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Author Topic: [Black Magick] (Character Sheet optional)  (Read 530 times)

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[Black Magick] (Character Sheet optional)
« on: January 09, 2014, 07:36:59 PM »

Since the dawn of civilization, interstellar or otherwise, Black Magick/Magic has been persecuted and disallowed in all societies. Due to Human and Mage (Magi) intervention throughout the centuries, Black Magick was heavily-oppressed and pushed into obscurity. The natural good in everyone's heart ensured that such anathema knowledge remain locked away, fortunately for them. However, there are those whose curiosity brings them too close to the edge and they fall over, and what they fall into is more powerful than anything previously known, but also more difficult to control and with infinitely more variables to keep track of than is humanly possible. Very few possess the knowledge, required to venture into this Dark territory, but every being in recorded and pre-recorded history who has managed to train themselves in the arcane Dark arts, has managed to acquire a negative reputation. It is not uncommon for Black Magic to outright kill the mage or wielder if he is not of strong, pureborn blood.

All Magic falls into 3 categories known as Thelema; Black, Gray, White
The breakdown of magicks and where they fit within the 3 Thelema are somewhat complex.

Blood Magic – Active. (Not much is known about Active Blood Magic other that it can have all sorts of strange and unpredicted effects. Also it does really require blood, either the caster's or someone else's.)
Necromancy/Golemation/Creation Magics (Different from Conjuring, which requires access to a source Grey or White spiritual energy, such as a tree, rock, river, wind or field of grass. Whereas Necromancy requires access to any object which is either lacking a soul or whose soul has departed. Thus, Golems fall into Creation Magic as well.
Hexes (Permanent, always malicious, often nightmarish, can not be counteracted by Blessings.)

Blood Magic – Passive
Manipulative/Telepathing/Telekinetic Magics – (Uninvited telepathy, Jedi Mind Tricks, moving objects around with your mind. Telekinesis is limited by the Karmic Law of Threefold - only to objects which are equal to/less than the amount of weight the Mage could lift if there were 3 of him. )
Conjuring (Self-explanatory.)
Curses (Used far more often for mischief rather than as malice, but curses wear off over time and can be counteracted by Blessings.)

Elemental – Active
Elemental - Passive/Supportive (Defensive/offensive Buffs rely on the elements to work and are ineffective during the nighttime or when the sun is hidden from view.)
Blessings (Blessings only work with the mindset of altruism and compassion, you can not Bless yourself or others to make more money as that would qualify as Greed and Reliance.

In the world of Aum, a world much like ours, there began a catastrophe known only as “THE LOSS.” In the 1011th Year of the 6th Moon Cycle of the Gray Age,“The Loss” began to plague the Magi of this world. Scholars argue about the specific exact date, however, it is widely accepted that the Year 1011 of this age, is when mages first began to become aware of condition, however, it may well have started before that.

As of that date, Magi have began to steadily, slowly, but surely began losing their magical powers and prowess. It was as though the very matrix upon which magic is cast began to crumble around them – much like a silkweaver without any fabric, or perhaps a blacksmith with no ore. A fisherman with no sea in which to fish.

Only once has this event happened in Magi history, over a millennia ago, in Year 999 of the First Black Age, and records are unclear as to what was done about that occurrence of The Loss. However, the oldest surviving record about the first catastrophe is simply a folk tale that speaks of a brave warrior-mage who climbs to the summit of a great mountain. With the help of the friendly townsfolk of a small mining community known as Vost at the base of Mied'kilm Mountain, he reaches the summit to recover the lost Magick, but comes down and slaughters the townsfolk and burns the village. Shortly thereafter the Great Mage War began and ended in less than a year, but countless casualties occurred, both human and Mage.


        Atop Mount Mied'kilm stirred the great Warrior, staff and all.
   Shouting challenges to Gods in the sky, he had some gall!
   Atop Mount Mied'kilm, he asked to retrieve what he Lost
   And came down from the Mountain, only to burn the village Vost.
   A changed man, on his horse he descended.
   Everything else, the Black Mage ended.

Every Magi on the planet has noticed The Loss and tens of thousands of Magi are on a pilgrimage to the holy mountain, hoping to find answers and regain their Magick. All the mages are in a state of panic and since the Magi have no official system of government, rather they co-habitate with the humans who are more prone to being kings and politicians, the only possible lead they have is this obscure and not-very-well-written folk tale.

So as you can imagine, this RP will be very magic/fantasy-heavy, but will have mature themes as well. This is not Harry Potter.
Why is a Character Sheet not necessary? Because we're all going to be strangers who meet up in this RP and your character will be developed by the choices they make in the storyline of the RP. Also there's a chance your character may die sometime later in the RP. Your intro post in the IC will be your character sheet. Abra Kadabra.

5 Sins of Magick
1. Power
2. Greed
3. Fallacy & Farce
4. Reliance
5. Letting RP Die. Death from life, life from death. (Murder & Necromancy)
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Re: [Black Magick] (Character Sheet optional)
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2014, 05:56:48 PM »
Buump  ::)

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Re: [Black Magick] (Character Sheet optional)
« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2014, 03:02:15 PM »
I'll bite :-)
No pun intended.

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Re: [Black Magick] (Character Sheet optional)
« Reply #3 on: January 11, 2014, 10:45:31 PM »
I like the sound of the grey mage

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Re: [Black Magick] (Character Sheet optional)
« Reply #4 on: January 13, 2014, 01:41:51 AM »
Bookmarked and super interested I love all this magick!

Tell me more tell me more!