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May 20, 2018, 06:05:21 PM

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Author Topic: Looking for smutty stories~! [F and Futa chars, looking for Fs, Ms]  (Read 490 times)

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Offline KismetTopic starter

I’m looking for a specific combination of both plot and smut. The smut is just as important, if not more so, than the plot. I know, that might be a blasphemous thing to say, but I’m wondering if we can write stories together that are perhaps 75% smut, 25% plot. There is a plot, and it holds it together, but there’s also a lot of fun smutty writing as well~ <3 I just finished a crazy semester and want to kick back, write some smut, and have fun!

The catch: I only want to RP female characters. I’d really prefer to play F/F or especially Futa/F (where my character is the futa) but I will also take M/F.

Is it possible? Is this goal totally crazy? Only you can help me find out!

So here are my ideas. Entire threads could be based around them, but if you’d want to just do a quick one-shot RP with the idea, that’s totally fine too. Also, take note that these little blurbs are just sketches of what the RP could be, and are definitely open-ended enough so that you can add your own input in.

Top Cravings

Destroying Angels
Playing an F character, looking for an F or M
Your village has always been haunted. You’ve learned to put up with it— the spirits, the ghosts, the voices whispering at you from beyond the grave. You think one day, these spirits will kill you, will snatch your soul right out of your very body— until she arrives. A spirit mage attune to the ghost otherworld, she drives out the ghosts, and requests no payment, but she underestimated the task. Using up such a large amount of her magic has drained her of her magic power, and she is weak. She decides to spend the month in your village, and you decide to get closer to her…

I want to find a way to make her magic tied to her sexuality. Maybe her powers are recovered through sex, or maybe she can't rid the village of her ghosts without building up her mana by having sex. Something along those lines...

Playing an F character, looking for an F. My character could also be a futa.
Somehow, you wound up on this strange, unfamiliar island— perhaps you were shipwrecked, perhaps you were banished here by a disgruntled family member, who knows. What you do know is that you aren’t the only human on this island… and the islanders do not love you, not in the slightest.

They meant to kill you, but the daughter of the island’s chief decided to spare you. She is feisty, spirited, and knows that you owe her your life… She is very sexual, and because she is the daughter of the island's chief, she can get away with anything she wants. Public sex and masturbation are only the beginning...

I Send The Scourge
Playing an F character, looking for an F or M. My character could also be a futa.
There is one God except in this world, and his name is the Abbadon. His a dark god, a demon, who makes his presence known through his dark blessings - the arcane, dark magick that people of this world can cast. Those magick casters become priestesses of Abaddon, spreading his unholy message.

Your character is the leader of a rebellion of holy casters, who wish to put an end to Abaddon's reign. However, your plan to strike out against Abaddon's temple failed, and you have been captured by the head priestess. Your character will now be broken by my head priestess, who hopes to make you see Abaddon's unholy light. Her sexual rituals will send your character careening with pleasure, but will they have you shout out Lord Abaddon's name?

I hope to play the dark priestess, and could play different priestesses here - each who would have different interactions with your character. (For example, the head priestess is here to "break" your character through coercion and forced sex, but maybe there are priestesses with a crush on your character, priestesses who want to humiliate your character, priestesses who form a genuine romantic attraction, etc. Love triangles may or may not form.) There's a possibilities for orgies here, if you wish it.

*** Crimson Ways (Main Craving!)
Playing an F character, looking for an F
You have always wanted to become a druid, and finally, they have decided to give you a chance. Your mentor is an accomplished druid, although she might not look it, what with her small stature and wanton features. You think this is going to be easy, but it isn’t, not really. The rituals the druids take part in are strange, sexual, and carnal… Your life will never be the same. Totally open to playing more than one druid for sex scenes, but I do have a main druid I’d like to use.

More plots that can be infused with smut...

Vigilante Crusade
Playing an F character, looking for an F or M
As the sickly child of an affluent high lord, she spends most of her day locked up in her room— in the highest room of the tallest tower. She is the youngest child of three, but besides her brothers and sisters, her illness makes her unable to socialize with other lords and ladies. So she spends her days painting the province from the view out of her window, with only her canvas and brush for company. Her father, hating to see her like this, hires you— an apothecary, who will seek to cure her illness. But do you have ulterior motives? And what happens when her “illness” turns out to be more of a handful then you could have imagined?

Dead End Angels
Playing an F character, looking for an M
Many thought the kirin— fae women, soul bonded to mystic mounts— had gone extinct, but you — be you a brave adventurer, a soldier, or what have you — found one, trekking through the forest. The kirin are beautiful creatures, capable of granting anyone who pleasure them a wish. How could anyone pass up such an opportunity? Is it possible to convince a kirin to travel with you, to have multiple wishes? There’s only one way to find out...
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Offline KismetTopic starter

Re: Looking for smutty stories~! [F and Futa chars, looking for Fs, Ms]
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March 15, 2014
Updated! Still looking for partners! All plots open!

  • Added a new plot - "I Send the Scourge"
  • Organized plots

If you PMed me about these plots before and I never responded, chances were I might've accidentally deleted the message (my inbox was full and I kind of went on a deleting frenzy, ahaha). Please PM if you're interested, and you'll get a response, guarantee!