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Started by Sinful Intention, September 30, 2013, 12:14:07 AM

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Sinful Intention

I'm not sure if there is a dedicated area for this or not but I need help with formatting posts.  Specifically, when I do the "spoiler" for posts to create a drop down box, the system just puts my entire post into the spoiler thing even when I put "/spoiler" at the end.  It just seems to ignore the end spoiler section, so instead of getting just a chunk of text in the spoiler, I'm getting my whole post in there. I've fiddled with it different ways but it's really frustrating me. 

Beguile's Mistress

End spoiler with [/spoiler].  Brackets are needed.  Also, only enclose the text you want in the spoiler if you are already using the brackets.  You can find a button for inserting the spoiler code in the preview area before posting.  Look for the button that says HIDE.


There is a tutorial for the BBCode here. Section #9 deals specifically with spoilers.

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