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Author Topic: Abaddon: the future of bipedal mechanised warfare (looking for F)  (Read 467 times)

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1. an area of Hell.,
2. a place of chaos and destruction.

In the not so distant future, mankind will make a mysterious, giant technological leap forward propelling the expanse of the human dominion into the far reaches of space, to a place dubbed 'the Abaddon'.

The air on Abaddon is thick, physical laws are broken by frequent gravitational surges and other odd happenings. The landscape is a barren wasteland with traces of an earlier, much more advanced culture who, it is believed, has left behind crystalline objects, called Feronium; each containing a gargantuan source of energy. The discovery of Feronium by the first explorers spawned a mad rush to Abaddon, similar to the 49er's Gold Rush of Earth's early history. It was not long, however; before the demand of Feronium by Earth's Pure Energy Corporation became so great that collecting these power crystals became the number-one priority of a major corporation called 'The Commonwealth Alliance'. The Alliance's exploration practices, however, often ignored the rights and claims of the original settlers and their governing council, called the 'Satellite City-States', which up to a point in time, was the sole exporter of crystals to Earth.

Utilizing bio-mech suits, known as 'LINKS', cobbled together from military material of the planet's former occupants, old exploratory and construction vehicles, and technological support from the home world, both sides engage in constant territorial feuds, all the while under the surveillance of a mysterious satellite system that both sides utilize and have come to refer to as "SkyEye".
Fielding heavy, medium and recon LINKS backed up with hitech infantry squads, the armed phalanx clad in 'Satellite Red' and the relentless legions clad in 'Commonwealth Blue' collide without restraint.

For almost a generation now, battles have raged on and for the men and women fo Abaddon: life is war... war is hell... and hell is Abaddon.

Whose side are you on? And what will you do to gain victory? How far will you go?

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Re: Abaddon: the future of bipedal mechanised warfare (looking for F)
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Re: Abaddon: the future of bipedal mechanised warfare (looking for F)
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