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Author Topic: Desires of the Lamenting Quill (F seeking Alpha M characters, no submissives)  (Read 15724 times)

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Quill's Male characters
« Reply #75 on: August 19, 2016, 07:46:57 PM »
The dashingly handsome men I am willing to play, just let me know if you'd like to go on an adventure with one of them ;)

Felix the Cheshire demon
Name: Felix the Cheshire demon
Age: 562... at least as far as he can remember.
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Cheshire cat demon
Sexuality: Heterosexual

  • First Skill Name: Invisibility- Much like the cat in the story of Alice, Felix can turn himself invisible and if he wants, he can leave his haunting cat-like grin visible for a short time before that too fades
  • Second Skill Name:Scales of Fortune- Felix can lock eyes with an individual and depending on which way their karma flows... the person can receive six hours of either incredibly good or horrendously bad luck. Don't blame the kitty... blame yourself...
  • Third Skill Name:Illusions- As a Cheshire cat demon, Felix is a master of illusions, making people vividly see things that are not really there. The illusions fade after an hour and strong minded supernaturals can potentially see through them for what they really are: Nothing.
Appearance: Felix stands at five feet and six inches and weighs approximately one hundred and forty pounds. Slender and lean in frame, Felix can be described as willowy and beautiful like a work of art, his jaw length hair is a red violet hue and his eyes are an almost hypnotic golden yellow. Felix has the ability to turn his ears and tail invisible and visible again at will.

When Felix becomes angry or goes full demon, his golden yellow eyes turn blood red.

Personality: Felix is a unique individual, he's not exactly crazy, but he is most certainly what no one would label as sane either. One with a deep adoration for females, Felix has more than once or twice been called a colossal pervert... though in all honesty, he's pretty harmless in that regard as he wouldn't force himself upon anyone that wasn't consensual, that steals away all the beauty of intimacy in his opinion.

On a normal day, Felix has a very cheerful and happy go lucky personality, he loves a good laugh, be it a silly harmless prank or a good raunchy joke. He adores well when females will pet his tail or scratch behind his ear for him, he'll adore you forever. Males would probably be severally scratched to the point of being mauled if they tried to do this.
When threatened however, watch out... Felix will then shown his true demonic colors as a lethal killing machine... beware the ruby red gaze...

Backstory: Felix really has no idea about his past, he just remembers waking up in a thick forest in Japan little over five hundred years ago... it's very possible he hit his head or some such thing, he doesn't know and honestly, he doesn't care. New chance to make new memories in his opinion.
Felix has spent his life just having fun wandering the world, learning magic and the art of illusions. He hates the book Alice and Wonderland, he claims he met Lewis Carol once and the writer's cat in the book is just a cheap rip off of himself.

Helios Starborn the Unicorn
Name: Helios Starborn
Age: He doesn't remember, so many eons have passed, civilizations rose and fallen, he just can't remember really anymore... but he does recall feeling in the earth below his hooves... the explosion of a great magnitude and devastation... he will soon discover this was the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Unicorn
Sexuality: Heterosexual

{Unicorn racial ability} Humanoid form- Unicorns have the ability to change their shape from their natural unicorn form to a humanoid form at will, which comes in handy big time when the need arises to hide from those that covet the horn of a unicorn. They are strictly limited to the human form, they cannot take the form of any other biped species.

{Unicorn racial ability} Blessings of the Unicorn- When a unicorn willingly allows another to touch their horn, the individual is blessed with temporary good fortune for a full 24 hours.

  • First Skill Name: Healing touch- Helios has the power to heal just about any wound, potentially fatal wounds are trickier and sap a lot more of Helios's energy to complete.
  • Second Skill Name:Star reading- Helios has always adored the stars and they rewarded the Unicorn for his devotion, Helios was granted to ability to interpret messages from the heavens amid the arrangement of the stars.
  • Third Skill Name:Arcane affinity- Helios is capable using magic without needing an incantation or spell.
Flawless pale skin and long snowy white hair falling in gentle subtle waves down to his hips, though normally braided. Eyes of the clearest and vibrant sapphire blue.

Helios stands at five feet and seven inches and weighs approximately one hundred forty five lbs.


Calm and serene... not to mention highly inquisitive, Helios is eager to learn everything possible about the human world he has always been too afraid to touch until now, he has so many questions and wants all of them answered.
Helios has zero tolerance for evil, evil and darkness are the polar opposite of everything that is a Unicorn, it is Helio's nature as a Unicorn to do whatever necessary to strike down whatever evil is set before him.
To females, especially virgins, Helios is everything warm and considerate, like many unicorns, Helios views the purity of a woman's heart to be a treasure worth reverence and protection. Helios is alright around men, he just doesn't come alive as much as he does around women.

He doesn't quite yet grasp the concept of human humor, but he's trying. There are some human things he just hasn't gotten yet.


Long ago when the world was still new, the heavens sent forth a shower of stars to the Earth and when those stars landed, the stars took form in the shape of beautiful pure white horses, atop their heads spiraling a pointed horn of glistening silver, these ethereal majestic beings born of the heavens were charged with protecting all things good and pure in the world.
For centuries, the unicorns followed this edict and safeguarded everything pure and innocent that the world had to offer... and then something happened... the heavens created man... the most strange and fascinating species the Unicorns had ever seen...
The men seemed aggressive and arrogant, the Unicorns did not have much of a liking for the men... the women however... the women were soft and sweet, their hearts were light and compassionate, the Unicorns took an instant liking to women, especially the young virgins whom were untouched by the sullied hands of the menfolk, their bodies as pure and innocent as their hearts.

The men however because extremely jealous of the way the Unicorns spurned them while turning all of their attention and affection upon the females, the men decided they had had enough of the Unicorns selective nature and that they would strike them down, take the source of the Unicorns powers and rule as kings... so they launched an ambush on the ethereal creatures one by one, slaying the beautiful beast and sawing off the horn...
By the time the Unicorns were realizing what was happening and why a good number of their herd was missing, the human men had become too powerful with the horns they had collected, the human man selected as their king had issues a warning “If we find you, we will kill you and take your horn to add to my already fearsome power!”
With heavy hearts, the Unicorns had no choice but to abandon the human females they had come to love so much and flee for their lives, making their homes deep in forest too unforgiving for the human men to venture into.

Years became decades, decades became centuries and soon, the Unicorns had become little more than a beautiful legend to the race of humankind... the truth faded and forgotten in obscurity of the many, many legends and retellings of legends surrounding theses majestic and ethereal creatures.

One day this young unicorn (young by Unicorn standards) decided to venture out into the human world to see how it had changed, this young unicorn was called... Helios...

Character Ons/Offs:


Personal- Flowers, Nature, knowledge, females (especially virgins) and tropical fruit.

Sexual- Very vanilla and romantic, Helios would enjoy taking the lead and making his partner feel extra good and loved. (Yes, if you are wonder, he IS hung like a horse ~.^)


Personal- Rude people, people with no respect for nature, men and dark magic

Sexual- Bathroom play, SM, vore, humiliation, name calling, hair pulling, scratching, chocking and hitting. Ask if uncertain about anything else.

Jean-Luc Chevelle the French vampire
Name:Jean-Luc Chevelle
Age: 350
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Character Type: Lux, Formerly reluctant Tenebris until about 200 years ago.

  • Hypnotic gaze: A common skill among vampires, Jean-Luc can lock eyes with an individual and either erase select memories involving himself or make them highly open to suggestion. A stong disciplined mind can resist
  • Shape shift: Jean-Luc may take the form of small to medium size animals, such as a bat or a wolf
  • Vampiric enhancement:As a vampire, all of Jean-Luc's senses are dramatically heightened; Sight, hearing, smell, speed and physical strength. When Jean-Luc hasn't had enough blood however, his senses do dull a little bit.
Appearance:Face claim- Andy Gillet.

Personality:Jean-Luc is very much the suave and romantic sort, he is deeply intelligent and adores luxury. He can also sometimes be rather sarcastic and a little bit arrogant. Underneath all of this is a truly romantic soul longing to love and be loved, Jean-Luc has spent centuries alone and he's become plain old sick and tired of it.

Backstory: Jean-Luc was born 350 years ago the son of a French nobleman by the name of Javert Chevelle, he had wealth, title and priveledge, there was line a mile long of eligible French Noblewomen that would have jumped through a flaming hoop for a chance to become the next Lady Chevelle... then one night changed everything forever...

It was a normal thing for Jean-Luc and his cousins to frequent the local brothel for a bit of fun, but this night... there was a new girl Jean-Luc had never seen before, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen...
In the midst of making love, this beauty with hair of flame and eyes of sapphire sank two sharp fangs into Jean-Luc's neck, the handsome young man had tried to fight her off as he tried desperately to scream from a throat that refused to release any sound... but the hands that pinned him down by the arms were like iron, there was no budging her as she drank of his blood... and deeply she did drink...

As all strength left his body, Jean-Luc was hazily aware of his mouth being opened and something with a metallic taste being dripped onto his tongue before her whole wrist came over his mouth and the fingers of her free hand pinched his nose closed... he could hear her speaking then just before he passed out... “Drink... Jean-Luc... Drink and you shall be as young and beautiful as you are now forever...”

When Jean-Luc eventually came to, he woke alone in the brothel bedroom... along and horribly thirsty... where was the woman? She... she had been a vampire... a seductress of the night... and she had bitten him!
His hand flew to his throat and a sob broke free from his throat when his fingers found the twin puncture wounds, he knew then he couldn't stay at home... what if he hurt someone and got discovered? What if he was expected to go out in daylight? He wasn't even sure if that particular part of the myth was even true, but he didn't exactly feel all too eager to test that out.

Jean-Luc returned home that night, stole what valuables and money he could before he disappeared once again into the night, this time to never return...
He spent the next 30 years wandering the world and seeing what there was to be seen until he eventually found himself in the American colonies... there was plenty of livestock that he could pick off whenever he needed and no one here knew his face, the small quaint town would do well enough for at least a decade or two if he could try to keep to himself enough and avoid anyone getting to close... he never stopped dreading that he might lose control and feed on a person... he might be a little on the arrogant and self absorbed side, but that didn't mean he wanted to hurt anyone!

Unfortunately, life took a turn one night when Jean-Luc made his way into a field where a sheep farmer let his flock graze overnight... the farmer was there this time and he happened upon Jean-Luc... bent over and feeding on one of the more aged sheep...
As the man began shouting, Jean-Luc panicked and tackled the man, he was so scared of being discovered and still so hungry, that he couldn't help himself... as he lunged his face into the sheep farmer's neck and sank his fangs into the man's flesh, drinking until the farmer's limbs stopped moving and his flesh grew cold...

Jean-Luc was horrified as he pulled away from the farmer's neck and realized what he'd done... he had killed... he had fed on a human being and took an innocent life... the one thing he swore to himself he'd never do...
He sat there for hours with the body, just staring at it, bloody tears starting to leak slowly out the bottom edges of his eyes... he was a monster and he deserved nothing more than to pay for the life he just stole...
He might have just sat there all night and waited for the dawn to claim him if not for the intervention of a particular vampire in the area that took notice when the livestock farmers in the town began complaining to the mayor about finding dead livestock almost every night in at least one or two of the various animal farmer's flocks or herds... he had a good suspicion it meant there was new young vampire just moved into the area...

This well dressed vampire's name was Gavin Miller, at least that was the identity he'd chosen to don for this new couple of decades... he'd been following Jean-Luc for several nights now and was waiting to judge whether or not he was going to be a risk to the anonmity of the other vampire's living in the areas and the surrounding areas... unfortunately, the lad had gotten a taste of human blood and it was going to be a world harder now for him to resist wanting it again...
Gavin explained to the young vampire that he couldn't just kill all willy nilly and when bodies started popping up, well, that was the quickest way to get noticed and start a townwide panic, then the town wouldn't be safe for any vampires to be nesting in... from there, he offered to allow Jean-Luc into his coven, told him there was much better and much more discreet way to feed or even to get plenty of animal blood if he was truly adamant about not feeding on people... not to mention there was luxury and wealth involved too...

For the next hundred years, Jean-Luc acted an errand boy of sorts for the coven, setting up meetings with clients, picking up payments and other small things... though he never really did know what the coven did, just figured it was some kind of shady black market thing and he didn't really care to know so long as he got paid in the end... he'd be finding out soon what a huge mistake that was...

One evening 200 years later, after deciding Jean-Luc was a worthy asset to the coven, the coven unanimously agreed to allow Gavin to tell Jean-Luc the truth behind their substantial wealth... the young vampire was excited and curious at first, at least until Gavin took his down below the coven manor, where the huge basement was packed with cells containing various young woman and men, Gavin explained the horrified Jean-Luc then that these young people were the misfits and nobodies of society... and there were important vampires out there in the world that couldn't afford the risk of going out themselves to hunt for their food and they were willing to pay large amount of money for blood and pleasure slaves, humans to be kept alive and used sparingly whenever needed until a new one was required, then they sold the vampire another one. It was extremely profitable and these were just faceless nobodies, as Gavin coldy described it.

Jean-Luc had to force himself to hide his horror at what he was seeing, he knew what Gavin did to vampires who knew about his secrets and couldn't be trusted anymore to go along with everthing...
That night, just before dawn, Jean-Luc waited until every vampire was tucked away in their coffins before he snuck down into the basement and freed the imprisoned humans, he too then vanished into the night...

50 more years followed of Jean-Luc moving about all over America until he finally came to Lousiana, drawn the culural New Orleans as a potential new home for the next couple of decades before he'd need to disappear again to avoid his lack of aging being noticed..

Character Ons/Offs:


Personal~ Beautiful women, romancing beautiful women, a star filled night sky, fine art, reading, good manners, luxury, fast cars and expensive designer clothing.

Sexual~ Oral (giving and receiving), Vanilla intercourse, romance between the sheets, being the seductor, biting (on the neck preferably). Ask if uncertain about anything not listed.


Personal~ Ignorance, sunlight, uneducated individuals, mocking of his heavy French accent, unattractive people, the idea of turning someone unless he was absolutely sure he was in love and the other person wanted to be turned and clothing off the rack.

Sexual~ Bathroom stuff, anal (giving and receiving), SM, having the dominant role taken from him for too long. Ask if uncertain about anything not listed.
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I have time on my hands to take another partner or two. We'll call this my August bump, given my last post was simply adding to my table of contents with another new category.

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Bump! Strictly accepting only greens at the point in time, fandoms are also a really good way to go.

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November bump. Only accepting greens or fandoms at this point in time.

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Bump. Strictly taking only fandoms right now, unless of course someone made a good case to convince me about an original idea I've got here, but I'd only take an original if it was something my potential partner really, really wanted to do AND if I feel up to the particular storyline.

I have a semi full plate right now, so I'd speak up now before I can't take on any more new stories. I'm taking possibly about two news, MAYBE three, but that a huge maybe.