(Reboot) USCM Roleplay [Aliens]

Started by SGTDan, December 15, 2013, 12:59:08 AM

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The Mystery of FOB Echo


Yes I know these are a dime of dozen but I aim to offer a unique ambient atmosphere. Will you be Marines? Yes. Except to be owning Aliens like COD noobs? Think again. This will be a mental mind game as much as there will be action. You will not know your enemy, there will be movement in the shadows out of your vision but is it friendly or hostile? Would you shoot a fellow Marine or Civilian on a sheer hunch? These are all questions that will pop up here and more.

I know people hate realism,but I expect certain positions to be filled in a eleven man squad. Some will be NPCS depending on who fills in where.

1. Squad Leader - Staff Sergeant, rifle, bayonet
2. RTO (Radio telephone Operator)- Corporal, rifle, bayonet
3. SMART Gunner- Specialist, M56 Smartgun

4. A Team Leader - Sergeant, rifle, bayonet
5. MG gunner - Specialist,SAW , bayonet
6. Grenadier - Specialist, Rifle/GL, bayonet
7. Rifleman - Private First Class, Rifle, bayonet

8. B Team Leader - Sergeant, rifle, bayonet
9. MG gunner - Specialist, SAW, bayonet
10. Grenadier - Specialist, Rifle/GL, bayonet
11. Rifleman - Private First Class, Rifle, bayonet

On top of the Marines, I will be accepting several support staff such as cooks, janitors and all kinds of MOSs that a FOB would normally operate with. So don't feel limited. Civilian wise, there are few to none. I will accept them if you can come up with a good reason as to why they are at the FOB. There is however a colony on this planet so civilians from there are a possibility if you want to play as one.

I will also be expecting nice detailed bios from everyone, at least three paragraphs unless you have a good reason.


FOB Echo or "Hell" as most Marines stationed there will call it, is on the outermost reaches of space. Sitting atop a large hill the expansive base houses a hospital, motorpool, barracks, an sports field, gym and every amenity you can dream of. Recently constructed to support USCM operations along the more distant reaches of ship travel it has been instrumental in making sure all nearby colonies are offered protection and supplies. Security wise it is enclosed by a perimeter of sentry guns and electric fences to keep out vandals and thefts, also to ward off the occasional pirate attack. Keeping a compliment of about 500 men and woman of the USCM, it is home to these few who brave the harsh frontier of space. Although many complain each is proud of their station and it sure beats dealing with the bullshit back home.

The planet which houses the FOB is called Aegis V, a red barren rocky ball with only one saving grace. Underneath the red sands it contains large amounts of metals which is the focus of many mining efforts by the colony that shares this planet with Echo. Most of the mining is owned by Weyland Yutani. Thanks to the extensive mining though Aegis's surface is riddled with tunnels and cracks causing constant earthquakes due to instability of the crust. However there is a mutual alarm system between the two installations to give the people enough time to prepare. Environment wise Aegis is quite harsh, the air is not breathable forcing people to don EVA suits to go outside. On top of the large dual suns of the solar system and Aegis Vs close proximity to them makes the surface during the day rise to well over 200 degrees. Night times are the complete opposite as they are frigid as the Antarctic on Earth. Most EVAs are done at night when the frequent constant dust storms are less likely to spring up.

The mining colony is pretty independent despite being owned by WY, they are pretty much left to their devices as long as they fill production qoutas. Most of the colony is underground in a large cavern that was mined out. It is here that the workers of Aegis V live, in large habitats stacked on top of each other. It isn't luxurious but its home to them. From the cavern the mining tunnels branch out for miles each numbered. Every day the miners split into shifts and are assigned a tunnel. It never stays the same each day to keep fatigue low. A seedy drug market has recently gripped it though with many miners seeking chemical aided release after a long day. Despite USCM and WY Security best efforts it still holds on.

As of two hours ago the FOB went quiet, all transmissions stopped and the one squad out on a training mission in APC 34 are getting no response. The colony is responding but has no answers, all they are getting is silence. A eerie silence falls on the dark side of Aegis V as the colony also suddenly fails to answer the squads hails too.
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Color me interested for one of the Grenadier roles.

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Thank you Pen!

I can probably do this with fewer people but should need at least Squad Leader.
“We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.”  -Dr. Seuss
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If there is any additional interest, I wouldn't mind playing a Squad Leader.