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Author Topic: Violelia's Plot Ideas. [M seeking all sorts of F]  (Read 6643 times)

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Violelia's Plot Ideas. [M seeking all sorts of F]
« on: April 04, 2013, 12:04:06 AM »

Welcome, to Violelia's Seeking thread.
I cannot stress this enough, but please read my O/o's before contacting me to check if we're compatible.
None of the stories are set in stone, most if not all could be changed and or discussed!
For my more slice of life-ish and romance plots, please head over to my thread for hopeless romantics.
Do pm me if you're interested!


Title: Integrated Domain.
Settings: Fantasy themes in a modern setting.
Themes: Overall Light, Romance, Seduction, Humor.

Legends foretold of her return, myths prophesied the death and destruction that would follow in her wake. The female entity of war, the harbinger of destruction would once again walk within the human realm. It would signify the dawn of a new world, one brought forth by this very god, a world ripped from its inhabitants. It had been 99999 years since the last catalyst and a year away from the next alignment of Sol’s orbiting planets with the dead sun of Rah a billion light years away. A secret sect had existed since the beginning of time, its only purpose to prevent her from regaining her full capacity. For years they prepared and when the time finally came, sacrificed their lives with an ancient ritual, one which they believed would end her existence while she was at her weakest, during the one year time frame before the event.

What they had not thoroughly prepared for was for the ritual to fail. Instead of her death, she had instead been ripped from her sleep and left stranded on Earth, her powers torn away and ironically locked within the last place anyone would have ever thought of. Within the balls of a third year university student. And he wasn’t the least like any other hormone fueled males of his age. This man was a hardworking student who loves nothing more than to study and work dedicatedly for charity. He hated things like loud music, piracy and even regularly petition for bans on Internet porn.

The woman would not be able to kill him, least she wants her powers to disintegrate and succumb along with the male. In order for it to fully return to the woman, she would need to make him have an orgasm that would be both willing and filled with his love for her. If she kills him, or if he falls and makes love to another woman, the power would be gone forever, along with her once the year’s deadline catches up.

The story would involve the woman approaching the male and to try and corrupt him to her side. She wouldn't be able to force nor threaten him, for the only way she can regain her power has to be willingly done from the male side. The male too, might be attracted to another female in the process, something that would bring quite a challenge to them both. For not only the first female might get jealous, but if the male falls in love with the second, the first would forever lose her powers. /size]

Title: Offline temptations.
Settings: Modern.
Themes: Adultery.
Specific kinks: Outdoors/Public Sex/Masturbation, Humiliation, Orgasm control.

“Put it inside of you.”

You’re a married woman, one with an online fling that has currently lasted over a year. You’re unhappy with your life. No kids, low paying job and a husband that was getting fatter and rounder every single day, not to mention his tool the size of your little finger. You met someone in an internet chat room one day and conversations about the weather and the news soon blossomed into something sexual. You guys talked about your kinks and your fantasies, you told him about your husband, and he in turned told you about what he wanted to do with you. Photos soon led to phone sex, which soon led to him asking for a meet up. You knew you would never betray your husband, something he very well knew too. So he asked for a simple cup of coffee at a public place. You accepted, what do you have to lose?

The day eventually arrived and as you sat by the Star bucks at the mall, dressed for the first time in many years to impress, you received a text asking you to reach behind the chair. To grab the box placed behind, for it was a present from him to you. Confused and excited at what it might contain, you open it up, only to see a shiny pink egg shaped vibrator. You stared at it, confounded at the very thought of what you were seeing till you received a message on your cell phone.

“Put it in.”

Then, you remembered the very words you yourself had told him. As long as he didn’t touch nor tried anything physical with you, she wouldn’t consider it as an affair. Something he knew very well of, something he’ll try to turn to his advantage, he won’t do nor ask anything of you. Till you’re a writhing mess begging for him to fuck you. [/s]

Notes: The two characters would spend a lovely day looking like a normal, average couple on a date. They would enjoy typical couple things, having a meal together, browsing stores and or catching a movie. Yet no one would notice the slight shivering of the woman's legs, nor the tiny remote control the man has in his grasp. He would tempt her with mild vibrations, or drive her insane with heavy ones, he'll bring her to the edge of her climax in crowded areas, yet never over the top. He would control, play with her pleasures and only till had he been satisfied, will he grant her sweet release.

Title: Visage
Settings: Modern Fantasy.
Themes: BDSM.
Specific Kinks : Massaging, Masturbation, Fingers.

The world wasn’t all what it seemed like.

Unnatural forces flows through each and every individual, granting them with abilities and powers beyond an average human’s limits and comprehension. Some fully embraced their powers, using it in favor of mankind, while others abused it, causing chaos and destruction where ever they went. With what they had done, the opposite fractions of the powered humans were labeled as either heroes or villains. Each with their own special agendas and abilities. With what powers and responsibilities they each held in their arms, they had all forsaken the pleasures of living a normal, simple life. Instead spending their days in loneliness and anguish.

And here was what the Visage was made for. An innocuous building with a tradition of cease fire made solely for both powered humans known as either a hero or a villain. It was a place of utmost relaxation, where they would come after long days of either maintaining peace or causing destruction, to give their battered bodies and souls a well-deserved rest. They’ll be served food cooked by the highest quality of chefs, given a spa and if requested a lengthy massage to either simply release their strained muscles, or one of a more erotic nature.

Everything would be on the house, welcome to The Visage, where the comfort belongs to you.

Notes: A lot of how the plot could pan up would be up for discussion. Would it be a simple smut plot of a super-heroine getting a sensual, erotic massage? Or could the Masseur be a Villain sympathizer and slip an anesthetic into the oil, rendering the hero helpless and to his mercy. Or maybe it's the only chance where villains would let their guards down for a lone human masseur to get his revenge?   

Title: Chains of etiquette.
Setting: Modern
Themes: BDSM, Power Play, D/s relationship.
Specific Kinks : Pain and pleasure, Forced Orgasm and Control, Master / Slave relationship.

The woman was a top ranking member of the Yakuza, one who’s luscious body was not perfectly toned and sleek, but instead covered with both tattoos and scars of her past. The former of her many kills and achievements, the latter both a warning and reminder for the pain she had once felt. The woman was one of the most violent and dangerous human beings one would ever had the chance of crossing paths with. She was in a position of power, dominance and control, she had everything and everyone bowed down to her.

Until they came. A foreign crime syndicate who had escaped their country and taken refuge in her city. With a single strategic strike, they took out all the key members and establishments of the Yakuza, leaving only a few men, mostly useless grunts and cattle alive to spread their reputation. She had survived and seeking revenge for what they had done, the woman tried to sneak into their headquarters to assassinate the head of the syndicate. She eventually came close but was instead overpowered by the man and left beaten an inch away from death.

He however, for some reason had chosen to spare the woman. Nursing her back into health, he bought her back to the mansion where he resides in, turning her into whatever his moods demands, be it as a maid, a slave or a simple sex toy. Simply to put, he would tell her of his desires to turn her into a sophisticated, noble woman, one worthy of him. From the way she dressed down to the way she handled her food, he would teach her everything, and if she were to disobey, disrespect or to simply place a fork half an inch away from the proper position in the listed etiquette, he would press the button connected to the shock collar placed around the woman’s neck, sending thousands of volts across her body. [/s]

This would basically be a Master/slave pairing between the Syndicate's head and the Yakuza woman. It would be up to us both on how much punishment or pleasure would be granted upon her.[/size]

Title: Unfulfilled Desires.
Settings: Up for discussion.
Themes: BDSM, D/s.
Specific Kinks : Blindfolds, (read notes for next)

She woke up blindfolded, her hands tied and bounded behind her. She couldn’t move nor shout for help. She could feel a presence around her, someone, what seems to be a male. One who’s hands and body could be felt against her, touching her, stroking her. His muscular frame, his well-endowed member would brushed and grind-ed against the helpless woman. She could scream or struggle, nothing would help.

Or she could simply lean back and fall to her desires.

The man would bring her to the peak of her climax, yet never over. He'll repeat his movements with self control, he'll ignore her cries, her pleas and even his own arousal. He has a job, and only had he made sure that the woman had taken enough, would he grant her an orgasm. The first of many, regardless of whether she would want it or not.

And even so, the man would not speak a single word, only the moans and grunts of pleasure that would leave his lips as he uses her body could be heard. She would not see his face, nor know his identity. In fact, she wouldn’t even know the amount of people in the room that would take turns to fuck her, the equipments or toys they used on her, or even the amount of people that were watching her.

A person’s deepest desires and darkest fantasies. Everything shall come true.

Note: Here is a plot which you'll tell me all of the kinks and fantasies you want to in the center of, and I'll make it come true. With only one catch, you'll be tied up, blindfolded and at my mercy.

Title: Assume the position.
Settings: Modern.
Themes: Power play, Adultery, Seduction, Passion, Temptations.

She had either fallen from marriage or having a husband that had fell into a pile of debts so deep, their lives would be ruined and they would be kicked out of their own houses. Maybe even both. Whatever it was, had she not taken up a job, her entire family would crumble in her eyes. She could have kids; her body was still young and amazing for someone her age yet not as perfect as she once was. She was insecure, afraid yet would do anything to keep her children safe.
She found a job as a secretary at a famous well established firm. With things finally going her way, she seemed to have finally gotten out of rock bottom, till the day she had somehow caught the attention of her boss. Someone who’s attention had not faltered nor seemed to care the slightest about the wedding ring on her hand, nor the pictures of her family on her desk. Someone infatuated, or even obsessed with the woman.

And she would fight against the temptations, the desires to be with someone like him. Someone who could give her the things she had always wanted but could never have. Someone who would reignite the burnt out flame deep within her chest. She would think about her family, but other than her children, who he could easily take care of, there was nothing to hold her back. Not the mundane life she would leave behind, nor the alcoholic gambler of a husband. She would tell herself to resist, to fight, till she no longer could.

Notes: This isn't one of those stereotypically cliche blackmail secretary type. But a plot of how he would psychologically tempt her over to his side.

Title: Lady in red.
Setting: Up for discussion.
Themes: Up for discussion.

The lady in red. No one knew where she came from, what she was, nor where her stories originated from. From tales to scare children to ones spoken at campfires to erotic tales told between adult, many versions of her were told. Some claimed to have her as a demon, some as succubus or monsters. What they all had in common, was that she was one of the most beautiful woman the unfortunate male lead had encountered and was killed by, and that she was always dressed in red.

Note: Would she be a succubus that requires the man's life force in exchange for power? A demon that would exchange the man's soul for a throne? Thousands of possibilities for red, all up for discussion.

Batman (or hero of your choice)  / Harley Quinn (or villainess of your choice).

Scientists had discovered in recent studies that a cure for evil does exist. Based on the simplest of fundamentals for a human being’s emotion, they discovered that the one way to turn an evil being back into the light, was not of reprogramming or conditional, but instead love. Showering with a villain with nothing but love and love alone, would eventually turn even the cruelest of beings into one with remorse, morals and of course, love.

Thus when a certain villainess was caught and sent into Arkham, a certain hero was placed in charge of “curing” her. Unlike the old insane asylum, there would be no electric shocks, no drugs nor lobotomy. Instead there will be romantic strolls by the beach, candlelit dinners and warm sensual massages by the moonlight.

Joker / pretty much everyone.

I would definitely love to play an out of control Joker that gained access to a list of identities to every single hero and heroine across the globe. Their strengths but specifically their weaknesses would be known to him. He would target a certain, or a few depending on your preference. But whatever it is, I would love to take the role of a sadistic mad man with the lives and bodies of a few heroines at his mercy.
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Re: Violelia's Plot Ideas. [M seeking all sorts of F]
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2013, 05:54:22 PM »
A few plots I currently have in mind and or would be craving for. Too lazy to properly code it and add it into the main post, so here it shall stay till I get to it ;D.

Pairing : Shipwrecked Traveller x Elf.

16th century, a stowaway who had decided to leave his poverty stricken life behind, found himself ship wrecked upon an island many days away from the nearest signs of civilisation. Hearing mysterious noises coming from within the trees late at night and terrified of the beings that would inhabit the island, he instead spends his days near the water’s edge, trying ways of signalling for help, help that would never come. On the verge of starving and when he had giving up all hope of rescue, he stumbled into the forest, hoping to find salvation.

To his surprise, he would chance upon (or fallen unconscious and get rescued by) a village of elves. Ones which know not of his gender, since only females populate theirs. Having their population slowly die off due to the lack of a male elf, they would require him to repopulate the village in return for safe passage and food. By choice, or by force. 

This could work two ways, having a much more vanilla version of elves, or darker ones. Either way, both know of the pleasure human bodies would bring, the former resulting in a slightly tender and more loving fashion, the former in a rougher, heated one. We could have a mixture of the two, different species that inhabit the same village if you want to double it as well.

Pictures for inspiration. NSFW
Vanilla :
Dark :

Pairing : Gladiator x Noblewoman.

You are a woman of great power, status and wealth. One who’s beauty and sharp tongue was unrivaled in almost all of ancient Rome. The only problem, was that you are his possession. Your husband, a frail old Roman general who had won many wars and had slain many men. He would drive all woman crazy and wet with desire, had it been thirty years ago. He had merely wedded you to gain more power and to acquire you as a personal trophy. Hearing the erotic tales and fulfilled fantasies of the many other wives amongst your group, you couldn’t help but be jealous of them, as they were of you and your wealth. But they do not know of your husband’s lack of libido, nor his inability to salute (eh? Get it?). You are unable to have an affair, for adultery would lead to your execution, and most men would not dare to defy your husband, be it out of fear or honor. 

One day, your husband decided to purchase a farm of gladiators. Men of all sorts were soon brought in front of you, murderers, rapists, thieves. Men who not only had the fact that were no longer allowed back in society in common, but that they were all unbelievably built and good looking. Some were huge, muscles bulging everywhere, others were slimmer, but well-toned and fit. Some looked gruff, their eyes filled with fierceness and ferocity, others gentle, warming, manipulative. To him, they were all slaves to his bidding, to you, they were something else. Men who wouldn’t be believed in if they were to tell tales of what you want of them, men who would do anything you request of them save a session with the whip. But most importantly, men who had not been in the company of women for a long time.

Pictures for inspiration. NSFW.

Pairing : Knight x Monster girl.
There was a legendary knight, known for his many war conquests, unrivaled fighting skills and his unbelievably inhumane abilities to pleasure a woman. With the many tales and rumors of monsters, demons and beings of sorts utterly eradicating and wiping smaller villages off the maps of the far ends of the current king’s kingdom. The knight was sent forth to solve the problem, to travel into the unknowns, the undiscovered, unmapped terrains of the far east, to find and slay the demon king that resides there.

On his way over, he saw a woman being raped by monsters. A woman unlike any he had seen before, it was not only her beauty that struck him, but also of the weird symbols across her skin. (or whatever else you want). She is a monster, and for some weird reason, the knight had rescued and spared her. She chose to follow him as a result, wanting not only to express her gratitude, but with a hidden agenda only she knows.

She could be the wife of the demon king, one that had been banished and stripped of her power due to her falling in love with a human. She could also be cursed with an insatiable urge for human fluids, both males and females. It could be a pretty vanilla tale, with them falling in love at the end, or it could result in her taking advantage of him, regaining her throne and having his life in her grasp.

Pictures for inspiration.

The knight :

The monster:,%20woman%20159324.jpg

Pairing: Spin the bottle, group?

I want to try a spin the bottle story. This would be male x female, or if more than one is interested, male x female x female.

We could set the rules and such in discussion later, but the idea would be that three teens, (young adults or adults that are extremely bored) were together in a room. There’s a small party of sorts, plenty of drinking and dancing around, sexual tensions were pretty high, till a sudden thunderstorm struck and caused a blackout. Huddling under the blanket for warmth, one of them suggested to play a game of spin the bottle by the candlelight. It could start pretty vanilla, with playful suggestions and jokes all around, but they soon became bolder and bolder, as well as more sexual.

A random rule could be that the last person who had spun the bottle would make a suggestion, example “kiss the person”, “touch the person’s ___”, “lick this part of the person”, and the next person who spins it have to follow the command, and performing it on whoever it lands on. After that, the person who spins would make the next suggestion, for the spinner, who would be the person it had landed on previously.

Pictures for inspiration:

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Re: Violelia's Plot Ideas. [M seeking all sorts of F]
« Reply #2 on: June 27, 2013, 07:30:42 PM »
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Offline KatieSparks

Re: Violelia's Plot Ideas. [M seeking all sorts of F]
« Reply #3 on: June 28, 2013, 09:11:20 AM »
Unfulfilled Desires certainly looks like a lot of fun... but then, who wouldn't want their fantasies indulged? ;o

If you're still lookin' for a partner for the game I'd be happy to play it out with you if our tastes align!

Offline Aphe

Re: Violelia's Plot Ideas. [M seeking all sorts of F]
« Reply #4 on: June 28, 2013, 03:05:04 PM »
All sound like fun ideas! Do you have a partner for Intergrated Domain yet?

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Re: Violelia's Plot Ideas. [M seeking all sorts of F]
« Reply #5 on: July 01, 2013, 09:50:48 PM »
Added in a Spiderman Fandom Plot.

Craving for Offline temptations, Visage, the newly added Spiderman plot and all of the Star Wars pairing.

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Re: Violelia's Plot Ideas. [M seeking all sorts of F]
« Reply #6 on: July 15, 2013, 09:28:54 PM »
Plots moved to original post.
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Re: Violelia's Plot Ideas. [M seeking all sorts of F]
« Reply #7 on: July 20, 2013, 10:19:02 PM »
Chains of Etiquette sounds divine, actually.

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Re: Violelia's Plot Ideas. [M seeking all sorts of F]
« Reply #8 on: August 06, 2013, 12:57:53 PM »
Updated with tons of new original and fandom plots!

Fandoms are up in the main post, original ones are in the second due to my laziness to edit them in!

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Re: Violelia's Plot Ideas. [M seeking all sorts of F]
« Reply #9 on: August 08, 2013, 09:35:34 PM »
Added a few writing samples on the third post.

Still looking for partners, mostly for the newer plots listed on the second post.

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Re: Violelia's Plot Ideas. [M seeking all sorts of F]
« Reply #10 on: August 11, 2013, 11:18:19 PM »
Removed taken plots.

Still looking for more partners for opened ones!

Pm me! :D

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Re: Violelia's Plot Ideas. [M seeking all sorts of F]
« Reply #11 on: August 15, 2013, 03:02:46 AM »
Offline temptations taken and the majority of fandoms are removed.

Added a dozen or so inspirational pictures simply for inspiration, or for one shots if someone is interested (; .

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Re: Violelia's Plot Ideas. [M seeking all sorts of F]
« Reply #12 on: September 11, 2013, 09:16:45 PM »
Offline temptations taken.

Back from hiatus and would be craving for all 2nd posts plots and ones set in Star Wars / comic fandoms.

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Re: Violelia's Plot Ideas. [M seeking all sorts of F]
« Reply #13 on: February 23, 2014, 03:55:26 PM »
Updated a little, finding new partners (; .

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Re: Violelia's Plot Ideas. [M seeking all sorts of F]
« Reply #14 on: March 28, 2014, 11:47:07 PM »
Monthly after hiatus bump.