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Author Topic: TT's Looky loo thread (Pretty much all M/M) Mar 25th Demons and Monsters please~  (Read 1487 times)

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Offline TigatagaTopic starter

Basically everything here is going to be from my O/O post, but placed here as well it's more open to those looking, so if you've looked through my On and Offs topic, you'll know what's here. If you haven't, read this first, but also do please read it before messaging me.

Keep an eye on this one, this is where I'll be posting all my current wants RP wise, like, if there's a certain scene I want to do, certain pairing or certain kinks. I'll also be posting what few fandom RPs I'll be up for here, so keep an eye on them as well.

I will post any and all pairings/scenes that come to mind.
Anything underlined is new
Anything in bold is REALLY wanted

So, as we keep that in mind;

Contemporary/Modern Pairings
Student x Student
Student x Teacher
Teacher x Parent
Father x Son
Father x Son's friend
BDSM Master x 'Boy'
BDSM Master x New Client
Prostitute x Client
Escort x Client
Escort x Escort

Coach x jock
Jock x Jock
Jock x Tutor
Jock x Chubby guy
Twink x Chubby guy
Jock x Twink
'Daddy' x 'Boy'
'Daddy' x New 'Boy'
Photographer x Model
Bad boy x Twink/Nerd/Jock
Teen/Young Adult x Older 'Bear(s)'

Furry x Furry
Camp acting/out gay x Straight acting/closet gay
Cross Dresser x Cross Dresser
Cross Dresser x Non-Cross Dresser
Porn Star x Boyfriend
Porn star x Room mate
Porn star x Porn star/newbie

Doctor x Patient
Doctor x Doctor

Fantasy/SciFi Pairings, Modern or Historical
Prince x Servant/Knight
Prince x Prince
Prince x Demon
Demon x Angel
Demon x Anything really
Genie x Master
Fairy x Human
Monster x Human
Hypnotist x Subject

Super Hero x Super Villain
Super Villain x Civilians
Naga Slave x Human Master
Naga Master x Human Slave
God x Human(s)
Werewolf x Mate
Werewolf x Human
Werewolf Pack x Human

Furry/Furries x Human
Pokemon (Gjinka or otherwise) x Human
Incubus (dom or sub) x Human
Angel x Human
Orc(s) x Human(s)
Demon x Summoner

Current Kink Cravings
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In Alphabetical order, not necessarily the order I want them in
Bad Boys
Body Writing
Foot Play
Hypnotism/Mind Control
Kandi/Raver Boys
Multiple Orgasms
Multiple Partners
Non/Sexual Piercings
Orientation Play
Pokemon Gjinka/Anthropomorphism
Rape to Consensual (i.e. Stockholm Syndrome)
Role Reversal
Transformation Play

Fandom Pairings
Teen Wolf
Derek x Stiles
Derek x Scott

Derek x Isaac
Danny x Scott
Danny x Stiles

Ethan x Danny
Ethan x Aidan
Scott x Isaac
Scott x Stiles

Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices
Magnus x Alec
Magnus x Jace

Magnus x Will
Jace x Simon
Sebastian x Jace
Will x Jem

Maximum Ride
Fang x Iggy
Ari x Fang
Ari x Iggy

Legend of Zelda
Link x Monsters
Link x Dark Link

Link x Ganon
A sexualised LoZ adventure

Kid Icarus
Pit x Dark Pit
Pit x OCs
Pit x Monsters

School Days

-tl;dr: Group of rich kids are caught by the new kid, having fun after hours in the library. They basically run the school's social hierarchy and force you to be their new toy-

Themes: Unwilling, Dubious consent, Three/Four/Moresome, Uniforms, Public, Fair amount of kinks (can be discussed)
Inspiration: Skins (UK) and a rather horny and dirty minded friend.
Plot: Life in school can be very dull and monotonous, even for the kids that basically run the place. Especially those at private schools as well. Lockwood Academy, a prestigious and well evaluated school for those in their junior and senior years, essentially a hormonal playground for 17 and 18 year olds with rich parents. Sent away to learn at this apparently profound establishment, its new arrival is about to find that despite outward appearances, it's pretty much like any other school, it has its popular kids, its jocks, its preps, nerds, emos, etc. So it's all about trying to fit in when you don't stand out.
4 boys (more or less, can be discussed) in particular stand out though, they're rarely seen without the others, and despite seeming to come from different groups, they're the guys that are looked up to even by the 'popular kids', they act like they own the place, and people just seem to respect them for it. However, they have a bit of a deeper connection than merely just friends.
Catching the four of them together in a more sexual nature, which hasn't happened before that day, they make sure that their little spy doesn't tell anyone else, making him their special addition to their fun, whether willing or not. With at least 2 years with these boys, it's going to be a long semester.
Looking for: Either a group RP or one on one, with both players splitting characters between them. Happy to play as either any of the main group or the new comer.


Straight on till Morning

-tl;dr; Peter Pan! But y'know, gay and perhaps a bit more modern.

Themes: Fantasy, Peter Pan, Romance, Conflict, Adventure.
Inspiration: I fucking LOVE Peter Pan!
Plot: Think nothing but happy thoughts, and with a sprinkle of fairy dust, you can fly!
After a fateful encounter with a man in a green get up, YC begins to question his life in ways he never thought he would, until one night the same male, flies in through your window (or did he just climb in?) and asks you to come with him, with promises of things beyond your widest dreams, beautiful landscapes, never ending adventure, and most importantly, a cryptic promise of never growing up. Would you take his hand fly through the sky straight on till morning?
Looking for: Essentially looking for a 'Wendy' to my 'Peter', whether or not it is a more fantastical tale or one of runaways and following dreams, though with a bit of fantasy thrown in.


Demon's New Pet

-tldr; Demon intervenes in a boy's life to convince him he's nothing but a cock-sucking bitch, whether they accept it or not.

Themes: Fantasy, Unwilling, Orientation Play, Life Ruining, Enslavement
Inspiration: The numerous RPs, works of fictions and bad pornos where a demon appears in a boys life and completely ruins everything in his life.
Plot: Born from the depths of hell, Homosexuality was a sin, and therefore embraced in eternal damnation.
The prince of darkness wanted more souls for which to service his cock and be his living sex toys, and for that, he sent his best demon to capture those misguided straight boys, all the ones who secretly craved a hunky man with a fat knob to blow creamy wad down their throat. Whether truly a straight boy, or in denial, all you need is his talents to have you slurping dong, or bending over, or being plastered with a generous load of white gooey ballbatter. Imagine trying to finish up a school exam, when he is spread legged on your desk, rubbing his sweaty, musky balls over your paper as he tauntingly strokes his bobbing, dripping cock? Heading to the locker rooms after a session of gym and with a wave of his hand, all of a sudden, all the boys and the coach turn and start grabbing at some poor unfortunate victim. As the only one who can see him, do you think anyone will notice you getting a little distracted, a little aroused?  What will happen after a visit from the devil's advocate? After all, Homosexuality is supposedly a sin. Cum Join Hell.
Looking for: Yes I was horny when I made this, but besides the point! I'm looking to either play as a victim or the demon, happy to work with either, but would prefer playing the former.


Current RPs


UCSB - Presidio College
NC: Human Freeform Big Groups

Maxxie Phillips


Bondage: Exotic Solos

Stiles Stilinski
Teen Wolf AU - Reboot, Confused!Derek, Gay!Stiles

Eclipsed Hearts
Bondage: Human Solos

Derek Hale
Teen Wolf AU- Sterek, Allison who?

Eclipsed Hearts
NC: Exotic Freeform Solos

Derek Hale
Teen Wolf - Sterek, literal Alternate Universes, two of each, No Hale Fire

0O0N0 0H0O0L0D0
A Romance of Champions
NC: Exotic-Freeform Solos

Jedric Amael
Corruption of Champions RP


Check back when bumped to see what's changed.
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Offline TigatagaTopic starter

Re: TT's Looky loo thread (Pretty much all M/M)
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2014, 04:03:31 AM »
Added new pairing ideas, fandom ideas and updated current kink craving

Offline TigatagaTopic starter

Re: TT's Looky loo thread (Pretty much all M/M)
« Reply #2 on: January 27, 2014, 12:05:09 PM »
Wants changed and a new plot.

Offline TigatagaTopic starter

Re: TT's Looky loo thread (Pretty much all M/M)
« Reply #3 on: February 07, 2014, 12:17:48 PM »
Just an update for if you're looking through the entire topic before PMing me, I'm mostly looking for group RPs right now, will do 1-1s, but will need a good idea for it.

Offline TigatagaTopic starter

Re: TT's Looky loo thread (Pretty much all M/M)
« Reply #4 on: February 14, 2014, 08:28:29 AM »
Little updates

Offline TigatagaTopic starter

Re: TT's Looky loo thread (Pretty much all M/M)
« Reply #5 on: February 15, 2014, 08:28:39 AM »
More little updates;
Really have too many Sterek RPs right now, if you wanna do TW, pick a different pairing
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Offline TigatagaTopic starter

Re: TT's Looky loo thread (Pretty much all M/M)
« Reply #6 on: March 25, 2014, 08:34:50 AM »
Le monthly bump. Current trends, Demons~ Dark fantasy and seduction~ Come on bitches, I wanna summon you!

Offline Armot

Hey there Tigataga.

I stumbled across your request for RP thread here, and was struck as quite interested with much of what I read.
After going over your specific interests, as well as the story idea descriptions you have farther down, I was wondering if I might be able to convince you to join me in an EXTREME scene that, while not a specific idea you have listed below,
indeed uses a wide combination of some of your RP interests and pairings? If this is too far off point for the style of scene that you're looking for, I fully understand. Otherwise, here goes...

A hot senior jock and a younger student are found crossing paths at school one fateful day. Little is thought of the chance encounter, until the rather annoyingly persistent student seems to be appearing everywhere the older jock is.
A confrontation ensues, but it simply isn't enough to ward the little shit off. After a late practice, the jock finds himself in the showers all alone, and here comes his biggest fan. In a skin-ripping scene of transformation, the jock is presented
with the massively hulking demon that had been happily residing within the younger boys dark, wet, depths. A calamity of violent sexual revulsion ensues as the jock is forced to endure a near physically impossible rape that should destroy
his every hole and leave his hot body split in two upon the wet tile floor. However darker forces are at work here, and the big bad jock just isn't permitted to break beneath the demon's unrelenting onslaught. He'll survive, again, and again...

One thing I might mention about my personal interest in this scene is that I tend to get rather graphic during intentionally hard adult RPs. I know this warning may not be needed, as I read some of your descriptive writing below.
I say this just in case, however, as I usual dabble in many of the specific kinks on my O/O page, especially so for a scene such as this.
It's a rather simple RP scene of power reversal, I admit, but it can certainly be heavily embellished.
Please, let me know if you might be interested in writing this type of story with me. I'm readily open to any changes or input.
Also, I would be more than happy to play either role, though based on most of your listed pairings, would be glad to take on the demon. That jock had simply better be as hot as hell though.