Sides of the Coin

Started by Sould, September 26, 2013, 08:30:01 PM

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Style: Casual, 1 on 1 rp

Setting: Mireda, a war-ravaged planet, filled with nothing but ash and corpses. Biological warfare has killed off any plant or animal life that was once there. All that is left of the population is in steady conflict. The only thing that's left of their culture are their advanced weapons and forts and uncounted religious statues and carvings.

NPC's: Religious leaders, soldiers, etc.

Main chars(you will play one, I will choose the other): female (unnamed, choose alignment/race), male (unnamed, choose alignment/race)

Plot: Two religious factions are at war: one side following Christianity, consisting mainly of Wolf and Shark anthros, the other favoring Egyptian mythology, mostly the religion of felines and serpent anthros. Christians are fighters and use more brute force and tactics than anything, specializing in weapons training and close combat. Egytians are more faith fighters, and specialize in mystical powers such as magic and psychic abilities. After several centuries and countless casualties, both governments secretly plan to end the conflict. They choose at random one male from one side and a female from the other. though at first they consider each other enemies, after a series of horrors they find themselves closer than anyone could have guessed.


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