Come one come all~ (M seeking any)

Started by Immortal, November 03, 2013, 11:50:19 AM

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Hello there! :)
Name's Immortal, I am currently looking for some roleplays.
I only play male characters and I am available to reply almost everyday. I try not to fall below 2/3 paragraphs a post. I usually go past that actually.
Currently I have no plots written out so, just send me a PM with your plot or idea and we can work something out :)

O/O's I have yet to finish that though so if you see something that is not on the list that is already fill out, message me and I will consider it~

Basically whatever is not listed on my don'ts
I have not tried some things and am open to trying almost anything

Teacher x Student

Will be adding plots soon and making this neater.