Gang bang scenarios. [ MUL ]

Started by Hemingway, April 27, 2013, 03:44:33 PM

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I have a very simple request: A story involving some sort of gang bang, or something involving at least three characters. It's something that I've never really tried before. I wouldn't object to working it into some wider story, but it may also be a simple one shot. For the roles, I'm leaning toward a female/futa or all-futa thing, however, I'm open to making it a male/female thing, too, given the right circumstances. I'm not interested in making it NC, but force and bondage can definitely be a part of it.

To narrow things down a bit, there are a few settings I'd be especially interested in trying this in. This list is not exhaustive, however, so I'm open to other suggestions. The settings I definitely would be interested in, are as follows:

Warcraft ( The possible permutations here are practically endless, but as always I have a fondness for pairings that cross racial or faction boundaries )
Low Fantasy ( Ancient Rome-inspired, Conan-esque, medieval )
The Elder Scrolls ( Skyrim, and so on )
Modern ( In particular, older woman with younger men )
Demons ( A powerful warlock with a harem of succubi? )

That's it for now!


I took out a few settings I'm no longer interested in, added the Ancient Rome-themed and Skyrim settings.


Updated! Added modern and demon settings, and the search is now open for more male/female pairings.