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Author Topic: Violelia's cafe for hopeless romantics [M seeking F]  (Read 541 times)

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Violelia's cafe for hopeless romantics [M seeking F]
« on: February 07, 2014, 12:17:26 AM »

Welcome, to Violelia's Seeking thread for the romantically hopeless.
I cannot stress this enough, but please read my O/o's before contacting me to check if we're compatible.
None of the stories are set in stone, most if not all could be changed and or discussed!
Do pm me if you're interested!


Note: None of the characters in the GIFS are required for the story. They're used merely for inspiration and nothing really beats Asian drama gifs in terms of cute and sweetness.

Title: Antithetical Classmates.
Genre: Romance, Slice of Life, Hurt/Comfort, Angst.
Status: Open.

She's the number 1 honor student at her high school, the one whom people would vote most successfully, smart and hardworking. The student who spent more time with her face buried between books than in front of her friends, if she had any. She was on a direct ride straight towards one of the most prestigious of Universities in Tokyo, she knew it, her classmates knew it, hell, even the teachers knew. Which made her the target of vicious bullying.

He's almost the exact same as her and at the same time, entirely different. He's number 1 too, from the bottom. He's would have won the fiercest, most violent, and most likely to end up dead dealing drugs in an alley award. He too, did not have much friends, or in fact any at all. But it's mainly because he choose to be alone and the rest were too afraid to approach him either way.

And then it happened, the final straw for the both of them. When the stuffed, painted lockers and torn up notebook of hers with the amount of failed tests and lack of attendance from him, threatened both their ability to remain in school. For some unknown reason, the teacher thought that the number one student would be an excellent influence on him, so for the first time, the guy who never came to class, sat next to the one who did not miss a single one.


Title: Nothing and everything for a price.
Themes: Romance, Slice of Life.
Status: Open.

As part of a joke, her friends put her details up craigslist (or something like that), offering to sell her services for a very ridiculously high price, one which no one in their right mind would pay for. A price none of them thought anyone would try to even match, as it was after all, a joke.

So it was pretty surprising when a rich playboy suddenly approached her, asking about her ad. Someone who has no problems whatsoever going along with her impossibly high price. She had originally planned to say no, but with him being able to pay every single number she randomly threw, it has got her thinking. In addition, his good looks was a plus.

Being a poor university student that was behind thousands of dollars in her debts, a little bit of money can't hurt, right?


Title: Untitled Japan story.
Themes: -
Status: Open

Would love to play a romance themed game in the backdrop of a small Japanese town.

School life, cherry blossoms and carnivals, what's there not to like?


Title: The most selfish thought imaginable.
Themes: Romance, Slice of Life, Light content, Best friends.
Status: Taken.

The two had an unspoken rule between them. Just one single rule. They will never fall in love with one another. Growing up, the two were the closest of friends, they were inseparable, nothing could come between the two of them. There was nothing the two could not share with each other, their problems, their secrets, whatever were on their mind. They were always there for one another, throughout harsher times or pleasant days. From breakups to plotting ways for getting their crushes to like them back.

What they had was a relationship that had transcended beyond the bond normal friends share, yet instead of  turning into love, they simply continued growing that relationship. Imagine leveling up your Pokemon but not wanting to evolve it, constantly pressing that B button whenever you gain a level, yet knowing that the day you did not, all you had done so far would had been for vain. You'll not get back that cute little monster you originally had.

It was the same for them, and though both had the thoughts of "what ifs," neither of them took that one daring leap which would change the way both of them really felt. Maybe it was fear, anxiety, or maybe they both just weren't single at the same time.

Till one single day, when one of them decided that he/she had enough. That he/she would make the most selfish decision of them all, to entertain the most selfish thought imaginable.

Title: Neither Light nor Camera, just Action.
Genre: Romance, Slice of Life, Passion.
Status: Open.

The two of them had never worked, much less talked with the other, yet always have high praises for one another. As professional actors who constantly have their lives exposed in front of cameras, it's just what they do. Having a good relationship, rumor or even just praising another actor in front of the camera is part of their job.

The man has more of a tougher bad boy image, having multiple brushes with the law, constantly being drunk and getting into tons of problem for both himself and his management, while the woman was the complete opposite. She has more of an innocent image, capturing the love of millions with her beautiful smile and cheerful attitude.

Yet for the both of them, what people see or know of them, are simply what they see in front of a television screen. Each has their own problems, but neither of them expected the other to be able to help them get through it. Much less meeting on a new set as new cast mates.

Cast mates casted romantically alongside one another.

Title: The player effect.
Genre: Romance, Best friends, Light, Slice of Life.
Status: Taken.

The two of them are the best of friends. She's a hardworking student that lives in a tiny apartment and holds two jobs to pay for both her tuition and her rent. He's the rich heir of a billion dollar empire. She's always lost between pages of a romance novel while he always wakes up between the embrace of two women he'll never talk to again. They have almost nothing in common, except for the day their fates entwined when she rescued him from drowning in kindergarten, and they've been best friends ever since.

He's always trying to get her to be his girlfriend, constantly fooling around with her, teasing her, telling her he likes her, yet she always rejects him. They both always joked about how he wasn't serious, but what she doesn't know is that deep down, he truly is. There were many times he came close to truly confessing his feelings, yet each time he couldn't, be it his pride or his nervousness, eventually brushing it off as a joke, telling her that it was just his personality as a player acting out.

He'll constantly and continuously put them both through embarrassing situations, and maybe one day, just maybe, he'll finally have the courage to speak what he held so dearly in his heart.

Title: My wheelchair lady.
Genre: Romance, Slice of Life, Hurt / Comfort.
Status: Open.

Before his career ending injury, the man was an Olympic medal Karate black belt, pride of the nation and on a course to greatness. It all came crashing down at the most watched fighting event last year. With the score narrowly tied with five seconds on the clock, the man went for an all or nothing move, pushing his body to the extreme and risking drastic injury for the gold medal. But unlike a fairytale ending, most risks do not equal great rewards, leaving the man on the ground, shamed and broken.

Years had passed since then, his legs were supposed to be fully healed, doctors found nothing wrong with it, yet he was still constantly plagued by nights after nights of phantom pains, a psychological torment as he was told. The man had not found the courage to step back in the ring, instead spending his days get drunk and being extremely unhealthy in general.

Then one very night, intoxicated way pass the average drinking level, the man felt that he could no longer stand the pain. It was after a failed suicide attempt did his childhood friend showed up at his door, promising to change his life around. And because he had needed a helper due to the newer injuries, he eventually accepted her offer to stay.


Title: A literal work relationship.
Genre: Passion, Powerplay, Seduction, Public, Office Setting, Romance(?).
Status: Open.

Work is stressful, love is time consuming. Non committal sex is unwinding, and not caring about the other's feeling is just icing on the cake.

The two of them worked in the same offices. They are colleagues that exist simply in the company's hierarchy system, they don't work on the same floor, they don't know each other well, they don't even speak to one another unless it's a joint project, something that would never happen.
The two of them are in high powered, high stressed job positions, ones with huge pays and big benefits, ones that constantly pelter them unrelentingly with stress and such time consuming office hours, neither of them could find the chance to relax themselves, to destress, to find themselves in the comfort of another person's touch.

Which was how they found one another. A no strings attached relationship, it doesn't matter if they were at work or at home, if one sends the text, the other surely agrees. They're not friends, hardly acquaintances. They use each other simply for pleasure and nothing else. 


Title: Undecided
Genre: Incest, etc etc.
Status: Open.

A scene for an one shot incest I would like to try out. Basically the sister crawling into the brother's bed early in the morning, complaining about her lack of undergarments. Could lead to anything really, even a thousand page long role play that extends into them crashing the Millennium falcon onto the home world of the brain bugs where they die seconds before the marines arrive.


Title: Untitled.
Genre: Anything really with tons of violence, gore and sex. (separately of course).
Status: Open.

I would like to play the role of an insane Yakuza hitman like this. It could honestly be alongside anyone you can think of. A member of another Yakuza family? A Police officer? A zombie apocalypse survivor!? Invasion of the fluffy unicorns from Uranus!?


Untitled comedy.
Genre: Comedy and loads of sexy time.
Status: Open.

I would like to go through a story mostly based on Comedy than anything else. The story would be of a couple that always finds themselves in embarrassingly hilarious situations. The main point of the story is for the two of them to actually be in love. Not that perfect type of couples you normally see in role plays, but goofier ones. Ones that did not cared about farting while the other is under the blanket, leaving the toilet seat up or leaving strands of hair clogged in the sinks.

The plot could honesty be anything at all.

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Re: Violelia's cafe for hopeless romantics [M seeking F]
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2014, 11:46:06 AM »
Added in plots status.

Two plots taken, 3 new plots added.

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Re: Violelia's cafe for hopeless romantics [M seeking F]
« Reply #2 on: March 28, 2014, 11:44:57 PM »
Back from hiatus and monthly bump!