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Started by Arioch, November 18, 2017, 07:59:05 PM

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This is just a collection of game ideas I have. If any interest you, please contact me via PM so we can discuss.  I don't care about the gender of the person playing opposite me. As long as a writer is able to do a good job, feel free to play whatever you want.

Please note: life is hectic for me right now, and can only guarantee 2 posts per week.  I will update this thread periodically as I come up with more ideas.  I may even add some images.

The Transformation
Two friends, a male and a female, get transported to another world. Upon waking up, the male finds that he is a female and the female finds that she is now a futa.  Not only is that a major change, but the world they are now in is a medieval one that has monsters and magic. The two must work together to find a way back home while adjusting to their new forms. One big question they both have: is the transformation permanent?

The Doctor
Sex. It's the most natural thing in the world. But, for many people, it's also frightening, mystifying, and difficult to talk about, let alone engage in.

Dr. Jameson works with individuals that are having trouble relating to their partners or to themselves sexually. He listens, he advises, and he listens some more. He works within the belief system that sex is good, that relationships should be meaningful, and that intimacy is a desirable goal.

If you think you have a sexual problem or are seriously dissatisfied with your intimate experiences, if the thrill has completely deserted your sex life, your performance flags repeatedly, or your appreciation for porno movies exceeds your interest in being intimate, call the office of Dr Jameson for a consultation.

I'm here to bring back that spark in your life.

It is a simple ad in a newspaper, but this doctor is does more than advise his patients, he seems to treat them in a special manner.

This idea can go as far as we both agree. From just simple stuff to really getting the woman into areas she hadn't considered before.

The Divorce
A woman is living with her son and daughter as she is going through a divorce.  Making a friend with a neighbor brings her into a whole new world of sexual exploration. But what happens when one of her kids finds out?

For this game, multiple characters would need to be run by each player.

The Craving
She doesn't know how far she'll go to get what she wants. At first, she isn't willing to do much, but when she becomes desperate she gives in to the demands. She just doesn't know that her cravings won't get satisfied as easily over time and the demands will become worse.

What she is craving is negotiable for this game.

The Sister
She is a size queen. Little does she know that her brother is packing the biggest she has seen. Now, she wants her brother and needs to find a way for him to want her.

This will be a long build up game with a lot of teasing.

Daddy's Little Darling
The daughter of an up and coming politician is tired of being ignored and considered a good girl.  She wants to get some attention and seen as the woman she is becoming.  How far will she go and what will happen if her dad finds out?


The Designated Driver
A son is asked to drive his mom and her best friend to a concert, but what happens when the two women drink too much and the friend starts to hit on the son.

The Nun
A young nun is assigned to a small church. She doesn't know that the priest has a reputation of breaking the nuns that come to work with him.

The Unplanned Roommate
Two relatives are forced to share a bed and one has a sex dream that causes the other to wake up.  What happens then?


The Possession
This one could go a couple ways.  A male finds a way to summon a spirit/demon/genie, but doesn't realize that what he summons takes possession of a nearby female.


I'm still interested in the above, just have some new ideas.

The Bimbo

Got a desire for a bimbo character. Not very bright, gets into the worst of situations. There are other possibilities for this type of character. Face claims for inspiration:

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Image 5

Image 6

Image 7

Image 8

Image 9