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Author Topic: Craving Legend of Zelda & Lit Fantasy {F for M/F!}  (Read 892 times)

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Craving Legend of Zelda & Lit Fantasy {F for M/F!}
« on: December 07, 2013, 04:25:55 pm »
Hello Darlings,
Im back for a long stressful break from E and RP in general, So im looking to pick up a few games! I know this is like the same old song and dance for me... But I am back.. for good :) and hoping to get back into writing full force.

About Miss Moonkin
I've been Rping for eight(ish) years
- My posts usually range form 1 - 4 paragraphs. More/less depending on what I have to work off of.
- I Rp here in the forums. Not a fan of taking things off site.
- I am very open when it comes to stuff, and I'm extremely hard to disgust/offend. so feel free to suggest anything. to each their own
- I work full time in addition to taking classes so I may not be able to post every single day, very likely every 2 or 3 days. If its going to an extended period of time I will let you know.
- My Username is World of Warcraft Inspired... because you know, boomchickens are awesome.
- I play as Female and Male, Fems usually switch and Males almost always Dom.
- More often than not, my female characters lean towards the curvaceous side of the scale.
- HETEROSEXUAL Pairings Only for now

Quality over Quantity at all times and Plot over Smut.
I love smut, reading, writing it, doing it... but I am perfectly happy doing a game where it doesn't happen.
I love a good plot and character development heavy story opposed to senceless sex

Some intriguing places you should check out:
My Ons & Offs [Not Relevant Need to Update]
My Actual Search Thread [Voila!]
NSFW Tumblr [Enjoy!]

All I ask is this...
I ask that you be able to produce at least 1 to 3 really good meaty paragraphs.
Of course Quality over Quantity; being the most important rule.
I would like a partner who is willing to help with come up with a storyline and plot.
If you don't want to Rp anymore. tell me.
Able to handle more than one character in a Rp: NPCs/Additional characters
Interested please PM me!

A few Side notes:
- If you RP with me I expect you to respect the things I have listed here and my other threads as I will respect yours.
- I'm not a creeper, but I do look at post history and writing styles :'3
- I generally post every 2-3 due to a busy working schedule.
- Your gender doesn't matter to me. If you write well, and characters are intriguing, i'll be happy as a clam!
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Offline TheHappyMoonkinTopic starter

Re: Moonkins Mini Fandom Search {Inquire Inside M & F!}
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2013, 04:28:10 pm »
What Tickles My Fancy?
Just wanted to list a few things that first come to mind that do indeed make me a Happy Moonkin.
For a better in-depth look at my ‘sexualized’ preferences, please go check out my RP Preferences. that is probably the most up-to-date

- Fantasy & Period/Historical Settings
- Male characters who dominate
- Plot heavy games
- Romance/Love
- Opposites that attract
- Character Development
- Putting characters through emotional & physical hell <3
- Tall characters (size difference to some extent. just nothing too extreme)
- Perverting nature & Impregnation
- Non-con scenarios

- Mindless smut after smut after smut
- Futuristic settings
- One liners
- Instant Romance
- Characters Being Mutilated
- Bathroom Play
- Weight gain/feeding
- Vore

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Re: Moonkins Mini Fandom Search {Inquire Inside M & F!}
« Reply #2 on: September 15, 2014, 12:30:26 am »
Craving A Legend of Zelda game!
So I am really really craving a Legend of Zelda related RP. Based around the n64 era games OoT or Majoras Mask. I threw down two plot ideas which are in some desperate need of some TLC. But feel free to suggest your own plot bunnies if you have any!

-The role I would prefer to play is in Bold -

The Legend Zelda
RP based on the Zelda game Ocarina of Time

The Fate of Hyrule - This involves the offspring of the Hero of Time and Princess Zelda. After saving Hyrule the first time Link eventually found his way back to Lon Lon Ranch where he and ended up together and had a daughter. Zelda continued to grow up and rule with a King at her side (neighboring kingdom prince or something) but the time of peace and prosperity have come to a screeching halt as a shadow has returned to the land. Some big bad Ready to exact revenge! But something has happened, Link and Zelda are gone; Hyrule's defenders vanished. So now its up to their children to follow in the hero footsteps and save the world!

The Realm of Secrets - Everyone knows of the three Great Goddesses: Din, Nayru and Farore; each represented in a piece of the triforce. High above the land of Hyrule there is a realm: The Realm of Secrets. Now, no one knows of this realm and for good reason. The sole purpose of those that inhabit this place are to record. The priestesses of Farore  know all, past present, and future. It is there job to make sure nothing is forgotten in world no matter what happens. However they are not to interfere, such knowledge is unimaginably powerful in the wrong hands. There are many ways observe the world: one being through wells. They act as a portal between worlds. But a darkness has awoken in the lands as Ganondorf has invaded the secret realm and the Princess Zelda has vanished. Now its all up to the Hero of Time who must travel across the land and awaken the sages. But what happens if one of the priestess of Farore fall through a portal? Does her existence upset the balance, will Ganondorf find out and seek to obtain the power of knowledge? Nearly killing our dear hero as she falls into the realm of Hyrule will Link see her as an ally?
(♀) OC & (♂) Link
(♀) Child of Link & (♂) Child of Zelda

Other Cravings
I am also craving a high fantasy setting or a period piece game. I dont really know of what kind of plot, so feel free to suggest anything. Regardless, I am going to throw a few other minor cravings down, just because. Also. as a side note, I am more than happy to double and play a male to your female character depending on the story

The Protector
This idea is stemming off a game a recently(ish) was a part of that unfortunately ended. I would really love to give it another go is anyone is interested.  So first off I am looking for someone to play the Elf (or if you prefer another race), long term parter who can bring a lot of plot and character development to the table. I would love for a sort of 'forbidden' romance to grow between the two characters. As for sexual elements, i don't see this as being an overly sexual story at first, but as their relationship grows and changes.. this will change as well. Anyways, I am rambling. soo I shall get to it~

This is going to be avery rough idea of a plot, i have quite a few ideas swimming around in my head... so if you're interested please, by all means shoot me a PM c:

War has plagued the realm for years now, a time when the races were at peace with each other are all but forgotten. The people of the human kingdom are at their wits end, riots have started to break out. The royal family, once beloved and respected are the at the top of the execution list. Though, the king still does have some hold and has decided if there is any chance that his family will survive, he must send his children away to a place they will be safe from harm. So the royal children are sent away in the dead of night with a small staff to serve them and a small patrol of guards. When negotiations with the elves of the forest lands and the dwarves of the mountains have been settled, the children would be able to return home. The negotiations were never settled.

As for the elves, they are ruled by their fair and beautiful Queen. But she is still young (in terms of elven years) and she has been led astray by her council who were in favor of the war. The kingdom was divided, those who still followed her and those who turned away from the golden halls dismissing their allegiance to her. They became known as a group of renegades who swore themselves to no one but themselves and the end to the terrible war.

Your character is the leader of this renegade group (play him as you wish with what ever back story. Was he once an adviser to the elven queen? A great warrior who used to fight in her honor? Or perhaps a master rogue. again feel free to do what ever! For some reason or another, you get captured by a patrol stationed out in the middle of a forest, in the middle of nowhere. Wounded and alone, your shoved into the dank dungeons of a small fortress, you are left at the mercy of the old healer and the master of this dwelling. The Prince of the human realms.

this is where i think it would be a good place to pick up, when are characters first meet. Will the princess help him escape? What if the fortress is attacked and the princess is in need of rescue, will the prisoner elf come to her aid? and what if the two find themselves with a means to putting an end to the war?

So yea, again, i have a few more ideas floating in my head in regards to this story. Really want to do this, so im hoping this catches someones interest!!
(♀) Princess & (♂) Elf

Rise of the Guardians
So, I had this game going here on E, and my partner vanished never to sign back in again D: and I was really enjoying what we had going on.. so im hoping someone would love to play this out with me. Pretty much, what happens when our darling Jack Frost finds himself head over heals for a human girl who can't even see him. And what happens when she finally does? Will he woosh her off her feet and show her a world she's never even dreamed of? I am more than happy to double and play as Pitch if there are any ladies who are fond of him!
(♀) OC & (♂) Jack Frost
(♀) OC & (♂) Pitch

annnd here is a random Modern day/band/Jrock RP!

Based off the manga series by Ai Yazawa. would love to do something that follows the idea of this series. two girls meet by accident and end up getting thrown into the world of rock n' roll. Obviously would like someone who knows of the story and how it goes. I dont care if w use our own OC's (actually i think id rather prefer it) or the canon characters. Please be willing to play more than one character as I will be happy to play a character for every one of yours. I would just prefer to play the "Nana O" of the group..
(♀)OC/Nana O  & (♂) OC/Ren/Yasu
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Re: Desiring Litterate Fantasy & Good Plot {F for M/F!}
« Reply #3 on: January 14, 2015, 08:52:29 pm »
pulled some cravings off my main thread. this might be a bit easier to sift through.

really really want to play out the Protector

Offline TheHappyMoonkinTopic starter

Re: Craving Legend of Zelda & Lit Fantasy {F for M/F!}
« Reply #4 on: January 27, 2015, 10:21:33 pm »
Really craving a Legend of Zelda game!

or heavy fantasy, historical romance!