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April 27, 2018, 12:10:38 AM

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Author Topic: Personalised 'Choose Your Own Adventure' styled RP (for F or T/futa characters)  (Read 1010 times)

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Offline SteppenwolfTopic starter

Note: a) This thread is a work in progress! b) In any scenarios stemming from here, I am willing and able to play characters of all genders and of many (but perhaps not all) races. Read on to find out more...

The Idea

Greetings, ladies of Elliquiy.

I have finally returned from a lengthy hiatus, and am itching to flex my descriptive muscles once again. I am a competent, detail-orientated writer, and I generally write between three and eight paragraphs, depending on my partner. I'd like to try something new now, and I would love to try my hand at crafting and controlling a world in which your character will exist. This world will be tailored to suit your interests—complete with NPCs—and the story itself will more than likely have an emphasis on plot and content, with sex scenes playing a lesser role. However, given that I want to craft the world with you, there can be as much or as little sex as you'd like.

How This Will Work

Via PM, we discuss what it is that you are interested in, and what you wish to get from this venture. Once that's been done, I will be free to develop the setting and the plot, at which time I will send you your introductory post. From there, you can direct your character in any way you wish within the confines of what I have set. I will do my best to provide you with as much detail as possible, and to make the story interesting for you. Read on, and send me a PM if you're interested.

Note: If you have a particular plot or idea which you've been itching to write—and which you think would serve as an interesting base upon which to build a story of this type—send me the details.

What I Would Like From You

As much detail as possible!
  • What genre of story would you like? I think that at least an element of horror would lend itself particularly well to this framework, but it could be anything from fantasy to sci-fi, or anything in between.
  • What kind of world would you like it to be set in? Perhaps it's modern day, or even an historical time. Perhaps it's set in space—on a ship or a distant planet—or maybe it's a completely fantastical world.
  • What kinks would you like tied in? I use the word 'kink' quite loosely here, as I mean it not just to refer to sexual kinks, but also to any preferences on character types, races, attributes, etc. However, if you're into group sex, women, non-con, bondage, or just magnificently maintained fingernails, let me know.
  • Do you want your world to avoid or embrace the supernatural? Are there creatures extant in the world which are not in our own everyday life? Regardless of people's beliefs, is there a higher power?
  • Are you or are you not ok with character death? i.e. the death of your character. I ask this as I can imagine two rough types of prospective player: one who is looking for a complete and coherent story which they will live to see the end of; one who is in it for the adventure and suspense, and for whom the excitement of not knowing what will happens next also covers whether or not their actions will lead to their profit or their doom.
  • What kind of character will you be playing? Again, feel free to give me as much information here as you can muster. If you have a complete character bio, GREAT! If not, it will not be to your disadvantage, and we can always discuss and progress ideas via PM.
  • Do you want a solo adventure against fleeting friends and foes alike, or do you want there to be a secondary protagonist to go with your own? Would you like there to be a principle antagonist against whom you do battle? Perhaps you'd even like to play the antagonist.
  • Creativity, detail, and at least two paragraphs at a time. Good spelling and grammar is essential.
  • That's all I can think of for now, but I wouldn't bet against my adding to this list.

Some Loose Ideas to Get You Thinking

More ideas to be added, including fantasy and historical settings. Watch this space...

Let your imagination lead from the ellipses…

Sci-fi / Horror
1. You are situated in a remote location—be it on Earth or elsewhere—when a crew member is murdered and badly mutilated. Their corpse is so wretchedly mangled that you are certain that no human could have been responsible, but over the following days it appears that something is not quite right…

2. Being a female marine was never easy. From male chauvinism to outright sexual harassment, you thought you’d run the gamut of challenges by now, and that’s saying nothing about the combat you’ve seen. But what happens when it seems that Hellspawn are spewing through a dimensional rift and all about you have lost their heads? A fellow officer once tried to rape you, but the next time you see him he looks possessed, and you’re not sure if he wants to fuck you or kill you…

1. The day you found your father’s diaries, your life changed forever. At first you were sceptical—vampires didn’t exist, right? A little digging, however, precipitated a drastic change of mind, and kindled in you a desire to exact revenge upon the creature/s who you are now positive of bearing responsibility for your father’s early death. So you have to ask yourself: are you the kind to rush into the unknown alone? Do you bring help? And how many nosferatuu* must you slay before you find before you find the one responsible? The choice is yours…

*I’m honestly not sure on this word. I believe nosferatu is supposed to be Romanian, and something is telling me that the plural form of the word calls for a second ‘u’.

2. When the car broke down in the middle of nowhere and amidst the teeming rain, you’d joked that it was like something from a horror film. When you found the house, you thought your prayers had been answered, but what you find inside leaves you wishing that it was just a horror film, for in the vast majority of horrors, at least one of you would get out alive…

Psychological thriller
1. Ah, to be loved! Is it not the height of joy when you are in it, sharing the love another bears for you? But how about when the love which is held for you is not returned by you? A sad truth to witness, but one which can be unavoidable. In time, feelings fade and any broken hearts will heal, except perhaps for those whose hearts or minds have been broken and cannot heal, for there is little left to heal. Therein lies a silent, stalking danger; one which follows you at every turn, waiting to spring upon you in your most vulnerable moments…

Ideas not yet developed
1. A jungle adventure
2. Kidnapped, perhaps sold to the sex slave industry
3. A murderer is on the loose, and takes a particular interest in one of the more recognisable policewomen assigned to the case.

Canonic Works I Am Familiar With

This list is incomplete, but represents some of those with which I am most familiar. Feel free to inquire about anything not on the list.
  • Alien (film)
  • Doom (video game)
  • Dracula (novel and various films)
  • Firefly (television series)
  • Jack the Ripper (historical figure)
  • Jurassic Park (film)
  • Mortal Kombat (video game)
  • More to follow...
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Mmm, this sounds like fun. I've sent you a PM.

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