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Author Topic: High School Girls RPG: Warriors of the Shadow Clan, 5 players wanted! light hum  (Read 3853 times)

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Offline SovelissTopic starter

Hello all!

For those who don't spend so much time on French websites, High School Girls RPG is a free French amateur tabletop role playing game where you play girls in high school (or university, it doesn't changes much of the game). It is a game based on trying to portray emotions. It also has a free sourcebook called Magical Girls, to play magical girls like in Sailor Moon, or other series. The game is pretty much very inspired by manga and anime. So I planned on launching a game of high school girls RPG with Magical Girls. So I plan on starting a game set in an home brew setting.

Setting: an unnamed generic high school and university campus, in an unnamed generic city located in the US. A few millenniums ago, demons were trying to take over the world, but clans of warriors all over the world opposed them Most clans duties were inherited in the bloodlines (with the possibility of recruiting members from outside the bloodlines), and for those who were deemed worthy by the clan spirit leader, the clan's powers manifested when demons were threatening the world. The Shadow Clan, one of those clans, was the best at information gathering and stealthy action, and found that the demon arrived through a dimensional rift, pouring into our world. They allied with each other to try to seal them away by closing the rift, and succeeded. With the demons sealed, the clan's powers went dormant, the clans were disbanded, and most of their numbers were lost. Few of their heirs are still left today. And today, the seal is weakening, and a few demons start getting through the rift, and into our world. Fortunately, a few of the clans heirs will awake in the world. In this small town, 5 heiresses of the Shadow Clan (your characters) will soon awake. They are the last heiresses of this clan, and the only hope to learn how to reseal the rift, for the knowledge was lost a long time ago, while still having to do their studies and (at least try to) get good grades.


Play an altruistic high schooler/university student, not one who is only trying to hurt others.
Be okay with typical high school/university shenanigans. High school/university shenanigans may include boyfriends/girlfriends and things like that, if people are okay with that, but remember Elliquiy rules. I am open to include up to light scenes with humans.
Be okay with magical girls. You don't have to do a Sailor Moon like speech every time your character fights demons, but you will play high school girls fighting demons with magical attacks and enhanced fighting prowess beyond what mere humans could do.

I'll explain the rules later, but they are mostly pretty simple: 1D10 compared to an attribute or a skill, and in opposed checks, compare the success margins. You are free to think about what kind of character you want to play in the meantime.

I hope I will interest people with this. Have a nice day!

Online Silk

I'll put my name down for now but comes down to the rule system really.

Offline SovelissTopic starter

Alright, the rules are pretty simple, when checking an attribute or a skill, you roll 1D10, and compare it to the modified skill or attribute (very easy tasks are associated with a bonus to your skill, very hard ones with a penalty). You usually have to roll low.

Exception: Emotion checks. To keep them in check, you have to roll above your Emotion attribute.

Characters have 6 attributes, and 35 point to put in them (min 1, max 10):

Fitness (Fit)

Intelligence (Int)

Charisma (Cha)

Perception (Per)

Dexterity (Dex)

Emotions (Emo)

Keep in mind that more emotional girls have more troubles controlling their emotions, but magic is powered by emotions.

Then, high school girls have psychological traits. There are positive ones, negative ones, advantageous neutral and disadvantageous neutral ones. In this campaign, at least 2 positive traits must be chosen on a character, and no more than 2 negative ones. At most, 4 traits from the neutral advantageous, disadvantageous, and positive ones may be chosen.

Positive traits list: Kind, Loyal, Hard working, good ambitions, good hearted, well mannered, philanthropic, diplomat, vigilante (the one who WILL go through huge lenght to not let someone get away with injustice).

Negative traits list: Slanderous, quarrelsome, insensitive, cheap, kleptomaniac, jealous, impulsive (will react with fists first), spiteful, xenophobic, misandrist, hate toward animals, opportunist.

Neutral advantageous list: Persevering, eloquent, elegant, lucky, good mood, meticulous, zen.

Neutral disadvantageous list: bulimic, childish, anorexic, paranoid, shy, tomboy, naive, mythomaniac, phobia, excess pride, alcoholic, distracted, falls easily in love, suicidal tendencies, depressive, daydreamer, lazy, hang up, hurtful humour.

Part 1 is done. Part 2 will be about skills, par 3 about fighting and magic, part 4 about the rest (healing, sickness, school tests...).
« Last Edit: May 01, 2013, 10:45:01 am by Soveliss »

Offline Jefepato

This sounds interesting.  Does the clan thing mean the player characters are all (distantly) related, or does the "recruit members from outside the bloodlines" clause mean pretty much anything goes?  Or is this essentially a non-issue after so many years (meaning the real question is why a bunch of heiresses just happen to be awakening all at once in the same small town)?

Also, I'm not sure I follow the phrases "neutral advantageous" and "neutral disadvantageous."  Is a "neutral advantage" just something that benefits you without necessarily being morally good/bad?  Do the psychological traits have any special effects, or does it just help to categorize characters (like the high school version of an alignment system)?

If the rules say anywhere, what's an "average" attribute score?

Offline SovelissTopic starter

The heiress things is OOC just an excuse to have cool powers and a reason for the PC to cooperate and bind together. IC, it's just freak luck that the last 5 shadow Clan heiresses just are in the same town... Don't worry about it, freak luck happens all the time in real life. Think the guy who send coal to Newcastle (And just before his cargo got there, coal miners went on strike) and winter gear to the Caribbeans (An expedition headed for Siberia resupplied there, and thought that his gear was better than their, and bough everything...), or the sailor who got through 3 boats sinking, no casualties, only to be rescued by a ship in which there was his dying mother who wanted to see him one last time before dying... In short, freak luck happens all the times, don't worry about it.

Neutral advantageous are small advantages, neutral disadvantageous are small disadvantages, having sometimes minor effect in game rules terms, but describing the character. Positive and Negatives are kind of an alignment system.

An average attribute is 5 AFAIK.

Did I answered your question

Offline Jefepato

I think so, yeah.  The system sounds interesting -- I have a few ideas but I'll probably wait to see at least the skill system before I start writing up a character properly.

...Wait, alcoholic is a small disadvantage for a high school student?  Yikes.

Offline SovelissTopic starter

I meant to say in general, but yeah, alcoholic is one of the worst in the list, next to "depressive" and "suicidal tendencies". Combine the last two (or worse, the last two + alcoholic), and I don't know how long your character will last until going for a trip at the hospital...

So the skills, you can take a number of skills equal to your Intelligence as mastered skills. Their value is equal to the associated attribute.

Unmastered skills can be used at a reduced value (from 0 to -6), although some cannot be used unmastered (these are noted by an X). During play, you can train to add a skill to the mastered list, but in that case, you merely increase it's value by 1, and then, you can progress normally. Using a mastered skill enough times can grant you an opportunity to increase it by 1, up to 10.

After this part, you gain a number of points to spend into skills depending on your high school/university student age.

15 or less: 8
16-17: 10
18: 12.

Fitness skills are:

Running (-2)
Climbing (-2)
Horse riding (-6)
Throwing/throwing sports (0)
Swimming (-3)
Jumping (0)
Team based sports (-3)
Brawl (-3)
Gliding based sports (X)
Martial arts (X)

Intelligence skills:

Persuade (-2)
Small talk (0)
Cooking (1)
Ear bashing (0)
Computer Use (-5)
Games (0)
Acting (-2)
First aid (-2)
Cheat at exams (-2)

Dexterity skills:

Tumbling (-3)
Tailoring (-2)
Drawing (-2)
Stealth (0)
Dodge (0)
Forgery (0)
Tinkering (-2)
Make up (-1)
Parry (-3)
Painting (-2)
Bike (0)
Motorbike (-2)
Artistic sports (X)

Charisma skills:

Attract attention (0)
Seduction (0)

Perception skills

Search (0)
Disguise (-1)
Photo (-1)
Video (-1)
Shooting/shooting sports (-3)

Emotion skills:

Sing/Karaoke (-1)
Dance (-2)
Party (0)
Fashion (0)
Music (X)
Manners (-1)

If you want a skill that isn't in the list, just ask, I'll try to see how hard it is, then add it to the list. Next, in part 3, fighting and magic.
« Last Edit: May 01, 2013, 12:21:50 pm by Soveliss »

Offline Jefepato

Okay.  What's the practical difference between Brawl and Martial Arts (well, I guess if fighting is up next you're going to tell us then...)?  And on a related note, do I understand correctly that there's no reason to master a skill if the penalty is a 0?

(Also, what's Ear Bashing?)

Tentatively I'm thinking of making a character who's a tomboyish athlete of some kind.  Just curious, given that Emotion powers magic apparently, how hosed are you if your Emotion isn't especially high?
« Last Edit: May 01, 2013, 08:43:27 pm by Jefepato »

Offline deusexkristina

From what I can tell, the system sounds pretty similar to GURPS; is that a good comparison? You said it's free; do you happen to have a link or something so we could browse the rulebook?

Either way, I'd be interested in trying it out. It sounds fun and quirky.

Offline SovelissTopic starter

Anyone wants the rulebook it's here: (It's in French though...), and I'll homebrew a few things, so I'll have to tell those to you. Enjoy!

Online Yukina

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It sounds great so far. I'll join as well.

Offline SovelissTopic starter

Sorry about my lack of response, my Internet connexion died.

Brawl is more like slapping, scratching using nails, loaded handbag, and typical high school supplies used as improvised implement, that sort of things... Martial arts are efficient fighting and real melee weapon use. If you slap, scratch, bite, use an improvised weapon on someone/something, or fight untrained, you use the brawl skill. If you try to use a practical weapon (staff, knife...), or fight to injure/restrain, you use the martial art skill (brawl would have a penalty to try to restrain someone/something). Only mastered skills can progress by using them, so there is still an interest.

Ear bashing is the art of yelling louder, longer and more effectively than the person in front of you.

So, I'll start with core rules, so fighting next. Whether someone grabbed your cell phone, and you want to wrestle for it, the jerk jock or alpha cheerleader had to find just your sensitive spot before repeatedly pressing it, and you want to teach him/her a lesson, or a demon tries to drain energy from your classmates to open the rift completely, and you want to stop him,the rules are simple and are the same.

A character has 3*Fit Health Points [Homebrew] Magical Girls have Fit*12 HP. In the Sailor Moon series, the Sailor Senshi can soak up quite some punishment. Besides, if you fight against demons, your average High School Girl, according to the rules, is way too squishy to survive even 1 hit, which is bond to happen eventually.[/homebrew] When a character loses less than 1/3 his/her HP, he/she is lightly wounded. Bandages usually take care of the sewounds. Between 1/3 and 2/3, the wound is severe, and a -2 penalty is applied to all rolls. These wounds need medical treatment. Beyond that, the wound is critical, and a Fit test is required to avoid passing out. A critical wound requires some time spend in the hospital. If passing out if avoided, all actions will suffer from a -4 penalty. 0 HP means coma without check, and negative HP mean death. [Homebrew] Magical Girls heal faster than normal humans.[/homebrew]

Initiative: Roll 1D10 + Dex, highest roll goes first. If two opponents roll the same, highest Dex goes first, or higher Fit if they have equal Dex. If they have equal Fit, they reroll until one of them comes on top.

A single character can usually launch a single attack each round (roughly 6 seconds), though exceptions do exist.

An attack is simply a roll under the relevant skill. The success margin is noted. If the roll fails, the attack is simply too slow or predictable to connect.

The defender can try to dodge or parry. Highest success margin wins. Equal margins are a near miss. But each subsequent attack against him/her gives him a -2 penalty to his/her defense (exceptions do exist).

A character hit by an attack, whether it deals damage or not, must make an emotion check to not suffer from mental effects, going from crying, shock at being hurt, blind rage, or anything related to panic or rage, depending on a character's personality. Reminder: Emotion checks are 1D10, and must score higher than emotion, and not lower, to succeed in keeping them in check. More emotional characters break down more easily if hit, while colder ones will take more to affect. Character with brawling and/or Martial arts training gain a bonus to their emotion checks equal to +1 if they master one of those skills, and +2 if they master the two, being more confident and more used to being hit.

The most damaging unarmed attacks are kicks, but weapons are more damaging than simple unarmed attacks. An experienced brawler can add +1 damage to a close combat hit with intent to injure. A martial artist using a weapon adds +2 damage, and doubles his her unarmed damage. [Homebrew] Someone with 9 in brawl, 6 in Martial arts, or 4 in Combat Prowess (a passive physical enhancement, see magic later) can make sure that his/her melee attacks do not kill the opponents (in game terms, that his/her attacks can not bring his/her opponent to less than 0 HP). This ability is mostly useful against mind controlled humans trying to kill you. A member of a warrior clan with 7 in combat prowess can do the same with ranged attacks. [/Homebrew]

A character with at least 7 in Martial arts can make an additional attack per round, and takes only a -1 penalty per cumulative defense in a round.


Magic relies on Emotions. A character has Emo*4 Magic Energy Points (MEP). A character starts the gae with Emo/2 powers. A character can choose them from spheres. A power starts with a value equal to the associated attribute (depends on power) The spheres are: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Blessings, Curses, Magic Defense, Animals, Appearence (for disguise, invisibility, that sort of tings), Light, Mind, and Physical Enhancements. More powers can be learned during the game by practicing them like a skill.

Magical Combat:

Magic can be used in 4 way in combat: To enhance physical attacks, to do single target attacks, to do area attacks, and to do combination attacks.

Examples: A sword made of ice or fire, a stream of high pressure water (enough to cut through things), a fireball.

Weapons made of magic are more powerful, depending on the power value, and last 5 minutes per MEP spend in them.

Attacks: Damage with a single target attack depends on the value of the associated power. It is possible to "overcharge" an attack to deal more damage and at greater range (1 point: 15 meters without penalty, 30 meters with -1 penalty, 2 points: 30-60, 3 points: 60-120) by spending up to 3 points in it.

Area attacks: They require a level up to 5 to use correctly, and cost 8, 10 or 12 (if you overcharge them) to use. Some deal damage i a cone starting from you, some in an area you target.

Combination attacks: A combination attack is when several Magical Girls use a single target power at the same enemy to launch a powerful and accurate single blow to it. The character with the least in the power value determinate the maximum number of participants: It is equal to her value in the power.

A combination attack costs the normal cost of an attack, +1 for each character joining the attack, for everyone joining it. The attack value is equal to the average of th power values of every participant, +1 one for every participant. The target gets a penalty to it's dodge roll depending on how many magical girls joined in the attack: 1-2: -1, 3_4! -2, 5+: -3.

If the attack is successful, every character rolls her damage, then the sum is made, and doubled. The character who spend the most point in the attack rolls the dice. In case several spend the same amount, the one with the highest power value rolls. The attacks used don't need to be the same power.

A word on physical enhancements: Physical enhancements are powers like: Combat Prowess (extra physical attacks and extra defenses each round), Armored body (a damage reduction), that were originally traits, but that I converted into powers to fit the kind of character that you sometime see in magical girls anime who will melee the enemy with superior physical abilities rather than using rays and things like that...

So Jefepato, if you plan on doing the tomboy athlete, I recommend getting as much as you can from the enhancements :).

PS: Wow, that was a big wall of text!

Online Silk

Okay.  What's the practical difference between Brawl and Martial Arts (well, I guess if fighting is up next you're going to tell us then...)?  And on a related note, do I understand correctly that there's no reason to master a skill if the penalty is a 0?

(Also, what's Ear Bashing?)

Tentatively I'm thinking of making a character who's a tomboyish athlete of some kind.  Just curious, given that Emotion powers magic apparently, how hosed are you if your Emotion isn't especially high?

So the skills, you can take a number of skills equal to your Intelligence as mastered skills. Their value is equal to the associated attribute

The way I'm reading it is say you have 6 intelligence and you choose to master first aid, then your first aid skill begins at a value of 6 to which you improve from there instead of from 0 for a unmastered skill.

Offline SovelissTopic starter

Without mastering First aid, with an Intelligence of 6, you would start at 4. And you can only improve mastered skills, though you can master new skills later (at a weaker degree of mastery, and improve from there). Sorry I wasn't clearer. X skills cannot be used unmastered at all.
« Last Edit: May 03, 2013, 04:33:42 am by Soveliss »

Offline Jefepato

And you can only improve mastered skills,

Oh.  Okay, that makes more sense now.

What's the deal with Charisma, by the way?  It seems like Emotions and Intelligence both have a lot of skills that might have fit under Charisma better.

Offline SovelissTopic starter

According to the rulebook, Charisma seems more like appearance, beauty and natural charm. Intelligence is reasoning and ability to remember things. Beyond that, I don't know, I didn't write the rulebook, so I can't say much about design choices...

Offline Jefepato

Well, no big deal.  It just seems a little weak when even persuasion doesn't fall under Charisma.

When you start with Emo/2 powers, if your Emotions is odd do you round down or up?  I have a pretty good idea of what I'm doing, but I'd like to see how choosing powers vs. determining the rating/level(?) of various powers works before I settle on attributes.  It sounds like Combat Prowess is going to be pretty essential for a physical attacker if I'm reading you right!  (Is there a reason to have both Parry and Dodge skills?)

(Also, for Emotion checks, does rolling equal to the attribute succeed?)
« Last Edit: May 03, 2013, 11:36:49 am by Jefepato »

Online Silk

I would assume so since otherwise someone with a emotion of 10 will never pass a emotion check.

Online Yukina

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Current character sheet.

-Fitness (Fit): 2

-Intelligence (Int): 8

-Charisma (Cha): 3

-Perception (Per): 7

-Dexterity (Dex): 7

-Emotions (Emo): 8

-good hearted
-hard working
-phobia (of dog, yes even puppies)

Mastered Skills
-computer use

Hp: 6 (as human) 24 (as magical girl)
MEP: 24

Online Silk

What sort of characters are people going with anyway :) I'm largely going a more "Bard" route, someone who doesn't actively get involved with the fight, but through heavy enhancement magic use  buffs the party. (of course the high magic power comes with huge emotion, so don't expect much reason it seems xD)
« Last Edit: May 03, 2013, 07:32:25 am by Silk »

Offline deusexkristina

I currently have few character ideas I'm working with.

The first is Val The Cheerleader.
Personality wise, she is a socialite. Probably popular, somewhat vain, often overly concerned with her looks. She may seem shallow, but she has a keen perception of social orders and is fairly good at judging people. She often comes off as aloof or elitist, but underneath she is rather insecure and just wants to fit in. Val is unerringly loyal to her friends and has a strong sense of duty. She is not a natural leader, but a good second-in-command.

Gameplay-wise she is very meat-shield-y. Based on the cheerleader idea she has high Dexterity and Fitness, with significant Charisma for Attract Attention (I'm not entirely certain how this works, but I assume I could use it like a taunt?). She would have little to no fighting skill beyond Brawl, but would be able to evade/dodge, take a lot of damage, and distract enemies.

The second is Fionna the Honor Student.
Fionna is devoted to her studies more than anything else. She is initially distrustful and always pragmatic, but very protective of those few she considers friends. If you manage to pull her away from her books and studies she has a bit of a hero complex and wont back down if provoked. She has a quick wit and sharp tongue (ear bashing ftw). She can be prone to fits of neurotic behavior and likes things very neat.

Gameplay-wise Fionna is a ranged damage dealer. She will have very high Intelligence and Perception with mid-range Emotion and nothing in the other skills. I picture her as having high skill in Shooting and First Aid. (I'll need to read more about how combat works before I really flesh this out).

I'm currently leaning more towards Val, but I'm flexible. I don't want to step on any toes or steal anyone's thunder. I'm most interested in playing a role/character that balances the team (I wasn't sure if Jefepato wanted to make his tomboy athlete tank-y or more of a melee fighter)

Offline Jefepato

(I wasn't sure if Jefepato wanted to make his tomboy athlete tank-y or more of a melee fighter)

Well, "melee fighter" was the plan, although I imagine she'll be pretty decent at tanking (high Fitness for punching people = high HP, etc.).  I'm sure I won't mind if you'd like to distract the enemies though, since I'm certainly not taking Attract Attention.

Offline SovelissTopic starter

So, as of now, we have 2 characters mostly done, 2 underway, we may need a 5th one... Or start without a fifth one, depending on what you want...

And to answer the question, 10 on emotion checks is a success even if you have a 10 in Emotion, it just means that if you got, say a +1 bonus on Emotion checks, you still fail on a 9. Sorry I wasn't clear on that one, usually players put between 5 and 8 in their character's emotions, so I wasn't thinking it would come up :) .

So, as for powers, blessings are things like healing and support, curses are the opposite, and you can chose your powers as long as you are logical and don't get overpowered. Example: The water powers covers ice (sending ice shards to an enemy or in an area, creating an ice sword...), fog, sending high pressure water on an opponent... If you have any question about powers, or just want more samples, just ask here, or by PM.

Online Silk

Well as long as we keep the song based for the powers like we was talking about, I will likely be keeping to the sort of powers that make sense to be transmitted in such a way, (Like a ice shard spell for example I wouldn't take, but a encouragement blessing I would)

But on that note, is there a pool of spells from the book or is it a make it up as we go as long as they fit the sphere?
« Last Edit: May 05, 2013, 08:32:40 am by Silk »

Offline SovelissTopic starter

Well, here is a small sample pool of powers from various spheres, but you can make up your own, as long as you don't create anything too overpowered, these are just ideas:

Elemental are pretty straightforward, even though there may be some more unusual uses for them (water ---> fog, or earth ---> dust, fire ---> smoke)

Weapons (rock, ice, fire, thunder swords...)
Single attacks (A rock spear for earth, a burst of pressure strong enough to cut, or a lightning bolt for air...)
Area attacks (fireballs for fire, shock wave for air...)

Magic defenses include things like a shield against magic, a shield against physical attacks...
Animals include summoning a wolf, calling animals to your rescue (don't laugh, a pack of dogs are a force to be reckoned with...)
Light include lasers, blinding light...
And mind includes things like affecting the minds of your opponents to manipulate their behavior.
Physical enhancements are things like a magically armored skin to protect yourself, or simply having enhanced enough reflexes to strike and dodge more often.
Blessings include things like good mood charm (perfect for fighting your bout of depression), blessing of luck (allows the target to reroll a roll during the effect), healing, and things like that.
Curses are the opposite, bad luck, nightmares, depression...