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May 24, 2018, 11:05:13 AM

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Author Topic: Woman Saved by a Very Horny Man (M searching for F for long term story)  (Read 254 times)

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Online JaySwitchTopic starter

I have many stories in my head, but I’m currently searching for a female that wants to play a female character about a woman (age 18-38) down on her luck who is rescued by a well to do man (age 22-42) who is very horny.  Part of the rescue is that he shows her what real lust within a loving environment can be.  Specifically I am craving the top story in this list, but I’d be happy to play the others in the list if that floats your boat.  My stories are elaborate and in-depth, but are very flexible to your personal desires, so let me know what tweaks you’d want in the story.

Saved by a Mad Scientist
A young woman has found herself abandoned by her family and homeless.  A man she either grew up with, or grew up knowing finds her at her whits end.  He is a wealthy man without a wife or children.  He’s what might be considered a geeky “mad scientist”.  He’s a genius when it comes to science and is paid large amounts of money to come up with genetic course and outlandish medicines to cure the world’s sick.  He had been teased and bullied as a boy so he is oblivious to know how good looking of a young man he’s become from his once geeky looks.  He’s secretly had a crush on her since junior high and when he finds her homeless he offers to take her in to be his maid out of the goodness of his own heart and the need of someone to help him in life and socially.  He doesn’t want to hurt her, but having her in his home he can’t help but lust after her and soon he asks her to ware sexy maid outfits.  Soon he can’t keep his hands off of her.  He shows her what real love and belonging is like in a strong, well to do, handsome, man’s arms, yet he has a secret he’s not telling her about that hides down in the basement where he has asked her not to go.  When the company he works for threatens to fire him if he doesn’t come up with a new multi-million dollar scientific breakthrough in a month he finally asks for her help in running experiments on her in the basement laboratory.

Thank You for Kidnapping Me!
She grew up in the cult from childhood.  She’s trapped in an abusive situation where she is forced to stay a virgin and never know a man other than the father that beats her.  She’s made to believe that if she leaves the cult she will be struck down by God and sent to eternal hell.  One day the car her family is traveling in breaks down near the only gas station for miles.  The 24 year old male mechanic offers them his little house for the night while he fixes their car.  Extra curious she sneaks out in the middle of the night to visit the mechanic as he works on the family car.  She is scarred of him and what her family might do if caught, yet she still can’t help but want to know someone outside of her cult.  She finds out he’s a nice guy and nothing like what a “Man” is supposed to be in her life.  She’s able to sneak back into her bed before her family knows and soon it is morning.  The Car is fixed and she leaves the only friend she’s ever had behind.  A Month goes by when one night she feels a hand and foul smelling cloth over her mouth with male lips by her ear whispering, “Don’t scream, I’m here to take you away.”  When she wakes up she is tied in the front passenger seat of the mechanic’s car and he’s driving her away from the nightmare of her life.  He gently reaches over and begins to run his hands all over her pretty body.  Is she being violated, or truly loved for the first time?

Freedom on the Dance Floor
At a kick ass night club a good looking but usually shy young man has just broken up with his girlfriend.  He came to the club with his soccer friends; they have a tournament game tomorrow afternoon.  He's usually very shy, but he's a great dancer and he knows it.  Two beautiful girls enter the club with their pimp close behind.  Their job is to find a guy who can pay a high price for them for the night.  If one man can pay for them both they go for him, but they usually find one guy each.  Their pimp buys his girls drinks and they pick out the guys they will target on the dance floor.  One of the girls likes the looks of the shy guy, but he isn't on the dance floor yet.  Plus, he doesn't look like he has the money for her.  She targets other men, but then he starts dancing.  He dances with the wife of a teammate.  Then he picks out an older woman who he knows.  As one of the prostitutes is dancing with another guy that she’s picked out she bump against the shy guy on the dance floor.  The shy guy takes the prostitute’s hand and spins her around a bit before they go back to dancing with their other partners, but she's gotten a taste.  Later as he walks the friend off the dance floor she jumps in and asks him to dance.  Surprised and wide eyed, amazed that such a pretty girl wants to dance with him, he accepts.  She loves it, he feels so good against her, his movements make her convinced that he'd be amazing in bed, she’s right.  Her pimp grabs her away from the dance, mad that she is wasting time with a guy that can't pay for her.  He's right.  She goes back to trying to find a customer, but as the night goes on she can't stop thinking about that shy guy that can dance like no other.  She has to dance with that man again.  What she doesn't know is that he's the man that has the power to save her from the life she secretly hates......  what will happen?

The princess sees the new addition to the royal court.  He is 18 and the son of the new Duchess, the princess’s new aunt.  He is an apprentice (blacksmith, merchant, alchemist, mage, not sure yet) but now must learn the sword as all men in the royal court do.  He's shy, good looking, and out of place.  He’s from middle class roots and is bullied by the other royal children.  The princess is to marry a man from a neighboring kingdom who she hasn't met.  The reports are the prince is her dream man.  The new royal is picked to be in the princess’s guard for her trip to see the prince she is to marry.  It is to be a simple uneventful trip, but enemies ambush the royal procession.  After most of the guards are killed valiantly protecting her, the new royal is able to whisk the princess to safety.  He shows himself as a leader forged in the necessity of the moment and a tactician with heart.  When the plot thickens, and she finds out her dream prince was behind the attack all along, there will be only one man she can turn to for help, the young man she is trusting with her life.