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Author Topic: FREEEEEEEEDOOOOOOMMMMM  (Read 362 times)

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« on: August 30, 2013, 09:17:01 AM »
We are still looking for people to join so don't be shy and we will include you.
Hello and welcome to this RP. Here you can be anything you want so have fun but there are rules
No one liners and try to make at least a paragraph per post 
Anthro, furry, and feral are allowed and thing at all including humans
Please limit the number of characters you have to one unless we need more.
Other than that, have fun!

The setting:
A beautiful, intimidatingly big forest, it's trees of ruby red and rich topaz casting deep, colorful shadows on the floor below. A blue mountain looms over the northeast edge, cloaking the trees in an eternal darkness. Almost no one lives in that part, for fear of the strange creatures, which stalk all whom move among the skeletal branches. The blackened and charred remains of the trees appear to blend with the black rock of the mountain, and bones scatter the ground. The further you get from this place though, the sunnier it becomes. The source of such brightness is the large clearing in the very center of the forest. A sparkling, deep, sapphire blue invites the creatures to drink and hunt. Everywhere you look, there are signs of life. There is much happiness and plenty of food, but little that they know they will have a great affect on the world around them. Maybe even save this world who knows.

Joining form:
Sexual preference
Magical powers
Racial Powers
Other things

Here is an example of a character sheet
Gender: Can be both
Species: Xenomorph (Subclass Interments Corvus)(anthro)

Description: He is just like a Xenomorph here is the picture http:// But instead of the long head there is cranium plate sticking out the back of the head. It has no probosces and instead of the six fingers it has four all separated with two of the fingers on either side of the wrist. The other two fingers and pointing forward but the fingers are 90 degrees apart. There are long spines sticking up from the tail spines.

Personality: It believes in everything there should be balance. When you first meet it, it will be defensive until you show it you are not a threat. It is nice and will be a very compassionate friend. You have to meet it to find out more about it. Always loved seeing magic

Sexual preference: Depends on what gender it is.

History: It was there all alone in the darkness wandering, searching for a purpose. It found its purpose in the bright land. It saw in the water what it really was... a monster. It hid in the caves, angry at its self when a animal with an injured leg came into the cave. The creature did not run or fight it asked for help. It helped the creature. As soon as it happened It felt better and went out into the world again to see what it could see

Magical powers:none it has no magic

Racial powers: It can climb up walls with ease, It can gender swap if needs be, It can see in the humans way and electromagnetism in other words it can see your nerve system from a distance, and because it is different it can shoot spines from its tail. Do not cut it otherwise you will be very sorry because then there is acid everywhere 2.5 Ph to be exact also it has chitin armor that can take 9mm to 5.56mm punishment

Other things:It has the ability to learn as a human.

Ask me any question you have.

Oh and one more thing is that you will be going in your own stories, but sometimes I will nudged the story along with something like this (Action: the sky becomes lighted with the morning light.)
PM me your characters for approval
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