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Author Topic: Lady Moonkin's Search [M&F] Fandoms Fantasies & Cravings  (Read 3722 times)

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Lady Moonkin's Search [M&F] Fandoms Fantasies & Cravings
« on: February 14, 2012, 04:33:12 AM »
Hello Darlings,
Currently not taking any new games.. I AM BOOKED! Goodness it means the world to me that y'all still wanna write with me :') thank you. However don't be afraid to stop by and suggested something... there are always exceptions to be made.

About Miss Moonkin
I've been Rping for eight(ish) years
- My posts usually range form 1 - 4 paragraphs. More/less depending on what I have to work off of.
- I Rp here in the forums. Not a fan of taking things off site.
- I am very open when it comes to stuff, and I'm extremely hard to disgust/offend. so feel free to suggest anything. to each their own
- I work full time in addition to taking classes so I may not be able to post every single day, very likely every 2 or 3 days. If its going to an extended period of time I will let you know.
- My Username is World of Warcraft Inspired... because you know, boomchickens are awesome.
- I play as Female and Male, Fems usually switch and Males almost always Dom.
- More often than not, my female characters lean towards the curvaceous side of the scale.
- HETEROSEXUAL Pairings Only for now

Quality over Quantity at all times and Plot over Smut.
I love smut, reading, writing it, doing it... but I am perfectly happy doing a game where it doesn't happen.
I love a good plot and character development heavy story opposed to senceless sex

Some intriguing places you should check out:
My Ons & Offs [Not Relevant Need to Update]
NSFW Tumblr [Enjoy!]

All I ask is this...
I ask that you be able to produce at least 1 to 4 really good meaty paragraphs.
Of course Quality over Quantity; being the most important rule.
I would like a partner who is willing to help with come up with a storyline and plot.
If you don't want to Rp anymore. tell me.
Able to handle more than one character in a Rp: NPCs/Additional characters
Interested please PM me!

A few Side notes:
- If you RP with me I expect you to respect the things I have listed here and my other threads as I will respect yours.
- I'm not a creeper, but I do look at post history and writing styles :'3
- I generally post every 2-3 due to a busy working schedule.
- Your gender doesn't matter to me. If you write well, and characters are intriguing, i'll be happy as a clam!
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Re: A Moonkin's Tale [an Assortment of Ideas] F for M&F
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2012, 04:37:41 AM »
What Tickles My Fancy?
Just wanted to list a few things that first come to mind that do indeed make me a Happy Moonkin.
For a better in-depth look at my ‘sexualized’ preferences, please go check out my RP Preferences. that is probably the most up-to-date

- Fantasy & Period/Historical Settings
- Male characters who dominate
- Plot heavy games
- Romance/Love
- Opposites that attract
- Character Development
- Putting characters through emotional & physical hell <3
- Tall characters (size difference to some extent. just nothing too extreme)
- Perverting nature & Impregnation
- Non-con scenarios

- Mindless smut after smut after smut.. however there are ALWAYS exceptions  :-)
- Futuristic settings
- One liners
- Instant Romance
- Characters Being Mutilated
- Bathroom Play
- Weight gain/feeding
- Vore

Writing Samples
For those who are curious:
Here is a an assortment of posts i feel demonstrate my writing abilities.

Posting Example 1
Just another boring day of the same old ordinary life, well almost.
Fingers drummed impatiently against the kitchen table's surface, a series of half peeled vegetables carelessly laid out across the table top. The day was beautiful out and she was forced to stay inside and peel potatoes and carrots for tonight's stew, her mother could be so unfair sometime. A sigh slipped from a set of plump lips as deep set emerald eyes wandered once more to the window. She should be half way to the river by now, along with her best friend Anna and few other kids from the village. Picking up the peeling knife once more, she reached for the nearest carrot and started to peel it with a bit more ambition than before. Perhaps if she could get this all done before her mother came back she could sneak off without getting any lip. "Gemma, those aren't the types a young lady such as your self should be spending her time with" she mocked her mother exaggerating the high pitched nasally accents of each syllable. she couldn't help but laugh at herself and the image of her mother's scowling face is she ever heard her. Besides sharing the same fiery auburn hair and high cheek bones as her mother, there was little the two shared in common. While her mother was a bit too prim and proper for a blacksmith's wife, Gemma didn't give two damns if she got her hands dirty, and who she spent her time with. No one was good enough for Gemma in her mothers eyes and so she had spent the majority of her childhood playing alone. Thankfully Gem eventually grew a backbone and learned all about the perks of sneaking out.

That was it, the last bit of of chores for the day. A rush of fiery hair flowed around her arms as Gemma rushed about the small bedroom she called her own. A brush in one hand running through her long locks while the other reached for a handful of fresh wild strawberries she had picked just a few day before. "Oh.." she breathed in quiet delight  as the fruit was cool to her lips, the berry still juicy as if just plucked from the vine. She bit into another one, the sensations of taste sending chills down her spine. "Whats that?" She stopped suddenly, starring about the empty room. "Hm.." Gemma  sighed becoming more and more convinced everyday that's she was losing her mind. She kept on hearing things, the whisper of a name.. a name she couldn't quite make out and not only that! little things were happening, small unnoticeable at first like a cold shiver across the nape of her neck, or a cool breed that rustles her skirts while she stood under the ever warming sun. The there were the strawberries. Curiously Gemma snatched up a single berry and held it close to her face, the slightest sheen of frost could be seen. Perhaps she would leave the berries to sit and see just how long long this "frost" would keep. "your losing your mind Gem…" she muttered catching her reflection in the mirror. Standing only in the sheer fabrics of her undergarments and corset, her hand traced the curve of her waist down to the soft yet apparent curve of her hips. Perhaps there was more her mother had given her she thought turning to the side to admire her body from the profile view her hands now finding the form of her breasts as they fought against the confines of the corset, forming plump mounds of soft milky flesh above the dipping neck line. Was this what men wanted? More so than a adventurous mind and an untamable soul? Her mother seemed to think so and often scolded her on the importance of dressing for first impression.  Letting her thought carelessly roll from her shoulders she downed one more strawberry then quickly reached for the plain soft green  dress that waited laid out on the bed.

"I thought you'd never make it" The huff of Anna sounded as soon as Gemma reach ear shot. Anna was seventeen same as Gem, the two long time school friends and inseparable. The two finished each others sentences and where one lacked the other made up for: Anna for brains and Gemma for wit. "Sorry sorry" Gemma waved  looping her free arm with her friend's. The two made their way along the road that led into the woods, a place were most young folk of the town hung around. A place where one could simply be themselves with no overbearing  guardian to scold them and judge.

Gemma and Anne found themselves seated upon a rock that over looked a small pond, boots and stockings strewn aside as they soaked up the warm sun. Other children both their age and younger played about here and their each in their own little world. Crashing through the woods came a group of boys roaring like wild animals as they chased the younger children off into the trees. Anna laughed her eyes following the two eldest boys with her eyes till they were no longer able to be seen.

"The Doyle brothers will never change will they?" she commented tilting her head back so get a glimpse of Gemma who had her back to the rock and a hand over her eyes to shield away the sun's bright light. "I know you like him, the younger one. whats his name? Charles….." Anna quickly snapped a solid "No" back at her friend's teasing. "and its Charlie…." she corrected before melting into a fit of soft laughter, there was no way she could deny it. "But I don't want you to say anything Gemma if you do I shall" Anna pondered for a moment looking around before a smirk played upon her lips. "I shall push you in!" she chuckled with confidence as if to dare Gemma on, for there was no way she would risk getting her dress and cloths wet. "Oh?" fire burned with the dark green eyes as Gemma grinned quickly standing up. Her hair in soft ringlets  bouncing against her lower back as she twirled a singly curl around her index finger and walked along the rocks edge. "Oh Charlie oh Charlie…. my darling Boy….." Her voice sang loud in a teasingly sing-song tone as she quickly turned to see Anna who now stood beside her. "Gem stop!" Anna nearly squealed latching onto the other girl's arm and tugging her back down to a sitting position.

"You know I would push you in" Anna threatened finally releasing Gem's arm. "But I shall save you from having to walk all the way home in wet cloths". she stated matter of faculty brushing out the wrinkles of her own skirt. "Well Fine then.." Gemma retorted with a laugh as she once more stood upon the rock. One swoop around the clearing with her gaze told her that they were alone and that all she needed. "I still bet you don't have the guts to push me in" she grinned at dumb stuck Anna who was slowly shaking her head trying to think of something clever to say. Reaching for the hem of her dress Gem quickly pulled it off over her head and then started unlacing her corset. "Its freezing!" Anna protested quickly grabbing up the discarded dress, corset and other garments Gemma was removing by the second till she was only standing in a very sheer camisole  that hung just past all the places that needed to be covered. "GEM! what, no… stop it! what if the boys come back?" Anna gawked at her friends near nakedness. Though the two had bathed in the pond only the previous summer together, she did not expect to see this. Gemma scoffed as if offended. "Those boys wouldn't know what hit them if they saw a naked women. They would probably run home to hide in their mother's skirts" She was feeling bold and onto of the world as she stood there arms spread  wide and long slender legs standing on the very edge. "Gemma!" at that Anna couldn't resist as she herself laughed. "Oh Charlie… oh…" That was enough, Anna quickly silencing Gemma with a quick shove sending her over the edge and into the chilly waters below.

The impact of the cold water felt like a tone of stones as her entire body submerged into the dark blue water. She came up gasping and shrieking from the cold. "You pushed me!" treading water she looked up at Anna who stared down looking terrified. Gemma didn't think she had it in her" "Oh my god.. oh my god.. Gem…!" Anna continued to say over and over nervously laughing. "its freezing" Gemma only repeated laughing herself as she quickly swam to the edge and sprinted back to the rock. Her entire body shivering and shaking as she grabbed for her dress.

"remind me never to do that again" Gemma laughed once more dressed and seated upon the rock, Anna behind her weaving her long wet hair into a single braid. "You made me do it!" defended herself removing a ribbon from the ties of her dress so that she could tie off Gemma's braid. Before long the group of boys returned, the other children not far behind  them as they demanded a game of hide and seek. Both girls scurried off the rock and dashed into the woods to find a good hiding spot.

Posting Example 2
Long painted red nails tapped unconsciously against the multi grained press wood table top of a small coffee shop booth. An unknown beat that blended in the sound effects and muttered conversations of everyone inside. Outside the sky was darkening, blues and shades of fuchsia pink reached across the sky. Dusk, a transitioning time, when all good people go home and the devil's come out to play. Oh how she used to be so familiar with this time, a child of the night and all the gifts it possessed. How much she was working to change, she almost didn't recognize the reflection that stared back at her from the window. Soft golden blonde hair framed a heart shaped face, honey brown eyes with dark eyeliners and eye shadow, finally complimented by slender pair of full lips that naturally turned upward at the corners. Despite the dark shadows that still circled her eyes now covered by a think layer of foundation and powder, today had been a big step in the right direction. Today had rendered the most energy put into looking presentable than Kat had managed in last year. It was also the first time she was feeling a bit of self confidence blooming inside the rigid shell she had become.

Kathryn Darling refused to turn out like her mother despite just how close she had come. No more fuck ups, no more running away from responsibilities, and no more drugs. Just no, she wouldn't keep throwing her life away. Fingers curled around oversized ceramic mug, knuckles whitening as the young woman's mind seemed determined to give her no rest. Guilt ridden, every time she caught site of her own reflection caused a rush of emotions and memories that ignited the urge to crawl under a big dark rock and just lay there and rot. After all isn't that what she deserved? Making a life a living hell for Berinn, quite possibly the only man she had ever loved and will ever love. Then the icing on the worst mother of the year cake, she up and left him with their two children Douha and Shan claiming that she needed to figure herself out. Which in truth she did, Kat just wished she realized it sooner. Nostrils flared outward as she exhaled a deep breath that had been held in. Her lungs burned from the lack of oxygen, the beating of her heart still able to be felt against her chest. But the blame was not all her own, she would never forget it. Bern was not as charming and suave as he came off as with first impressions. Somewhere deep down Kat had always knew there was that darker side to him, hell its what drew her to him in the first place. But then that night she got a taste of it first hand. She wouldn’t blame it all on him, after all he did urge her to cease the drug use, but Fuck. The emotional damage from that night just pushed her over the edge blasting her off into heavier drugs.

Nothing would ever be accomplished if you just sat there wallowing in self pity. Be the change you want to see in your self, the motto of rehab. Eyes closing momentarily slumped shoulders rolled backwards straitening out as Kat sat up. In all honestly, she never thought she could do it, just quit. The bath tub incident should have been enough, why hadn’t her? Her fucking child almost drowned! Bern was able to, which of course made his constant bitching ass riding for her to quit even more of a stick up her ass. Perhaps she had been mad that it seemed so easy for him, at least that’s what he made it seem. But for the most part she did it, no more E, mushrooms, or coke, took her nearly 7 months but she was just about there. Alcohol cigarettes and pot she still had yet to shake, Kat was beginning to doubt that she ever would

She missed the simple times just her and Bern in that little place, no cares in the world and high on life. Even after the initial freak out of finding out she was pregnant for the first time didn't seem all that bad. She and Bern seemed to be at a good spot, their relationship more solid than it had ever been before been before. But then after having Shan on top of their shitty finacial situation the stress just tore them apart again. Then after Douha was conceived he fighting between the two of them just never seemed to end. Her body didn’t handle pregnancy well the first time, then the second time she had been in even worse condition. Despite the tension and circumstance around the conception of both the boys, Kat loved them like nothing else. She would make it up to Berinn. Someway, Some how she would. Even if he won't take her back this time. The thought caused a sour rush to swirl in the pit of her stomach. A low grown escaped her and Kat silenced it by taking a sip from the mug. By now of course her tea was cold. Lips turned in a slight from as she pulled at the string of the tea bag she forgot to pull out. Deciding to not even bother with it anymore she pushed it away, clearing away enough space to set the portfolio sitting beside her up on the table.

As part of turning over a new leaf of no drugs and being a responsible and loving mother Kathryn also decided to do something with the one talent and community college degree she had. With some assistance from the rehab center she was able to line up a series of interviews for a graphic designer and copywriter position at several small businesses in the area. Sure it would be part time at first, or more likely a freelance opportunity but any chance to get her foot in the door would help. More importantly with her finally making some sort of income she could start paying back Bern and start contributing to paying off the unsightly amount of debt she racked up from credit cards and buying drugs. It had just been so much easier when it was just the two of them. Classes a few night a week and then s couple hours a week she picked up some extra cash modeling for the fine art painting and drawing classes. But of course that money got blown on drugs, tattoos, and what ever the hell else she and Bern were up to. God she missed him despite all the trust issues and fighting. She missed her boys though part of her feared that stepping back into the equation with him and kids would just bring up old habits and cause her to just fuck up again.

It had been almost six and a half months since she had really seen them, short visits here and there with the occasional phone call. "I promise to not fuck it up again, I promise" Kat's fingers brushed over a photograph she had stuck in the corner of her portfolio as a sort of good luck charm. It had to of been taken just a few days after Douha had born, she was still in the hospital after a difficult and very early delivery. It was all four of them, the first time they were able to hold him. A smile pulled at the corner of her lips, her fingers traced over Bern's face and then each of their sons. This photo was more than a good luck charm, it was her drive and motivation to change her life around and hope that things would change for the better.

Every day Kathryn went through an inner battle, to call Bern or not to call him. Was she ready to face him, to tell him she had changed for the better and gotten herself some help? Was she ready to forgive him for that night in the kitchen? There was still a way to go but her councilor believed she was ready enough to function without constant assistance and supervision. Kat believed she was ready. Perhaps that was why she found her self on the bus taking the familiar rout back to where she and Bern used to live together. Since she separated from Bern, Kat regrettably moved back home to her parents place. Once being the birthplace of her addictions was now a sort of sanctuary. Her mother as messed up as she had been in the past mellowed out with old age and found herself another husband. To Kat's surprise he wasn't a bad guy, not trashy and grubby like the men her mother Lisa had dated and brought home in the past. The place was different, but made no difference in Kathryn not wanting to be there, it wasn’t home. Her mother was always on her, she liked Bern and every chance Lisa got she was on her daughter for fucking things up. If only she knew the real truth, how he could really be. If Kathryn could help it, she wouldn’t be going back there.

Slipping a slender hand down her side into the pocket of her form fitting black jeans Kat withdrew her phone. Having no money to buy fancy things, her phone was rather dated and from having a nosey two year old and her own clumsy habits the mobile device was pretty beat to crap. The whole bus ride there she had contemplated calling or texting yet she never did and now she stood just outside the door to the little apartment. She even ignored the text from Colin, hoping for some sort of miracle that things would go over smoothly with Bern. The minutes seemed to pass by like hours as she stood there shifting uncomfortably in one place. The memories both good and bad just kept flooding back to her. Kat breathed exhaling deeply and lifted her hand to the door and knocked. The lights were one inside so atleast he was home. With no sound from within her hand reached for the door handle. To her surprise it was unlocked, the worry of the spare key no longer being beneath the welcome mat no longer necessary. But instead a new fear took over, what was she going to find inside?

Standing in the doorway Kat looked into the small apartment, her features twisted into a ray of emotions. Being such a small apartment part of the living was visible from the main room, unfortunately for this instance the back of the couch was in view. Forgeting about the open door Kat closed the distance between the three of them in a matter of seconds the anger and hurt magnified at the sight of Bern’s fingers curled around the dark locks of another woman. The control Kathryn had been trying to hold onto from the past months was quickly slipping through her fingers.. “Oh.” She huffed half laughing as her arms crossed her chest. Her arrival now undoubtedly known. To think that things couldn’t be any worse, those normally brown doe eyes seethed with disgust as Kat fully realized who the woman was an it was Kat’s son that was now behind held in her arms. Kathryn was never a fan of Lillian to begin with, but she played nice for Bern and Israel. She just seemed to perfect, Little Miss Priss with her perfect little self ,being the perfect little mommy. Kat was seething, knuckles white as her hands balled into fists which were now at her sides. Ignoring the pain of her nails digging into he soft flesh of her palms she rather spoke calmly, holding back the burning urge to scream and yell. “What a cute little family you two have. So how long did it take you Bern? Or were you off screwing other women even when I was still here?”. At this point the likely hood of Bern flying off the handle was damn high, but Kat stood there regardless staring the two of them down with dagger slanted eyes. He could yell and scream at her all he wanted, to his little hearts content but she was not going to budge. Lili was just lucky that she had a child in her hands or else Kathryn might not of been able to hold herself back.

Posting Example 3
Missy finally stopped moving feeling his eyes upon her body. Her mind raced trying to understand what he was saying. "Your home?…." She shifted uneasily, she certainly didn't feel safe despite his words. What was he? A doctor, lawyer… part of the mafia? Another moment passed between them and her eyes wandered to the room they stood in. What ever he was, he was paid well, that of he inherited. Her eyes looked passed him settling on the door He had just ushered her throughout. Missy frowned, there was no way she could go back to that black void, who knows where it would lead her next. Her hopes of escape were demising quickly and she could feel her heart sink as she finally brought her gaze back to the man. Why was everything so handsome so dangerous? If he hadn't just kidnapped her and killed two thugs in the alley she might of actually showed some interest in him. A scowl crossed her features. What was she crazy, even contemplating finding the murderous bastard in front of her attractive? Her arms crossed defensively to her chest. "I'm not a snack.." Missy snapped catching his dark gaze and drawing it away from her body as she refused to loose eye contact with him. His eyes sent a chill that shot through every bone in her body, the urge to run far away from him and hide crouch in the fetal position was ever stronger but still Missy refused to give into him. The longer she fought back, the longer she was alive.

The words that left his lips took her completely by surprise. Mouth agape and eyes wide she stared at him. "really now….." She nearly scoffed. Shifting her weight to one leg she rested a hand on the curve of her hip. Did he really expect her to believe that? The Grim Reaper. "I'm a little old for Ghost stories …Dax" her lips pursed as she watched him. Perhaps it wasn't the best thing to do, give an attitude to the man who kidnapped you. But honestly, what did he expect? "And I suppose God and the devil are friends of yours, hmm?" her hand dropped from her hip, head tilting to the side. But there was only truth in his cold gaze, a truth that brought her reality to a screeching halt

"The Reaper…."Her voice quivered slightly as she took a step back from him as he approached her. She didn't want to believe him. He had her speechless, she felt frigid. She would of died in that alley way tonight. She flinched as he chuckled, eyes averting towards the door. Why else would he have been there, the right place at the right time? No, he had come for her. 'Your in over your head Missy' She thought a knot forming in her throat. Questioning eyes met his dark ones. Perhaps it was all finally becoming clear to her now, the truth finally settling in. She did not pull away as his fingers brushed against her soft skin holding her chin in his hand. Why her? She was just a simple waitress at an old diner that should of been closed down years ago.

"I didn't ask for this service" she shot back eyes narrowing but she did not try to pull away from his grasp. Perhaps she should thank him. But for how much longer would he keep her alive, till he was bored of her then off with her head? "and If I refuse…" she spoke, the resolve in her voice gone. Though she already knew the answer.

Posting Example 4
Fingers drummed nervously against the side of her curved hip as eyes roamed the walls surrounding them, all the while her right hand rested on the hilt of the newly acquired sword. This place, this giant rotting tree had Romani on edge and every little sound made her heart pound harder against her confined chest The sudden break in silence as Selig spoke settled her nerves just enough for her hand to relax. Slowly she turned, her blue eyes questioning his "You make adventuring look good…" sales pitch but immediately softened as she laughed striking her own pose, a bit more persuasive as her back arched in and the curve of her backside out. His smile was dangerous, a daring smile in which she couldn't help but return. "Perhaps you should pitch the idea to the town market shops… if we ever get out of here. Im sure someone would eat it up.." A frown turned at the corners of  her lips, if they ever got out of here and if there was even a market town left. A rather determined "humph" escaped her as Ro nodded to her self and pushed onward. She softly laughed as Selig seemed to keep the spirits high as he took the key and proudly announced he'd keep inventory.  Normally She would be such a carefree soul jumping at any opportunity to join in at his excitement and attempt to lighten the current situation. Truth be told, the daughter of the great Hero of Time was scared out of her mind.

Romani ran a cautious hand over the vine covered wall, she half expected the damn things to come alive and strangle them both to death. Moments passed and nothing happened, no tentacles shooting out from the dark murky pool, now man eating vines, and thank the goddess no damn giant spiders. "It appears so…" She remarked to Selig's comment as she grabbed a handful of the rope like vines and found her footing. Despite the long journey upward Ro found it easier than she expected to scale the wall, even with the several heart wrenching moments when her foot or hand slipped as a vine snapped.  She glanced down momentarily at her male companion "almost there…" she spoke words of encouragement more for her self as she eyed the pools far below. Gods did she hate deep water, she would be completely screwed if she were to slip and fall. The fear of possibly falling gave the farm girl a renewed strength as she quickly turned her attention upward and climbed.

"I still can't believe we are in a tree…" Ro murmured upon hearing the labored breaths of Selig finally make it to the surface as he pulled himself up. She knew almost nothing about the man, but it was obvious he was no farm boy, not that she was having an easy time at the recent onslaught of obstacles. "Any idea what those might be…" She pointed nervously towards the floating dark orbs that seemed uncomfortably familiar. Holding out her hands she offered them to Selig as to help him to his feet if he wanted the assistance.

"A rift?" she questioned him slender red brows furrowing over her blue eyes. "And theres a mother world inside there?" she pointed again trying to understand, Ro was never one to really understand anything of the magical sort.  She nervously followed him towards the shadow sphere sticking to his right side. "Maybe I can pull you up?" not that she liked the idea of separating either let alone venturing inside the orb thing. But Selig was right, it seemed to be their only option. Nodding grimly she pulled her self up onto his back and struggled to get ahold of the ledge. She hesitated for a long moment finger tips just hovering inches from the sphere. A big breath of courage and she plunged herself in.

The temperature instantly dropped and her entire body tingled as she struggled to pull herself up. Her arms were starting to burn from all the upper arm strength she was exerting. Finally her entire body was in, collapsing to her side as she rolled further onto the platform to catch her breath. Ro slowly looked around, she was certainly not in the rotting giant tree anymore. "Are you going to try and climb up, or do you want me to go look for a key?" She peered down over the ledge back through the sphere at Selig. It almost seemed like she was looking through a basin of water, his form rippling as she reached down offering her his hand. She wasn't even sure if he would be able to hear her. If he wanted to climb up she would do her damnedest to pull him up but other wise she would swallow her fear and make her way towards the closest door.

Posting Example 5
"I grow bored of this" Fenrir irritably barked as he shifted in the throne like chair that had been set up on the platform that over looked the docks. To his left was Kadlin who was wrapped pun in white arctic furs, her hair let down cascading over her covered shoulders. To his right was Kolfinn whose attention was preoccupied by the book that he held in his hands. Both brothers were adorned in similar clothing, leather pants and knee high boots, with finely sewn shirts with fur cloaks to protect them from the cold days chill. Each of the siblings wore their family crest as a silver brooch that secured their cloaks around them. "She should be here within the hour…" Kolfinn remarked not lifting his eyes as he turned the page. The king grumbled darkly under his breath and then lifted a gloved hand. A servant appeared soon after holding a try go silver goblets and warm spiced mead. Taking a cup of the warm liquid he drained the goblet with one sip, the burning in this throat causing a sensation to spread across his body. "Isn't it a bit early to be drinking brother…." Kad commented catching her brother from the corner of her eye. "Shut up Kad" Fenrir snapped throwing the goblet to the ground. He glared towards the sea pacing now back and forth along the edge of the platform. "What is her name?" Kad spoke again now fidgeting with a ringlet of her hair twirling it around her finger. "Amelia…" Kolfinn cut in setting his book down and turning towards his sister. His brother was on edge it amused him, watching him pace back in forth. It was almost as if Fenrir was looking forward to the princess's arrival. A chuckle slipped through the prince's lips oh but he knew all to well why his brother was so eager. The promise of the wedding night, and the sowing of his wild oats as he claims the princess as his own and plants his seed into her womb. The feast of course was something to look forward too and Fenrir indeed have something very special for his little bride to be.

"Sire the ships approach" a servant had come running up from the docks and the siblings all stood at once. Kadlin gazed grimly out at the sea, she did not intend to like this girl, but part of her did pity the girl for being the wife of Fenrir would not be the life of pleasantries that one might expect from marrying a king. A sly smirk played across the king's lips as his dark eyes watched the ship grow nearer and finally dock. "Bring her to me dear brother.." Kolfinn nodded and walked down the ramp and onto the docks. The princess emerged from the ship, the hardships of traveling by ship apparent on her features. Yet, it did not flaw her delicate features. Not a cow. Her hair skin was pale with eyes that gazed out from under long lashes. Long auburn hair flowed around her thin yet shapely frame as the blue fabric of her gown seemed to cling to her form as the wind blew. A smirk played across  his lips, Fenrir would have fun with this one, even if she wasn't exactly what sou would call his type. "Welcome Princess of Eldonia…" Kolfinn's voice was smooth if not a bit seductive as he bowed to her and took her hand to his lips in a formal greeting. Long blond hair fell down over the man's shoulders as he withdrew and held out his arm to the princess. Leading her towards the platform he stopped and brought his gaze to Fenrir who seemed to  be fighting of the urge to laugh. "May I present to you the Princess Amelia of Eldonia" Finn announced and stepped away leaving Amelia alone on the intense gaze of the king. "Well Well…." Fenrir spoke a smirk upon his lips as she took a knee so that he was close to his betrothed. "it seems i have been lied to…." He chuckled and reached out to take her hand. "You are indeed a pretty little thing after all" Entwining his fingers with her own he pulled her hand to his lips were he placed a kiss upon it. Her skin was soft against his lips, a sweet scent filling his nostrils. His grip upon her hand tightened as she abruptly jumped down from the platform. Fenrir stood looking down at the girl. In a swift moment he snatched her chin between his fingers and tilted her head back. "such a pretty thing…" he repeated again and forced his lips upon her own. His teeth pulled at her bottom lip as his tongue forced its way inside her mouth. Men began to cheer around them as his arm slid behind her lower back pulling her firmly against him as he deepened the rough kiss. "Fenrir" Kadlin stood her arms crossed to her chest as she strongly announced her brothers name. Fenrir withdrew a spark of mischief in his dark eyes.  "Of course….." He pulled away from the princess and looked up towards Kad. "This is the Princess Kadlin and the Prince Kolfinn, my dear siblings and royals of my court. you will show them your obedience" His gaze was once more directed at Amelia his words rather harsh. "As you will do the same and mores to me. Your King and Master, Your Husband, and Your Lover". Kadlin soon joined them  standing next to her brother. "Now then, Lady Kad will take you to your chambers and help you prepare for your wedding" With that Fenrir turned and departed back towards the castle his brother right behind him.

Posting Example 6
"that will be you one day, little one.." The comforting arms of her grandmother draped over her slender shoulders both looking on at the wedding ceremony of Kali's oldest brother. "I'm not little.." was the young Ute girls only response as she slowly rocked to the steady rhythm of drums. "Indeed, your not" The elderly women chucked her deep brown eyes nearly vanishing within the deep wrinkles of her sun tanned leathery skin as she chuckled softly. "perhaps it is time to truly enlighten you on such subjects, hmm?" She only shrugged to her grandmother's words lost in her own girlish daydream. A soft sigh drifted from Kali's lips as she watched on, unable to hide her wandering mind picturing her self in the place of the bride and strong village warrior at her side, their lives becoming one as the spirits bind them together as husband and wife. Even the youngest of children had some illusion of knowledge as to how the wedding night would end once the couple would depart the feasting ceremony long after the mood would begin its decent. Sure enough another ceremony was held nine months latter as the tribe welcomed and celebrated the birth of Kaliska's nephew.

How different one simple turn of events can shatter everything you had always known, Everything her grandmother had told her was wrong. With every finger pressed into the curves of her body Kali groaned, exhausted both physically and mentally. Still, stubbornness ran strong in her veins as she refused to let Andrew look into her eyes. His gaze halted her, the deep unknown grabbing hold of her very being and coaxing her forward. So she would continue to resist, pulling her head from side to side as her body rocked against Daniel's, anything to prolong the inevitable and perhaps even leave a sliver of the chance to escape with her womanhood intact.

Such thoughts were short lived however as a shriek passed her lips. Pain now radiating from her neck as Daniel's teeth sunk into her skin. The action froze her there bringing her to a arched position head instantly dropping to the opposite shoulder. Still she refused to show weakness despite the slowly fading ache of broken blood vessel beneath the skin surface. Her breasts now free from their borrowed retrains now bounced at their own free will whenever she moved or shifted. Having been pushed lower once more she was unable to ignore the hands that now gripped at her bottom pulling her apart. The cool air now once more against the lower regions of her body brought the full realization of just of slick she had become. A whimper moan escaped in protest as Daniel's fingers once more ventured between her legs parting her lips and exposing everything the Andrew's view. No doubt he would notice the slickness of her sex surrounded by a halo of soft dark curls already dripping with her body's arousal.

It was time for Kali to look away again her words no louder than a muffled whisper as her eyes met the dark star dotted night sky. Lacing fingers ran through long tresses of silky black hair steadying her trembling body as a sharp gasp filled the air as the head of his cock pushed against the throbbing nub of her clit. Shrills of overwhelming pleasure radiated from the sensitive spot causing each slender finger and toe to curl in response. Andrew's fingers tightened and soon Kali found her fore head pressed firmly against his own. A wild look crossed the darkening irises as a sharp shudder broke each heavy breath that escaped her lungs. She felt his member pushing against her, the tip just barely pressing against her slick entrance as it it now fully parted the lips of her sex. She didn't break eye contact this time, truly too terrified of what was about to happen to look away. Her entire body was incredibly tense as another slew of pleading quickly formed to a muffled scream.

She was pulled forward, her body no longer so  supported by the soldier behind her but more by Andrew as her legs parted even more falling in place beside his hips. Lips locked together in Andrew's forceful kiss her scream silenced into a series of sounds Kali had never heard before. The initial thrust burned, tearing into her untouched sex painful as every muscle in her entire body tensed around him. Again, she felt him the entirety of his length deep within her. The initial pain did subside rather quickly, Kali breaking the kiss with little effort as her head fell slightly to the side her forehead now against the side of his head. Every breathy moan could be felt against him, warm breath against parts of his neck and ear as the sounds escaping her transitioned into something else entirely.
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Re: A Moonkin's Tale [an Assortment of Ideas] F for M&F
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My Current Cravings
Below is just a small collection of games/pairings I would really love to do at this current point in time. updated: 4/30/17

- A period piece or game related
Fallout 4 anyone?
World Of Warcraft is always a favorite
The Protector or Sky Captain (read about below!)
Something Norse/viking Related****

or an idea/craving of your own. Please throw out suggestions!

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Re: A Moonkin's Tale [an Assortment of Ideas] F for M&F
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Complete List of Plots & Pairings
Below you will find a bit of everything. tread carefully

[The role I would prefer to play is in Bold]
[strikethrough Means the story is currently being played / Not Interested]

Original Plots & Pairings

Sky Captain
A pirate/steampunk type of thing
A young woman is a rather spoiled heiress who in a desperate attempt to escape an arranged marriage sneaks onto an airship. Unfortuantly for her she ends up on your character ship. A dreaded pirate! But instead of tossing her, the Capt. for some reasons figures she could be useful. Maybe he uses her as ransom (her family could be incredibly rich. Or maybe having a proper well educated young woman on the ship could help him gain access to certain ports. Endless reasons why! However I would love for a romantic relationship between the two of them to grow throughout the story. Can play with non con, and d/s, what ever elements suit your fancy.
(♀) The Stowaway & (♂) The Captain (happy to play either!)

The Mermaid's Pearl
Inspired by the ocean, pirates, and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
The age of the pirates, controlling the seven seas in search for the world's greatest riches, ale, and wenches. The Pirate Captain with the biggest fleet and bounty is considered King of all the Pirates, a very coveted title. he greatest treasure of all however is the mermaid's pearl. The pearl is deep within the sea maiden and one must capture her and cut it from her chest while she is still alive. The pearl is her heart and she will die as soon as it is cut (naturally). But do not be fooled, these maidens are sirens leading many a sailor to his watery grave by their fluttering lashes and hypnotic voices. It is no easy task to capture one and very, very dangerous.

The Current King is known to possesses nearly one hundred of those hearts and with the other captains became a threat he set out in search for more. Upon his 101th heart he decides to keep the sea maiden alive just a little bit longer. For upon claiming this heart would put him above all other pirates there for securing his throne. So what better than to cut her glimmering bleeding pearl out in front of everyone. But what happens when  feelings start to grow between the two?
(♀) Mermaid & (♂) The Captain

Viking/Norse Inspired, Arranged Marriage
So I adore anything that is Norse Vikings related. be it music, history, lore... beliefs. It is a very big and influential part of my life, So i am eager to do something in this setting.
The Captive -It not just gold and riches that was brought back from the mid-winter raids.
His Shield maiden -She has fought by his side through every battle, they have known each other since they were young and there is without a doubt something between them. Now the question is will they ever admit to it?
The Arrangement --The idea is an arranged marriage. where some beauty from a distant land fears invasion. So in order to form a alliance with this barbaric kingdom, he offers up lots n lots of gold and his eldest daughter. Now the king of this barbaric clan is indeed cruel. he is a total ass who only really cares that he's getting gold out of the deal and a new woman to fuck/mistreat. He also has two siblings, a Brother and Sister who also have a pride issue. The Sister will eventually become a friend to the new Princess and the other brother? Well Perhaps the Princess will fall for him instead of her "husband". Or maybe she will win the King over? Lots of different ways this can go! (Im drawing inspiration from the vikings not necessarily rping as one!) 
(♀) Captive  & (♂) Viking Lord
(♀) Shield maiden  & (♂) Viking Lord
(♀) Princess  & (♂) King & Siblings
(♀) Princess  & (♂) King & Brother

Welcome to the Other Side
An Rp based in London England (roughly around 1895). Inspired by one of my favorite book series: A Great and Terrible Beauty. Basically the pairing of this story is an upper class young women who is currently enrolled in one of england's finest finishing schools. She is proper and always does as she is told. However one day during an outing with the other girls something catches her eye. A Gypsy's tent. Slipping away from the group she ventures inside and just so happens to have her cards read. She is beyond fascinated by these people and the "dark magic" that supposedly wield. Not to mention the young man ( or men) who has seemed to have taken an interest in her.
(♀) Young proper English girl & (♂) Gypsy/Outcast

The Protector
This idea is stemming off a game a recently(ish) was a part of that unfortunately ended. I would really love to give it another go is anyone is interested.  So first off I am looking for someone to play the Elf (or if you prefer another race), long term parter who can bring a lot of plot and character development to the table. I would love for a sort of 'forbidden' romance to grow between the two characters. As for sexual elements, i don't see this as being an overly sexual story at first, but as their relationship grows and changes.. this will change as well. Anyways, I am rambling. soo I shall get to it~

This is going to be avery rough idea of a plot, i have quite a few ideas swimming around in my head... so if you're interested please, by all means shoot me a PM c:

War has plagued the realm for years now, a time when the races were at peace with each other are all but forgotten. The people of the human kingdom are at their wits end, riots have started to break out. The royal family, once beloved and respected are the at the top of the execution list. Though, the king still does have some hold and has decided if there is any chance that his family will survive, he must send his children away to a place they will be safe from harm. So the royal children are sent away in the dead of night with a small staff to serve them and a small patrol of guards. When negotiations with the elves of the forest lands and the dwarves of the mountains have been settled, the children would be able to return home. The negotiations were never settled.

As for the elves, they are ruled by their fair and beautiful Queen. But she is still young (in terms of elven years) and she has been led astray by her council who were in favor of the war. The kingdom was divided, those who still followed her and those who turned away from the golden halls dismissing their allegiance to her. They became known as a group of renegades who swore themselves to no one but themselves and the end to the terrible war.

Your character is the leader of this renegade group (play him as you wish with what ever back story. Was he once an adviser to the elven queen? A great warrior who used to fight in her honor? Or perhaps a master rogue. again feel free to do what ever! For some reason or another, you get captured by a patrol stationed out in the middle of a forest, in the middle of nowhere. Wounded and alone, your shoved into the dank dungeons of a small fortress, you are left at the mercy of the old healer and the master of this dwelling. The Prince of the human realms.

this is where i think it would be a good place to pick up, when are characters first meet. Will the princess help him escape? What if the fortress is attacked and the princess is in need of rescue, will the prisoner elf come to her aid? and what if the two find themselves with a means to putting an end to the war?

So yea, again, i have a few more ideas floating in my head in regards to this story. Really want to do this, so im hoping this catches someones interest!!
(♀) Princess & (♂) Elf/other race

If I had more to put in a book section I would of included this section there, but Anywho: I am a lover of the old tales, especially when written by the Brothers Grimm and Angela Carter. The darker and sexualized the stories are the happier I am. so. care to plot?
(♀) Little Red & (♂) The Wolf/werewolf
(♀) OC & (♂) The Erl King
(♀) Beauty & (♂) Beast

An accidental pregnancy rp with all the kinks!. be it Juno inspired or other an assortment of other options.
Male could be: teacher/professor, best friend, opposite 'clique', step brother/father, demon/vamp/supernatural.
Family Ties- Father x Daughter x Younger/Older/Twin Brother
Pretty much we have the the daughter, (Could be straight A's and the perfect student, or the teenage rebel) who ends up the sex puppet of her father and brother. this leans more towards a smut heavy story, but there is lots o' room to include anything we desire.

(♀)female  & (♂) male

Video Game Related Plots & Pairings

Fable 3
Pretty much a 'what if' situation that involves incest. I just restarted the game the other day and couldn't help but stop my mind from wandering...
The Kings Court - That night when the Princess tries to escape the castle, what if Logan beat them to the guild seal and really taught his darling little sister a lesson and pretty much succumbs her to being his little slave. can go many ways... can humilate her in the town square to show an example of what will happen to those who disobey, or maybe even he shares her a f/m/m situation with Reaver. very open to the possibilities! Or Maybe it takes place before the revolution
Trapped - gotta love that quest where you end up in Reavers sex/torture chamber of a bedroom. What would of happened if the princess was caught and captured. Reaver could finally have his way with her after so many years of with holding for the sole reason that she was Logan's sister.
(♀) The Princess & (♂) King Logan
(♀) The Hero Princess & (♂) Reaver

I have been swallowed up by the Skyrim surge. And as far as video game characters go..
The dashing twin brothers Vilkas and Farkas have captured my heart and my naughty mind!
Would love to Rp my character with Vilkas.. or is someone who is bold (wanting to play two characters)
perhaps some sexy sibling rivalry over the newest member of the Companions. Or both at once..Open to Discussion. 
(♀) Dragonborn/OC & (♂) Vilkas
(♀) Dragonborn/OC & (♂) Vilkas & Farkas
(♀) OC & (♂) Dragonborn/

The Legend Zelda
RP based on the Zelda game Ocarina of Time

The Fate of Hyrule - This involves the offspring of the Hero of Time and Princess Zelda. After saving Hyrule the first time Link eventually found his way back to Lon Lon Ranch where he and ended up together and had a daughter. Zelda continued to grow up and rule with a King at her side (neighboring kingdom prince or something) but the time of peace and prosperity have come to a screeching halt as a shadow has returned to the land. Some big bad Ready to exact revenge! But something has happened, Link and Zelda are gone; Hyrule's defenders vanished. So now its up to their children to follow in the hero footsteps and save the world!

The Realm of Secrets - Everyone knows of the three Great Goddesses: Din, Nayru and Farore; each represented in a piece of the triforce. High above the land of Hyrule there is a realm: The Realm of Secrets. Now, no one knows of this realm and for good reason. The sole purpose of those that inhabit this place are to record. The priestesses of Farore  know all, past present, and future. It is there job to make sure nothing is forgotten in world no matter what happens. However they are not to interfere, such knowledge is unimaginably powerful in the wrong hands. There are many ways observe the world: one being through wells. They act as a portal between worlds. But a darkness has awoken in the lands as Ganondorf has invaded the secret realm and the Princess Zelda has vanished. Now its all up to the Hero of Time who must travel accross the land and awaken the sages. But what happens if one of the priestess of Farore fall through a portal? Does her existence upset the balance, will Ganondorf find out and seek to obtain the power of knowledge? Nearly killing our dear hero as she falls into the realm of Hyrule will Link see her as an ally?
(♀) OC & (♂) Link
(♀) Child of Link & (♂) Child of Zelda

World of Warcraft
No current plot ideas, just a game based in the WoW universe.
(♀) Bloodelf & (♂) Troll
(♀) Bloodelf & (♂) Blood/Nigh Elf
(♀) Bloodelf & (♂) Worgen

Movie Related Plots & Pairings

Harry Potter
I would just love to do a game in this universe. no idea about an overlying plot right now.
(♀)OC student  & (♂) Snape
(♀)OC Professor  & (♂) Snape
(♀)Hermionie  & (♂) Snape
(♀)Hermionie  & (♂) Draco
(♀)OC  & (♂) Fred/George

Rise of the Guardians
So, I had this game going here on E, and my partner vanished never to sign back in again D: and I was really enjoying what we had going on.. so im hoping someone would love to play this out with me. Pretty much, what happens when our darling Jack Frost finds himself head over heals for a human girl who can't even see him. And what happens when she finally does? Will he woosh her off her feet and show her a world she's never even dreamed of? I am more than happy to double and play as Pitch if there are any ladies who are fond of him!
(♀) OC & (♂) Jack Frost
(♀) OC & (♂) Pitch

I dont know if i couldn't get anymore fangirl here.. ugh its sad. But oh hell... if you can thing of a good plot and would want to indulge me, I will love you forever!
(♀) OC human/elf & (♂) Legolas/Fili/Kili
(♀) Tauriel & (♂) Kili
(♀) OC & (♂) Legolas

No idea about plot, just feeding my inner fangirl
(♀) OC & (♂) Thor
(♀) OC & (♂) Loki

Disney Pairings
No plot ideas at the moment, but just wanted to include a list of my favorite Disney pairings incase something tickles your interest
(♀) Belle & (♂) The Beast/Prince Adam
(♀) Ariel & (♂) Prince Eric
(♀) Anna & (♂) Kristoff/Hans
(♀) Jane & (♂) Tarzan
(♀) OC & (♂) Sitka
(♀) Repunzel & (♂) Flynn
(♀) OC & (♂) Any Prince

Repo! The Genetic Opera
Would love to do a game that takes place after the events of the movie. I just never got enough Shilo x Graverobber to be remotely satisfied
(♀) Shilo & (♂) Graverobber
(♀) OC & (♂) Graverobber

The Labyrinth
No plot in mind, but I always wish she had stayed or returned... hmm...
(♀) Sarah/OC & (♂) Goblin King

Howl's Moving Castle
No idea about plot, just feeding my inner fangirl
(♀) OC & (♂) Howl

TV Related Plots & Pairings

This show has only fueled my love of long haired Scottish men in kilts. so, would love to do something that follows the idea of the show. I have yet to read the books.
(♀)OC time traveler  & (♂) Highlander

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
I grew up on this show, and still love it to this day.. so, indulge me, please? No specific plot ideas. Probably stick to the same idea as the show, open to complete OC's or using the actual canon characters.
(♀)Buffy  & (♂) Spike
(♀)Slayer  & (♂) Spike/Vampire/Watcher
(♀)Slayer  & (♂) Spike/Vampire/Watcher
(♀)Willow  & (♂) Oz
(♀)Buffy  & (♂) Spike
(♀)Dawn  & (♂) Spike

Dr. Who
No plots in mind. Would prefer doctors 9, 10, or 11
(♀)OC  & (♂) Doctor

I loved this show.. specially gen1. so if you have a plot in mind and are interested, let me know!
(♀)OC  & (♂) Tai/Matt
(♀)Sora  & (♂) Tai/Matt
(♀)Mimi  & (♂) Izzy
(♀)OC  & (♂) Tai/Matt

im not really an anime fan, though this one is my favorite Anime besides Sailor Moon. Open to plot ideas!
(♀)OC  & (♂) Van/Alan

Based off the manga series by Ai Yazawa. would love to do something that follows the idea of this series. two girls meet by accident and end up getting thrown into the world of rock n' roll. Obviously would like someone who knows of the story and how it goes. I dont care if w use our own OC's (actually i think id rather prefer it) or the canon characters. Please be willing to play more than one character as I will be happy to play a character for every one of yours. I would just prefer to play the "Nana O" of the group..
(♀)OC/Nana O  & (♂) OC/Ren/Yasu

Generic Pairings of Interest

(♂)  Teacher & (♀) Student
(♂)  Brother/Step-Brother & (♀) Sister (younger)
(♂)  King/Prince &  (♀) Servant
(♂)  Knight &  (♀) Damsel in Distress
(♂)  Native American Indian & (♀) Lost puritain
(♂)  Best friend & (♀) Pregnant friend
(♂)  Rock Star/Band & (♀) Fan
(♂)  Vampire & (♀) Mortal
(♂)  Samurai & (♀) Geisha
(♂)  Lord/God of Death/Reaper & (♀)Mortal
(♂)  Viking & (♀) Maiden/Slave
(♂)  Pirate Captain & (♀) Hostage/mermaid
(♂)  Human & (♀) Demon
(♂)  Demon & (♀) Demon
(♂)  Elf & (♀) Elf
(♂)  Fantasy race & (♀) fantasy race
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Re: A Moonkin's Tale [an Assortment of Ideas] F for M&F
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Search: OPEN // CLOSED

I want to apologize to the few that had contacted me or even perhaps plotted rps with me within the last two months. life got really.. lets just say messy. and I apologize for vanishing

Current Games

Games on Hold

Games listed here still have my greatest interest, and I would be all for continuing if you would like to as well

Discontinued Games
Beware The Dragonborn Comes with CaptainNexus616
Rise From the Ashes with Freya
Silver Dollar Soliloquy with LuciusLeche
Romantic Flames in the Ice with redneckviking
Its Bigger on the Inside with Theta Sigma
Frost and Darkness with MissRoziel
Forbidden with Chiarra
Visited by Death with makizushi
Bound to you with Downfall347
The Affairs of Marriage with Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez
Beauty and the Beast with Azrael
(LoZ) Paradox Break with Blank
Nipping at your Nose with BibbityBoppityPOW
Cogs and Steam with Yandros
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Re: A Moonkin's Tale [an Assortment of Ideas] F for M&F
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Re: A Moonkin's Tale [an Assortment of Ideas] F for M&F
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Re: A Moonkin's Tale [an Assortment of Ideas] F for M&F
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hi all!
 New story added :)
as well as some inspirational images!

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Re: Lady Moonkin's search for Mature Literate partners [m&f]
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I is back yet again.

Updated my samples to current examples from Rps here on Elliquiy.
Added 2 New Stories, Halloween & Sleepy Hollow inspiered.

Craving, the two newly added stories, anything that involves witchcraft, pregnancy, or fantasy

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Re: Lady Moonkin's search for Mature Literate partners [m&f]
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Sorted things into categories, added stuff to movies & TV shows.
Craving a partner who will actually write 2+ paragraphs that dont revolve around sex. I want story
Craving A dark theme/plot possibly supernatural
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Re: Lady Moonkin's search for Mature Literate partners [m&f]
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Okay, so i may be back ;A; <3 * hopeful look*

updated links on interesting places for you all to check out

as well as added a rp idea in the video game section. Fable 3

hope all is well with everyone!

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Re: Lady Moonkin's Search [M&F] Original/Fantasy/Fandoms
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Updated and rearranged some stuff!

New Cravings and what not

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Re: Lady Moonkin's Search [M&F] WoW/Dr.Who/Original/Fantasy Cravings
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fixed some things up and updated. check out my On & Offs and even if theres nothing here that grabs your interest pm me we can plot something new!

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Re: Lady Moonkin's Search [M&F] Fandoms Fantasies & Craving
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Just wanted to give this thread some love,
I gave things a makeover and pulled a few stories out and stuck them in my current cravings.
I really want to write.. just not 100% on what tho~

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Re: Lady Moonkin's Search [M&F] Fandoms Fantasies & Cravings
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Open for business again, not quite sure what im looking for other than period/fantasy setting mushy romance and steamy scenes. pick something from my lists, or suggest a game of your own.

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Re: Lady Moonkin's Search [M&F] Fandoms Fantasies & Cravings
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welp. im back! once more not too sure what im craving to write so feel free to suggest anything

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Re: Lady Moonkin's Search [M&F] Fandoms Fantasies & Cravings
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a quick little update to the Cravings post near the top.

I got a new laptop soo..  no worries of it breaking again ..for a very long time (i hope) anywho... looking to write. let me know if anything catches your interest or if you are looking to play one of your own games.


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Re: Lady Moonkin's Search [M&F] Fandoms Fantasies & Cravings
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OOps sorry, i quoted my post. didnt mean too
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