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Author Topic: The Queens of Red and White: Closed  (Read 25163 times)

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The Queens of Red and White: Closed
« on: August 20, 2013, 12:59:46 am »


The White Kingdom is ruled by a kind royal family. The White King, brave, noble, and strong, uses his power for peace and justice, the White Queen, who is as fair and kind, as she is beautiful, and the prince, who is young, handsome, and yet powerful. The royal family uses their power in good ways not to conquer or destroy kingdoms. But to be peaceful and help their people.

There was talk throughout the kingdom of a new kingdom emerging to the south from the other side of the Dark Forest. The King left to make a peace treaty with the kingdom and brought forth a very small fraction of his noble yet strong Elven warriors, who are skilled in battle to help him through the treacherous and dangerous woods to the "Red" Kingdom.

He promised to be back in a week to attend the Queen's birthday ball. The woods were a very bad place to be because of dangerous, exiled, and evil beasts and creatures that live within the darkness. Such creatures as rogue pack of werewolves/lycans, blood thirsty vampires, goblins, mischievous cat sidhe, wicked witches and warlocks, dark elves, pixies. and so on.

On the night of the Queen's ball everyone and everything was thriving throughout the ballroom in the castle, food was perfect, the candle light and torches were beautiful, the outfits divine, everything was perfect except for the fact King wasn't there. Then all of a sudden the lights went out of the room and throughout the castle. In the middle of the ballroom a small black smoke began to emit from the floor slowly, then more rapidly, and then people started to back away fearful of the smoke. The Queen sitting upon her throne, moved her hand and the smoke stopped, but was still in the room. Then the smoke turned a deep shade of red and began to form itself in the shape of a woman.

The woman was beautiful with darkened long hair, and wearing a very elegant gown of red. A few lights hued a violent shade of red when she appeared. When she spoke her voice boomed with power, she introduced herself as the Red Queen, who ruled her queendom south of the dark forest. "I have a gift for the White Queen on her birthday. A, shall we say, a token of peace between our two Queendoms." Taken aback, the White Queen thought of how she said queendom and not kingdom, but suddenly the red queen withdrew a large orb object from her cloak and thew it at the foot of the White Queen's feet. The orb was the severed head of the White King. Maliciously laughing from the horror upon the White Queen's face was the Red Queen. The White Queen asked what she wanted and why she was doing this. The Red Queen replies, "It is my nature, and my right, to take power away from those who cannot keep it. Your King hadn't enough power to persuade me to leave well enough alone so I stole it.  I wish to see your kingdom burn to the ground, I want the power your pathetic queendom has, and I want all of you dead." The red queen gestures around the room. "You have been warned, go ahead and try to rally up forces against me, I will slaughter your people, and kidnap your family and turn them against you." She gestures to the Prince and the Queen.

The white queen shocked at her wildness told her guard to seize her and capture her. She disappeared in red smoke before anyone could make a move and her manic laughter could be heard throughout the kingdom, in a eerie echo darkness.

It has been three months since these events...


Available Races
These are the only available races thus far. There are no humans in this setting

Vampires: They are not allergic to the sun. They have supers enhanced condition, two retractable fangs on top row of their teeth, paler complexion (even if black or Indian), they have compulsion/glamour/hypnosis abilities. They are generally attractive, and of course must drink blood to survive. They can heal, older they are, the stronger their abilities can be and can sometimes can induce levitation/flying, They do not have extra powers like pyrokinesis/ect, without a supernatural logically way of it making sense, like draining someone of a magical blood and it gave them abilities. Lastly, they can have one transformation like in Van Helsing

Lycans/Werewolves: They have three forms. One human form, one bigger wolf form (kinda like twilight), and one half man beast form (like Van helsing and Underworld). They have two fangs on the bottom and top rows of teeth, that would be four. They have enhanced condition, the human form being really strong but, the wolf form stronger but harder to fight and with greater speed, and the strongest being the lycan form. They are more aggressive and wolf like in demeanor, even in human form.  So they could be really nice but can have a short temper, or be stubborn or have a super protective side or all three. Just no really feminine or sensitive wolves. Powers are the same as with vampire. They don't have any sort of powers out of the normal werewolf abilities, unless taken from the blood or gifted by someone of magical origin.

Note: If we end up with enough of them, we'd like a pack. Or if they are dedicated to a queendom, they may be personal gaurds, or warriors, or both

Cat Sidhe: A race of magical felines. Their origins dating back to a single tomcat in Scotland with strange abilities, who was black with a white spot upon his chest. It was never quite known what set him apart, but he was said to be the king of cats. Today the Cat Sidhe take more forms than just a simple house cat, and in each form they retain their heightened senses. Their favorite form currently is humanoid with ears and tall of a cat. Cat Sidhe have three forms like the wolves and dragons. Humanoid with cat ears and tail (Neko-jin), large cat (lion/tiger/ect), and house cat. They have heightened cat-like senses, reflexes and agility. While they're not very strong compared to wolves, what they lack in blunt strength they make up for in stealth, agility, and cleverness. Which leads many of them to being thieves. Temperament wise, they're usually very playful and are kinda pranksters. But they are not all bad or all good.

Fairies/Pixies: The Fae can shape shift in size to be big or small. Astonishingly beautiful/pretty people, there are boy faires too. They have basic fae powers, like lil' fae magic, photokinesis, healing, glamour (illusion). Fairies are basically the "good" fae and pixies are basically the "bad" fae.

Witches/Wizards/Alchemist/Necromancy/Druid/Etc: We are going to be EXTREMELY picky about this race. If anyone is interested we'd rather them choose another one or if really wants it to talk to GhettoMagick (as he's the main expert here), because we want the main magick users to be the royal families and their advisers/teachers not anyone else because it could distract from the uniqueness of full blown magic users to have a bunch running around.

Elves: Elves are similar to those in LOTR. Tall, elegant, pointed ears. They are great warriors and craftsmen, some can even weave spells in tune with nature. Elves are honorable beyond the lengths of man, and will almost always follow the path of light. Dark Elves are those who have turned away from the light and into the darkness.

Note: The minimum age for a elf is 50 which is when they would be considered a "teenager", they reach full maturity at 100. Refer to this link for more information on elven life cycles.

Draconian: These are a rare breed so we are limiting them. If we have 10 rpers one 1 could be a dragon and if we have 20, 3-4 could be dragons. This doesn't have to be the exact number. But we want to keep them rare.  They will have three forms as well; human, hybrid anf full dragon. They are similar to the werewolves strength wise, they have enhanced conditioning, and they are pyrokinetic as well, mostly with their mouth and hands. Their skin/scales repels most magical attack and is durable as much as that people could break their swords when striking touching their skin, though that does not mean it cannot be smooth and soft to the touch. They can be attacked inwardly by magic (maybe a potion or curse), illusions, and psionic attacks, but on the outside they are tough. They are very free creatures and if they have loyalty to a kingdom it's for life. They're like werewolves in the way they are faithful until death and beyond. Sharp teeth, aggressive, etc. There are currently two dragon spots available. Since the two we have are with White, we'd prefer new ones be for either Red or a rogue

Shapeshifters: No shapeshifters who can shift themselves into wolves or lycans and be equally strong if not stronger than the actual werewolf, ect.  Shapeshifters have enchanced condition but they are weaker than vampires but what they lack in strength they make up in their shapeshifting/skinwalker ways. They can change mass, size, weight, height, scent, voice, etc. Shapesifters cannot turn into elements such as water, fire or air. Earth or a tree is okay. But not the other elements. Shapeshifters can be completely undetectable, so they're good for undercover work, spying, ect.

Available Roles
With all needed roles filled (pending some profiles) we are now accepting other characters for both queendoms as well as rogue characters whom live in the Dark Forest!


  • There will be a two 6-7 sentence paragraps minimum post length here
  • This will be in the Non-con Exotic section (I talked to a Mentor and he said vampire blood play was fine there)
  • This will not be a smut based group. Sex is allowed, of course, but character development and story will be the focus here
  • GM word is law. If I or GhettoMagick tell you no, respect that
  • Don't be afraid to ask/suggest anything. The worst that can happen is we'll say no
  • One post a week minimum, 2-3 posts would be best
  • Original characters only
  • Most importantly, have fun!

Character formats will be posted in the first post here. GhettoMagick's and my characters will be in the second post
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Re: The Queens of Red and White: Recruiting!
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2013, 01:00:25 am »
This is the profile for characters. Please fill it out and either post it in the recruiting thread or PM it to both Ember Star and GhettoMagick. I require the picture to be a headshot, and to be 200x150 pixels. If you need a resize, please PM the picture to Ember Star and she shall take care of it. You may link larger and full pictures in the Written Description section by using a code like this;
Code: [Select]
[URL=image link here]image title here[/URL]

Real pictures vs Art? I prefer real pictures for the headshots, but I will allow artwork for a headshot if it's good art. Attentional pictures can be any medium.

If you need any help with codes, please ask Ember Star.

If you need any help with your character, please ask both the GMs.

Character's Name: The full name of your character
Age: How old is your character?
Race: What race is your character?

Kingdom: Red, White, or neither (rogue)
Rank: Your position/job

Gender: All are accepted
Sexual Orientation: All are accepted
O&O: Either character specific ones or a link to your own O/O (could do both if you want to)

Powers/Abilities: Refer to your race info, if you wish something attention, special or are just not sure, ask Ember Star and GhettoMagick

Preferred Weapons: You are not limited to what you list here, but it is what your character normally has. If your weapons have decorations or the like I'd like you to either give a written description or a link to a picture. No magically enhanced weapons (the exception to this is magic channeling weapons such as wands and staves). Also, this is a medieval RP, so no guns, laser swords, or anything like that.

Skills: What is your character good at/have training in? (I.E: swordmenship, basket weaving, healing)

Written Appearance: Even with the headshot we require you to give at least a paragraph written. Height, weight, any scars or tattoos, ect. If your character has more than one form (I.E: Lycans) we require you to give a attentional paragraph for each form (so a Lycan with three forms would need three paragraphs, one for each form). You may also link full body images and images for attention forms, clothes, ect, here like this

Personality: At least one decent paragraph (6-7 sentences)

History: At least three paragraphs, I would prefer a good bit more if you want a really old vampire or something. I'd prefer you earn age.

Code: [Select]
[floatright][IMG padding=5]image link here[/IMG][/floatright]
[b]Character's Name:[/b]


[b]Sexual Orientation:[/b]


[b]Preferred Weapons:[/b]


[b]Written Appearance:[/b]


[b]History:[/b] [/b]
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Re: The Queens of Red and White: Recruiting!
« Reply #2 on: August 20, 2013, 01:00:55 am »
The White Queen (Ember Star)

Character's Name: Gwyneira, daughter of Renmund (the White Queen, Lady in White, the Sorceress of White)
Age: 108 (because of the magic which flows through her blood, she appears much younger than she is)
Race: Sorceress

Kingdom: White
Rank: Queen

Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual (prefers men)
O&O: Since her husband's death, the Queen has been asexual and uninterested in such things. Why should she be? She had only ever had her husband. If somebody who to woo her, he or she would have to be special indeed.

Powers/Abilities: Because of her lineage and training, the Queen's abilities with multiple forms of magic are unrivalled by all save her late husband, and perhaps her son who is showing great talents, as he should. Beyond even that though, she has a strong Empathic ability, able to feel the emotions of others around her. This is part of what makes her a good Queen, as she is able to understand the emotions of her subjects. Lastly, she also has a strong affinity for the elements of wind and water. Both free, soft, and flowing, yet powerful when need be. Not unlike herself.

Preferred Weapons: Because of her abilities with magic, she needn't a staff or wand to channel it. However, the Queen does have a very special bow and arrows. White, with gold trim. They were made especially for her, a gift from her beloved King. The hair from a Unicorn's tail to act as the string, and the feathers from a Griffin to balance the arrows.
Her bow and arrows.

  • Archery
  • Diplomatic skills
  • Reading body language and behavior
  • Singing
  • Music
  • Good with animals
  • Kindness

Written Appearance: Gwyneira is not a especially tall woman, though she is not overly short either at five feet, five inches. Her silvery blonde hair is soft and thick with gentle waves that fall down to the bottom of her shoulder blades and shimmers in the lights. While her eyes are of a deep and rich blue. Her body is very balanced, she is athletically built, with gentle soft curves that even her out. Her skin is fair and soft, free of blemishes, but with just the lightest tinge of shimmering tan. She holds herself as a lady of her statue should, with excellent posture and her head high.

Personality: Gwyneira is exceedingly kind. She is soft spoken, and soft handed. She tries her upmost to help people. Though this does not reduce from the fact she is Queen. She is commanding to her subjects, and they all respect her dearly. Quite normally, the Queen is quite cheerful and her laughter and singing will fill the palace grounds like natural music. However since the King's death, she has been in a state of worry and depression. She tries not to let this show, and she does a good job at hiding it. But she worries greatly over her son's safety and she misses her husband greatly. This has not numbed her responsibilities as Queen though. In her husband's absence, she has proven to be a fine a single leader as any for her land.

History: Gwyneira was born over a hundred years ago to the great white wizard, Renmund and the equally great sorceress Dianeia. They each had high standings in the royal court and they were each older when they had her. They raised their daughter to teach her the ways of old magic. From the time she could walk and talk, they began her training and continued to train her from that point forth. As she grew into womanhood, she grew into both beauty and intelligence. There were few in the land whom did not take notice of the young sorceress. Soon enough, the King of the land did as well.

She was a mere 22, he was several years her senior but did not look it. She had been invited to a Grand Ball and celebration in honor of the Spring Solstice, which took place at the palace and was hosted by the King. One could say it was love at first sight for the two of them, but for Gwyneira, it took more than that. She was not easily woo'd by his status or his smile. What she cared about in a man was his heart.

It would take near five years of him courting her before she would agree to marry him. It would have perhaps been less time, but with him being King and she still being absorbed into her studies, their time together was often fleeting with long gaps between. She did love him though, truly and fully. For he did have a kind and true heart. He was a good King, who spread peace throughout the land as his father did before him. It would be a year long engagement before the two were married, with a magnificent wedding to follow. As his wife, she was know Queen of the White Kingdom and was to rule by his side, as his equal.

Throughout her reign as Queen, Gwyneira did much for the land. She had great magic, having come from lines as pure as her husband's. She used it for goodness, and to help the land prosper. She was adored by the "little people" the farmers and the tailors and so on. For she did belittle them, but rather treated them with kindness and helped those whom needed help.

Throughout their reign though, the King and Queen remained childless. Not entirely by their own choosing, though their busy schedule didn't leave much for child rearing. But the Queen longed for a child and the King wished for an hire. So 18 years ago, they decided it was time.

After 9 months of pregnancy, the Queen gave birth to a son. They named the little Prince Conner, after the King's grandfather. Little Conner was their pride and joy. They dotted upon him, and loved him, and spoiled him. But they also instilled their values into him. Teaching him the goodness of this world and how to use his powers to maintain this goodness and balance. They both taught him magic, as their parents had done with them. He was growing into a fine young man, with great ability.

Then tragedy began to strike. The King left for what should have been a simple mission. Go see this new kingdom and make a peace treaty with them. His treaties in the past had always worked before. Yet, he did not return when he claimed he would. The Queen would soon learn why, and on her birthday no less. That was when that terrible woman appeared, with the head of her husband. Just three months ago...

The White Prince (GhettoMagick)

Character's Name: Prince Connor, son of Gwyneira

Alias: The White Prince
Age: 17
Race: Identifies as Sorcerer

Kingdom: White
Rank: Prince

Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bi-Curious
O&O: Currently Asexual

Powers/Abilities: Magic: Prince Connor is from a long ancient line of Magic-Users who are able to weave any and all magic to their aide, Fairy, Elf, Pixie, Witch, etc., any and all magic. He is quite gifted at this as well, able to complete the most complicated spells effortless and with little to no strain on his person.
Psionics: Another gift from his bloodline is the gift of psychic powers. He can do but is not limited to, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Aura-Reading, Clairvoyance, Empathy, etc. His most useful ability is telepathy but growing up he’s found it hard to read the thoughts of the undead and the two or sometimes three natured individuals.

Preferred Weapons: Connor has no need for weapons.

Skills: Connor is super proficient in his magic teachings, he is being taught only good and tactful was of using magic and straying away from darker magic. He is skilled in different magic aspects, like spell casting, divination, healing, elements control, enchanting, potions, etc. 

He is skilled in magical combat. He is a novice when it comes to swordplay or hand to hand combat. 

Immunities: Conner is immune to most magical and psychic attacks/and intrusions. I.e. Illusions, mind-control means, curses, hexes, etc.
Weaknesses: Connor is pretty durable, but can still be hurt physically. He can also do great and powerful things with his magic for long periods of time without fatigue but he can still get tired after so much use. If Connor is fearful his powers and abilities could wan.

Written Appearance: Connor stands about 5’6 short, thin lightly muscled body with a soft golden tan. His hair is a bright blonde, and it shines in the sunlight. He weighs about 120 lbs. His eyes have a brilliant deep blue shade. Connor has virtually no facial hair, nor body hair for that matter except for his hair and his eyebrows. His features are handsome, skin is flawless and clean, his body smells of lavender and vanilla. His blood smells of an intoxicating magic.
Full sized image.

Connor wears the finest clothing in royal white during gatherings, meeting, festivals, and balls, but prefers to wear simpler clothing.
On little incognito adventures he prefers to cover himself in dark cloaks.

Personality: Connor grew up as a sweet boy, always caring about others before himself. He loved learning about magic and the power that came with it, though his yearning to know more is insatiable. Connor loves small animals, but became fearful of beast and larger animals when he was 9; he is still interested in mystical creatures though. Anything that deals with magic or power is fascinating to him. He always tries to be nice to people, simple or rich, mad or scholars, he always tries. He doesn’t tolerate rude or hurtful people. Connor is often alone and likes to seek company or companionship in any and everyone he meets. He also enjoys reading. Connor grew up royal so he is very formal and polite in his words and sincerity. Sometimes his curiosity of things gets the best of him and he forgets his politeness to explore what is unknown for him. Being alone a lot Connor enjoys sneaking out of the castle grounds to meet some of the townsfolk, not letting them know he is royal but just to see what life is like outside the castle walls.

Conner was made from pure love. The King and Queen of the White Kingdom made a very special heir to the throne, a prodigy of magic. Ever since he could move Connor was manipulating things around him. Setting drapes on fire, turning shoes into rabbits, floating pots and kitchen utensils around, and other unknowingly mischievous things. Since he learned how to talk he was taught how to control his powers. Growing up since he was so advanced in his magic he was continuously taught how to use it effectively, by his mother, father and the royal advisor. He was learning at an alarming rate, but always under control.

Since advancing he was able to learn other magical means as a child, like potion creating, healing, divination, and enchanting. Mastering such branches of the mystic arts before turning 13 when it took wizards and witches into their late 40’s to do such magic he is. He never abused his powers intentionally, sometimes his mind would wander and he’d pick of private thoughts of others around him. As he continued to grow so did his powers and more practice is needed to vent out some magic so it doesn’t consume him or come out prematurely or unintentionally.

Connor was always told he must stay in the castle grounds or if he must leave to go to the surround villages he must be accompanied by a guard or two. Connor chose to ignore this rule and ventured out to the dark forest, which is at the edge of the White Kingdom, when he was nine, now he didn’t mean to go that far but it happened, and he continued on. Within the forest he got attacked by a pack of very malicious werewolves that threaten to rape and kill him for “trespassing” on their territory. Luckily his father, with a small group of soldiers came to his aide before any permanent physical damage was done.

After that Connor always followed the rules as best as he could knowing he couldn’t always stay on the castle grounds, but never daring to go past the kingdom boundaries. He continued to grow up kind, happy, and loved, but also alone. After the death of the White King Connor knew the sorrows of suppressing one’s emotion, but being a sensitive child, he always couldn’t put on a smile, he just learned how to put on a safe face around others, and be in mourning alone.
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Re: The Queens of Red and White: Recruiting!
« Reply #3 on: August 20, 2013, 01:11:42 am »

OCC Threads

Recruiting Thread (this thread)

OOC Thread

Character Thread

White Queendom

Main Territory

Red Queendom

Main Territory

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Offline GhettoMagick

Re: The Queens of Red and White: Recruiting!
« Reply #4 on: August 20, 2013, 02:08:49 am »
Ooooh! I'm Interested!!! Pick me!!!
But in all seriousness doe, I really like this idea and I hope people get interested in it, I'd rather have people ask dumb questions and be interested in it then not ask and just keep on going. Fill free to ask my anything! :o)
Oh I am Ghetto, I am going to be playing the White Prince, Co-Creator of this game so I know allllllll about it.

Online Marie Reynolds

Re: The Queens of Red and White: Recruiting!
« Reply #5 on: August 20, 2013, 05:29:42 am »
I must say I am intrigued by this game, I have an Idea for a character and its inspiration part comes from the Black Knight and Ahsrem from Record of Lodoss war after he turns and begins to look after the Mormo refugees and goes to find his people a new Home Land, Essentially the idea would be the Black Knight would be a protector of good people who have fled for their safety from the red queen but have to live a harsh existence trying to survive in the Dark Forest, also I would think that he met the White King in the woods and became honor bound after the king saved some of his people to guide and aid him through the woods and was there upon his death and made me swore to return to his kingdom return his blade  to the Queen and his son and help protect his kingdom in his place and since he would be bound to what he considers the old laws he cannot refuse the final request of the dead and sets out to do so maybe arriving after the three months with the Kings blade and at least the news of a proper Burial was given and the nature of his oath and the lending of his blade.

Would that be a fitting concept in this story?

Offline Ember StarTopic starter

Re: The Queens of Red and White: Recruiting!
« Reply #6 on: August 20, 2013, 10:00:11 am »
I'm not familiar with that book. But the character concept sounds like something that will work here :)

Offline agentlemanwithadream

Definitely interested, great concept!

Would love to play either a werewolf or Draconian, perhaps the Princes personal guard.

I'll work up a character sheet sometime today but I do have to work today so it may not be until later!

Offline Ember StarTopic starter

*nods* That's alright, Hun. No rush for it. Looking forward to seeing it, though. Any questions, just ask.

Offline Chrystal


Ember, dear, I am seriously tempted by one of your pre-defined roles. If you cannot guess which one, then I'm clearly not suitable for it.... *evil cackle*

However, there is a race that appeals to me equally, the Cat Sidhe. I somehow doubt that the two could be combined?

So, let me know which you would  prefer me to play...?

Offline Ember StarTopic starter

I can take two guesses. As I've only had about five hours of sleep, I'm a little loopy. LOL.

By the evil cackle, I'm guessing Red Queen? I'm afraid not, if that's the case. The royals should all be "human" magic users. Sorcerers/witches/ect.

My second guess is the Queen's personal guard, which that might be okay.

Whatever you want is fine, as I know you're capable of taking on any of the pre defined roles and are reliable. You can actually make one of the pre defined roles and a Cat Sidhe as I always allow people more than one character so long as they can keep up with them.

Offline NiceTexasGuy

Wow.  I think I'm in love ... with the Red Queen ... no wait, I'm one of the good guys, what was I thinking?

What an awesome idea, though I wouldn't dream of committing to a major role.  If you need cannon fodder (or is it canon? both are in spell check) I'd be elated to play some minor role I could handle.  Guard #23?  Third assistant dishwasher?  Deputy Chief Custodian?

Offline Ember StarTopic starter

Yes. Random slots shall be available. Our main objective is just to fill major roles at the moment. But if you wanna be guard #23 or whatever, that'll be fine.

Offline Chrystal

I can take two guesses. As I've only had about five hours of sleep, I'm a little loopy. LOL.

By the evil cackle, I'm guessing Red Queen? I'm afraid not, if that's the case. The royals should all be "human" magic users. Sorcerers/witches/ect.

My second guess is the Queen's personal guard, which that might be okay.

Whatever you want is fine, as I know you're capable of taking on any of the pre defined roles and are reliable. You can actually make one of the pre defined roles and a Cat Sidhe as I always allow people more than one character so long as they can keep up with them.

Okay, so, abandon the idea of combining the two, because I didn't think that would work. Yes, I sort-of fancy the roll of Red Queen. Is that something you would be happy with? And given that you know me, are you going to insist on a sample post, or should I just point you to half a dozen of my favourite stories?

As for a Cat Sidhe, I think I would prefer to see how it goes first. If I find I can cope with more than one character, I will think about a second.

Of course if you have someone else in mind for the red queen I will be happy with a cat-burglar...

Offline Ember StarTopic starter

Yes. I would love for you to be our Red Queen. Was actually kinda secretly hoping you would be. LOL. No. No sample post is needed since I know you. That was moreover for if somebody I never RPd with before  wanted it. Just a character sheet shall do ;D
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Offline Ember StarTopic starter

Do you want a kid? Or no? Because if not I can take it off the list.

Offline Chrystal

Oh I think Red should have a kid. Possibly a daughter, or (depending on Ghetto's preferences) a son, to be married to the white queen's son and dominate him totally!

I'll get a CS for you as soon as I can.

Emb, dear, if you point that sort of character at someone like me you KNOW I'll jump at it...!

Offline Ember StarTopic starter

Okee. I can change it to princess and talk Tien Ghetto about that little idea. Hahahah.

I had a feeling you would. But I try not to make assumptions, LOL :P

Offline GhettoMagick

BAHAHAHAHAHHAA I absolutely love that people are liking this Idea. I thought no one would. Anyway you can have a son or daughter. Lol I am down like a sad clown for a lot of things. I am going to be with my friend for the majority of the night but Ember has my cell number so any questions or anything about storylines and plots and things about my character just ask and she'll text me!

Offline Chrystal

Leave it up to whoever wants the part, then?

If someone creates a male character or a female character for Red Jr, we can still go with the union.

Looking into the character sheet but will probably be tomorrow now.

Offline arkhos

Howdy all,

I'd like to throw my hat into the ring for possible consideration.

A Shapeshifter Wizard filling the role of Royal Adviser for the Red Queen would be awesome, unless someone has spoken for the role?

If interested, please let me know and I can work on the CS.

Thanks! :)


Offline Chrystal

Howdy all,

I'd like to throw my hat into the ring for possible consideration.

A Shapeshifter Wizard filling the role of Royal Adviser for the Red Queen would be awesome, unless someone has spoken for the role?

If interested, please let me know and I can work on the CS.

Thanks! :)


I have no objection to Arkhos taking that role, assuming the GMs have none.

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I'm not sure about the shapeshifter + wizard part, so I texted Ghetto to ask him. Otherwise, I have no problem with you taking that position, Ark

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Has anyone expressed interest for the Draconian Guard of the Prince? Because otherwise... I might.  ::)

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Ark, he said no to the shapeshifter wizard. He wants all the magic wielders to be basically "human" but magic, ya know? However, he did say you could be a wizard who could change shape some by magic.

Has anyone expressed interest for the Draconian Guard of the Prince? Because otherwise... I might.  ::)
agentlemanwithadream expressed interest.
Definitely interested, great concept!

Would love to play either a werewolf or Draconian, perhaps the Princes personal guard.

I'll work up a character sheet sometime today but I do have to work today so it may not be until later!