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June 22, 2018, 09:50:52 PM

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Author Topic: Slumdogs  (Read 345 times)

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Offline kasperTopic starter

« on: May 17, 2013, 08:04:06 PM »
So here's a plot: A group of mismatched youths find their lives simultaneously altered and intertwined after discovering that a bizarre phenomenon has given them powers. These people come from all walks of life, are varied in personality and outlook on life. And, whether they like it or not, are kind of stuck with each other now.

Basically, it's a Misfits adaption. No, you don't need to have watched the show, because it's not based off it, just serves as inspiration for the idea.

What to expect:

-One power per character.
-No two characters with the same power.
-No two characters too similar.
-The power should somehow reflect the character if possible.
-Fill the premade characters before extras can be accepted.
-Don't be shit.
-Literate. 3+ paragraphs
-Common sense and stuff.
-Okay cool.

Character Skeleton

Picture of your character.
Character name
Character age
Character personality in 5 words
Short character bio
3 dislikes
Pick your poison
Theme song

Keller Roth - Taken
Mischievous, smart ass, guarded, enduring, crass.
Keller is barely scraping by life. He doesn't have a job, a girlfriend or any true friends. Yet he's pretty upbeat.
He likes breasts, soda, children.
He dislikes soy sauce, apple cider, his father.
The Rapture - Echoes

Moxie Foal - Taken
Observant, soft spoken, loyal, passionate, conflicted.
Moxie was brought up in a normal household but due to being left alone a lot, he's developed some internal conflicts that carried with him through puberty and are still strongly waging wars inside him today.
He likes quiet, technology, kindness.
He dislikes awkward situations, pollution, himself.
Telekinesis -When in blind fury.
Foals - Spanish Sahara

Yvette Sanders (Yvvy or Etty for short) - Open
Bitch, lascivious, carefree, selfish, lonely.
Yvette is wealthy, popular and spoiled. But nobody really bothers to get to know her too much. Her friends and family are all material. She uses her popularity to mask her loneliness.
She likes rainy days, her phone and cheesy romance flicks.
She dislikes cops, creepers and losers.
Mind control - When somebody is attracted to her.
Kleerup with Lykke Li - Until we bleed (HQ)

Carmen Todd - Open
Sarcastic, straight forward, bold, self conscious, aware.
Carmen comes from a lower class family. She's been picked on for being poor but as a result has become tough. Nobody picks on her anymore, but she's still secretly self conscious of how others perceive her.
She likes flirting, beer and music.
She dislikes pricks, bitches and girly things.
Can make others confess thoughts, wrongdoings, etc.
Massive Attack - Paradise Circus HQ

*Characters created based off the open premade characters will be considered. Or premade character tweaks may be considered.