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Author Topic: Heart of Rickness [Fandom: Rick & Morty] [MxAny] [EX]  (Read 458 times)

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Heart of Rickness [Fandom: Rick & Morty] [MxAny] [EX]
« on: July 15, 2018, 03:58:07 AM »
Edit: That was fast! I have another version of this already in talks, so I'm closing this one again for now! :)

I know this is a fandom idea, and it's probably pretty niche within that sphere, but hey, you can't find an RP partner for an idea if you don't advertise, so here I am!

The idea is below!

Quote from: From S3 EP9
Rick: Worse, you're smart. When you know nothing matters, the universe is yours. And I've never met a universe that was into it. The universe is basically an animal, it grazes on the ordinary. It creates infinite idiots, just to eat them, not unlike your friend Timmy.
Beth: Tommy.
Rick: Yeah, it hardly matters now, sweetie. You know, smart people get a chance to climb on top, take reality for a ride, but it'll never stop trying to throw you. And eventually, it will. There's no other way off.
Beth: Dad, I'm out of excuses to not be who I am. So who am I? What do I do?
Rick: My advice? Take off. Put a saddle on your universe. Let it kick itself out.

Name: Heart of Rickness

Content: Extreme Solos.

Scenario: After Jerry's return and re-uniting with Beth, Rick has to come to terms with the fact he's not the family patriarch over the next four years. Morty graduates high school, and while he takes an interest in science, his intellect has never reached Rick levels, and there's too much of Jerry in him for Rick's comfort. Rick spent the last four years clinging to his adventures with Morty and hoping against hope that the one thing he can trust, his grandson, won't be invariably taken, but he's wrong. Like he is about so many things when it comes to feelings. The scientist regularly goes through events in his life where he feels constrained and limited...and needs to let his universe 'kick itself out,' as he once told Beth when she was clearly going through the same thing. What I want to write is Rick doing the very thing Beth was truly afraid of: he leaves. He doesn't come back. C-137 Rick can't and more importantly won't suffer the likes of Jerry, who he views as having tainted everything important to him across multiple universes. Rick's arrogance and pride won't let him stay in a place where Jerry has 'won.'

So off he goes to another universe, with his science and spaceship and portal gun, leaving this family of Smiths and even his grandson. What will he find? Will he attempt to usurp another Smith family in another universe? Will he grow callous and challenge the Citadel of Ricks (now lead by an Evil Morty the past 4+years)?  Either way, it's time for Rick to meet new and interesting and potentially criminally insane people to go on adventures with. Time to let the universe kick one out.

Genre/Setting: Social Science Fiction, Alternate Earths, Space Exploration, Tragedy, Dark Comedy, General Weirdness

Kinks: Degradation & Humiliation, which are Rick's stock in trade, and no RP with Rick can be without it. Otherwise, I'm potentially open to any kink that is both within the site rules and not listed as one of my Offs. (Make sure to read my note about 'Maybe's in my O/Os, given Rick's age, and definitely read my 'Off's before suggesting canons to pair him with if you don't want to write an OC)

Requirements: You absolutely must be familiar with the show Rick & Morty all the way through Season 3 to roleplay this with me. I also want a lot of freedom in this game. I really want to play Rick to his fullest, and he can go pretty dark . All characters in the RP will be 18+, and Rick will be his canon age (which is 70+--old, I know, but I like canon Rick--less so for his appearance, moreso for his mentality). What I'm looking for is a RP where I can play Rick with all his flaws and horribleness. You can play an OC or a canon character from the show, so long as you think they'd make a good companion for Rick.

Other info: My current posting rate is erratic, and I can be very slow to get back to PMs. Please keep this in mind before PMing me about this! I also don't really care about posting length; I write what feels 'right' for me.  That being said, I update my A/A frequently and won't drop off the face of the planet--if I can't do the idea after all or have to drop, you'll be told; I won't just vanish & ghost. I'll write with anyone from any gender tag, open to any gender pairing that lets me write Rick, so long as you present me an interesting foil character. Here are my O/Os.. PM me if you are interested!

Some Interesting Companion Ideas
If any of these strike your fancy as a character type you'd like to play across from my Rick, please do speak up! Obviously there's a lot of different companions Rick could have (it's a big universe out there!), but these are just a few that I thought could be neat/weird.

- An alternate Rick! Weird, yes, but it's conceivable that in another similar universe, another Rick has left his family and wants to let the universe kick itself out. My Rick would be C-137 (the Rick from the TV show), but two Ricks together would probably involve some hilarious levels of narcissism and denial. It's entirely possible that this would very much be a hate-hate relationship, because as much as Rick loves aspects about himself, the person who hates him the most is...himself, typically.

- Alternate version of Unity. Rick clearly really loved the hive mind, Unity, in some capacity. What if there were another version of her in a different nearby universe that decided she was willing to stay with him? Or at least, some version of him. This would require a lot of odd stuff involving Unity's various bodies, I think, and it would probably emphasize a lot of Rick's party personality since he had almost no self-control or inhibitions around Unity.

- An OC who reminds Rick of 'better' times who can provide comfort to him, even if he can't handle or accept that. Rick needs mediocre empathetic people near him, much as he hates this, and he's abandoned the ones he normally has. He needs someone to soothe him when he's broken, someone to make him feel superior, someone who makes him feel like he matters in a random uncaring universe.

- An OC who has been harmed or helped by Rick in his prior universe-travels. Someone who would have a pressing reason to seek him out or follow him around. Rick's wrecked a lot of universes (remember that one time how he Cronenberg'd everything?), but he's also helped people. He's also known to do things like sell black market weaponry, so I think there's a lot of possible angles for an OC here.
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Re: Heart of Rickness [Fandom: Rick & Morty] [MxAny] [EX]
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2018, 01:30:56 AM »
Here are a couple of past RPs that might help people get an idea of how I write the C-137 Rick Sanchez!

You can read it here! This particular thread uses the Rick & Rick plot idea!  8-)

Another one here! In this one, he was paired with an alternate version of Unity.

I loved both of the tales and the co-writers were fabulous, just to mention.
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