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August 19, 2022, 10:45:00 pm

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Author Topic: Supernatural Runaway Ideas (M for F)  (Read 988 times)

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Offline SkynetTopic starter

Supernatural Runaway Ideas (M for F)
« on: August 16, 2013, 01:06:38 am »
After hours of travel, a rise across the horizon on the highway indicated the presence of a town.  Short, small houses on both sides of the road, behind a rusted green side reading "Red Mountain Creek; Population 85.  Mark smirked.  She was clever to use a place this out of the way to hide, but not clever enough.  Sure, traffic passed through enough that they got enough travelers, but small enough that a recognizable face sticks out in a crowd.  "I figure she's the talk of the town by now.  Pretty hard for someone with her powers to keep it under wraps long enough."

The tattoos under his sleeves glowed as he anticipated their inevitable encounter.  "I do like the country so very much.  It's lonely, but that means less witnesses all around."

The United States and is a very large place, particularly the west.  Hundreds of miles of empty highway stretch along desolate roads, through the mountains of Utah to the plains of South Dakota.  There's plenty of places for beings too strange, too persecuted, too hunted, to disappear into.

Your character, on the run from some entity or group, travels the forgotten byways and empty spaces between spaces.  He or she might encounter local troubles, old enemies, and strange happenings on their travels.  And maybe a companion or two.

I'm rather open to ideas and suggestions, from the nature of your character to their powers, the people pursuing him/her, and whether or not they have any overarching mission beyond survival.

Here's some ideas below, if any whet your appetite:

  • Somewhere within the United States there's a hidden prison which does not officially exist.  It holds people whose abilities are not of this world, deemed too dangerous and unpredictable to be left unsupervised.  But all it takes is one slip-up, one mismanagement, and one can escape from even the most secure prison.
  • A secret order of sorcerers draws their power from ley lines, invisible currents of magic which criss-cross the world like a network of veins.  Historic landmarks, natural anomalies, particularly strange places are where the lines generate the greatest traffic.  The sorcerers utilize, maintain, and reroute these ley lines as suits their needs for greater personal power.  Your character might travel to gather the secrets of the ley lines, whether to further the order's goals or to thwart them
  • Vampires are ill-suited for travel beyond the cities.  The need for shelter secure from sunlight and the scarce supply of humans for blood are major inhibitors.  Nevertheless, long-distance travel's a necessity in this day and age.  Your character's a courier of sorts, perhaps a vampire him/herself or a servant.  You might be tasked with smuggling vampires out of hostile territory, policing the forlorn territory of the head vampire's domain, or other related duties.
  • The Accorso family's reputation for diabolism is Washington State's best-kept secret.  Their ancestors long ago sold their souls, and the fate of their unborn children, over to the forces of darkness.  Their descendants bear the curse of infernal whispers and demonic influence in their lives; some choose to rise above it, but just as many if not more fall to depravity.  Recently the family patriach wrote a letter to you, claiming that he's found a way to undo the curse.  Maybe you travel with hope in your eyes, hoping to undo the Devil's bargain.  Maybe you seek to destroy this last flicker of redemption in service to the Dark One.  Maybe you seek to claim this secret for yourself to ration it among the worthy.

In terms of general location, I was thinking of having the story set around the northern United States.  Idaho, Montana, the Dakotas, and Wyoming are full of small towns and rest stops along the Interstate 90 highway.

Reply to this thread or PM me if you're interested!

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Offline Adere

Re: Supernatural Runaway Ideas (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2013, 01:18:55 am »
This sounds extremely interesting. I would love to discuss it further with you in pm. :)