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April 16, 2021, 06:57:33 pm

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Author Topic: Betrayal? - a very brief idea, need discussion for plot (looking for male)  (Read 631 times)

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Offline SaoTopic starter

Some of my partner disappeared so I have time for one more Rp. Please read the link in my signature for my O&O and other things and please pm me, do not write here. I don't check the thread.

This is a Myth of my country
He was the new King, wanted to establish a beautiful citadel as the new capital of his country. He saw the strategic and geographic importance of the citadel. On two of its sides, the place was surrounded by impenetrable mountains and forests. There was also a river flowing by. No one knows why the King favored the spiral, shell-like shape of the citadel, but legend has it that its construction was extremely tough and difficult to complete. Each time it seemed near completion, it was undone at night by a hoard of evil spirits.

 The King burnt incense, prayed, made offerings, and evoked the gods to help him. One night, in a dream, a very, very old and venerable man with long, white hair came to him and told him the only person who could help him build his citadel was a golden turtle that lived somewhere around the citadel.

 A few days later, while sitting in a boat on the river and thinking about the meaning of his dream, a giant golden turtle appeared suddenly out of the water. The golden turtle told the King that he would need one of its claws in order to accomplish his plan. Pulling out one of its claws and throwing it to the King, the turtle vanished.

 The King had a weaponry engineer, build a crossbow incorporating this claw which could shoot thousands of arrows at once. Indeed right after obtaining this claw, the King saw his fortunes change. His capital started taking shape. His kingdom prospered and soon was coveted by neighboring states. Among one of those who coveted his territory was the Evil King from the neighborhood country, who had been attempting many invasions to conquer his country but failed each time due to the Great King military skills and defense tactics.

 The Evil King, having been beaten several times, devised a new plan. He negotiated a peace treaty with the Great King's kingdom. He determined to find out where lay the strength and strategies of his foe. He even went so far as to propose marriage between the Great King's daughter and his son. In time the Evil King found out that the Great King had a magic crossbow that made him almost invincible. The Evil King then he told his son to sneak into his father-in-law's palace and steal this "magic crossbow", replacing it with a fake. The Evil King, with the magic crossbow in his hands, launched a new attack on his foe and in-law the Great King.

 This time, the capital of the Great King fortress fell into the Evil King's hands. The Great King grabbed his only daughter, and fled the scene of the battle. He rode to the river and encountered the giant golden turtle, which told the Great King, “The enemy is sitting right behind you!”

 Angered by his own daughter's betrayal, the King slew his daughter (in a popular version of the tale he beheaded her). Then he jumped into the river with the giant golden turtle.

 The Prince, searching for his beloved wife, arrived a few minutes later at the scene. The body of the Princess was lying in a pool of blood and his father-in-law was nowhere to be seen. In accordance with conjugal fidelity and devotion, he drew his sword and killed himself as well, in order to be with his wife forever in eternity.

Just wanna see if anyone would be interested in and like to make a plot out of this, we will discuss how we could change this. I'll play the princess though.