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Author Topic: I'm waiting for you (F for M)  (Read 2435 times)

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I'm waiting for you (F for M)
« on: November 26, 2012, 02:37:01 am »
Thank you for your attention.
I'm putting all my request threads together so please pm me if anything catches your interest. I would like to keep this place neat.
The old thread is here:

First, please read this before going further

please read this before contacting me

At first, please understand that all the thing below are based on my unpleasant experience. Sorry if the tone is abrupt, but I wasn't in a good mood when I wrote those sentences.

- Pm me, don't write in this thread and wait for me to contact you because I won't. I've learn that mean you don't really want to RP.
- If you can't pm me, it's because you're on my ignore list. Why? Mostly because we've played (or just discussed plots) before and you disappeared. I don't hold any harsh feeling against you or want to kill you, but I do not wish to play with you (and get dumped?) again.
- Non-con, all of these ideas would be non-con at first. Or even the entire story would be non-con. If I wish for something else for a certain story, I'll let you know.
-I play female, I'll play minor male characters to keep the story going but my main character is female. And I would like the male character is older than mine, though this could be discussed.
-I prefer the sub role, my main character maybe would change as the story goes, but at first she would be sub. The minors could be switch or dom, though.

-This is MxF, could consider FxF if the plot is interesting enough, but even with FxF I prefer to take the submissive role.

- At least a paragraph, but please not twelve. I need something to read and work with but also don't like a novel. Normally I post from one to four paragraphs. (I have some opening posts for some plots down there, you can see the variety of my writing length, and remember that opening posts alway are longer than normal ones)

- I have never had to require this before and I also did not think that I have to since I believe it is not a necessary thing to ask especially when I know my partner would be an adult but please be able to use punctuation because I do not like to kill myself reading a long sentence without any comma or dot

- I won't leave you hanging for more than a week (unless my computer or network has problem). Sometimes I post couple times a day, sometimes it takes couple days before I post. Depends on my mood and free time. But I would advice you not to expect me reply more than once a day. So, don't spam my inbox if I can't reply instantly, but you're more than welcome to inform me that you're busy and not going to post for awhile. That's what I would do.

- I understand real life will come first, but I can't go with just one post a month or so. It's fine if it's just a hard period and you're busy, but I can't go with that posting range from the beginning to the end, as I said, I usually post several times a week if not several times a day.

- Also, I would require your first post to be within three days and the next two-three posts would take at most a week for each. I can wait for months for a reply, but it is when I already know the player. If you're not eager to start the game, don't start it at all. If you're busy, drop me a line.

- Roleplay discussing needs more than one message every two days especially when you're updating your other stories. If you need time to think, please tell me. I don't expect you to reply instantly but I need to know whether you're going to write a story with me or I need to find a new partner.

- Please write down a name of a flower, ex: "daisy", or the word "flower" in your pm so that I know you've read this.

- Unless your keyboard has problem,,,,,,,,,,,,,,talking like this will absolutely.........kick me out of the mood...........and if we haven't even started the game yet,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it will make me not very start at all.........

- If we do history, I need you to have a basic knowledge about the time and some events, I would do research if I have to and hope you can do the same.

- My O&O/F-list isn't 100% percent true, well, maybe true for the On, it depends on the story actually, so please discuss this with me.

- Unless I'm extremely bored, this's not first come first served. But I won't drop without a word, I promise.

- Communication! If you can't understand my incoherent writing, talk to me. If you want more details from my posts, talk to me. If you think it does not worth a try then just let me know we don't click and drop the rp, I'll just do the same. It's nicer than giving me crappy posts because you think I deserve it!

- If I send you a message saying that I suddenly became busy and couldn't RP with you any more, then you find me posting on the forum everyday, that means I don't enjoy playing with you. Please don't pm me any question, at least I didn't leave without a word. This would likely happen when we first start the RP and immediately I find we won't "click".

- Mostly I'm up for a medieval, Victorian era, Elizabeth era...I mean any historical RP. So shot me a pm if you have an idea.

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Re: I'm waiting for you (F for M)
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2012, 02:42:48 am »
If you haven't run away, keep reading for my...

Plots and Ideas

I'm not a white angel

It is a tradition of her people, to have a servant to escort the dead one on his way to the after life; another way to say a slave would be burned with the master during the cremation. Of course they would ask for a volunteer and would choose one if no one come up. Normally they would have to choose, but this time she volunteers herself.

She was officially a maid of the village chief's family, and unofficially she was the whore of the whole village. She sleeps with many men to get what she wants: money, and power. Even though she's just a maid, others would avoid to mess up with her except for those who want to get in her pants. She slept with the chief, no doubt. But she's secretly in love with his third son. He is one of those rare people treat her like a human, even though she knows very well he would never fall for his father's slut . His dream girl must be pure as snow and innocent as a lamb.

If a servant is to die with the master, the master's close relative such as children and wife would come and embrace the poor servant to thank them. And that is the only reason she volunteers: to be in the arms of the man she loves, even just for a short moment.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately that man, the third son of the chief is against those out-dated customs. Killing a person just for another person's funeral makes no sense in his opinion. He frees her and hides her in the near by forest, waiting for nightfall to help her escape. When the time comes,  they discover an army of the enemy village. They try to warn their people but it's too late, and as the enemy is searching for the chief's family, he has to run too.

That's the basic idea, other details would be discussed. But I'm searching for a world before the Roman empire, I think it's the Celtic civilization, a setting that is familiar with the one in the Red Riding Hood (2011 film). And mainly, I'm looking to play a complicated girl. She has her reason to open her legs for every body, and not proud of it like the way she acts.

the ideal man

A young woman, recently broke up with her boyfriend, brought/ was given an android. She move to a remote place because of her job. She wanted the android to act like her boyfriend, sex included. Yet he was perfectly obedient and only did what he was told, she wanted him to be more like human and tried to upgrade him illegally. Things went wrong and she lost control.

opening post
She didn't know why she had accepted it, the offer to move here - in the middle of nowhere - to study about frogs. The change had come on suddenly. One day, a Chinese guy had given her boss the idea making medicines from rainforest frogs. Susana Hayward was working for one of the new and promising pharmaceutical companies. The company was promising, yet it was new and had to deal with such a great competition from the old and the other new ones. Just like a new pop-star, they need a hit, something would help printing the company name into everybody’s heart and head. As one of the best researchers, Susana had been sent to this small village to study how to use frog venom to treat cancer.

Normally, she would have never agreed. She had friends here, in the big city; and family, even though she usually didn’t have enough time to visit them. And not to mention the ideal boyfriend, Matthew Johnson, who was handsome, smart and was the CEO of the southern bank. Every body said they looked perfect together, her parents loved him and her girl-friends were envy with her.

Susana had changed her mind after catching him kissing a woman in the coffee shop, for the fifteen time. Or sixteen? She had lost count, but she knew it would be even more include those time she hadn’t been there. Her friends had told her she was stupid, it was just a kiss. And her parents had been trying to convince her that was acceptable, he just needed entertainments to decrease the tress his job had cause.

Basically, she lost her boyfriend, and her friends, and her family. Then her boss offered to give her a full automated house, even though it was in the forest, plus an android if she accepted the job. And next, here she was, in the middle of nowhere…

Susana turned on the bed, she had stayed up late last night to search for the Astylosternus but hadn’t been lucky, she would have to try again tonight. Looked at the lock, she sighed, 11 am. No breakfast then. She had never skipped a meal before, even though the working had always been hectic. It seemed not only her job change but also her life, her behavior.

The young woman stretched her arms before pulling herself up, walking to the bathroom. The rain from the shower spray always made her feel comfortable. She smiled, remembering those days, when Matthew would come in and hug her from behind. Then he would start running his hands on her body and making her hot despite the cold water continuously pour on their bodies. The smile quickly turned into a distorted one. Perhaps he had been doing that with other women too, for entertainting…Susana sighed again, walking out while still being busy tying the bathrobe around her. She held her breath when she looked up. Matthew. He was standing there, and was just exactly like how she remembered him.

After a short moment, she remembered something else. He was Matthew, yes, but he was the android Matthew her boss had bought for her. Another benefit to persuade her to move to a remote place. She had known customers could design their own android, make them look like how they want them to: busty, huge penis, round bottom…mostly people bought these humanoid robots to satisfy their sexual life if they couldn’t get real partners. And before she realized, she had been describe Matthew to the engineering staff, when they asked how she wanted him to be.

“Morning Matt.” She said with a smile “Are you looking for me?”

Are you my brother?

The parents divorced while the wife is pregnant. The father kept the son and didn't know he also had a daughter. The girl grew up, never know her father and brother. One day the wife died, the girl is sent to her father, and met her brother for the first time.
Opening post
The doctor said he couldn't believe she had survive after a terrible accident like that. The weather had been rainy and the road had been wet. Her mother had turned to ask if she was cold, before she could answer, she had seen a bright light then everything had turned black. The headlights were speeding towards them and before there was any time to react, they had crash head on with another car.

She still couldn't believed it. Her mother was gone, her mother was on heaven, her mother wasn't with her anymore and she was all alone in this world. No, it wasn't true.

Sara remembered very well the day her mother had drawn her last breath in that hospital. The old woman had looked into the young girl's eyes, giving her a smile before Sara saw the sight of life slipping away in her mother's eyes. Then the girl had dropped down on her knees, hugging the cold lifeless body and brust into tears.

She had been crying the whole next day, and the next day...even when the CPC officer visited her, she was still crying. Actually, the tears had just fell out of her eyes and rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably, there hadn't been any sound, she was almost as lifeless as her mother. Then they had told her to move to her father's place.

Seventeen years.

She hadn't seen him in seventeen years, and now they said she had to live with him. She had told them, almost shouted at their faces that she would be fine living alone, that she wouldn't need any one. She could have a job, she actually was having one, and would be able to support her own life. But they hadn't listened. All of that couldn't change the fact that she hadn't been eighteen yet.

He hadn't answered the letter of the CPC, he hadn't confirmed their date, the day they would bring his daughter to his home. Obviously he didn't want her here.

Yet, she was here. In front of his house. It wasn't a high building. It was based on “U” letter. There were many big wooden windows on white walls. Next to the house there was a garage, fresh cut green grass covered the ground. A beautiful house. But it wasn't her home, and it would never be. She just knew that.

Her home was where her mother was, the only person in the world she could trust. Suddenly, all memories come back like a flood: her mother teaching her riding bicycle, her mother holding her and patting her back gently after she had a nightmare, her mother giving a sweet kiss on her forehead and saying "sweet dream, my angle"...

The word "father" wasn't in her dictionary. He had never been there for her: not when she made her first step, not when she made her first performance in school, not when her boyfriend breaking with her...She'd never thought about the need of a father. And certainly she wasn't thinking about it now.

The officer pressed the small button near the door, and a ringing sound echoed in the house, even Sara could hear from the outside, just like it was putting up an alarm in her mind.

Unexpected pet
Furries are slaves to human for many years, and now they rebel, asking to be treat like human, to have human's rights. Some human take their side, and your character is one of them.

Accidentally, your character finds mine. Maybe:

- He's a noble and she's a gift from another nobleman, to show him how great to have a furry slave.
- He finds her in a slave market and couldn't resist buying her.
- He saves her from her master hitting her and recuses her, then freed her but she didn't leave.
-...*anything else*

As she's trained to be a slave, probably sex-slave, she would act just like one, and he would have to teach her to be proud of herself, to understand that she's no longer a slave...

Lunar new year is coming
It was a program of her college: a native student would invite a transferred student to their house and introduce their foreign friend to all the customs of Lunar new year. The transfer student would stay with the native for about a month.
She, the native one was getting bored with Lunar new year for every year everything would just happen exactly the same. She apply for the program, hoping to have something new this year. The girl brought home a nice senior. Turned out he was not that nice.

Big red riding hood and little wolf

Basically a twisted tail of "little red riding hood": a man (hunter/woodsman/whatever) comes to the woods and finds a young wolf girl.  He takes advantages on her innocence and use her to satisfy him. She would be rather young, doesn't know how to talk and doesn't know anything about sex until he teach her.

A sorceress's story (revamp)

She is the daughter of the Royal Mage and is still studying. All rumors started when people noticed her hair has changed from brown to white. The reason is because of the Shape-shifting lesson: she can transform into a white fox, but every body takes that as a sign of dark magic evolving; they have never seen a white hair human before. Some of them even call her a witch.

An arranged marriage of the King and the Princess of the neighboring country is about to happen, the princess suddenly died. All the evident show that the witch had killed her. The witch runs away.

On his hunting day, the king catches a white fox and instead of killing it, he decides to keep it as a pet. That night, he finds the naked white haired woman in his bedroom.

The King in fact is a womanizer. Whether he's a good ruler or a tyrant is up to you, but he has many lovers. And the marriage is just for political purpose, he doesn't have feelings for his wife. The Queen on the contrary, decides to dedicate her whole life for him. Not that she has fallen in love with him or so; but ever since she knows about the marriage, she's been ready to be a good wife, to try and love her husband. When she finally arrives to her new home, she discovers her husband doesn't think of her as much as she cares for him. She finds a new friend here, the Witch, whom always listens to her and is a shoulder for her when the King goes to another woman's bed.

Then the Queen is dead. The last person they saw entered her room was the Witch. The Witch ran away and ended up in the King's chambers.

He knows who she is, but decides to play with her before sending her to execution. The Witch had never faced him in person before, but had had a bad impression about him due to what the Queen told her. Now she hates him even more. Yet, she tries to pursue him that the true murder is out there, and must have some evil plan. Even if he doesn't care about his wife, he must think about his country, his position...The King then agrees, but since she's the suspect, she has to remain in his room days and nights.

I could see some scenes where he forces her to take the fox form and brings a woman to his bed, glancing at her with a smirk when he's having his way with the woman; or whispering to her if his dead wife had told her about what they had done in this chamber and if she wants to experience it...

Altair and Vega
This idea is insprited by a fairy tail in my country. There're many versions of it, check this out if you'd like (it's not neccessary though)

My version is that they actually have feeling for each other for quite a long time, but she knows it wouldn't go anywhere so she decides to deny it. One day she comes to his house for a party and he steals her wings so she can't go home.

Details would be discussed, like why their love is forbidden, who they are: god and goddess or she's an angel and he's a human,...

Altair and Vega (morden)

This plot is much more simple: he steals her passport so she can't leave the country, and keeps her under his mercy.

Maybe it is a middle East country, or somewhere they don't like her people and don't speak English. Especially the neighbourhood he's living in is even more racist toward foreigners, she can't even leave the house.

Details would be discussed, like who she is and why she's there, would he fall for her or just pure lust...

These characters come without any plots or ideas, don't hesitate to contact me if they fit your story.


Character 1

Name: (would change depends on story)

Age: 18-25

Personality: She would appear very shy and timid at first. And she keeps being distant until you're close enough to her. It would take from couple hours to couple months to earn her trust, depends on your method to approach her. She is a shy bunny for most of people, a playful lovely and sometimes annoying kitten for people whom she trusts, and a scary lion once she really gets angry. Yet she has learned to retrains herself and rarely turns into a lion.

Bio: . She's an art transfered student, and the day she left her country has changed her life (her bio would change a little whether the RP is set in his country or hers. Perhaps she's still studying or she's done and goes back...). As an Asian girl she was raised to be an obedient daughter, and she also was born to be a shy one so never has she been a rebel. Yet inside her heart, more than once she had betrayed her parents to think about her own dreams; though she has never dared to do it in real life. After she graduated, her parents wanted her to continue her study, but she wasn't sure. However, once again as an obedient child, she listened to them and went over sea. Only then she realized her mistake but it was too late, now she has to decide to flee herself from the safety world her parents created for her and follow her dreams, or to continue being a puppet.

Like: Drawing, painting...but not like the way she study at school. She wants to draw what she like, not what her teachers (and if she could start a business then perhaps her costumers) like.
Enjoying quiet places such as the terrace under the starry skies and above the noisy city. She really loves animal, most kind of them except for insects (ex: cockroach...)

Dislike: Talking with people, unless she knows them well enough.
Eating on diet. She eats whatever and whenever she likes. That doesn't mean she'll eat all the time like a pig. She would skips breakfast and lunch and have a hearty dinner if she wants to. It's her first little rebel, at least she can have her meals the way she likes.

character 2

Name: (would change depends on story)

Age: 16-20

Personality: Extremely stubborn. As stubborn as a mule, yet also very naive when putting in the world outside her castle. Even with her noblesse world, the only thing she knows is she is a princess and every body will listen to her, including her father. But she is not a villain, consider her as a child who only knows the world her father has created for her, put her in to protect her; and let she has her little-power-under-his-secret-supervision. Yet, for a child, no one has ever seen she crying. She always appears lively and full of passion. Despite how childish Eliza behave, deep inside she really wants to know her true identity.

Bio: If she wasn't a girl, she would have been killed by her five hafl-blood older brothers. Because the King brought her to the castle when she was 2 year old and told his sons that she was their sister. Her mother was unknown.
Even though 2 year old is not too young, she couldn't remember anything about her previous life before she became a real princess. And that is what she always wants to know and will do any stupid thing,even though she know it's stupid, to find out.
First, all the princes hated her but soon they considered her as a small cute fragile younger sister, in-need of protection. Despite all their efforts to protect her, she continuously puts herself in danger and only does what she wants.

Extra: She could be a modern girl with the same personality and somewhat similar background.

character 3

Pham Bach Lien
Age: 16-19
Personality: When she was still with her family, she was gracefully and conservative. She would be careful around her father, but would turn joyful with her friends. She cared for her little brothers and loved her mother a lot, even though she was fully aware what kind of job her mother had done before giving birth to her. After their house was burned and they moved to live with many people in a small public house, she became shy and timid, and normally didn't react while other made bad joke about her and her family.

Her mother was Vietnamese but her father was a rich American, came to Vietnam in hope of developing his business. Her mother was a high rank prostitute, young and beautiful and only hooked up with rich western guys. She soon won the heart of the American man and Lien was born.

The man let the mother stay with him, to satisfy his needs as his wife was so far away. But he didn't love her, or his daughter, the mother was just a sex toy for him. Lien had been going to a American girl school located in Vietnam and been taught to be a young lady: how to walk, how to talk, how to behave in front of people especially men...Her mother hoped one day she could find another rich man just like her father. Only until her twins brothers were born that her father turned his heart to her mother, since his American wife couldn't have a son.

Suddenly the Liberation of Saigon happened, her father was killed and her house was destroyed. The mother bring her children to a refugee camp opened by the new government. Since every body hated her slutty mother and her blond brothers, Lien was always the target to be bullied.

character 4
Name: Belle

Appearance: She is a brunette girl with hazel eyes and soft pink lips to complement her wavy brown hair, which most commonly tied in a low ponytail. She is average height for her supposed age and slender, and her outfit choices are modest, dutiful and homely, yet attractive.

Personality: Belle was a typical girl: sweet, charming, cheerful, gentle, and pure. Yet, she could turn to be determined, stubborn and headstrong when the circumstance required. Especially when talking about her father. Everything about her father's bad side is a defamation, to her he was God.

Bio: Belle has a childhood full of joys. There was nothing for her to worry about, except for her father hardly allowed her to leave the house. But as an obedient daughter, she had nothing to complain. She also believed that was just overprotecting. Her father was the best kind of fathers, he was there for her first step, he stayed with her all night because she was afraid there was a monster under her bed, he kissed her forehead softly and say "sweet dream my angel" every night when she was a child. Even now he still does sometimes. She doesn't know how he runs his business outside the house, how he gotten into a big debt that he couldn't be able to pay.

Like any other young girl, she dreams about a charming prince, despite the fact that her childhood friend, Gaston, has a huge crush on her that anyone could see. Their parents have planned to let them engage, but Gaston's parents changed their mind after learning about what her father was doing for the prince. He was enforcer of his laws, he would make sure that people payed their taxes and would do everything to get the money. Doesn't matter it is killing a pregnant woman or burning a house with a baby inside. But for once, his victims have managed to escape without paying the giant amount of money or being head off. And now the prince wants him to pay.

Extra: She was created for "beauty and the beast", her name and bio could change a bit to fit the story.

character 5

Name: (would change depends on story)

Age: 19-25

Personality: She gets what she wants through any means. She can be cold and uncaring at one point, and then warm and happy the next. She is not naive, and can be a tad sexual, especially when talking to her husband, or a handsome man, be it peasant or other noble. She's known to be a flirt, but has never taken anything far enough to be adulterous. She might flirt, but she is loyal to her husband.

Bio: She had known her entire life about her engagement to the future king of a distant kingdom. She had even planned her wedding down to the last treacle tart by the age of 16. But when her future husband mailed a letter asking if his sister could be in it somehow, she was taken aback. This was when she realized she would have to move some things -people- around, even though she didn't want to. So the princess -her future sister in law- became a flower girl with great reluctance on the part of the queen to be. From then, she's been plotting her revenge. How? She would make the princess disappear, creating a war between two countries, yes, but it would be worth it. The best part? Delilah's husband would turn to her for comfort.

character 6

Name: (would change depends on story)

Age: 16-20

Personality: quite innocent for being locked in the castle since she was born. It's not like she never went out but the world she has experienced is the noble world: splendid, full of joy and happiness. And for being a young girl surrounded by her parents and her 20-year-old-big brother's love, she is a little bit stubborn and careless.

Bio: Hardly does she meet the King and Queen because they are so busy ruling the country, so her brother also takes place as her parents: he is there for her when she cries, he teaches her everything he could...needless to say she loves him very much. After he gets married, she has to share his attention with his wife, and recently she doesn't meet him a lot because he's learning to be the future king. So she was kinda lonely and thought that this marriage will bring her another companion, and her husband would be her best friend (someone to replace her brother)

About her marriage, she feels absolutely nothing. She knows what marriage mean but even she is on her way to meet her future husband, she still doesn't have the nervousness, the fear...or whatever feeling of a new bride.

I don't have specific ideas for these pictures yet, but want to do something with them...

Pictures for inspiration



buy your girl

the invisible man

opening post
Lady Susana Harris Hayward.

The third daughter of Lord Christopher H. Hayward IV. Her father was an Earl, and she was engaged to the Prince Lucas. She hadn't met him, of course she had heard about him and had seen him before, but hadn't talked to him more than three sentences. Yet, she was going to marry him in the next couple months and had already moved in the Royal palace.

Susana had just finished washing herself and was choosing suitable clothes for the ball. Ever since she lived in the palace, there were always balls, parties, masquerade...for her to attend. It wasn't something unfamiliar to her, she after all was a Lady. But it seemed she suddenly became famous thank to her engagement, and every noble from all over the country wanted to see her, the young girl had captured the Icy Prince's heart just by a single look.

Prince Lucas was a handsome charming young gentleman. A true gentleman. No story about his romance could be heard from anywhere, in the court or on the streets. He was sweet and gentle, in fact, a little too mild for a 'man'. Even when he was with a beautiful woman and she had chosen to encourage his ego, he would never initiate any indecent thing. Even now when Susana was his fiancee, all they ever done when they were alone was talking about flower and weather, sometimes about jewelries and lovely puppies. Women weren't allow to talk about politic, or at least not with a man. What else could they talk about? And plus that with the admiration he had for her, it was a wonder and perhaps a mystery that his eyes had never glanced down her neck.

It wasn't like she wanted him to, but thing was getting boring. Wasn't she attractive enough to him? She was still a very young girl, eighteen years old in fact. With her young breasts that stood out even under her corset, her slender waist and her porcelain skin, he should have felt something. Sighing silently, Susana put on a silk satin dress, had lavish embroidery and a jewelled bodice, which would have sparkled under Glass or candle light. Her fiance said nothing except for a polite compliment "You look beautiful" as he escorted her to the ball. The young girl just smiled in return, that was all she could expect from a man like him.

The ball wasn't special, just like all others she had gone to, slow soft music, golden light of the candles, dancing, drinking and talking...only a small talk of the Ladies had caught her attention, before her future husband decided it was time to head back. The women was talking about a mysterious man, attacking Lady Julia from the shadow and make her scream in pleasure. Then countess Melissa and next duchess seemed he only chose noblewomen to fulfill his desire. None of the Ladies had ever seen his face though, or any part of his body. He was the shadow.

Susana putting her earrings on the table, looking at herself in the mirror as now she was again alone in her bedroom. The Prince certainly would stay in another room. A man from the shadow, an obvious impracticable fantasy. She thought. No one like that existed, how could we felt someone but couldn't see him? Perhaps he was ghost, but ghosts couldn't be touched or touch human. The young girl smiled, before starting to undo the lace on her back...a hard to reach place, she would need help though...

take it off

you're my queen

good meal

look at me


guess who I am

Batman vs Catwoman

Kissing underneath the mistletoe

Attacking the commander

size difference

ravaged on stage

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