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Author Topic: High School Girls RPG: Warriors of the Shadow Clan, 5 players wanted! light hum  (Read 3857 times)

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Online Yukina

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I'll post my updated sheet in a sec.

Online Yukina

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Mary, the shy bookworm

-Fitness (Fit): 2

-Intelligence (Int): 8

-Charisma (Cha): 3

-Perception (Per): 7

-Dexterity (Dex): 7

-Emotions (Emo): 8

-good hearted
-hard working
-phobia (of dog, yes even puppies)

Mastered Skills
-computer use

Hp: 6 (as human) 24 (as magical girl)
MEP: 32

Powers: Physical Attack Shield, Magical Attack Shield, Feeblemind (Lowers target's intelligence), Childishness (makes target's intelligence 0, though boosts the target's charisma and emotion)
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Offline Jefepato

Soveliss, do we round up or down when picking Emo/2 powers?  That is, does a character with Emotions 5 have two or three powers to start?

And what attribute would be associated with the power to create a magic weapon (fire sword, lightning spear, earth mallet, whatever)?

Offline SovelissTopic starter

I guess we would go with the rounding most advantageous for player characters.

And the associated attribute for a weapon, I would be tempted to say Fitness, because a fit girl can channel her stamina and strength in a weapon made from her energies. And Dexterity for ranged powers, for those intending to go the ranged way :).

Offline deusexkristina

Hey, so I've been doing some character work and I've reached a point where I want some more depth to the world and setting. Soveliss suggested I ask the group if anyone had preferences/ideas. What we know is that we're in a place and time that is essentially the same as our current world, and that there is a dimensional portal of some kind in our Town; the rest is up in the air right now.

General ideas of things I'd like to hammer out:
Name of the Town
Approximate size, i.e., Small Town vs City Suburb
Environment, i.e., Coastal? Mountains? Desert?
Cultural location, i.e., North, South, West, Midwest
Name of School
Public vs Private
Co-Ed vs All Girl
Other random School details
Anything about the Shadow Clan
Any other desires/ideas people have

I don't know how important this sort of thing is to other people, but I really like to have a well-established setting. If people are generally ambivalent, I'm more than happy to come up with answers myself, but I don't want to force my ideas on people since we all are going to be playing in this world.

Online Silk

Well my 2 cent on this

Name of the Town: Ambitus (Latin for border) tandem stet (Last stand in Latin) Not too worried about the name personally just thought I'd throw a few suggestions

Approximate size: Large town or small city, (Give's us room to expore but not unweildly so, also makes transport more important for those who take it, why bother having mastery in motorbike if everything is within 10-20 mins walking distance)

Environment: Coastal/Island (Not nessersarily a tourist trap but access to the sea opens up a good portion of abilities)

Cultural location: I'd prefer Eastern (Much richer demonology) but fine with any.

Name of School: First name doesn't matter too much, but the type of school (Academy if live-in or typical high school) is likely more important.

Public vs Private: Both have their own merit's leaning more towards private though

Co-Ed vs All Girl: Co-ed(Makes thing's more interesting as a bunch of hormonal schoolgirls is the main cast)

Uniforms: Japanese (A magical girl rp without Japanese uniforms is like Star wars without lightsabers, it just wouldn't feel right)

Other random School details: We can either have it as a public with people living with their families in the general area, or potentially have it as a live-in school, depending which we go with would really affect the dynamic.

Anything about the Shadow Clan If the Shadow clan in it's entirity is no longer structured for a long period of time, with demons not showing up for a long period of time, it would mean the girls would have to rely on their parents, eachother, or themselves to try and progress their powers, if it was a sort of structured order, then that exploration is lagely taken away.

Any other desires/ideas people have Ultimately not too worried about it, but I thought I would throw some suggestions around to get the ball rolling
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Offline Jefepato

Well, as far as I'm concerned:

Name of the town: Gratuitous Latin is always appreciated, but I don't care that much.
Approximate size: More than half a dozen stoplights, not more than 1-2 train stations.  We don't really need any major metropolitan areas here, but if the town's too small there's just no room for things to get wild.
Environment: Coastal would be fine, but I also like mountains.
Cultural location: I'd say either West if we want something coastal or somewhere in/near the Rockies if anyone besides me likes the mountainous terrain idea.
Name of school: Don't care, unless someone has a funny idea.
Public vs Private: Public.  Wider range of available character concepts that way, and I don't really see any reason to make it a private school.
Uniforms?: No.  This is set in the US (per Soveliss's initial post), so even if you really like Japanese-style school uniforms you aren't likely to see the like here.  Bizarrely detailed dress codes are always a potential risk though.
Other random school details: The cafeteria food is more or less required by the laws of fiction to be inedible.

I will probably have a tentative character outline posted this evening.

Offline SovelissTopic starter

Other random school details: The cafeteria food is more or less required by the laws of fiction to be inedible.

No, you are wrong on this one, because high school cafeteria food IRL is even worse...

My personal WTF moment was when I was in high school, I get mashed potatoes (I love those...), and in it... There were more onions than potatoes... Raw ones even! And not just a one time thing, mashed potatoes were always like that!!

It says something that when they had to rebuild the refectory, and ordered frozen food for 6 month, the food quality actually improved! I am not joking!

Offline Jefepato

My IRL high school's food was honestly not terrible.  Not always great, and pretty well overpriced most of the time, but it wasn't that hard to learn what was edible and have a generally okay lunch experience.

Glad I didn't go to your school, though.  Mashed potatoes are not where onions belong!

Offline Jefepato

Okay, tentative sheet.  Hopefully this works out:
Kalonice (Callie) Hamilton, age 16

HP: 24 normally, 96 as magical girl
MEP: 20

Fitness 8
Intelligence 6
Charisma 4
Perception 4
Dexterity 8
Emotions 5

Traits: Loyal, Hard Working, Lucky, Tomboy

Mastered skills:
Swimming 9
Brawl 9
Martial Arts 9
Computer Use 7
Dodge 9
Music 10

English 16
Social Studies 14
Foreign Language (Spanish) 16
Math 13
Physical Science 13
Life Science 13
Physical Education 18
Elective: Music 20
Elective: Computer Science 14
Elective: Art 12

Armored Body 8
Combat Prowess 8
Weapon Creation - Spear of Light 8

Appearance: Callie is on the tall side for a girl her age, and her usually-modest style of dress does very little to hide her athletic figure.  She keeps her blond hair trimmed around chin-length, framing a pair of bright green eyes and a pretty smile.  She moves with an easy, confident grace, and tends to prefer jeans or slacks to skirts when she doesn't just wear the uniform.

Background: The Hamilton family is what passes for "old money" in Santa Puerta, which is to say that they've owned a fair amount of real estate in town for a few generations.  Callie's parents aren't exactly terrible folks, but they're a tiny bit snobbish and have certain notions about what sort of hobbies and activities are appropriate for a young lady in their family, and she's not quite measuring up.  Whether they're entirely unaware of the family's true heritage or whether they just don't like the idea is difficult to say, and it's unlikely that Callie would ever bring up the topic with them.

Callie's brother, Zachary (Zack to everyone but their parents of course), is a year older and a star player on St. Cosmas Academy's football team.  The Hamiltons seem to think this is great, but they're rather less impressed with Callie's own athletic pursuits; they consider the swim team maybe sort of acceptable, but they've spent years trying and failing to deter Callie's interest in martial arts.  Callie herself isn't quite sure why she likes it so much, since it's not like she usually goes around getting into real fights, but she insists that it's a very practical way to stay in shape.  (Zack is supportive, and privately thinks it's kind of hilarious that his little sister could probably kick his ass, but he's not much better at arguing with their parents than Callie is.)

She does have one hobby that her parents rather appreciate, although it took several years of them badgering a young Callie to try new things until she found something classy enough for her parents' tastes that she actually liked: although she still has trouble imagining herself as an artistic person, and is kind of self-conscious about her mediocre singing voice, Callie happens to have a hell of a flair for music.  She dabbles in several instruments, but she's a genuinely superb violinist.  Unfortunately, although she enjoys it quite a bit, it's not exactly her first love and she doesn't feel like she has time to actually join the St. Cosmas music club, leaving her parents (and a few faculty members) disappointed all over again.

Callie gets along pretty well at school.  Her grades aren't quite as good as her brother's, but they're still quite good all around -- her teachers generally like her and consider her a well-rounded student.  She's not really as popular as people usually expect a rich girl to be, but most of her peers consider her inoffensive at worst, and the "in crowd" tends to tolerate her if only by association with Zack.  Of course, things are about to take a turn for the weird...

If it's actually required to have major negative traits, Insensitive or Jealous are probably good picks for her.  I've got relevant backstory ideas percolating in my brain but it'd probably be easier to write down properly after we discuss the setting a bit more.

(I might also swap Computer Use out for one of the sports skills, but the -5 default penalty just seemed really harsh for a skill that most middle-class teenagers are likely to grow up with.)
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Offline eBadger

Still need a 5th? This looks interesting. 

Also, do they all need to be girls?  I'm fine with that, but might be fun to have a token male as well. 

Offline deusexkristina

Here's a first whack at some setting stuff; feel free to disagree with any of it. I tried to incorporate a lot of traditional Magical Girl elements and expressed player preference into a somewhat novel setting while leaving room for people to play as they'd like. 

   The town of Santa Puerta (Spanish: Sacred Gate) is a coastal town in northern California, very close to the northern stretches of the San Andreas faultline. It was first documented by the Spanish as part of the so called 'lost mission' of Santa Puerta, though it had been a Native American holy site for centuries prior. The mission itself was mysteriously lost but the town remains. The survivors of whatever disaster destroyed the mission were primarily Natives who, with the help of the few remaining Spaniards, rebuilt the town as a small fishing village. The town remained small for many years, subsisting primarily on income from the fishing industry. The mid 1800's saw a large influx of Asian immigrants to California as a whole and Santa Puerta was no exception. The town grew exponentially and the influence of the predominately Asian American population remains to this day.
   The culture of Santa Puerta is an odd mix of old Native American influence, immigrant Asian culture, and modern Californian culture that has drifted in from the metropolis. It is sizable for a coastal town, having approximately 3,500 residents, but also fairly isolated by its geography. The town draws most of its income from tourism.

   St. Cosmas Academy lies a few miles outside of Santa Puerta, situated near the iconic coastal cliffs overlooking the ocean. It was originally designed and functioned as a boarding school and thus has residential facilities. While students have the option of staying in the residences, many of the locals choose to live at home and commute. About 1/3 of the student body is boarded. It was named after Japanese martyr St. Cosmas, a compromise between the primarily Asian American local population and the rich metropolitan population that wanted to board their children there. The school reflects this mix of cultures, incorporating elements from Japanese, British, and American schools.
   The Academy is no longer private, but a public charter school that retains many of the trapping of being private. The school provides uniforms to all boarded students, but wearing them is not required. While the student population is primarily local, it continues to draw students from near and far as a Liberal Arts magnet school. The Academy is based around the UK secondary school system, instructing grades 7-12 (ages 11-17) with an additional 'Sixth Form' year counting as junior college credit. All St. Cosmas students use the same campus and have the same administrators and faculty but, as per American school regulations, grades 7-9 are technically St. Cosmas Junior High and operate under different curricula and standards from the higher grades.
   The school's mascot is the dragon and its colors are red and gold.

   There were originally seven guardian clans, one corresponding to each of the seven primal elements: Time, Light, Spirit, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. They were known as Silence, Shadow, Specter, Swift, Smoke, Snow, and Sand. They were clustered around the First Rift in modern-day Iraq and Saudi Arabia. However, new rifts began to open in other parts of the world and the clans began to drift to the four corners of the world with only Sand Clan remaining to guard the First Rift. Each clan came to guard one of the seven major rifts, with the clans cooperating to guard any minor rifts that emerged.
   In the old days, the clans were very close-knit and had a strong, structured hierarchy. However, as humanity has grown more populous and more advanced the time between rift events has lengthened. As a result, most of this culture has been lost in the known clans. The rights, duties, and history of the clans are passed down as stories and myths; however, few pay any attention to these and, even if they did, most of them are contorted beyond recognition from the truth. When the seals begin to fail, the Inheritors of the Clans are drawn to the rifts. They are not normally conscious of the fact, but it happens nevertheless.
   Today, only three clans remain somewhat intact; Shadow, Sand, and Snow. The Swift and Specter clans dissolved when the rifts they were guarding sealed permanently after being locked inside a mountain and snuffed out by the collective will of an unprecedentedly large population. Without the energy of the rifts to bind them together, these clans scattered and became defunct. Smoke Clan was absorbed into a branch of Shadow Clan which now guards both rifts. The whereabouts of Silence Clan are unknown.

Element  Name    Rift                     Status
Time      Silence   New Guinea        Unknown
Light      Shadow  Japan                 Intact
Spirit     Specter   Nepal                 Defunct
Air         Swift      Andes Mountains Defunct
Fire       Smoke    California            Absorbed
Water    Snow      Iceland               Intact
Earth     Sand      Saudi Arabia        Intact
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Offline eBadger

Jax (Emily Rose Jackson)
Anarchist-Goth Bad Girl
Age: 16

MEP: 12
HP: 72

Attributes & Traits:
Fitness (Fit) 6
Intelligence (Int) 7
Charisma (Cha) 8
Perception (Per) 4
Dexterity (Dex) 7
Emotions (Emo) 3

Positive Traits: Loyal, Vigilante
Neutral Advantageous: Zen, Lucky

Fitness skills are:

Running 4
Climbing 4
Horse riding 0
Throwing/throwing sports 6
Swimming 3
Jumping 6
Team based sports 3
Brawl 3
Gliding based sports (X)
Martial arts 8

Intelligence skills:

Persuade 5
Small talk 7
Cooking 6
Ear bashing 7
Computer Use 7
Games 7
Acting 5
First aid 5
Cheat at exams 5

Dexterity skills:

Tumbling 4
Tailoring 5
Drawing 5
Stealth 9
Dodge 7
Forgery 7
Tinkering 8
Make up 6
Parry 8
Painting 5
Bike 7
Motorbike 9
Artistic sports (X)

Charisma skills:

Attract attention 8
Seduction 8

Perception skills

Search 4
Disguise 3
Photo 3
Video 3
Shooting/shooting sports 1

Emotion skills:

Sing/Karaoke 2
Dance 1
Party 3
Fashion 5
Music (X)
Manners 2

Invisibility (Int) 7
Earth Shaping (Dex) 7

English 15
Social Studies 18
French 10
Math 13
Physical Science 14
Life Science 10
Physical Education 15
Auto Shop 18
Computer Skills 16

Appearance: Jax is average height, thin but athletic, pale caucasian with naturally black hair (currently with bright red accents), with several visible piercings.  She's quite pretty, in a suicide-girls sort of way.  She's partial to eye liner and bright lipstick.  Her hands are often smudged with grease or sport scraped knuckles, while she herself periodically features cuts or bruises. 

Typical Equipment: Platform boots, torn/decorated/missing school uniform, corset, collar, gratuitous chains, fingerless opera gloves, satchel with a tablet, headphones, notebook, pack of clove cigarettes, lighter, multitool, make up kit, and other school basics; iphone; motorcycle half-helmet; a black Victory cruiser.

Jax (don't even think about calling her "Emily") is often labelled as Trouble, and to an extent that's true; she has little use for rules, minimal tolerance for authority, and no manners to speak of.  She has dyed hair, a distressing plethora of piercings, and a penchant for clothes that get her detours straight to detention.  It's well known that you don't mess with her; she's not in fights often, and almost never for her own sake, but when she is there's going to be blood. 

On the other hand, a few teachers willing to try to understand her have found some interesting surprises.  She may not be brilliant, but behind the pretty face and leather is a quick mind with a strong interest in the social theories of Bakunin, Kropotkin, and Locke, and the practical idea of anarchy.  She opposes tyranny, not authority, and is quick to back her beliefs with action: a foolish rule might be ignored, but one that upholds personal responsibility is ironclad. 

The boys at school think she's a bit of an ice queen; despite her good looks, rather slutty appearance and periodic bouts of friendliness her refusal to date is legendary.  Her rigid mores have earned her a cult following, however: a peculiar trail of vengeance on bullies has followed her around, and more than a few geeks and losers have found themselves under her protection, although she's quick to turn down any thanks.  Jax pictures herself as a sort of vigilante justice, and will go out of her way to protect the helpless and distress the oppressive, whether that involves a swift punch in the hall, a hacked facebook account, or a bag of weed planted in their locker. 

In reality, Jax simply isn't interested in boys: she's a strict lesbian.  Despite her somewhat fumbling attempts to attract romantic attention she hasn't found anyone that seemed interested and hasn't been willing to come out, although it's due more to obliviousness than secrecy: she's confident her preferences are obvious despite frequent evidence to the contrary. 

In her private life, Jax is an experienced and capable fencer - a family tradition that her father claims has been handed down from the Crusades; an accurate if slightly misunderstood history of the shadow clan although Jax thinks it's pure make believe.  She also has a penchant for things technical: she spends a lot of time working on and racing her bike, and a knowledge of the mechanical and electronic has proven itself useful in her secret battle against bullies.

Jax's parents, Steve and Rose Jackson, are high-powered executives working for a multinational corporation.  They spend little time at home and barely know their daughter.  The family's live-in caretaker, Gloria DeSuente, provides a friendly adult presence when needed but no control whatsover.  Part of Jax's appearance and behavior is an effort to disguise the privileged trust fund kid she knows herself to be. 

Personality: Jax is a generally quiet, periodically forceful thinker, often playing the role of devil's advocate or subtle saboteur.  The mainstream is too put off by her rebellion, and the troublemakers by her upright morals, so she doesn't fit into any particular social circle - she's friendly with nearly everyone but close to no one. 

Group Role: Jax is a sneak, skilled at going places, obtaining things, and generally fixing or breaking things.  In combat she's most likely to be stabbing the bad guy in the back, taking out the source of its power, or making off with the objective while it's distracted.  In social situations, she's most likely to be talking up the underdog or taking the tough down a notch; usually in a way that escalates things. 
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Online Silk

I like what you did with the suggestions deus :)

Offline eBadger

Here's a first whack at some setting stuff; feel free to disagree with any of it. I tried to incorporate a lot of traditional Magical Girl elements and expressed player preference into a somewhat novel setting while leaving room for people to play as they'd like.

Very impressed with what you did!  A couple suggestions, though:

1. Larger town; 3500 is pretty tiny, and we'd have a lot more potential for shenanigans with something big enough to have at least one mall, some anonymity, stratification (rich and poor sections) and city planning (industrial district, commercial center, suburbs), and of course: a rival school.  We may also want a school large enough to have various teams, clubs, and events.  Assuming a typical 7% of the population is high school aged and full enrollment, to have a couple schools of 750 students each we'd want at least 22,000.  I'd probably double that to leave room for things to be added later.  This would be decent sized town, but well out of the top 100 largest cities in Cal (that would take about 76,000). 

2. In the US, the school would go up to age 18/12th grade.  It's fairly uncommon for secondary schools to have 7-12th grade (more typically a primary school would be k-8, followed by 9-12, for a smaller town) but not unheard of.  I'd kind of lean toward a typical high school, however, just to completely exclude pre-teens from a game with potential for sex and violence. 

Other 2-bits input:
Uniforms: uncommon in the US, but a staple of the genre and makes sense with the history of the school.  I would say a strict dress code that generally means you're in the school uniform or something pretty close to it (or getting in trouble, ala Jax). 
Co-Ed: definitely, particularly as it's a public school.  More potential shenanigans and tension. 

Offline deusexkristina

1. Larger town; 3500 is pretty tiny, and we'd have a lot more potential for shenanigans with something big enough to have at least one mall, some anonymity, stratification (rich and poor sections) and city planning (industrial district, commercial center, suburbs), and of course: a rival school.  We may also want a school large enough to have various teams, clubs, and events.  Assuming a typical 7% of the population is high school aged and full enrollment, to have a couple schools of 750 students each we'd want at least 22,000.  I'd probably double that to leave room for things to be added later.  This would be decent sized town, but well out of the top 100 largest cities in Cal (that would take about 76,000). 
I admit I made a typo and forgot a '0'. I had meant to say 35000. Thanks for catching that!

2. In the US, the school would go up to age 18/12th grade.  It's fairly uncommon for secondary schools to have 7-12th grade (more typically a primary school would be k-8, followed by 9-12, for a smaller town) but not unheard of.  I'd kind of lean toward a typical high school, however, just to completely exclude pre-teens from a game with potential for sex and violence. 
I would be okay with shifting back to the basic American grade structure, i.e., making it just 9-12. I deviated for three reasons. First, the presence of younger children (the youngest there would be 11) gives us more reason to want to protect the school itself. Second, it more easily allows for the involvement of younger siblings as a plot device/motivation. Third, it increases the size and diversity of the school population and thus the possible variety of interactions.
I'm not strongly tied to the idea, but I do like it. I could see a compromise where the lower grades, 6-8, were held in a different building/set of buildings from grades 9-12 but the two shared a common recreational/dining area in the middle? I would also be okay simply cutting out the lower grades. What do other people think?

Other 2-bits input:
Uniforms: uncommon in the US, but a staple of the genre and makes sense with the history of the school.  I would say a strict dress code that generally means you're in the school uniform or something pretty close to it (or getting in trouble, ala Jax).
Co-Ed: definitely, particularly as it's a public school.  More potential shenanigans and tension.
I know uniforms are less common in the US, but I went to a US high school with uniforms so I know it's still a thing that is done. Giving students/players a choice between uniforms OR dress code seemed to be the best way to go about it. :)
And yeah, I forgot to mention it but I had assumed the school is Co-Ed.

Online Silk

Name: Niki Otonashi
Age: 17
Clan: Silence
Appearance: Personality: Niki due to circumstances in her life has become a great deal more reclusive, feeling that for the safety of others she must keep to herself, but secretly wishing she could be just like any other high school student and return to her love of singing. Because of this she tends to get jealous easily when everyone around her is indulging in the thing's they love which was cruelly taken away from her. Even her skill at acting and dancing cannot fill the void for her.

Background: Niki was one of those girl's that adored singing and to a lesser extent dancing, it was her dream to become a great singer after she graduated, spending a great deal of her spare time learning how to dance and play a variety of instrument's to compliment her blooming singing voice. Her parent's although were unsure of the stability of the music career supported her as much as any parent would for their child's dream. After all regardless of it all Niki was a bright girl who was doing pretty well in school so they couldn't see the harm as long as it stayed that way.

During her 11Th birthday Niki and her parent's flew to New Guinea as part of a holiday, as well as to visit some of the heritage of their acestors, her parent's told her that her family originated from the island, as part of a branch family that due to some kind of disagreement moved away nearly 6 genrations ago. Although throughout the generations her appearance barely resembled the natives anymore, she could feel a attachment to the area, but she couldn't understand why. On her birthday her parent's wanted to talk to her about something, but they never got the chance. They were involved in a car accident in which only Niki survived. With no other remaining family Niki had to return home, her family's substantial wealth and inheritance fell to her, she had wanted for nothing and could survive just on the interest if she had to, but as per the law she still had to go to school, and because of her age she was unable to keep their home sustained, instead with the help of several organizations she was moved to St. Cosmas Academy and had spent the years there studying, it took a year until Niki felt willing to sing again, spending the time she was not studying to be with the academy's music club where she found several friends who shared her passion for music.

Due to the success the club had, they were invited to perform at the schools festival, the group was having a great time and Niki felt that she once again belonged somewhere. But during mid performance Niki felt overcome by a strange presence, and that night became a stain on the Academy's history, Niki's voice began to resonate and echo through the festival ground, before anyone knew what was going on, a significant portion of the festival attendees began to grow aggressive and started to attack eachother, the violence was so intense that the police had to be called, to this day what caused the disturbance is unknown, but Niki knew that she did something, her song caused it, she just knew she was responsible for so many people getting hurt.

Over the next few day's Niki was absent from all her classes and left the Music club, it was rumored throughout the Academy that whatever happened that night scarred Niki to not want to sing anymore, after all, from the stage Niki and the others could all see the violence escalate, so it was no wonder so many of them were put off. But as with all rumors, it died down and life went on in the Academy, the following investigation turned up nothing. Niki's life was changed forever after that day. She became a shadow of her former self, no longer sociable or happy, she even refused to sing from that day, just out of fear that she may cause that sort of event to happen again.

Niki tried several things to fill the void that she had from no longer being able to sing caused her, be it through playing instrument's dancing or acting nothing could just fill that ache she had in her heart for her truest love. Each day just further became a chore, living for the sake of living, after all with the amount of money she had saved from her family's inheritance she would not have to work.

Even several years later people had either forgotten the girl that Niki was, or just had come to accept that the night of the festival had changed her, one by one her friends drifted away until Niki was spending the majority of her day's on her own, the only contact she had was during her acting and dance clubs. But in secret Niki had to indulge herself, only singing quietly to herself when nobody else was around, in time she felt like she could control the resonance in her voice somewhat, but she still dared not risk singing around others because she just could not tell what effect they would have.

Powers: 5

Fitness (Fit) 4

Intelligence (Int)6

Charisma (Cha)5

Perception (Per)5

Dexterity (Dex)5

Emotions (Emo) 10

Well mannered, Good hearted, Eloquent
Jealous, Shy

2 Running

6(M) Acting
6(M) Ear Bashing
1 First aid

5(M) Dodge
2 Make up
2 Stealth

3 Search

10(M) Sing/Karaoke
10(M) Dance
10(M) Music
Hymn of restoration:(AoE or single target) While I continue to sing the hymn target gain 10(Emo) health a turn, this is reduced to 5(Emo/2) if AoE also promotes recovery of wounds.

Villains Requiem:(AoE) While channeling any enemy that deals damage to a ally takes half of the damage dealt as sonic damage

Twilight Lullaby: (Single target or AoE) Either target or all people in the area except myself (Including allies) All those effected must take a emotion check, if below 5 nothing happens, if 5+ Target suffers 2 to dexterity due to tiredness, if the check is failed the target falls asleep for d5 turns. If single target, target's emotion is reduced by 4 for the check.

Bolstering Carol: (AoE or single target) Allies affected by this spell can add 2 to a stat of their choice, and 1 to another for the duration of the song.

Berzerk Finale: (AoE only, Story mostly, not good for fights) All those within range must pass a emotion check -4 or fall into a aggressive frenzy attacking all those around them, the song lasts d5 turns after the song finishes. Those effected ignore wound penalties.
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Online Silk

If anyone wants to make use of the event's of the festival night for their own stories your more than welcome :)

Also I don't think general computer use really uses checks, I think it's used for much more complicated things (Hacking and such) because really, tell me of someone born in the last 2 decades who doesn't know how to use computers that isn't aimish or from a third world country.

But were sitting at 2 complete(Me n Badger), 2 posted progress (Jefepato and Yugishogun) and Deus who hasn't posted progress but pretty much a given she'll have hers up soon with the effort she's put in. So I think things are progressing pretty well and might even be able to start soon.
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Offline Jefepato

Updated my post above with an image and some background stuff.

Given that note on Computer Use, I might switch a couple skills around.  Actually, I might swap Music for a different hobby skill, which is why I didn't address that much in the backstory yet; a team of five doesn't really need two musical virtuosos, especially not when it's pretty much Niki's entire thing.

(Cranking combat skills all the way to 10 struck me as a bit excessive, which is sort of why I didn't do that to start with, but I may run out of other things to put points into if I keep mastering Fitness/Dexterity skills...)

Offline deusexkristina

Name: Valerie 'Val' Eberhardt         Age: 17
HP: 27/108               MEP: 20
(72= Wounded, 36=Critical)

FIT:9   INT:4
DEX:9  CHA:7
PER: 1 EMO:5

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Fitness: 9
   Running (-2)         7
   Climbing (-2)         7
   Horse riding (-6)      3
   Throwing (0)         9
   Swimming (-3)      6
   Jumping (0)         9
   Team based sports (-3)   6
   Brawl (-3)         6
   Gliding based sports (X)   X
   Martial arts (X)       X

Intelligence: 4
   Persuade (-2)*         4 +3 = 7
   Small talk (0)         4 +3 = 7
   Cooking (1)         5
   Ear bashing (0)      4 +2 = 6
   Computer Use (-5)      -1
   Games (0)         4
   Acting (-2)         2
   First aid (-2)         2
   Cheat at exams (-2)       2

Dexterity: 9
   Tumbling (-3)*      9
   Tailoring (-2)         7
   Drawing (-2)         7
   Stealth (0)         9
   Dodge (0)         9
   Forgery (0)         9
   Tinkering (-2)         7
   Make up (-1)         8
   Parry (-3)         6
   Painting (-2)         7
   Bike (0)         9
   Motorbike (-2)      7
   Artistic sports (X)*      9

Charisma: 7
   Attract attention (0)*      7 +2 = 9
   Seduction (0)          7

Perception: 1
   Search (0)         1
   Disguise (-1)         0
   Photo (-1)         0
   Video (-1)         0
   Shooting (-3)          -2

Emotion: 5
   Sing/Karaoke (-1)      4
   Dance (-2)         3
   Party (0)         5
   Fashion (0)         5
   Music (X)         X
   Manners (-1)          4
Mastered Skills: Attract Attention, Artistic Sport, Tumbling, Persuade

Positive: Well-Mannered, Diplomat
Negative: Spiteful, Misandrist
Neutral: Elegant, Excess Pride, Acrobatic (From Artistic Sports Mastery)

Lightning Reflex
   Sphere: Physical Enhancement
   Attribute: DEX   Power: 9
   Description: Bonus (Power/3) to dodge and evade rolls for remainder of battle
   Sphere: Light
   Attribute: INT   Power: 4+3=7
   Description: Creates a reflection of Val that distracts targets. Unharmed by physical or
        projectile attacks but is destroyed when attacked by any magic. Reflection's only action is to
        use Attract Attention. Takes one turn to cast.
        *Enemies can detect the illusion by rolling against INT – Spell's Power
   Sphere: Blessing
   Attribute: CHA   Power: 7
   Description: Small heal (Power*2) with a bonus (+1) to next 2 emotion saves

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
English      4(-2)+8=10*
Social Studies      4+11=15
Language:German   4(+2)+9=15*
Math         4+5=9
Phys Science      4+3=7
Life Science      4+4=8
Core Elective: PE   18+1=19**
Student Government   7+8=15***
Dance             18+1=19**
   Total Points: 50/50   
*Val is a native German speaker. She gets a ½ INT bonus to German and a ½ INT penalty to English
**Base score taken from Mastered Skill (Artistic Sport and Tumbling)
***Chose to use CHA as the base stat for Government

Val's mother was born in Santa Puerto, but moved away when she met Val's father, who was an ambassador to a foreign nation. Val was born in and grew up in this country where she lived a life of limited luxury. Her home was constantly filled with powerful and often beautiful people, she was taught by the best private tutors, and sent to prestigious finishing schools schools with the daughters of nobility, ministers, and aristocrats. Val never did very well academically, though she excelled in finishing school; the most important lesson she learned that charm can go a long way.
Around Val's 13th birthday, her father was involved in public scandal with a number of his young interns that led to Val's parents separating. In the following divorce proceedings, Val's mother got custody but little else. Luckily, Val's mother had inherited her parents house back in Santa Puerto and decided to take Val and her sister, Sofia, back there.
   The move was a shock for Val. Not only was she leaving her friends, lifestyle, and country behind, but she was going to have to go to public school... Val knew no one when she started at St. Cosmas Academy. While technically not an exchange student, she speaks with a slight-to-moderate accent and many considered her to be one, at least initially. More due to her looks than anything else she was quickly absorbed up by the cheerleading clique where she has excelled socially. Navigating the vaugeries and complexities of public high school social circles has given her some sense of belonging in this new place.

Psychological Profile:
   Due to her father's over-valuing of social prestige and the fact that Val was often picked by her schoolmates (Sometimes due to her grades/intelligence and the fact that she can be somewhat clumsy when not focused, but mostly because Val's family had little money, at least comparatively), Val has a tendency to be very self-critical, especially of her perception by others, and does not shy away from using her assets to gain social standing; which leads many to see her as vain or manipulative.  Val doesn't have a great deal of book smarts, but she is relatively good looking and a very good at judging emotions and intentions; skills she isn't afraid to use to her advantage, causing some see her as manipulative.
   Her father's scandal was very traumatic as well, and probably a direct cause of her distrust of men and her fear of betrayal. This fear has made her tend towards aloofness, though she is prone to large emotional outbursts if pushed. For instance, Val reacts very negatively towards any sign of disloyalty or infidelity and is fiercely protective of those she cares about. 
Physical Appearance:
   Hair: Dirty blonde. Straight. Slightly past shoulder blades.
   Eyes: Blue
   Complexion: Caucasian. Sparsely freckled.
   Height: 5'6'' 
   Body Type: Fit, but not exactly skinny. She naturally tends towards a sturdier build.

More Backstory Stuff!
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The following are meant to be memories of stories my character heard from her grandmother as a little girl and, therefore, of suspect accuracy.
   There is an old legend my grandmother told me once. It says that long ago, before people, before the earth, before time itself, this universe was ruled by chaos embodied in viscous demons who lived only to sew more suffering and chaos amongst themselves. This was how things had been for eternity, for there was no time in those days. Then, the Gods arrived. They were from another realm, one ruled by order and creation. Some say that a demon had accidentally ripped a hole in the world, since the chaos had made it so thin, others say he intentionally sought out other realms in order that they too might be made chaotic; my Grandmother wouldn't say which she believed.
   However it happened, the two realms collided in a terrible war that lasted for ages and ages. It eventually became apparent that the demons were winning. No matter how quickly or strongly the gods built their order, the agents of chaos could tear it down faster. The gods decided that a new and drastic strategy was needed. Calling together their brightest and most inventive minds, the gods schemed to create some way to defeat the demons once and for all; for, once the demons ravaged their world, there would be nothing to stop them from destroying every other realm in creation.
   As the weapon neared completion and the gods were beginning to despair, an unexpected thing happened. A demon arrived at the gates of the God's City and demanded an audience. He claimed he wished to help the gods defeat the demons. While distrustful of demon trickery, the gods were desperate. Brought before the war council in the strongest magical chains, the demon said it had heard of the gods weapon and knew that it would not work. The god were outraged, demanding to know how the demon had learned their secret. The demon would not say. He only said the as beings of chaos the demons could not be destroyed, so long as the god remained; for every light, no matter how bright, breeds shadows.
   The gods responded that they knew this and were prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to see the demons destroyed. That would be foolish, said the demon, for chaos, like darkness, cannot be destroyed, only filled. The gods despaired
   When asked why he would betray his own side, the demon replied that an ordered being wouldn't understand. Chaos has no 'side'. It is pure impulse without reason. The gods did not trust the demon, but they saw that he was right. Together the gods greatest engineers worked with the demon to construct a mighty prison, the most elaborate thing ever designed. It was prison that used the demons' own chaotic energies against them. It would be an entire world, neither wholly chaotic nor wholly ordered, the balance kept in check by living creatures of a special sort. These guardians would carry both chaos and order within them, both good and evil. They must have both to keep the universe in balance.
   When the prison was complete, the gods laid a trap. They sacrificed many of their bravest warriors and leaders to draw the demons into the prison, which was then sealed behind them from the outside. The remaining gods then left the universe, for if they remained there would be an unbalance and the whole project would fail.
   This prison was earth. And today we can still see the seams from where the gods put the planet together to keep the demons inside. But, my grandmother would warn me, the earth itself is not enough to keep the demons inside. Their chaos will eventually start to wear down the barriers and the prison will start to weaken along the seams. That is why humans have heroes, to seal up the cracks.

The BIRTH of the CLANS
   Another story my Grandmother likes to tell is about what happened after the gods left. It turns out that the demon who switched sides was not as altruistic as he claimed. Callissarii, for that was what he called himself, helped the gods seal up his brethren so that not only would he be the only demon left, but with the gods out of the dimension he would be the most powerful being in the universe. He had no desire to rule the world, just to be the most powerful being in it. For the first few millennia he left the earth mostly alone, only occasionally meddling in minor things when he got bored.
   When he began to sense the seal weakening he was worried, but he knew this was a part of the cycle. In time enough the humans would close the rift with their collective will and belief. But the chaotic energy didn't die away, in fact it got stronger. Concerned, he went down to earth and noticed that its people where not yet sufficiently powerful to re-close the rifts. What was more, there were a few small demons that had managed to squeeze through the cracks and were wrecking havoc, causing the seals to weaken even faster. What he had failed to realize is that his presence offset the balance he had created. Not only were the seams of the world eroding faster that he had anticipated, but the collective will of humans wasn't enough to keep the rifts closed.
   So, in order keep his fellow demons imprisoned, Callissarii imbued certain clans of humans—those living around the weakest of the rifts—with supernatural powers that would allow them to battle the demons. These heroes would inspire human faith and keep the rifts closed longer. Satisfied that this would be enough, he went back to the void to bask in his own supremacy.
   But his vacation was short-lived. When he grudgingly returned to earth, drawn by the renewed chaotic energy pouring out of it, he found that the beings he had chosen had become tyrannical rulers, warring over the planet with their magic. Given his presence in the universe, the chaotic power he had given the humans was too much. The rifts were weakened to the point of ripping asunder by the magical war, to weak for the demon to close them himself.
   Gathering the most powerful for the remaining magical humans, the demon sent them into the rift, into the chaotic realm beyond, to search for the remains of the heroic gods that had been sealed away with the demons. All Callissarii needed was a piece of a body, something ordered with which to bind the seals, but he was shocked when the humans returned with a survivor.
   Her name was Io and she had been a soldier under the god Fiden, who had stayed behind to bait the demons. When she learned of what had happened, she was enraged and tried to kill the treacherous Callissarii. But Callissarii persuaded her by explaining that without him to balance the universe, the demons would eventually break free. While she was scandalized by Callissarii's true motive, Io was forced to agree that resealing the demons was more important than anything. Together, the demon and the god altered the power so that would only be awakened in the presence of other demons, or chaotic demonic energy seeping through a weakening rift.
   Satisfied that things were in hand, Callissarii and Io retired to opposite sides of the universe; he to bask in his own greatness and she to keep eternal vigil on the prison.
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Awesome :) Now it's just Yugi and Jefe's completion :D Also deus, it's generally best to put the powers by Soveliss, not entirely sure what's in store when it comes to the power's MEP cost's yet.
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Due to unforeseen events involving friends and family, I will have to put this game on hold for a few days, a week tops, until the situation is resolved.

I apologize about the inconvenience. I'll pop back when I'm ready for the game. My life got a bit crazy lately, so I hope you'll understand.

Online Silk

Not a problem Sol, we'll be waiting and if nothing else gives us a good chance to get things refined.

Offline deusexkristina

Not a problem Sol, we'll be waiting and if nothing else gives us a good chance to get things refined.

Ditto. Take whatever time you need.

Offline eBadger

No stress!  Just don't forget us once things are settled. 

In the meanwhile, maybe we can flesh out the town a bit more...I'll try to put together some locations tonight.