Stolen Sex Tapes (Possible extreme)

Started by Jester, September 23, 2013, 05:53:41 AM

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 Imagine finding that your apartment has been broken into. One thing has been taken and one thing only. Your collection of Sex Tapes.

Who are you?

1. A happily married wife and mother
2. A bride soon to be married
3. CEO of a National Company
4. Running for Senate or Parliament
5. A Major Film Star or Model

What are you doing on the sex tapes?

1. Soft core porn with your partner?
2. Harcore BDSM?
3. Gang fucked by a large group of men?
4. Cheating on your partner with his best friend?
5. Videos of you being beaten and raped?
6. You being treated like a toilet?
7. Willingly fucking a pet?
8. Being bred by a black guy?
9. Are you really a lesbian?
10. Are you family slut?

We just need to decide..

1. Who has stolen it?
2. What happens next?
3. And what does it mean to your situation if it is leaked?


I like the idea, so what is the story?  (sex tapes)


I'm turned on by the possibility of this as well , perhaps we can implement some incest and some interracial cuckolding? All types of deprived kinky things waspy socialites like to keep hush hush. A husband and wife on camera snowballing a generous donation from a young black gentleman. Hubby watching his son and his son's black friend go to town on his wife then clean up the mess afterwords.   Career suicide. Especially the more humiliating and taboo the kinks are. BDSM, cross-dressing, gangbangs, incest, bestiality, etc etc Maybe the originals tapes are somewhat tame at first just vanilla stuff, but the blackmailer could force the couple to engage in more depraved sexual acts over time, producing more tapes to blackmail them with,  if they don't want the originals to leak and it becomes a thing he uses to control them with.


I'm quite interested in this if traps and twinks interest you?  :-)