Question about receiving pictures.

Started by ErikaWyte, July 14, 2013, 02:07:54 AM

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I should of asked this before I created the roleplay request, but you can delete it if need be and I can re-word it.
But my question regarding "Private Messages" and receiving pictures.
I want to do a RP where the participant can send me a pic of a celebrity or singer or someone they want me to roleplay. I've specifically listed non-nude and to ensure the image is publicly available and not from a "private collection", but my question is what if someone sends me a pic of someone they actually know, like a neighbor or cousin or something. Obviously it would be, as I mentioned, non-nude, but are they allowed to send pics like that? Being that they are "personal"? I don't want to get in trouble by receiving stuff I shouldn't be.
My rp idea is listed under "Special Order Request Roleplay" if you want to review it and see if its OK. Thanks!

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Elliquiy's rules regarding images

#4 is the one applying here for posting purposes.  Private Messages might contain images of friends and family of the member sending them but they shouldn't be posted in the open forums.  If you feel uncomfortable receiving such images delete them and tell the corresponding member not to send any others.  If they ignore your request you should report them to Staff.

Quote from: Vekseid on February 20, 2011, 03:12:42 PM
Images, Avatars, and Signatures

  • No embedding images or videos anyone under eighteen, period. The medium and context are irrelevant, though you may link to such material. If you see such an image, please click on the "Report to moderator" link to alert staff to the issue. Photos, videos, and other evidence of exploitation of minors will be reported to the authorities.
  • With regards to chibis:  As the name is a contraction of 'child body', those are inappropriate as a depiction of an underage body.  It doesn't matter if it's Stewie Griffin or Roy Mustang - they are not permitted and will be removed by Staff. 
  • Images that are illegal in certain states, such as photographs of bestiality, are also prohibited. This falls under 'evidence of animal abuse'. Thus drawings, renders, etc. are fine.
  • No images of non-members. This does not include public-figures and semi-public figures, but rather refers to your friends and family who have not also signed up and joined the site themselves.
  • Public images must not show genitals. This includes avatars and signatures. You may link to such images in roleplay request threads, for example, if you tag them appropriately (nsfw, etc).
  • Specifically Regarding Avatars and Signatures

    • Avatars can be up to 150 pixels wide and 200 pixels tall and, if a photograph of yourself, should not be nude. Signature images can be 500 pixels wide and 100 pixels tall, and the overall size of the signature box is limited to 120 pixels tall. Signature images must be uploaded to the wiki in order to be displayed.
    • You may link to your site in your signature as long as: 1) The site links back to us; 2) It is not a pay site; and 3) It is not a referral or affiliate link.
    • Please keep possessive notices, such as master and slave notices, out of your signature and other portions of your profile.
    • No more than one animated image in your signature or avatar at a time, please, and please keep it sparing. We may remove disruptive animated images in avatars and signatures on a case-by-case basis, or ban them entirely in the future.


Cool thank you, I didn't want to get in trouble with the site by what people sent me. I appreciate your response and time.

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If someone sends you something inappropriate, they are the ones breaking the rules (unless your request specifically asked for something of a rule-breaking nature, which yours does not). 
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Thank you for that... I appreciate your comment and advise.