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Started by Armot, September 30, 2009, 10:22:41 PM

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Slow to begin here. I'll post more working scene concepts as i put the bits and fragments of ideas together.

Also, please forgive many of these (at least to start) of being branch-storyline scene's from canon material such as films/books/etc.
I really can be original!  ;D I simply have so many favorite setups from various other sources that i would just love to spin-off in this direction or that. I tend to avoid the phrase 'fan-fic', as i don't feel that the going fad as such gives it's writers legitimacy enough to really breath life into something original.
It's based off of canon material, yes, but it's about writers making it there own. Plus i find it a real challenge to try and fit one's imagination into a premade skin, so to really challenge yourself to become a character that people already identify with in some way. Then again, this is probably just me talking shit.  XD

Enjoy, and PM me if your interested in setting up any of these RPs with me!
Also, please feel free to screen my RP via one of the links in my sig below. Note that i also screen RP, grammar, etc. before accepting a new partner. It be a good habit. Cheers!


IDEA 1 : 300 Film Spin-off (M/M)

Partner playing Astinos (The young Spartan who was beheaded mid-film), myself playing a slightly younger Spartan friend (As i'm a visual person, partner is free to pick a model for this character, or i can supply one. I have plenty to choose from). On the eve of the 300 departing for war, the truth of a mutual desire for one another is revealed between Astinos and his friend, and they secretly share in unleashing years of pent up passion/frustration. M/M interaction was no strange thing in this period, so it would be the use of some creative craftsmanship to make this as taboo a union as possible. I'm open to any kinks my writing partner would like to include for this idea, but requesting heavy angst and longing, earnest love and desire for one another, and physically speaking, muscle worship with Dom (partner playing Astinos) & Sub(my char) roles. Sex can get as nasty,nasty,nasty as we like, so long as the effort to keep the passion of new and forbidden love is a prominent feature of the RP.
Scene might build with tension of the two finding they desire one another/ Then seeking a way to enjoy one another fully without being discovered (by Astinos' father the Spartan Captain, Leonidas himself, or the other Spartan warriors, etc.). Then after the sexual encounter(s), we could construct a meaningful departure as Astinos leaves for war, and to his death. A proper close to a 'Greek' tragedy, if you will.

Summary of content i would like to see in this RP:

-Forbidden Love (Strong factor)
-Muscle Worship
-Slight Dom/Sub (Partner/Myself respectively)
-Large Cocks (Always)
-Any/All Sexual Kinks (Whatever action is desired, i'm a go!)
-More as desired.



The scenario sounds interesting. Would you be interested in the characters pretty much being equals?