didn't see their princess but a tall, foul, beast. You lashed at your parent's, killing the two of them in a instant and left your home. When another of the locale's so you,  he cried for help and before he was striking by your razor sharp claws. The village man grabbed their torches and pitchforks and tried to kill beast, but they were no match for you. You went on a killing spree till there wasn't a soul in site. I was traveling on my horse, to see what was the matter with you, and if I could help. You take a light sniff and recognized me from a mile away. My horse begin to become freighted as it see's the werewolf. I am thrown off my horse as it stampede's away. So there was only two of us now, looking at each other. You have the urge to kill me but you try to fight it. You call out my name  where I am puzzled what's going on. Then I realize it was you in that werewolf shape form. I get on my feet, trying to see if I could help you anyway, But you slam me down on the dirt and took off into the wood's. I haven't seen you for five years till one night....

The Milk Addicted (whore role play)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Jessie(your character) is a 25 year old college student at the Westwood University. She is in the high honors of all of her classes  who is loved by all. But she has an addiction that people do not and would very very unusual.  When she was young, she was breastfeed like  every other kid. But she isn't  like other kids  because she is addicted to milk.  She was drinking milk from her mother's breast till she left her father. This is why she is super intelligent and does very well than her other classmates. When she was 18, she was already going a nice pair of DD breasts.  Her classmates and teacher took notice of that too; including her father.  Her father used  addiction agonist her made her have sex with him. Soon other students knew her secret and took advantage of it. She became a whore all her life and she didn't care as long as she get milk. She didn't really have any lovers until one day. A young guy name Joesph had just moved to Westwood. He lived in the city all his and prefer it was time to get away from it. He was an a nice guy, most people wouldn't take to him, but Jessie did. And he starts to fall in love with her. But what he didn't knew she was "cheating" behind his back.

Breaking the Demon( switch demon x human pairing)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Christopher has been a nerd throughout his life time. From monsters to aliens, he love them all. And When he moves from his luxurious city to be close to his parents in a small rural town he decided's to check on the local library. What he did not know was that no one enter's it because it has a dark past. But Chris didn't care even with all the warnings he got from his family and the townspeople. As he enter's the library, he notices that that it look pretty run down and that reeking smell to it. He take's a peek at bookshelf's, looking for something that would interest him. Chris heard  foot steps coming down the stairs, and's he take's a glance of an old man with a pile of book's in his hands. Chris continues to look at stack of book's but the man hand's Chris a book. The scrawny man mention's that Chris look's like a boring type of guy and believe's that the book could give him some excitement in his life. Before Chris say's anything, the  librarian scurries Chris to the door and locks behind. Daze on what just happen, he jog's to his his apartment before it begin to drizzle. Twenty minute's had passed and Chris walks inside his apartment complex and heads to his room. He enter's his room and lay's his belonging's down on the ground and grab's the the book from his backpack. He  begin's to read it as he sky became pitch black with rain pour downing and thunder shaking the room. Chris continue's to read and a white flash black's him out. As he regain's conscious, he see's a female standing in the middle of the room. However  notice's that this wasn't an ordinary woman but a demon with her horn's and tail. Chris has some idea's what he could to her, but not knowing that demon has other plan's and doesn't take kindly on those who use her as a slave.

(things to keep in mind is that the demon is a dom at first but become's a sub when Chris take's a control of her than  a switch after he is the first man to able to take control of her. There is no bdsm  here, just dom/sub/switch by nature. A little non con but Chris is willingly at first. I would also but not needed that she is a shapeshifter or can be a futa)

The Emperor and the Kunoichi(feudal japan roleplay)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Takashi is now the emperor of Japan in  1885 after his father die mysteriously. On the night of being heir to  his father's throne, a person wearing a a disguise sneaks into his room. As Takashi enter's the room, the mysterious person holds a knife through his throat. Takashi refused to let some stranger to take's his life and fight's back. The two go at it for a few minute's and the hood person is exhausted, which give's Takashi time to subdue the man. As he take's of the hooded man's mask. He realize, it isn't a man but actually a woman he knew from his past. Takashi let's go of her and the woman grab's the knife, but shouts her when he mentions her name. She is is confuse how she know''s her name and Takashi mention's that the knew each other when they were young. When he was learning martial arts. She still hold the knife pointing at him but Takashi begin's to talk about their past together eight years ago

Ties that Bind(interracial pairing role play)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
My Character just moved from India and now live's in California to go to College(can be American moving to japan as well who is kind of an otaku). He is a new a student and doesn't know anyone yet. Your character, who is the most popular student in the class room take's a notice at him and begins to chat with my guy. He is shy at first, but opens up and the two become friends. The friends become something even more they start to dating each other. However, rumor's  start to spread from her  friend's and her male peer's don't take kindly of a foreigner going out. She need's to decide who is more important between the too

Highschool of the Cock(futa role play)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
story would take place in present day Japan. Twenty year's ago,a nuclear plant had exploded caused pandemic throughout the area. What is weird that the only deaths happen to be male and caused a mutation among female's. The first symptoms was getting sexually aroused among other's of their gender. The they started to develop breast within months and already having a pair larger then most japanese woman would develop. The thing that happen to them, is there were starting to grow a pair of ball's and a cock. To make sure the pandemic didn't spread any further throughout the country, the government built walls around the city to prevent from anyone from escaping. The woman's also known as hermprodite's could live peacefully and wouldn't have to worried from being other people to call them mutants from other citizen's. Female government official's(disguise as as teacher)  work there to check in on how the herm's are doing. However, when this woman(or man) started to work as teacher in one school, some of the herm's can identified that she was not one of them. This has cause a few of the sexually dangerous and put the government official in danger.

Together At Last(transgender role play)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The two of us have been childhood friends since preschool through high school. We were inseparable. We went to the movie's together, go see sport game's, and even take trips to different countries. Only thing is we could never tell how we felt about one another. And that you had secret. You were born as woman(or man) but you could never identify your self as your gender. Your father abandon you when you was teenager when you wanted a sex change while your mother put up with you for all these years.. But I was there for you. Even like a brother to you. When you left the US to follow your career in Paris, you got a sex change and change your name. But I didn't knew about that till later on. When you turn 23, I traveled to Paris to be there for your birthday. You were hesitant at first, but you want me the the first to know what was going on with your life. As I landed in France, I hollered a cab and headed to the nearest store to buy you s gift. As I reach your apartment an hour later, I took the elevator and walk to where you are staying at. When I press the doorbell, I don't seem my friend, but a  total stranger. My forehead begins to sweat and I ask the man/woman where are you were staying at. You don't say anything first but speak out softly; "It's good to see you again" I am confused on what's going but you take my hand and walk me in to your apartment, where you begin to discuss what's going with you. You mention you never belong with your gender, that you see yourself as a man/woman and that you love me. I am shock that you got a sex change but when you tell me that you loved, I wrapped my arms around you and than give you a kiss on the cheek. I said  that I love you too and even though you are now a man/woman I will always be there with you.

The  Queen and Loyal Knight
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Malcolm is dozing off in his calculus class. He had being  playing too much video game's last night and drank too much energy drink's. As he woke's up,  in his dream state, he wake's up he is the  world of Aradian  and in the kingdom of Laurdan.  Malcolm look's up and see's two guards looking down at him. Malcolm ask what's going. One of them replie's that he fall down  from the sky as he was some sort of mage. The kingdom of Larudan has a law of those who deal's with magic, must be taken into custody after what happen one hundred years ago during the war against the mage's at the battle of Paliven. Malcolm quickly denies that he is mage but the guard's don't believe him and take's him to the torture chamber in the palace. As evening approach's, Malcolm get's a guess; it was the queen of Laurdan. The queen is beautiful yet  middle age woman who stick out's unlike other's of royalty. She look's a woman who has been trained in combat. She's a few inches taller than Malcolm and slightly build but not as muscular as other man. Her dress didn't look girly-ish but  a tunic made of out skin's of a dragon that she had slain. The coat she wore around her was made of of the feather's of large gryphon. Imported from a distant  land. Holding in left hand was a sword with sheath's made out of gold and the blade made of out a ore from space.  Malcolm plead's to the the queen for his life that he is not a mage. The queen speak's and tell's him that he know's that he know's nothing of magic. Her family has ability to identify mage's. While Malcolm is relieved, the queen brings in bad new's that he isn't out of the woods yet. The queen mention's that are about to go to war with another kingdom, who had been using the mage's during the last battle.  Her loyal subject's believe he could be a spy and has to be hang for espionage.  She, however, propose's that she is willing to spare her life, in order to become one of her knight's. Malcolm nod's and joins her garrison where he would face harsh time's ahead.

Monster Slayer x Vampire pairing
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
My character is a monster slayer who received a message from the King of Romania to head to Transylvania to take care of a monster problem, where the villagers are being use as cattle for a family of vampires. The slayer is armed with two short swords a long sword; along with traps and potions to fight off monsters. He also wears a medallion around his neck that would glow in case if there are any monsters nearby. Your character is the daughter of the Count and Countess who she hate's that she and her family uses the villagers as slaves to drink blood out of them and wants their suffering to stop. She escapes one morning wearing a disguise to attend to a festival to see whats it like to be one of them. As my character walks past the towns gates, his medallion glows and points him to where the sounds of the roaring crowd are coming from, in which a vampire could be hiding among them. The young vampire woman is having a joy of her lifetime; where she sings and dances with the locales, with them not knowing that she is the daughter of the Count. As the monster slayer approaches the happily and joyous crowd, his medallion glows again and points him to a woman wearing a cloak. Now he is on high alert that this woman could be a family member of the Count of Transylvania. Of course, he doesn't want to attract any attention, so he dismounts from his horse to join with the crowd. When the festival is over, the hooded vampire quietly heads back to her father's castle in a back alley; not knowing she was being follow by the monster slayer.
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Re: First thread here. Looking for female user's to play with
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2014, 07:19:37 AM »
added another plot to the op.