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June 20, 2021, 05:22:45 pm

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Author Topic: Redheads, Milf's and Milkshakes. Oh my! (M seeking F or anyone).  (Read 2394 times)

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Redheads, Milf's and Milkshakes. Oh my! (M seeking F or anyone).
« on: September 25, 2013, 02:40:18 pm »

Quote from: Urban dictionary

1. Special Milkshake
A milkshake consisting of 2 parts semen to 1 part ice cream, blended and served with a bendy straw and a cocktail umbrella.

Scarlett: I could really go for one of Jordan's famous milkshakes right now!

(Scarlett left, Jordan right)

Content: Older female/Younger Male, contrasts, interracial, Milf, Cum drinking, modeling, humiliation, BBC,  addiction, embarrassment, domination/submission, mind control,  degrading  facial, oral sex,  fetish, masturbation, public sex, extreme, light watersports.

Setting: Modern-day Beverly Hills

Scenario: I'd like to try something a bit different with this roleplay I have in mind. I want to explore the fetish of food tampering, what she doesn't know in her food doesn't hurt her, that sort of thing. I also want to explore elements of the D/S power reversal dynamic and other contrasts in a non-traditional sense. Too many games I think rely on crude gender storytelling devices to hammer down sexual tropes that sometimes come across as cringeworthy and hackneyed. Not every woman has to be weak infantilized doormat, not every man has to be a brutish raping psychopath. I like to  think most of us don't swing to either extreme.   I want to deviate from this matrix somewhat.

 I consider myself a thinking man and my characters tend to reflect that.  I'd rather use my intellect and charisma to set the tone rather than just brute force.
 I also like roleplaying with female characters who are *gasp*wait for it..."strong", perhaps not always physically but mentally strong.  I'm attracted to confident flawed byronic personalities. I love bad bitches, that's my fucking problem. Yada yada.

Scarlett is a single 30 something year-old supermodel turned model mogul , her secret...every day she consumes a special milkshake. It keeps her skin ageless and her trademark snow white complexion. Scarlett is a textbook case of the eccentric hollywood elite. That isn't to say she is a bad person or anything, she is a recluse with strange tastes.

My character is a young black culinary arts student by the name of Jordan employed by the famous super model mogul, who has been tasked with providing Scarlett her special milkshake. He's relatively new to the job and unsure just how to please Miss Scarlet's pallette . Scarlett of course likes her milkshake prepared a certain way. Scarlett has an acquired taste for semen, and to a lesser extent urine . At first she rejects every dish he makes until he starts adding his "special ingredient".

Scarlett of course knows that he's been ejaculating into her food, it's her fetish afterall. After awhile Scarlett becomes more intrigued with Jordan's "special" ingredient, craving it more and more,  requesting a firsthand demonstration, this begins a weird sexual occupation/relationship between Scarlett and Jordan.

What I'm looking for: Someone to play the Scarlett character.

Picture Prompts/Pairings

I don't mind developing a story to go along with any of the following picture prompts.

Mei Terumi x Darui or OC - Naruto

Lois Griffin x Nextdoor neighbor - Family Guy(Dat Ass)

Babs(Batgirl) x Black guy(Kaldur?)

Interracial Lesbians <3

Beautiful biracial chick

Hot black chick

All that Ass

Hot Spanish Milf

Sexy Brazillian Instructor x Frat brother

Hot mom needs her gutters cleaned x Poolboy

Stripper/Teacher of the Year x Star Quarterback

Volleyball chick x Perverted Coach

Plus-sized "thick" model x Exploitive Photographer

Nerdy fangirl x Nerdy author guy

Sexy upskirt mistress

Asian cum dumpster

Maid x Master

Sailor Earth x Villain

Mila Jovovich @ a ghetto gloryhole

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