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Started by InnocentSynn, August 03, 2013, 07:28:23 PM

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Hey there.  If you're reading this, then thanks for taking a look.  A little bit about me.  I'm a 26 year old male in the National Guard and way more imagination that I know what to do with.  So with that in mind, I joined this site to put that imagination to use.  What you see here are a couple of ideas that I've been toying with, but I'm open to most ideas so if you're interested in doing something with me and it's not listed here, then shoot me a message and I'll be happy to talk about it with you.

One thing that I've noticed about myself as of late(meaning the beginning of 2014) is that my posts generally tend to reflect what I'm given.  If you give me one liners on a consistent basis, I'm going to give you one liners.  However, if you give me more, then I'm going to do my best to ensure that you get the same in return.  If at any point you feel like I'm not giving you enough to work with, please tell me so and I will do my best to fix the situation.  I'm far from perfect and sometimes grow complacent and need a boot to the ass to fix it.

Edit:  Thanks to Neysha for reminding me to include this  It covers my Ons/Offs quite nicely

Champion at Sea
With the destruction of the Chantry, Hawke knew that he had to flee.  And his lover, Isabela, gave him a way to do it.  Using the ship that he'd given her, the pair sailed from Kirkwall with their destination being anywhere that they pleased.  But with the destruction of the Chantry causing a shockwave of anger and violence throughout the world, how long can the two of them stay ahead of those searching for them?

Opposites Attract
Everyone knew that werewolves and werefelines didn't get along.  It was a rivalry that had been going on for as long as both species had been on the planet.  As the son of a pack leader, he knew this all too well.  So when he found himself stranded with only a werefeline for company, he knew that they would likely end up killing each other before they could get back to their respective families.  So why was it that every time he was around her, it wasn't anger her felt in his stomach.....but butterflies?

Incestuous Behavior
"She was his little girl, his pride and joy.  But when she turned 18 and was all set to head to college, he slowly felt those feelings of pride change to something else.  Could he really be lusting after his little girl?"

Well there you have it....a couple ideas I've been spinning around.  If you're interested in playing any of these out with me, or have another idea you think I might be interested in, either reply here or send me a message.

Here are some worlds that I'm interested in doing something in, but don't exactly have a fixed plot in mind and am very much open to suggestions:
Mass Effect
Final Fantasy(between 7-10)
Assassin's Creed
Death Race
Fast and Furious

And if you're looking to see some of my work to get a feel of how I play, here are the RPs that are either currently going or I was involved in but are now closed:

ON HOLD(Inactive for 4 weeks or more)

The Long Way Back:
Like Cats and Dogs:
Meet the Babysitter:
Meeting Family:
Amanda & Her Step-Dad:
Dreams of the Poor:
Of Rituals and Games:
Young Professor, Problem Student:
The Roommate:
The Assassin:
My Rivals Wife:
Best in the World:
His Little Sister:
Natural Instincts:
Running with the Pack:
Teaching Merrill:
The Chase:
Opposite Worlds:
Black Desires:
Trapped and Depowered:
Listen Up, Bats:
Taming the Stallions:
Trying to Get Away:
Looking for a New Toy:
A New Maid:
Slow Bloom:
A Soldiers Return:
Family Affair:
The Winning Hand:
Renewed Avengence:
Step Right Up, See The Rainbow Pearl!:
Down to My Level:
The Dark Ship:
Every Man Needs a Toy:
Help on the Ranch:
First Impressions:
Lust and Love:
Vampires Bride, A Wolfs Lover:
Light and Tricks:
And So We Finally Meet:
Are You My Maker:
Devil's Favorite Demon:
Trespassers Will Swallow:
She's His Puppy:
Bodyguard Duty:
Getting Ahead:
Exiles of the Ravaged:
The Dark Ruler of Daemos:


Have you sorted out your ons/offs yet? :)
My Request Thread
Ons & Offs/Role-Plays Current and Past
FemDex: Index of Fictional Women
F-List Profiles: Constance Carrington, Damashi, SCP6969
Prepare For The Next Eight Years
Find me on Discord at: mnblend6567
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bumped....only a couple of solid ideas in my head, but I'm open to most suggestions.  Just let me know if you're interested in working with me and I'll be more than willing to discuss anything that you have in mind.

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