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April 14, 2021, 12:59:03 pm

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Author Topic: Providence : Firefly/Serenity-based looking for First Mate  (Read 489 times)

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Offline CynadeaTopic starter

The Providence, a Firefly class ship, has taken it's first flight with Eleanor as captain.

The player who created the First Mate has stopped posting and has not answered my PM, so Eleanor would be looking for a replacement on Beaumonde. She's looking for someone who has experience in leading a team, as she has very little experience herself.

If anyone is interested, the ooc thread is a good place to start with the reading. The RP isn't so far along that it would be hard to jump in, really.

Offline ElvenKitten

Re: Providence : Firefly/Serenity-based looking for First Mate
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2013, 04:57:44 am »
Might be interested, as one of my RP's may have gone dark and I'm a huge firefly fan.

Offline vin26m

Re: Providence : Firefly/Serenity-based looking for First Mate
« Reply #2 on: May 09, 2013, 06:22:42 am »

Name: Sue
Age: looks 30-ish

Position: First Mate
Cabin Number:

Description: Sue appears to be of Spanish descent and he talks like a typical inhabitant of the frontier of space - like a cowboy.  He has long black hair and a mustache.  He usually wears a cowboy hat, a t-shirt and a pair of denim jeans, but he does own a suit and a soldier's uniform.  He is well above average in height, standing at about 6'4" and weighs in at about 240 pounds.  He has a soldier's physique - a lean, well-defined build with plenty of muscle, but he's not bulky like a bodybuilder.  His skin has various scars, the result of being on the receiving end of bullets, knives, shrapnel and fire.

Personality:  Sue is a simple guy with simple tastes.  He loves danger, sex, fighting and the camaraderie of a good team or crew.  He likes food, drinks, drugs, guns, gambling, dancing, ground-based vehicles and women.  He speaks in a straightforward manner.  He's outgoing and friendly and likes to live up every moment he can.  He wants to see the 'Verse, which is why he left behind his life as a squad leader and platoon sergeant for a militia infantry unit and became an executive officer for a browncoat ship.   

Special Skills & Interests:  Sue is a veteran soldier and fighter.  He owns a small arsenal of well-maintained firearms.  He's quick on the draw with a pistol and he's a crack shot with a rifle.  He's also good at fighting with his fists and feet and when using knives.  Sue's experience in fighting ranges from barroom brawls, caused by him hitting on the wrong lady and resulting in getting himself hit by the lady's male friend, to massive firefights on the company-level, within which he was leading squads and platoons.  Sue is pretty tough, and can take some punishment and resist pain.  Sue is also comfortable in zero-g environments and wearing a spacesuit.  He thinks of himself as a cook, too, and is more than happy to show the crew what his momma taught him.  While he lacks much formal education, his previous first mate assignment helped him become familiar with all aspects of a ship.  Still, he usually makes things worse when helping the mechanic or medic.  His technical skill is limited to firearms and explosives, not vehicles.  He is comfortable with blood and basic first aid on the battlefield, but he has a hard time seeing someone having surgery done on them.  He has basic piloting skills for spaceships, but gets really uncomfortable flying anything larger than a shuttle.  Sue's real gift is in getting the most out of his crew - he leads by example, and uses a combination of "carrot" and "stick."  He knows when to be supportive, and he knows when to mete out discipline.  Sexually, Sue likes to make the first move, take charge, get a little rough, do a little tying up of his partner, see how much teasing and foreplay his partner can take, and explore how far and intense she can go.

Background:  Sue is a bit of a man of mystery, and doesn't bother sharing his history.

"There ain't nothin' interestin' to tell."

He seems to have grown up on the frontier planet of Shadow, where he started making a living as a ranch hand.

"Ah ain't never been much of a cowboy - I wasn't no good at dealin' with horses and cattle.  No, my aptitude was in shootin' rifles and drivin' land speeders and the like - even got to competin' some and winnin' most - and then I learned how be a real soldier when I joined the militia.  My trainer became a ship captain and he handpicked me to be his first mate 'cause there weren't nobody else.  I served on that old man's old beat up Firefly until I got transferred to a new assignment.  His name was Captain Duval.  Great man.  I owe him a lot.  Too bad I ain't able to pay him back no more."

Sue's mom is now a chef on a core world, but he hasn't mentioned anything about any other family.