Fantasy Domination, Pretty Prisoners (M for F)

Started by Skynet, October 27, 2013, 01:00:54 AM

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Pleasure in Captivity

Edit: This thread is no longer open.

Recently I've gained an interest in Bondage and Domination themes.  They've been increasingly on my mind, and I feel like if I don't get it down on paper (digital, in this case) my head's gonna explode!  A certain 4 (now 5) lovely pictures in particular inspired me, and I'd love to write a story based on them. :-)

They're in the links below, at the bottom of the post.

Since it's something I haven't tried before, I want to keep the stories relatively short for now.  I wouldn't mind prolonging the story or moving on to a new story, if we get something going. :-)

So I was thinking of a generic fantasy RPG world.  Pseudo-medieval castles, rebellious princesses, and ancestral weapons; traveling bands of adventurers armed with sword and spell; dragons, goblins, elves, animal people, and other fantasy races.  Specifically the stories would be set around a single woman, or group of women, captured by nefarious forces.  Perhaps they're being gathered as breeding stock for a dying race or a nobleman who wants the perfect progeny.  Maybe their infiltration of the Cult of Painful Pleasure failed, and now the High Priestess seeks to convert them to her decadent Goddess.

Common themes include enslavement, growing enjoyment of captivity, and gilded cage (captives are treated well and rewarded for good behavior, but they must obey orders and cannot leave).  Tentacles are optional, but a plus.

Inspirational Images (NSFW):

Tiefling and Tentacles

Monster Girl Breeding

"Come here, I don't bite...that much."

Catgirl Slave

Look forward to hearing from you soon!