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Author Topic: The Queens of Red and White: Closed  (Read 25146 times)

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Offline Ember StarTopic starter

*shakes head* Stick to the races provided. We don't want anything beyond those right now.

You can either send us the sheet or post it here. Either way.

Offline DartimusRae

will do :D

Offline Wargtass

I take it you haven't received my reworked sheet then? I'll send it again, please inform me if you don't receive it.

Offline Ember StarTopic starter

Nope. Didn't. Sometimes the site glitches and things don't go through. Or else my browser does.  Or else maybe you just sent it to Ghetto?

Offline GhettoMagick

No, I'm obsessed with this so I check elliquiy like every hour unless im sleeping, even if im with my friends. I haven't gotten anything in awhile.

Offline Wargtass

Huh. Sent it again as well as a query to the staff. I'll go digging a little.  :P

Offline Ember StarTopic starter

Still haven't gotten to it. Could br something with the server move. Some other people I know are having trouble with PMs off and on.

Offline GhettoMagick

Me neither, you can try sending one at a time or something.

Offline Ember StarTopic starter

or post it here

Offline Ember StarTopic starter

Got it now!

Offline GhettoMagick

Samesies! I'm going to go read it and think of more plots things for this roleplay.

Offline Wargtass

Third time's the charm apparently.  ::)

Offline GhettoMagick

Now the question is did you get our responses...dun dun duuuuun

Offline Chrystal


Character's Name: Tyvrah (Red Queen, Dark Sorceress, Song by Chris de Burgh).
Age: 264
Race: Sorceress

Kingdom: Red
Rank: Queen

Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual (prefers women, likes to dominate men)
O&O: Enjoys inflicting pain both physical, mental and spiritual, seeing others squirm, forcing the innocent to inflict pain on others, also enjoys humiliating others, inflicting psychological torture, giving her victims a choice that is no choice. However if the tables were ever reversed, she would die before she surrendered.

Powers/Abilities: Her powers with the dark arts are unsurpassed. Her kiss is poisonous if she so desires, and her gaze can be hypnotic. She has an affinity with the elements of fire and earth. Her main weakness is that any use of her magic draws part of her life force out of her, which limits her power not in scope but in range and duration. After extended use of her magic she is vulnerable and will always retire to recover. This may take anything from a few minutes to an entire day, depending upon what she was doing.

Preferred Weapons: Aside from her use of offensive magic such as fireballs, lightening, death spells, summoning insect swarms, etc, she delights in using poisons, and creates new poisons that have various effects from killing instantly, to leaving the victim alive but in constant pain. to causing the loss of specific faculties. For extra personal killing she has a dagger with a poisoned blade that will cause pain and paralysis with just a scratch, will kill slowly and painfully if the victim is stabbed, or will turn the victim into an undead zombie if stabbed into the heart. Any man or woman who has sex with her is permanently under her sway unless the spell is broken by a white sorceress.

  • Dark magic
  • Mixing poisons
  • Causing pain
  • Inspiring fear
  • Sexual seduction
  • Subversion
  • Scrying/spying

Written Appearance: Tyvrah is tall, at 6'1", and slender, weighing only 168 lbs, although well endowed in the bust. Her eyes are dark grey. Her hair is red, course and wavy, falling down her back to her waist. Her skin is lightly tanned, her lips are full and bright red - and not from rouge. She has a number of tattoos on her body, the most obvious being the rose on her left breast. The most striking is a tattoo of a snake that circles her waist. Her fingernails are about an inch long, bright red and often tipped with poison. Her tongue will sometimes appear forked and her skin might appear scaled to someone truly pure of heart, this is not a change in form, but an optical illusion caused by the dark magic within her heart.

Personality: Tyvrah is malicious and vengeful. She is also highly ambitious. She desires nothing less than to rule the entire world. Her lust for power gives her a burning in her heart to destroy all that is good and pure in life, to corrupt and turn everything to darkness. She is indomitable, too, she will never bow down to any. If, by some random fluke, she were to be defeated, she would die before surrendering or allowing herself to be captured.

History: Tyvrah was born in a land far to the east, to a king and queen who were good and kind. When Tyvrah was just sixteen, her country was overrun by barbarians. These savages had been found and helped by her parents' kingdom, they had been educated, given food, taught to farm, taught the healing arts, and had been welcomed into the kingdom. They had repaid the kindness shown to them with treachery, killing the king and queen and burning the city, taking the people into slavery.

Tyvrah was taken into slavery along with her people. She tried to comfort them, tried to assume the mantle of leadership, only to find that they blamed her parents for their current situation. Tyvrah tried to reason with their captors, plead with them, but it was all to no avail. She was taken, raped, beaten, tortured and abused. Finally she was flung into a dark prison cell and forgotten.

Tyvrah had tried to use her parents' magic to help her people but she simply was not strong enough or skilled enough to even help herself. In her dark prison, slowly dying of hunger, taking moisture by licking the walls, she began to curse. Her curses grew louder and more profane, and she put her magic into them. Suddenly she was no longer in her cell, but was in a realm of fire. She found she could command the fire to do her bidding, and, calling upon her own spirit, used her magic to free herself from her prison.

She escaped the barbarians' castle, razing it to the ground. Her people rallied around her, but when they saw her new power and the way she had warped her parents magic in order to  escape, they turned on her in fear and loathing. Feeling doubly betrayed, she wiped them out, men women and children all, She gathered to herself the survivors of the barbarians, and set about establishing a new queendom.

She discovered a weakness within her new found power - that as she used it, so it used her up. But there was a solution. She found that she was able to drain magical energy from others, in a process that could be either extremely pleasant or extremely unpleasant to the victim - but was almost orgasmic to herself. Some magic users came to her willingly and she rewarded them with positions of power in her queendom, feeding off their powers little by little in a way they found ecstatic. Those that resisted her, she defeated in battle, sucked their power out in the most horrible way, and killed them.

It was shortly after this that her scouts discovered the realm of the Wizards. Here was a power she knew she must have. She laid siege to the Wizards' fortress, using her own magic to counter that of her enemy. The Wizards were neither dark nor light, but rather than join her, they fought her. The war was costly to Tyvrah personally as well as costly to her conquered peoples. She consumed many slaves to keep her magic flowing, and her army, once innumerable, was decimated. The fact that she won was down to her own determination not to be beaten.

The war against the Wizards forced her to consolidate and contract her realm somewhat, but she did gain her most loyal advisor. Tyvrah was not certain of Talfin Medina motives for joining her. She knew it was not cowardice, she knew for a fact that he was not afraid to die. She suspected that he simply wished to die for the right reason, and defending an already lost cause was not that reason.

It was Talfin who advised her to secure an heir, and so she did. Only Tyvrah knows for certain the exact circumstances of the conception. She gave birth, some thirteen months later, to a beautiful baby girl. As the child grew, Tyvrah became aware of the child's power. She also realised that but feeding on that power, she became ten times stronger. She deliberately keeps the princess weak, deliberately oppresses her. She has assigned one of her most loyal and also most cruel warriors to be the princess' personal guardian. Of course, the queen knows that the guardian is also oppressing her daughter, thinking she does so in secret, but Tyvrah knows and approves.

Tyvrah is aware that she will not live forever, no matter how long the magic will sustain her. As the years go on its use takes a greater toll on her. Restoring her empire after the Wizards took its toll too, and she fears that, when she passes, the empire she has built will be destroyed, carved up and torn asunder. Her one hope is her daughter whom she is - without the girl knowing, training to take over from her.

She was slowly drawn to more and more powerful realms, her need for more magic becoming all consuming. She must conquer or die. Until now, she has found herself on the border of the White Queen's realm. She has already drained and killed the White Queen's husband and is even now preparing her army to invade the Queen's lands, take them from her and take her powers.

If the white queen will submit, Tyvrah will let her live as a slave, will feed off her regularly and some times might even allow the bitch to enjoy it. If she will not submit, she will watch while all her people are drained of their spirits painfully, one by one, and then she too will be drained in the slowest, most painful manner possible!

Edited to include the histories of two closely related characters.
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Offline Ember StarTopic starter

Okay, we need a Prince/Princess for Red. A guard and/or lead shoulder for Red. A advisor for White. A queen's guard for white and/or a lead shoulder. Get these, we can start.

Four characters/positions, and we can start.

Offline GhettoMagick

Come on peeps we know you wanna join. Invite your friends and tell everyone about it. You know it's going to be a lot of fun!!

Offline DartimusRae

i think my dragon can be good for queen's guard. working on that sheet still >.<

Offline Ember StarTopic starter

I was gonna have an elf. But I could live with that.

Offline GhettoMagick

I guess the white queendom has a thing for dragons. ;)

yay that means we only need three

a white wizard/witch

a red prince/princess

and a red guard/lead soldier.

Offline Marie Reynolds

My College semester just started ill hope to have this character ready soon

Offline ElCapitan

The Red guard/lead soldier sounds interesting.  I'm thinking maybe a Cat Sidhe. Like an assassin style guard.  More about setting traps and ambushes, staying one step ahead than being the meat wall to catch crossbow bolts.

I'll write up a character sheet and PM it over.

Offline Ember StarTopic starter

Well... we wanted a vampire or a dark elf or werewolf for that position.

the cats are more rogues than any of the other races. I'm not sure I like one having such a high ranking

Offline GhettoMagick

That's a cool idea Captain but I am agreeing with Ember on this one. I don't want a cat-sidhe to be high ranking either. I like your assassin idea though. Maybe you could have like a vampiric assassin guard or the dark elf could be an assassin, ya know?

Offline ElCapitan

Hmm. I think I'm more attached to the idea of a rogue cat sidhe than I am to the high ranked assassin. There room for a rascal cat?

EDIT: Was thinking about a professional thief that was caught and employed by the Red Kingdom, used as a spy/thief/scapegoat.  A rogue like that wouldn't really be trustworthy to be protecting the queen anyway...
« Last Edit: August 23, 2013, 02:40:04 am by ElCapitan »

Offline Ember StarTopic starter