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Author Topic: DxK's Arboretum of Ideas (F/F)  (Read 557 times)

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DxK's Arboretum of Ideas (F/F)
« on: April 01, 2013, 10:19:04 am »
Welcome to the Arboretum
Below you will find a list of plot ideas ranked in order of 'developed-ness'. Seeds, the bottommost tier, are undeveloped ideas for scenes I would like to play. Sprouts are more fleshed-out ideas that are almost ready to play. In general, Sprouts have a setting but not solidified a plot. Saplings have an fleshed-out world and an initial direction for a plot to follow. Shrubs go a bit further, having an initial plot as well as an over-arching plot.
Some scenes will be more developed than others, but all will require some amount of creative work prior to the actual scene starting. The amount of creative work is up to You. If you're like me and like the act of creating as much as playing, then we can spend some time polishing and shaping these seeds into something fun. If, on the other hand, you like one of my ideas but just feel like jumping in, I can fill in all the blanks by myself and let you know how things stand.

As you will see, I generally like stories that revolve around things other than sex. Sex is an important element (I wouldn't be on an adult forum if I didn't want some risque situations) but not the driving factor of the stories.

If you're interested in something I have here, send me a message with the scene you like and a description of the character you would play in that world. I have listed two Point of View Characters for each scene, but if you have a better idea feel free to think outside the box.

-All my scenes are envisioned as F/F
-All scenes can be played with or without D/s elements, though its a more natural fit with some.
-Backgrounds are given in brief. I have much more detail for each of these scenes than I have posted here.
-I generally like to allow you as much freedom as possible in creating your own character. This often requires some plot or setting elements to be left vague. All characters are open for re-interpretation.
-I am willing to hear any suggestions or modifications. While these are my ideas, when they turn into a scene, they no longer belong to me exclusively.

Saplings: Ready-to-play with both a setting and an initial plot.
Virgin Stars: A Space Opera
The tale of the Captain (and crew) of Wanderlust.
Background: Humanity expanded to the stars. Earth, and the center of the Empire, and a significant amount of advanced technology were all lost to the Machines. After crushing human resistance the machines, for unknown reasons, retreated leaving the humans fractured into small 'kingdoms' along the edge of the galaxy which were little more than shaky alliances of solar states. As a result, the remaining human worlds are flooded with refugees. The search for new, habitable planets is vastly profitable—for anyone foolish enough to go looking. The old Einstein-Rosen gates of the fallen Empire are still functioning, but with no one controlling them there is no telling where you'll end up.
Initial Plot: After the majority of her crew jumped ship at the last port, The Captain decides the only way to pay the bills is to go gatejumping. “When we get back we'll either be rich or dead—either way, we wont have to worry about the bills anymore.” The Captain and her single remaining crewmember—her ever-loyal Lieutenant—recruit and Engineer and head off find their fortune. It is not until they have passed the point of no return that they realize they have an unwanted passenger aboard.Themes: Exploration. Alien Lifeforms and Cultures. Starship Life.
Possible PoV Characters
The Captain
The Hitch-hiker
Also Featuring: The Crew of Wanderlust
The Lieutenant: Second-in-command and foil to the Captain.
The Engineer: Every ship needs one, especially those going into the Void.

Motley Heart: A Harlequinade
A madcap story of magic and romance.
Background: The Masque Court has existed for ages immemorial, always behind the scenes of the human sphere. The court was created by a bored deity to make Earth more interesting; their job was to interfere and meddle endlessly with human lives but never in a way that would matter on a large scale, so as not to catch they eye of more powerful Deities who might ruin the fun. This Deity has since vanished into obscurity but his Court remains strong, fueled by humanity's unmitigated lust for drama. 
Initial Plot: We open with a respectable City Girl. She has a respectable job, a respectable apartment, even a respectable cat. We watch as this decidedly respectable girl meets a decidedly un-respectable vagrant, begging on the streets. Normally our City Girl wouldn't give this a second thought; there are hundreds of people begging for money but even in the city its an oddity to see someone begging for buttons. Dropping a button into the girl's cup as she passes, the City Girl feels good about herself, wholly unaware the events she has put in motion by doing so. There are great events in motion in the World, events that our City Girl's Button have made her a player in.
Themes: Commedia dell'Arte and Theatrical personae. Hidden Worlds. Magic. Balancing Two Lives.
Possible PoV Characters
The City Girl: Practical, well-mannered, skeptical. Was once a day-dreamer, but grew out of it.
Columbine: A Zanni; she wears Arlecchina. A soubrette; flirtatious, saucy, and street-wise.
Also Featuring: The Masque Court
The Vecchio: The Masters of the Court. Old, calloused, and greedy.
The Zanni: Servants of the Court. Young, naïve, and reckless.
The Innamorati: Humans who have been swept into the Court's eternal machinations.

Sprouts: Developed worlds that currently lack a plotline.
Sang Noir: A Steampunk Mystery
A gritty drama in the industrial metropolis of San Marina.
Background: In an alternate America, the Industrial Revolution never ended. American reliance on production never ceased and, fueled by industry cities grew large and prosperous. Technology has advanced at an accelerated rate, though in a slightly different direction from our timeline. Industrial automation led to robotics, the refinement of which gave rise the first Automaton Man in 1943.
But prosperity breeds corruption. Pollution and crime, especially the organized type, have become serious threats across the nation. Combine this with advancements in technology and you have a volatile mixture that breeds both greatness and infamy. Many cities have become covert battlegrounds between organized crime and police forces that are either too small, corrupt, or under-armed to make much if a resistance. San Marina is a paragon of this age. In such a city, private investigators have become a staple of society; wearing masks to conceal their identity, from both criminals and the law, they put themselves at great risk to bring justice to the People.
Themes: Rights of Artificial Intelligence. Vigilantism. Randomized Plot Elements. Film Noir and Pulp Science Fiction.
Possible PoV Characters
The Detective
The Client
Also Featuring: The people of San Marina
The Secretary
The Commissioner
Various Criminal Elements

Maid of Honor: The Lady of La Paz
A Modern-day Fairy Story
Background: “Let this be a lesson to you, young Sandra: Beware when spurning the advances of a Fairy. This applies tenfold to Fairy Queens.” I don't know if this is the real genesis of the Doña's, shall we say, unique situation. It is the reason she gave me when we first met and I choose to believe it (though I have heard her give countless other explanations). Whatever the reason, the Doña is a traveler, not just around the world but between them. It's entirely possible she is simply insane, but if you had seen some of the things I have seen you wouldn't jump to conclusions so quickly. She is the interesting one, I'm just along for the ride.
Themes: What is 'reality'. Chivalry in the modern world.
Synopsis A: This is the story of two women who have been transported to a world that is not their own. A strange and unforgiving place where windmills are just windmills.
Synopsis B: A woman in strange armor arrives at Sandra's door one night and presses her into service with the promise of riches.
Possible PoV Characters
The Lady Knight
The Maidservant
Also Featuring:
A Cadre of Malicious Wizards
Confused Extras

Seeds: Ideas that might give rise to a scene with some work
Background: Super-humans have always interested me; they make great psychological/philosophical embodiments. This could be a heroine, a villainess, a human, or any other combination thereof. So many ideas, so little time. *These would be ORIGINAL heroes in an original world.*
Themes: Responsibility to Mankind, Questioning one's Humanity, Essence of 'Heroism'

Space Patrol!
A quirky adventure for multiple players
Background: I was inspired by the kitchy photo below.

Themes: Humor and Satire. SciFi-sploitation Films i.e., Barbarella. Small Group Scene.

Fandom Stories
Dr. Who: I'd like to play something taking place before the destruction of Galifrey, possibly during the war with the Daleks, or in some kind of alternate-universe type setting. *original characters*
Mass Effect: I have vague ideas to do something set during or right after the First Contact War. *original characters*
Star Trek: No solid ideas/open to suggestions *original characters*
Star Wars: No solid ideas/open to suggestions *original characters*
Classic Literature: Something I've always wanted to try is classic literature fan fiction.
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Re: DxK's Arboretum of Ideas (Primarily F/F)
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2013, 11:27:21 am »
Bump: Added 'Seeds'. Edited/expanded 'Sprouts'.

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Re: DxK's Arboretum of Ideas (F/F)
« Reply #2 on: June 27, 2013, 05:47:38 pm »
Bump. Added Seed: Superpowered. Added Sprout: Lady of La Paz.
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