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Started by RedEve, July 20, 2013, 04:46:02 AM

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The year is 2078.

Space travel has made great strides and humanity can now travel far beyond the limits of our own solar system.

Deep space mining has become integral to our survival.

The miners themselves are required to spend months, sometimes even years on very inhospitable worlds.

Most of the time, they have only the most basic comfort: shelter and food and some limited means of entertainment.

Their reputation on the homeworld is not great. At best they are seen as opportunistic chancers, willing to do whatever it takes to make a buck.

At worst they are seen as barely better than criminals. Due to the danger involved, most of the men come from very modest backgrounds.

This roleplay would center around one such miner. He has two decades of experience in the business.
The game would take place at a time when he has a couple of months of off-time and he spends it on Earth, going through the money he made on his previous mission.

He would be paired with an unlikely partner. My character would be a filthy rich girl who makes a sport of hooking up with the kind of men that her parents would totally not approve of.

Hooking up with a rough deep space miner is a long held fantasy of hers, one which she would live out in this roleplay.

Basically the two of them would meet at a club and the miner would find himself surprised at the fact that the high class "POA" is taking an interest in him.

This is the likeness I'd use for my character:

It would be a sex-crazed affair that lasts a couple of weeks, between an unlikely pair.
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