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« on: April 14, 2013, 05:46:24 AM »
~ Premise ~

This is a role play, about  two Vasal Houses. These two Noble houses, are neighbor's. And, have been fighting for generations. On, and off at peace. Finding any reason they can, to blame the other for misfortune. Or, to bad mouth the other at King's Landing... For the past few year's, it has been relatively quiet. Not much confrontation at all. But! When the head of House Holden die's. Suspicion's rise. And, another war is on the brink. Can thing's be made civil? Will there be blood shed? Or, is something worse, afoot?

Note: A Vasal, House. Is a lower, noble house. Lower houses, are important to Westeros. For, they are what mainly makes up the armies of knights, and most lord's for law and order. Lower houses, are meant to either. A) Help a greater house that they are bound to, in times of war. Or troubling economic times. And, in turn, the greater house will do the same. B) Help, procreation. Since Nobles, only marry nobles. More houses, mean's more Nobles. Also, Vasal houses. Can help, greater houses gain more tie's, and political pull with other great houses. By marrying into a different Vasal, or great house.

~ Story ~

The day was cold, and wet. Rain, had been pouring for hour's. To most, it was a normal cloudy day. But, for Lord Bailey Holden. Head of House Holden... It was an Omen. Lord Bailey looked up to the sky, rain trickling down his face. Into his wrinkle's, and down his chin. He slowly presses his hand against his cheek. Feeling his old, dry skin. A reminder that he was getting old. That he was no longer young. A small chuckle escaped his lip's. As he turned to continue down the dirt path. Through the castle grounds. He sat on a stone bench. Sitting in the rain. Breathing, long and heavy breath's. "Yes... Just like in my dreams..." Lord Bailey said, to himself. As he looked down to the ground. His chest felt heavy. And, his head was throbbing like the beating of a drum. "Father, what do you mean?" Conner Holden said, as he sat next to his elderly father. Conner had been there the whole time. In fact, his father had taken him out here, in the rain. It was most peculiar, but he accepted it. He loved his father dearly. And knew, he was reaching the end of his day's. "Nothing Conner... *Cough, cough!*" Bailey coughed frantically. Covering his mouth, as he spoke. "Listen Conner. What if I told you... That out of everyone else that I love. You, are the one I trust most.." Bailey began to say. As he placed his hand, on his son's shoulder. "F-Father.." Conner began, "Are you ill?" He asked, confused at his fathers present state. "Just!- *Cough..* Just listen." Bailey said. As he gripped the soft, fabric of Conner's shirt. "I have been dreaming... The same dream for three whole nights... All my life, I have been a horrid father. I never gave you the attention *Cough..* You deserved. I always favored your brother. And, your sister. But.. In my dream. Every single time. I tell you what I am saying now. That- *Cough cough..* That I love you son. That, I want you to be Lord of my land's. To take my place from this day forward... *Cough.!* " Bailey began to cough out blood. Starring, at his hand, as the little puddle was being watered down. By the rain. "FATHER!" Conner, started to scream. As Bailey, fell into Conner's arm's. "See... Just like in my dream... I have been poisoned..." Bailey smiled up, at his son. His face becoming pale. "Help, Some one help!" Conner yelled out for anyone. Servant's, family, Knight's. "It's useless now son.." Bailey spoke. As foot step's grew closer. "In my study... I have .. A chest. Here is the key." Bailey started to say, as he placed the key in Conner's hand. "Inside, is my last will and testament... In it, you are told to be my successor... " Knight's were coming closer, as Bailey began to near his end. "Father, don't speak like that! You-" Conner was interrupted by his father's last word's. "Thank the seven... For giving me this premonition.. For, they helped me chose who to be my successor... And, who may at least avenge me.." Bailey's hand clenched Conner's tightly. Before growing lifeless... Conner still clenched it. As the knight's now came. Taking Bailey's lifeless corpse, away from his son's arm's. "This makes no sense! Why me! Why now! Why not fight this fate! Father... Who did this!" Conner screamed. As he pulled his father's corpse away from the knight. He began to shake it. Demanding answer's, foolishly. For, he would have none from the dead. "He is dead Conner! Pull yourself together." One of the men said coldly, as he tore the corpse, from Conner's hands. "What was his last word's. One knight asked. As the other two men, walked off. "He told me..." Conner couldn't finish. "What is it, spit it out." The knight pleaded. As he helped Conner up from the ground. Walking with the poor boy. As they were going, to do what must be done. "He made me, lord of these land's."

That, was the death of Lord Bailey Holdan. The story, takes place directly after it. When accusation's, go flying. And an investigation is underway. With the battle between two Houses, political fall back of an assassination, and a not yet trusted or believed new young lord. Conner, is my character. And, is not yet fully trusted. It is after all, still possible he staged it. And, he is after all, the youngest of his family. So, no one would gleefully accept him as their house head.

Chronologically speaking. This takes place right before, A Song Of Ice And Fire. A year, before Lord Stark became the Hand of The King. I do have a long term plot in mind. And, will GM this to a great extent. Even going as far as playing some canon character's when need be.

~ Rules ~

1) Be at least semi literate.

2) Post at least, two, or three paragraph's per post. One, is acceptable when needed.

3) At least some first hand knowledge of Westeros is needed. Either read the first book, all books. Watch all episodes of the series. Or watch season one of the show.

4) Be fair, no god modding, and play in character at all times.

5) Respect another person's On's, and Off's.

6) Collaborate! This is not completely set in stone. If you have a good idea. Please, share it!

~ House Holdan ~

The house crest. Is a white background. With a Red Phoenix as it's animal. The white, signifies clouds. Showing their honor and respect for the seven. The phoenix signify's their rebirth from the ashes. Red, is the color of blood. Showing their prowess as warrior's. Their shield has 6 phoenix's instead of one.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
House Motto: Out of my ashes will rise a new phoenix.

Historically, the motto and animal. Comes from the belief, that their honored dead live on in memory. Like a phoenix in the ashes.

Lords of town: Highever

Bastard surname: All bastard's carry the name, Storm. (Example: Johnathan Storm) Reason: Due to the cloudy, weather at Highever

Great, House allegiance: Sworn to house Lannister.

~ House Endrin ~

House Crest: A black back ground. With a golden Owl. The owl hold's a sword, and a broken chain. The black is for night. The Golden Owl, stand's for Knowledge. The Sword, for justice. And the broken chain, for freedom.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
House Motto: Knowledge, is at the forefront of all great men.

Historically, the houses animal and motto. Comes from the original head's, pursuit of knowledge. Knowing that knowledge is where true power lie's. Not skill or honor.

Lord's of town: Moremarsh

Bastard surname: All bastard's carry the name, Marsh (Example: Leon Marsh.) Reason: Due to the marsh land's surrounding Moremarsh.

Great House, allegiance: Sworn to house Lannister.

~ Connection between Houses ~
The Holdan's are as old as the Lanyster's themselves. And, have been a solemn Vasal for the Lannister house, for many, many generations. House Holdan, has been a great source for producing loyal and honorable knight's. To do battle, and protect Lannister's during travel and event's. But, the Holdan's Had a large problem. Three generation's ago. Lord Ivan Holdan, was in a loving relationship with his sister. Bella Holdan. They were, lover's. But, had kept it a secret for year's. Until, a new House came along. Swearing it's allegiance to the Lannister's as well. As a form of piece. Bella, was given to the lord of house Endrin. The secret, was buried. And, all was well... Until the next generation. After, a heated argument. Lord Niel Holdan insulted the Lord of House Endrin. Telling him, that his mother was a whore who bedded her own brother. This did not go well, starting the ever long fued between the houses. House Endrin, demanding that house Holdan takes back their slander. The Holdan's, to this day have not done so. Still, piece is some what kept. Until, Lord Bailey's murder. Now, the bad blood between both houses is stronger then ever.

(( I understand that my house story's are a bit on the weak side. BUT. That is why there is always. Collaboration.))

~ Character's ~
There are many character possibility's.
Head of house Endrin:
First born:
Next of succession:
Sibling's to other character's:

Head of House Holdan: Prosak. (As, Connar Holdan.)

Needed: We need at least 6 character's to play. I was hoping to make this a large group. Filling each house with character's needed. I do, hope this can become a sub forum thread. For optimum organization.

~ Character Sheet's ~

Age: (16 and over.)
Appearance: (Real life photo's only.)
Description: Describe your character.

Role: Knight, lord, servant? Uh... A Whore?

Skill's: What training, and knowledge does your character posses?
Motivation's: What are your character's motivation's?
Sexuality: What is your character's sexuality? Or favored kink's.
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Offline RedEve

Re: A Game Of Thrones - Deadly Rivalries (A song of Ice and Fire)
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2013, 05:51:00 AM »
Which house are they both sworn to?

Offline ProsakTopic starter

Re: A Game Of Thrones - Deadly Rivalries (A song of Ice and Fire)
« Reply #2 on: April 14, 2013, 05:55:11 AM »
Here, allow me to edit and add that in. For clarification. But, the answer is Lanyster. Why? Both being sworn to Lanyster has been part of the reason why they have not yet gone into full out war.

Offline RedEve

Re: A Game Of Thrones - Deadly Rivalries (A song of Ice and Fire)
« Reply #3 on: April 14, 2013, 06:07:07 AM »
Here, allow me to edit and add that in. For clarification. But, the answer is Lanyster. Why? Both being sworn to Lanyster has been part of the reason why they have not yet gone into full out war.

Well I would imagine that most of the major houses would not allow two of their vassals to go into open warfare with each other.
Also, if you want to use canon spelling, the name is Lannister. ;)

Offline ProsakTopic starter

Re: A Game Of Thrones - Deadly Rivalries (A song of Ice and Fire)
« Reply #4 on: April 14, 2013, 06:12:27 AM »
Ya, lol. I was thinking that allot of the conflict, and battle's would be small and happen in the underbelly of society. That the fore front of this conflict, is House Endrin defending it's honor. While House Holdan accuses them of assassination. Demanding their title and lands be striped away. And given to House Holdan. So, there will be some adventuring to King's landing. And audiences with queen circe.

Oh, thank's. I have been kicking my self in the head, all while typing this out. Trying to remember the name. Allow me to spend my time waiting for other's to express interest. By fixing this error my Westeros grammar.

Offline RedEve

Re: A Game Of Thrones - Deadly Rivalries (A song of Ice and Fire)
« Reply #5 on: April 14, 2013, 06:29:34 AM »
I think the main issue I have with this set-up is the fact that the Lannisters likely would not allow this kind of discord amongst their Vassals, as it would weaken their own power.

Offline ProsakTopic starter

Re: A Game Of Thrones - Deadly Rivalries (A song of Ice and Fire)
« Reply #6 on: April 14, 2013, 06:37:47 AM »
Well, yes. But political, they are still aloud to voice their opinion's. And demands. They would not like it, or want it. But their is not a dam thing the Lannister's can do, to keep it from happening. All they can do, is settle the dispute. By either giving into demands, or counter offer's. Lannister's may be all they are cracked up to be. But they are not perfect. And, they can not control everything. Nothing can get in the way of two people who hate each other.  Although your opinion is heard, and it is known. Maybe if I changed the Endrin house allegiance, towards a different house?

Offline RedEve

Re: A Game Of Thrones - Deadly Rivalries (A song of Ice and Fire)
« Reply #7 on: April 14, 2013, 06:39:30 AM »
I think The Rains of Castamere gives us a good idea how the Lannisters might handle a vassals who does not toe the line. :D

Offline ProsakTopic starter

Re: A Game Of Thrones - Deadly Rivalries (A song of Ice and Fire)
« Reply #8 on: April 14, 2013, 06:45:44 AM »
True, true. But as I said before. Politically, it is a dispute. And, any fighting is down discreetly. While, the political dispute is underway. Yes Lannister's wont like it. Nor will they stand for it. But we can still role play it, and have the dispute. Lannister's would just be one of the danger's, and relevant point's of the dispute between both houses. Also as said, I can change one of their greater house, allegiances. I want to make this work. So I will do anything that is needed to reach that goal.

Offline RedEve

Re: A Game Of Thrones - Deadly Rivalries (A song of Ice and Fire)
« Reply #9 on: April 14, 2013, 06:51:47 AM »
This is your roleplay so I am not going to tell you how you should run it.
I'm just saying that if you are going to use the Lannisters, they will be expected to behave in a certain way.

Offline ProsakTopic starter

Re: A Game Of Thrones - Deadly Rivalries (A song of Ice and Fire)
« Reply #10 on: April 14, 2013, 06:58:00 AM »
Ya, mad at the both of them. Ordering them to stop. And trying to put a stop to the feud. And if they continue, it would be stopped by force. That is what a Lannister would do. And even when the situation is squashed, they will still argue and sulk. Maybe even have thing's end bloody. Lannistter's coming in on them both. Even then, in the end it is also a mystery. On top of the political intrigue.  I understand how Lannister's would react. Lol, so no worries their.

Edit: I think I must also add that this wont just be a feud. It is also experiencing the relationship between two different houses. The feud is just a small layer, in the web, that is going to be this story. It is not full on fighting, just them bickering. Make sens?
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Re: A Game Of Thrones - Deadly Rivalries (A song of Ice and Fire)
« Reply #11 on: April 15, 2013, 05:49:22 AM »
Name: Conner Holdan
Title: Lord Conner Holdan

Age: 18


Description: Six feet tall. Blond hair, Hazel eye's. A large scar across his shoulder, from sparring. A small scar right above his right eye, from falling off a horse as a child.

House: Holdan

Role: Head of House Holdan

Bio: Conner grew up, living in the shadow of his older brother. Whom always had their father's love, and admiration. Or so Conner thought. To Conner. His brother was nothing more then an obstacle. Some one whom was always in his way. Conner studied hard, trained even harder. But never got his father's attention. Despite his disdain, he was a respectful son. And, a respectful brother. Always doing as told. As expected of him. Showing honor to the Holdan name above all else.  But, now things in his life have turned for the worst. His father died in his arm's. Speaking of his love, and trust in Conner. Revealing how he always found Conner to be a true Holdan. Giving the right's, to the Holdan name, and house. As head of their house. Currently, no one believes him. But on this day, he will prove to them. As distasteful as it is to bow towards ones younger brother. He is, rightfully the Head of house Holdan. And, his first concern's are towards the city of Highever's best interest. His fathers death still foremost on his mind, but honorably putting the people first. For now, the best he can do is put on an investigation. The path of least resistance. At least until he can prove without a doubt if his father was murdered. Why he was murdered. And who murdered him.

Personality: He is a some what brash man. Who, does not yet know him self. But, has a sens of honor and duty. Keeping it as close to his heart, as those he loves. He stick's true to his integrity. And, does his best to do what he feel's is right. Socially, he is a shy person. Preferring to either keep himself as company. Or keep the company of very few. He only ever makes contact with his family and servants. He has few friends. But, the one's he does have mean as much to him as any one else.

Skill's: Basic knowledge required to manage his land's, and account's. Is a trained swordsmen, and skilled fighter. But, not very skilled at being social. Or, at playing the Game Of Thrones.
Motivation's: To serve his house honorably. And, admirably. To honor, and avenge his father. And, to find his own happiness some day.

Sexuality: Straight. Dominate. Oral receiving/giving. Anal, vaginal. Romance. Kissing. Biting. Foreplay. Licking. Teasing. 
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