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June 29, 2022, 06:02:13 pm

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Author Topic: Vengeance Of Angels (Semi freeform/ d100) WH40K/Only war Interest check  (Read 523 times)

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I've had this idea knocking around for a while (since I got the Only War rulebook) for a smallish (5-10 players) game.

Players will be members of the 405th Imperial Navy fighter wing. This is a brand new squadron (squadron name to be discussed by players). And the pilots are "green" recruits on their first proper deployment (though training has been extensive and has taken many years).

Most "normal" interactions would be freeform with me controlling the NPC's. But any important actions (repairing your Thunderhawk/trying to order someone etc) will require a stat/characteristic based test (I'll let you know which).

I can go into what happens during battles later when I get enough interest.

First; The Character sheet.

Name: (Table 1a/1b) or make one up Callsign: Make your own or use table 2 Rank: Flight officer (Pumpkin is your LT but may change)
 Sex:        Age: 20 + d10 (note the d10 "explodes" as in if you roll a get to roll again, and again etc.  ;D
Appearence: I'll leave up to you. Demeanour:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Use Table 3, I'd keep this as a spoiler since this also reflects how your character acts. Or you can choose one from the list that you think would be fun to Rp.

(the following d10' do NOT explode, roll 1d10 for each stat and add 20.)
WS: BS: S: T: Ag: Int: Per: WP: Fel:

WS: Weapon Skill (How you handle a sword etc.)
BS: Ballistic Skill (How well you shoot)
S: Strength (How strong you are)
T: Toughness (How much damage you can take before taking wounds)
Ag: Agility (How fast you are)
Int: Intelligence (I R Smrt)
WP: Willpower (How you handle fear and resist psychic powers)
Fel: Fellowship (How well you interact with other people)

Skills: Common lore (War, Imperial Navy,Tech), Linguistics (low gothic), Operate (Aeronoutica), Navigate (Aeronoutica), Tech-use.

Talents: Technical knock, weapon training (Las, Sp, Primitive (previously low-tech).

Wounds: 6+1d5  Fate: 1-7=1, 8-9=2, 0=3

Starting equipment: Flight suit (AP2) incl. boots and gloves, Fight helmet (AP3) with built in photo visor/com bead, Las pistol, combat knife, combi-tool, emergency rations (3 days), Emergency transponder, Mk 9k "archangel" emergency gravchute.

Next your toys/birds/Aircraft. Fell free to name 'em


Armour (self explanitary): Front 25 Side:22 Rear:20
Structural integrity (think vehicle wounds): 35
Weapons: 2x Twin linked Autocannons (300m S/3/- 3d10+8X pen:6 100rnds) 1x Twin linked Lascannon (300m S/-/- 5d10+10E Pen:10 20shots)

Sorry its basic at the mo', will flesh out as things progress.


Table 1a (male)                                               Table 1b (female)
01-06. Aleksander/Aubray/Artho                     Attie/Barbarella/Anastasia
07-12  Bron/Cort/Alphestus                             Bess/Cynthia/Boadicea
13-18  Carno/Emil/Cornelius                            Flur/Diane/Dominique
19-24  Harmon/Darrien/Haddon                      Dorah/Feydra/Emilia
25-30  Galt/Jace/Johnstonne                           Jesse/Elisabeta/Gillian
31-36  Jorn/Lucien/Kennach                            Faye/Jessilia/Laraynne
37-42  Malakai/Holt/Mardecai                          Marra/Kaitlin/Lucretia
43-48  Nathin/Ibram/Lok                                 Narine/Isabella/Marcella
49-54  Piotr/Patronius/Marn                            Jayne/Janine/Ovina
55-60  Roland/Ramirez/Pak                             Natalia/Ralle/Noelle
61-66  Solar/Regiam/Sebastion                       Salia/Regina/Rosa
67-71  Steihr/Sigismund/Teodor                      Odette/Symonne/Val
73-78  Thale/Tristan/Vorgen                            Unna/Shandra/Ursulla
79-84  Vin/Victris/Yuriy                                     Tandy/Wintre/Xandra
85-90  Ziel/Yorke/Veche                                   Yasha/Zel/Zora
91-00   Use Table 1b                                           Use Table 1a

Table 2

ALF (Annoying Little Feth!),Alien,Anteater,Apex,Apollo,Arclight,
Boom-Boom,Boomer,Boss,Back fire,Badger,BANJO (Busted A$$ Naked Jacking Off.),Barf,Barracuda,Beans,Bear,Belly Flop,Big Bird,Birdie,Biscuit,Baldrick,Blaster,Blaze,
Carrot,Camel,Casper,Caveman,Centerline,Chainsaw,Challenger,Cherry,Chief,Chip,Choo Choo,Chutes,Cockroach,Coma,Convict,Coyote,CRAFT(Can't Remember A Fething Thing),Crow,Crowebar,Cruise,Crunch,Curly,Cypher

More on here!

Table 3 d100

1-2 Addict (your choice booze/iho sticks/
3-4 Affable (always happy to help)
5-6 Backwater (from the stix of your groups homeworld. ie farmboy in a highborn squadron)
7-8 Heroic (self explanitary "GO ON! I'LL HOLD 'EM OFF!"
9-10 Bilious (caustic and spiteful, not a trace of sympathy. Grumpy cat)
11-12 Boisterous (full of energy, loud and energetic. Always joking and up for a game)
13-14 Braggart (Arrogant and self centred, always bragging about exploits)
15-16 Cocky
17-18 Cook (well renowned for their cookery skills)
19-20 Coward (not really made for war)
21-22 Death-wish (if that's not a callsign I don't know what is) Though they are NOT suicidal.
23-24 Dissenter (always disagrees with commanders decisions, though wont speak out to them openly)
25-26 Dreamer (often lost in own thoughts, an idealist)
27-28 Gambler
29-30 Green (young, optimistic but not quite prepared)
31-32 Incompetent (Inept and bumbling, always screwing up)
33-34 Jaded (Sees companions as numbers in the war. something that happens)
35-36 Joker (often to the annoyance of their comrades)
37-38 Lateral Thinker
39-40 Loner
41-42 Loose Cannon (Always on the cusp of doing something rash)
43-44 Loyal
45-46 Lucky
47-48 Mentor (regards one or more members of the squadron as their personal charge)
49-50 Leech (First to ask for a spare iho stick, last to offer)
51-52 Never bathes
53-54 Nihilist (accepted their lot in life, cares little if their current mission will be their last)
55-56 Numb (unable to feel intense highs or lows)
57-58 Oblivious (Wouldn't notice a Carnifex if it was stood next to them)
59-60 Obsessive (OCD)
61-62 Old before their time
63-64 Optimist (the glass is always half full)
65-66 Pessimist (the glass is always half empty)
67-68 Pious (The Emperor is the most important thing to this person)
69-70 Psycho
71-72 Quiet
73-74 Reckless
75-76 Sarcastic
77-78 Sensible
79-80 Shell-shocked (some past event has left this person emotionally scarred)
81-82 Slacker (will fill this in later)
83-84 Slow (thinks everything through before acting)
85-86 Smooth
87-88 Steely Gaze (lets his glare do the talking, comrades ore wary in their presence)
89-90 Strict
91-92 Superstitious 
93-94 Talkative
95-96 Thief
97-98 Twitchy (unable to stay still for long periods of time)
99-00 Unlucky.

As always. Any questions, don't be afraid to ask.

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Offline Baalborn87Topic starter

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  • Join Date: Sep 2012
  • Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom
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Re: Vengeance Of Angels (Semi freeform/ d100) WH40K/Only war Interest check
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really? No one?  :'(