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Author Topic: Elliquiy Site Rules and Procedures  (Read 55802 times)

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Elliquiy Site Rules and Procedures
« on: February 20, 2011, 03:12:42 PM »
Elliquiy Site Rules

  • Report harassment and otherwise creepy or disturbing behavior to the staff. Member safety is our top priority This includes requests for personally identifying information, soliciting money, goods, or services, without prior staff approval. Please keep in mind that if someone harasses you, they may harass others - we would much rather catch and eject such people quickly.
  • Be polite, be civil, be respectful. Just because something is not expressly forbidden, does not mean that we will tolerate it. If you are constantly rude, inconsiderate, or otherwise act like a jerk, we will smack your privileges around until you get the hint and behave. If you cannot behave, you will be directed elsewhere.
  • You agree that you are over eighteen years of age. Nationality does not matter, US and state law covers the distribution of pornographic material. If we find out that you are not at least eighteen, your access will be stripped.
  • All sexual role playing and sexual storytelling must involve physically and mentally mature characters. They must be sixteen years of age or over, and/or the physical and mental equivalent. Banned role playing and story subjects include lolicon, shotacon, or any other form of sexualizing prepubescent minors.
  • This server is governed by the laws of the United States. You will not link to or provide warez, illegal pdfs or mp3s, and so on. Threats will be dealt with accordingly.
  • One person per account, one account per person. Do not share your account with others, do not try to sign up under multiple accounts. If you share living space with another Elliquiy member, be explicit about this, and be prepared to wait a bit longer. Please note: This does apply to couples. If you are a couple, please have each person apply with their own individual account. If you've had an account here before, but do not remember your username, e-mail, or password, please make this clear in your introduction, and we will resolve the matter appropriately.
  • You will not reveal identifiable details about another person on these boards without their express permission that a God or Goddess has seen. No personal or contact information of any sort is allowed in the public area of the site, even if it is yours, without staff permission.
  • Adult material stays in the private parts of the site. The public areas include the ShoutBox, the non-private areas of the wiki and IRC, and the left column of forums (all forums visible to unapproved members). Linking to adult material is permitted if declared as adult / not safe for work (nsfw). This is somewhat relaxed in the wanted area of the forums.
  • Do not deceive. We do not appreciate deceptive tactics for people to pull their hijinks - for intention, relationships, or whatever. We are not talking about most April fool's pranks or telling the creepy guy you live on the wrong side of the planet, but do not perpetuate harmful illusions.
  • Elliquiy is not a meat market. While our community may enjoy roleplaying with romantic, sexual or BDSM aspects, is not a dating or hookup site in any fashion. Elliquiy is not a place to post personal ads, or harass others for real-life meetings.  Similarly, we will not tolerate exhibitions of possessive behaviour such as collarings or the flaunting of OOC relationships. People found to be doing this may have their access revoked.
  • Elliquiy is not a mental health institution. If your issues are such that you continually disrupt the social fabric of this site, you may also be asked to leave.
  • The privileges you are granted here are privileges, treat them accordingly. This includes, but is not limited to, deleting posts, editing posts, private messages, and the shoutbox. Remember that you have agreed to allow us to host the material you post here indefinitely, though we do listen to reasonable deletion requests.
  • Other individual parts of the site may have their own rules. Please review and respect them.

Images, Avatars, and Signatures

  • No embedding images or videos of anyone under eighteen, period. The medium and context are irrelevant, though you may link to such material. If you see such an image, please click on the "Report to moderator" link to alert staff to the issue. Photos, videos, and other evidence of exploitation of minors will be reported to the authorities.
  • With regards to chibis:  As the name is a contraction of 'child body', those are inappropriate as a depiction of an underage body.  It doesn't matter if it's Stewie Griffin or Roy Mustang - they are not permitted and will be removed by Staff. 
  • Images that are illegal in certain states, such as photographs of bestiality, are also prohibited. This falls under 'evidence of animal abuse'. Thus drawings, renders, etc. are fine.
  • No images of non-members. This does not include public-figures and semi-public figures, but rather refers to your friends and family who have not also signed up and joined the site themselves.
  • Public images must not show genitals. This includes avatars and signatures. You may link to such images in roleplay request threads, for example, if you tag them appropriately (nsfw, etc).
  • Specifically Regarding Avatars and Signatures
    • Avatars can be up to 150 pixels wide and 200 pixels tall and, if a photograph of yourself, should not be nude. Signature images can be 500 pixels wide and 100 pixels tall, and the overall size of the signature box is limited to 120 pixels tall. Signature images must be uploaded to the wiki in order to be displayed.
    • You may link to your site in your signature as long as: 1) The site links back to us; 2) It is not a pay site; and 3) It is not a referral or affiliate link.
    • Please keep possessive notices, such as master and slave notices, out of your signature and other portions of your profile.
    • No more than one animated image in your signature or avatar at a time, please, and please keep it sparing. We may remove disruptive animated images in avatars and signatures on a case-by-case basis, or ban them entirely in the future.

Elliquiy is a literary site.

This is an English community. That means you are expected to spell out your words, strive for correct punctuation and capitalization, and avoid chatspeak ('you', 'are', 'two, too and to', and so on). If someone asks you to translate or explain an acronym, please do so.

We are not grammar Nazis, and some lapses are understandable. However, we do ask that you make an effort to write properly.

Dealing with Problems

Try to work things out. If your issue is with another member, and it does not involve creepy or otherwise disturbing behavior as outlined in the first rule, try to hash out your problem with them, first. Usually, all it takes is being direct and, sometimes, blunt. If that does not or can not work, then you may take it to staff. Harassment and such should always be reported to staff, as noted in the first rule.

Report issues to staff when necessary. If you see an issue, report it. Staff are not omniscient and there can be a serious 'bystander effect' when problems come up. People who report issues are greatly appreciated.

Innocent until proven guilty. We will not be incited into a witch hunt. If you are consistently vague and accusatory you may be the one banned. Be specific and direct when reporting problems or rule violations.

Policy and Legal

  • Vekseid, the owner and administrator of this site, takes no responsibility for any posts not his own. Likewise, the staff are responsible only for the posts that they themselves make. See the disclaimer for details. By browsing this site you agree that the poster is the only person responsible for the content that they post, and to be responsible for your own posts and works. All postings and messages here are fully logged, with IP addresses, and you understand that authorities may be contacted if the situation warrants it.

See the policy for our privacy and other codified policies. Violation policy is covered there, but to summarize:

  • Gross rule violations may net an immediate ban. Some things just are not done.
  • If rule violations are repeated, or if the violation is severe, a staff member may issue a warning. If the user has already been warned, or if the staff believes the violation warrants it, the user will be 'castrated' instead, meaning that they now have reduced eunuch access. This setting provides reduced or restricted access to Elliquiy's forums as many features are disabled.  The user will still be able to participate in their games.
  • Other than the Pillory or occasional exceptional announcements, staff do not disclose the disciplinary status of individual members with other members.
  • Staff treat each situation on its own merits and as such we strive to be fair.  To treat matters fairly, differences in circumstances necessitate variations in staff responses.  In other words, fair does not mean equal.
  • Disrespecting the staff's time by arguing with or attacking staff for enforcing the rules will merit further punishment.
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