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June 22, 2018, 02:51:41 AM

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Author Topic: A battle of wits (f for m)  (Read 323 times)

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A battle of wits (f for m)
« on: June 23, 2013, 03:59:16 AM »
First, please forgive the overwhelming amount of pictures in this thread, I was just in the mood for google searching.


Your character
He, doesn't matter a sea pirate

or a mountain thief,

is famous and well-known all over oceans and lands.
The rumors about him spread faster than the winds,
no one can tell if any of them is true;
no one can tell whether he is a brute

or a gentleman.

Yet, he is still famous for his strength

and intelligence

and of course his good look.

My character
She, doesn't matter Asian

or European,

is a high rank lady;

A very attractive girl that would catch his, anyone's, attention at first sight.

The basic plot
He has everything a man can wish for, both money

and power;

the only thing he is missing is a woman by his side.

And so he is going to steal one.

He asks his men to bring back all the women they find while doing their business.
Any woman that they think cute

or sexy.

And they would be rewarded if he like the catch.
From time to time, the men brings back so many women: blondies,


and even those exotic.

But none has fitted their leader's eyes.
Sure he would bed with them, but not keep them.
The woman would be sent back to her family if she's rich and they pay her ransom,
or end up in a slave market if she's poor and unlucky.
He thought he would never find his match until the day he found her.
There is no doubt that she's beautiful,

but the thing has surprised him is how skillful she is at fencing and fighting.

He could be stronger, but she is more agile and he has failed to tie her up again.
Other men might find this frustrating, he find this exciting and doesn't want to let her go.

The twist

After a while staying with him she figures out he isn't one of those bandits that just kill and steal.
He's a man of honor and maybe he just happens to choose the wrong way.
And it was then she decides to ask for his help.
She needs him to sneak into her own house and steal her something...

Other info
- That's what I have for now. Everything else could be discuss, but I planed for him not to be able to touch her for a while. It's not that he can't hurt her, at least he could throw a knife at her and kill her but that's not the kind of story I'm looking for. I'd like him to play with her until he's tired.

- Of course she's still his prisoner and even if he couldn't touch her, he could always lock her in a cabin (if he's a pirate) or some kind of underground room (if he's a bandit).

- Maybe one day he is able to force her down, she thinks now as he's finished with her he would pass her to his men or sell her, but he continuously treat her with kindness and she starts to feel curious about him. Or he could as for her body in return when she asks for his help. I mean their first time could happen before or after the intruding scene.

- Whether this is non-con or con, it wouldn't be easy for him to get into her pants. Yet, even though she knows how to fight, she's still a lady and wouldn't dress in black stocking then come to him with whips and chains. Just a long way to say that she would be the sub.

- I think it would be more interesting if she's Asian and he's European. She wouldn't understand a word he says and the different between two cultures would play an important part...we could discuss this anyway.

- This would work best in medieval setting, but if you find away to put it in modern society just let me know.

- There is still many thing to discuss like why she knows how to fight, would anyone look for her, her if you find this story interesting please pm me.

Please pm, I don't check this thread often and please read the link in my signature for my O&O and other things.
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