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Author Topic: Becky's 1st, and hopefully not last, idea thread (FxF, well mostly).  (Read 596 times)

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Offline BeckyAnnnTopic starter

Oh, I am loving E!   ;D  And this is my very first request thread. 
Thanks for taking a peek.  First,  a little about me.  I am a hetero female living in the Deep South (US).  I have a job, have a family, attend classes……in other words, I have a life.  Still, I believe I am good about posting at least every other day, if not daily. 

I know, I mentioned being hetero but for some reason here on E I crave FxF.  Should this tell me something?  *shrugs
Romance and seduction are fine but I am also submissive by nature and I long for someone to take control and take advantage.  I am pretty open minded when it comes to RP and am open to most ideas.  There are just a few that I can not take, those being snuff, watersports, animals (negotiable) and scat (can deal with an enema but that is as far as it goes).  There is a pretty good chance that I will play most anything else. I have played opposite a few non-human characters but have never played one myself.

I find myself feeling the need to add something to my offs... ABSOLUTELY NO UNSOLICITED, UNINVITED YIM CONTACT REQUESTS FROM PEOPLE I HAVE NEVER EVEN SHARED A PM WITH!   Come on.  That's just rude.

I have been RPing in IM for about 15 years but have only been doing forum based play for a few months. I feel that I am a decent writer though have been told I lack confidence.  That should come with experience.

Now for a few original ideas.  All of these I dreamed up years ago but never found a suitable partner in IM so here they are.

The Thief
The Thief:
              The story is set in an early feudal society in which the “Lord” (or in this case Lady) holds a large amount of land.  The peasants in the village work in her fields and provide other labors in exchange for the use of portions of her land to do their own framing.  There is of course more to the system but it is not necessary to go to deep into tat detail for the story to work.  Marian (my character) is a 16/17 year peasant girl.  She is one of nine children.  Her father worked, and died, in the Lady’s fields.  Mother cared for the family and made clothes to exchange for goods in the village.  Marian tried to take her father’s place in the Lady’s fields but was not as productive. Nor could she and her siblings manage the family garden plot effectively.  The last straw was when her mother fell ill and was unable to work.  Marian, desperate to feed her siblings, began to sneak into the Lady’s fields a couple nights a week to steal food.  She wasn’t stealing enough to make a difference in the Lady’s bottom line but it was the very idea that someone was stealing for her.  She offered a number of her workers a reward for capturing the thief.  SO they laid in wait and ambushed Marian in the darkness and poor Marian was caught and brought before the Lady.

I see this as being a non-con, even slavery RP.  My character is Marian. I do not intend, nor do I want the siblings to be involved in the story in any significant way.  If this interests send me a PM and we will see if we can come up with something.

Taken (I'm so excited)   ;D
Dragon Bred
Dragon Bred:
      This idea is pretty bare at the moment as much will depend on my partner.  The basic idea is this.  There is but a single gender among dragons (the specifics of that gender is to be discussed with my partner).  Yet a dragon still can not reproduce alone. Procreation requires a human female, and not just any human female.  Only a female carrying a specific genetic anomaly is suitable for this purpose.  Now, depending on my writing the partner, the dragon can have what we would call male characteristics and would actually breed with the human female, human DNA being essential to the draconic make up.  Or, if the dragon has what we would consider female characteristics, the dragon would use the human female as a surrogate, implanting her asexually fertilized eggs into the human female’s womb.
These special females have become very rare and hard to find.  We can discuss how they are detected later.  If you like, send me a PM and we can discuss it.

The Player
Amy Person just transferred to West Central High School last month.  She played softball at her former school so was given a spot on West Central's team but has not yet be given the opportunity to earn a place in the starting rotation.  Coach __________(you decide her name) is a strong muscular woman who takes her job very seriously.  She is hard but respected.  Her den, like the trophy case at school, is filled with trophies and awards, the most prized of which is the trophy she received when she led her college team to the world championship. 

At least once a year, the girls on the softball team seem to feel the need to initiate one of the new girls, usually a Freshman, but this year they have a transfer, an outsider to haze.  The mission: steal the trophy without getting caught then leave somewhere she can find it about a week later.

This story would almost certainly be NC.  Could be played with a male coach but I would really like a female.

Fall of the Elfish Empire
Princess Elliana crotched, hidden in the scrub brush about a hundred yards from the command camp.  This wasn’t supposed to happen.  They were supposed to be safe here.  The command camp was far enough away from the fighting that King Jorno felt confident enough that his daughter was safe there.  He had been wrong.

Queen Agatia had died in child-birth fifty-eight years earlier and now Princess Elliana had blossomed into a beautiful young (equivalent to a seventeen year old human) elfish woman.  From the day of her birth she was a balm to the king’s wounded heart.  Even in his grief, the king found that his daughter’s presence soothed and comforted him.    In times of turmoil the young princess’ presence calmed him and allowed him to think clearly.  So Elliana was never far from her father in all but the most dangerous of circumstances.
It was a small party of orcs that had managed to penetrate deep enough into the elves’ territory to make it to the command camp.  Orcs normally traveled in large packs that could have never passed unnoticed this deep into their enemy’s territory.  The war had, thus far, been a pretty even match, neither side gaining much if any ground.  But there was a spy in the elven ranks and that spy had passed on a secret.  A secret that would unhinge the king and possibly bring about the fall of the elfish empire.

The nature of this story will definitely be NC with forced interspecies impregnation. I will play the princess who will be captured and taken back to the orc leader.  My partner can substitute most any creature they want for the orcs if they wish.  Could be twisted into F/F if the females of the other species are somehow capable of impregnating other females (yumm). I have other ideas for this RP but will save those to be hashed out with whomever I end up playing with.

I am not really looking for new role plays at this time but wanted to save this picture.  I have never done a picture prompt but can't imagine that there is not a story in this one somewhere.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Here's a quick writing current favorite RP on E...

I am sure there will be changes and updates to this thread as I gain more experience using this site but for now this is it.  Hope you like it.
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Re: Becky's 1st, and hopefully not last, idea thread (FxF, well mostly).
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Edited, updated, added The PLayer.    :-)

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Re: Becky's 1st, and hopefully not last, idea thread (FxF, well mostly).
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I will gladly do the thief

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Re: Becky's 1st, and hopefully not last, idea thread (FxF, well mostly).
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Add "Fall of the Elfish Empire"