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Game has started, but we're currently hoping to find a Magic/Witch character and a Watcher for our slayer. If you're interested please get in touch  :-)

A subscription to Lovefilm and a quiet browse of the various TV series on offer ended up about 36 hours later with me having watched more Buffy (and the occasional Angel) episodes then I care to admit. I remembered why I loved the show when I first saw it (and surprisingly it holds up rather well, even all these years later). It also seemed to me to be a great theme for a group RP.

Fairview was just another US town. Large enough to have everything you'd expect, small enough that no-one really paid it any special attention. The football team punched above its weight but beyond that you'd struggle to find anything notable. Perhaps the crime rate was a little higher than you'd expect but that was waved away by pointing out how a couple of biker gangs with a tendency to abuse PCP sometimes rolled into town and the only real disappearances that remained publicly unexplained were drifters and the homeless... the ones who people generally didn't care about. Fairview was a nice town... a nice town to work in, a nice town to raise a family. It wasn't prosperous but it wasn't poor, it wasn't high class but it wasn't rough. One could live a good life in Fairview, a life free from excitement, risk and danger.

Unless one scratched the surface...

Life wasn't quite as regular as people would like to think. Deep below Fairview something rumbled. It writhed and it snarled and it spit its fury and disgust at the world above. In the caverns that riddled the earth beneath Fairview, a Hellmouth sat, a hole in the barriers between dimensions. From that vile portal all manner of beasts and demons would come forth, desperate for a taste of human flesh.

And only one woman could stop them.

The Hellmouth may attract all manner of soulless creatures but it also attracted the one destined to oppose them. The Slayer, a girl imbued with the strength to confront evil. There can only be one... but this one happened to have arrived in Fairview.


So, what's the roleplay about?

In essence I'm aiming for a sort of alternative universe Buffy tale, featuring an original slayer, original cast of friends and original cast of enemies. The starting point would be roughly the start of the TV show; the Slayer knows she's the Slayer but has only just arrived in Fairview and is trying to balance out the whole “saving the world” thing with the more mundane aspects of teenage life. For roleplaying purposes the Slayer will just have arrived at college (and so will be at least 18).

On one level Buffy was just a fun show based around having a “monster of the week” that needed to be defeated while a copious number of one-liners and pop culture references were thrown out. On the other hand it also used that platform to explore a number of far deeper issues; addiction, abusive relationships, the nature of trust, family, friendship and loss and a whole bunch of other things; something I hope this rp can at least touch on.

An encyclopaedic knowledge of the Buffy universe certainly isn't required. The Buffy creators themselves regularly played fast and loose (or forgot) about their own continuity. For those wanting a little more background there's the excellent Buffy (and Angel) Wikia but frankly the last thing I want is to get stuck into deep arguments about the exact nature of the universe.


What characters are you looking for?

Personally I'm looking to take on more of GM type role, overseeing and moving the game forward while also playing a supporting character, a (sort of) antagonist and any NPCs as necessary).

There are only really two “essential” characters that I'm looking for.

The Slayer: The titular character and such arguably the “main” one.

Her Watcher: The slayer's guide, trainer, researcher and whatever else is needed. At the most basic the Watcher basically acts as a way to offer exposition and set up each story (“Slayer, I researched the murders you mentioned. It is most likely a Gwar demon...” etc etc) and as such would have to work OOC with me quite closely. If no-one's willing I'd be able to play the Watcher but would basically limit it to that; I'd love to see someone play a more developed character.

Outside of the above two everything is basically up for grabs. The Slayer will have (or at least gain) human family, friends and acquaintances (who may or may not be aware of magic, demons and the like), not every demon wants to rend every human they see limb from limb and there's more than enough room for a large supporting cast (including one-off characters and antagonists for anyone interested).

One note of caution: a 400 year old Lich who had renounced evil may be a great character... but it will be somewhat hard to include them in a story based around investigating the college football team and how it gets such great results. That's no reason not to play the character but there's the real possibility that they'll find themselves on the periphery of certain plots. Hopefully I'll be able to keep a couple of plots going to minimise this but for that reason I'm more than happy for people to play two or more characters if they feel like it.

For those looking for inspiration, examples of the supporting cast from the TV shown can be found here. I'm not against characters inspired by those but I'd like to see some originality; Nails the (sort of) cockney English vampire who looks like Billy Idol and always wears a black leather trenchcoat is a bit obvious for my liking.


What about the sex?

I'm hoping for a plot driven RP with sex as opposed to a sex driven RP with some plot. That said having rewatched Buffy recently, there's actually a lot of sex in there (more than I remembered from my first viewing)... and some of it pretty kinky, so there's certainly room for some fun escapades to take place.

As for the nature of the sex, that's very much up to the players. If people want to keep it light that's great but the nature of the world (all soulless beasts, werewolves and tentacles) means there's also the opportunity to have NC and/or exotic elements. It's a case of what the players are happy with and what the story lends itself to.


How would this kick off?

The first part of the story would clearly be about the cast meeting up and getting to know each other. My idea would be a college party, probably in the woods, which would (of course) be attacked by some form of evil beast. That gives the Slayer a chance to do some slaying, the rest a chance to see her slaying and a way to kick everything into motion before a longer arc focusing on the first big bad. If anyone wants to play the first major antagonist then I'd love to hear from them and discuss ideas but I've got some ideas of my own we could throw around.


So, what next?

If I've caught your fancy then please get in touch by replying and/or sending a pm. As above, almost any character is welcome and once we've got a group together we can start this thing off...


Color me interested!  Especially for playing an OC slayer. ^_^  And I'd love there to be exotic/NC bits in there.  I'd have to figure out a character for it, but definitely interested.


Also interested, and have a support character already from a previous attempt at a Buffy game that didn't get far.  Here's hoping Photo gets involved as well.  Here's the old one:

Name: Eric Caulfield
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Brief Background: Eric was born to a rather affluent family, his father a radar engineer for Lockheed Martin, one of the primary Department of Defense contractors.  He took an interest in history before long, particularly ancient myths.  By the time he finished junior high he knew all of the Greek myths, and he continued on to Norse and Egyptian in high school.  He attended UCLA and focused on history and world religions, eventually pursuing a degree in Sociocultural Anthropology.  By 26 he'd earned his PhD, continuing to focus on the role of religions throughout history and narrowing that to the Middle Ages.  Shortly after graduation, he had a book published on the transitions from pagan cultures into modern day Catholicism.  Eric was recognized by the academic community, and his publisher gave him a significant advance for his next book, in which he promised to link the Catholic Church to vampire myths.

Eric had decided his second book would focus on the myths regarding vampires, given their current presence in American pop culture, and a tour of several European and southwest Asian countries was arranged.  He started in Iran, as Persian pottery was the first known record of vampiric depictions.  He then went on to many other countries, discovering several other ancient tales about them.  As he'd hoped, he found a significant lack of records leading up to the 12th century, when they first appeared in Hungary.  Thus far his findings supported his theory that the Catholic church had revived the fears of vampires in order to gain power, and he began investigating sites of attacks and old churches, learning many of the myths surrounding his new topic.  He found scrolls, paintings, stories, and vampires.  The attack killed his tour guide and one other, and Eric barely survived, though many of his notes were left behind.  He had to leave Hungary due to pressure from the host government after having even more of his materials confiscated, and his publisher was devastated when Eric told him he would not be writing the book as planned, though he did not give the real reason why.
He was forced to pay back some of the advance on the second book, and his second book, which remained on the topic of vampires, was not a success.  Though his decision to not say that vampires were real prevented him from losing credibility, he instead was deemed guilty of publishing a book too uninteresting to discuss.  He returned to UCLA as a history professor at a significantly lower salary than he could have had the previous year, and met Buffy during the fall semester.
Personality: Eric is an unhappy man.  His fiancee left him shortly after his return from Europe, stating that he wasn't the same man.  He has progressed from being an atheist into being an avid enemy of the Catholic Church.  While he no longer believes that the Church is responsible for making up stories of vampires, he does believe that modern vampires are the result of experiments conducted by the Catholic Church during the Dark Ages.  He is slightly obsessed with Buffy and it would be difficult to guess how far he'd go to get her.  Even though she irritates him constantly and part of him knows that they aren't right for each other, she is the first woman to make him feel special since his ex, and hands down the hottest woman he has ever been with.

Ambitions: To get Buffy back, to re-earn some of his credibility, and to do what the church has failed to do by killing vampires.
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Title: Hunter/Assistant Watcher
Details: Has a decent knowledge of world history and a fairly significant knowledge of religious and vampire lore.  He also has some ability with communications devices and basic combat skills.
Fighting Style: He uses a weapon of his own design, modified from a small double headed hammer.  The grip is wooden, and is sharpened at the base.  Above the head is a small, flat blade.  When brandished upright, it forms the shape of a cross, and has proven effective in earning at least a flinch from his enemies when they see it, as the cross is empowered by his belief in the power of the cross over vampires, for he believes they are weakened by the sign of their creators.  He has no formal training as a fighter, relying on surprise, aggressiveness, and his cross.  He normally attempts to get both himself and the vampire off balance, trusting that with his focus and versatile weapon he is far more likely to have the advantage when neither of them have their footing.
Physical Description: He has a wiry build, with large, veiny forearms that rival his small biceps.  When dressed for battle, he generally wears a loose, long sleeved shirt, and underneath he wears a small, hard shoulder pad to absorb some of the impact from shouldering into someone, or running himself into a wall with his opponent. He also wears a reinforced fingerless glove on his left hand, leaving his right hand bare.

(Obviously, some things would have to be adjusted, but I loved the general concept)
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Buffy: The Vampire Slayer(IC#2)
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Seems to be a great base for the character; as you say, a couple of things to move around/change but nothing has to be too dramatically  different.

Are you interested in having Eric be the actual Watcher for the Slayer from the start or to have a separate role?


For anyone interested below is an example of the character sheet I hope to use:

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Known Relatives:

Usual Style/Clothes:

Powers (if applicable):

Favorite Quote:


I'm quite interested here o: I'll keep my eye on this. Not sure about what character I could play though...


Quote from: xSnorkleRainbow on March 24, 2013, 04:09:29 PM
I'm quite interested here o: I'll keep my eye on this. Not sure about what character I could play though...

Glad to hear you're interested.

Essentially any character is open to you. You can look at the list of supporting character's from Buffy (or Angel in truth) for inspiration or come up with something completely original; as long as there is a conceivable reason why they'd end up in the vicinity of the Slayer.


I wanted to see what other folks wanted to play.  He's a versatile character, RP-wise, and I could see good character development and tension as Watcher or a group member.
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Buffy: The Vampire Slayer(IC#2)
Intro Thread


I don't have much of anything picked out, but I have a picture! Still deciding on stuff like name, personality, and all that good stuff. ^_^

Name: Scarlett Azalea Steel
Date of Birth: October 23, 1993 (19 years old, Mole Day)
Place of Birth: Atlanta, GA
Known Relatives: Elizabeth Azalea Steel (Fashion Designer), Justin Henry "Hank" Steel (Celebrity Agent, ex-special forces), Alexis Swift (sister-from-another-mister, deceased, watcher)

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 118 lbs.
Hair: Long blonde
Eyes: Sea green
Usual Style/Clothes: Scarlett has an affinity for form fitting clothing, anything from yoga pants and tank tops for lounging around the apartment to spandex for working out, to even tight jeans and cute blouses.  While on patrol this doesn't change much, she's purchased several bodysuits of leather.  Having them custom ordered for ease of movement she wears the body-hugging black leather with a domino mask.  She's been burned once for vamps seeing her face, she's not making the same mistake twice.  The body suit has no sleeves, and a silver (literal silver) zipper than runs down to just under her breasts.  She often has it unzipped to show off the miracle of a push-up bra that gives her a nice cleavage shelf.  The "costume" has silver and wooden stakes that she wears along her thigh, knee-high boots with a three-inch wedge heel and a silver toe. For anything more she carries around a black bag of "tricks" that has extra stakes, and a few other medieval looking weapons in it.
Appearance: Scarlett is a petite blonde with sea green eyes and a physique that one would expect with the Slayer.  She's physically fit from years of gymnastics and dance, although both are well in her past.  Her legs are shapely, and lead into a generous rear with a good six-pack abdomen, pert 34B breasts (although they can look like C's with the right bra).  Her hair is naturally wavy, though she also enjoys wearing it straight every now and again just to mix things up.  She also keeps her hair up in buns or ponytails while patrolling or working out.


Martial Arts:

Personality: Scarlett loves to have a good time, always coming off as a bit bubbly.  She loves to laugh, party, and try new things.  On occasion some might say she's down to earth, though it's often in crisis mode when she needs to think clearly and not just have fun.  In that way some might say it's hard to pin her personality down, at least, until they learn that she's the slayer.  Or rather "Slayer" her name she goes by when she's out on patrol and in full costume.  When in costume she loves to throw quips out while fighting, sometimes feeling just a little bit like Spiderman.  Knowing her life is on the line, but she may as well have fun while doing it. She's a little bit of a goofball at times as well.
Favorite Quote: "And the Trogdor Slayer comes in the niiiiiiiiiiiiiiight"
Quirks: Scarlett can be a bit of a goofball sometimes while others like flipping a switch can turn on the feminine wiles.  It comes from a couple of years modeling for her mom's teen-line of clothing.  Or rather, being able to turn the sexy on, she's always been something of a goofball.
Hobbies: Singing, drawing, slaying vampires.
History: Scarlett has just recently moved across the country from Atlanta to Fairview  so that she can just get away from the largest city in the south.  It's too busy there, too many people know her name, and most of all it happened there.  She became a slayer at seventeen and shortly found out the new History teacher Ms. Swift was to be her watcher.  Telling her things like she's going to save the world and that she's the only one that can do it.  Scarlett thought it was cool at first, she'd always been into comic books, getting lost in the fantasy of being bad-ass enough to dare put on an outfit like Black Canary or Huntress and then fight crime in it.  Now she was one, more like super girl than the other two, but still a superheroine that could be kick ass.

Turns out that it's not that simple.  And being a slayer isn't about stopping crime, but slaying vampires and other demons.  She started off by calling Alexis "Alfred" then moved on to "Oracle" as it seemed the woman was an endless book of knowledge on potential demons she could be facing.  Having a photographic memory helps apparently, and left her with one of the youngest watchers out there.  She learned though, that the woman could fight.  To the point that even with her innate knowledge and new-found powers, that Scarlett had a hard time keeping up with her.

She would often quip that Alexis should be out fighting vampires, not herself.  They became friends pretty quick, not only with slayer duties but going out shopping for new clothes (and sometimes weapons), while also training and going on missions together.  Mostly it's boring patrols, but she felt like she was getting better.  She'd been dissuaded from wearing a mask at night, it'd block her vision.  Besides she kills vampires, it's not as if they'd track her back to her house or anything, and even if they did, then they still would need to be invited inside.  And once there, her dad is ex-special forces.  Vampires were not messing with the right family.

Her training got to the point where she could do solo patrols, she learned a lot by not having the back-up of Alexis with her.  She fed her parents a lie about her teacher and how they'd become friends.  She hated it, and she was fairly certain her dad could tell, even with Alexis backed her up.  She'd had a particularly rough night of fighting vampire after vampire when her dad showed up right when she was dusting one.  She saved him from another and then they had to have a very long talk about what in the hell was going on.  He was...surprisingly understanding about it.  Said he'd seen some things he couldn't explain in his time in special forces, and now it made a little more sense.

Where as they were drifting apart from the lies and conspiracy, now they were drifting back together, her becoming her daddy's little girl once more.  They'd just about resolved to leave her mom out of it, fairly certain she couldn't handle it, and that her dad would help field questions about it.  However then her dad's cell rang and her mom was on the other end.  She was panicked saying something about a monster of a man trying to get inside with giant teeth, looked like something off of a movie set, an orc or a troll.  Alexis was there but it was tearing up their house.

The whole thing (besides her dad finding out) had been a set-up.  Some crazed demon had found out about the slayer, stalked her, found out her identity, then sent the biggest and baddest thing after her family it could find.  Before her dad could say a thing Scarlett was sprinting back to the house, though by the time she got there the monster was dead and her mom was over Alexis holding a blood-soaked towel over her abdomen.  Her watcher was still alive, enough to tell her who was behind it, telling her that maybe the mask wasn't such a bad idea after all, and then perished.

Scarlett spent a good ten minutes trying to revive Alexis but had to be pried away by her mom and dad both.  When she said she had to go, her dad understood, but her mom managed to freak out, only held back by her dad.  Scarlett changed into black denim pants, boots, a leather top, and leather jacket and strapped herself to go to war, then went after the demon.  Alexis' dying words had been to tell her where it was most likely hiding.  So the pissed-off slayer went to him, tortured him for information and then lopped his head off in one clean swipe with her ax.  He hadn't told anyone else, other than the ogre that entered her house and was hell bent on tearing her family apart...literally.  What better way to destroy a slayer than to destroy her family? No good to kill her, another one would come, but her family that was what would destroy a girl.

Scarlett had three months to graduation at the time and felt like a zombie going through it.  Previously she'd decided to go to SCAD Atlanta, but then thought that moving across the country may better protect her family.  The vampires would probably follow her, trying to kill her.  If not, then well, at least they knew what to do. 

She's been in Fairview for a little less than a year now.  She found herself an apartment, using funding from her parents and her previous modeling job, she's at least been able to focus on her studies (all core classes, she doesn't even know if she wants to try anything) and being Slayer.  She's come up with the identity for herself, again found her parents resources to be a huge boon to her success as a slayer.  And wouldn't you know it? There's a Hellmouth in Fairview too. 

She uses her training from Alexis to fight without a watcher.  And while she "makes friends" with people at school she never allows them close enough so that if a demon did figure out who she was, that they wouldn't have anyone to go after.  Not here anyway.  No one but her, and that's the way she likes it.  Granted...that's all about to be turned upside down...or perhaps right side up, nothing has felt right since Alexis sacrificed herself to kill that ogre and save her mom.  It's not exactly as if she can see a counselor and explain to him all of her woes.  She's just going to tough it out, and completely ignore any new watchers that the watcher's guild sends her way.  She doesn't need any more blood on her hands.


Name: Fortula Portoculus
Date of Birth: May 30th, 1994
Place of Birth: New York City (Little Greece)
Known Relatives: Nico Portoculus, Father [Alderman, NYC], Ann Portoculus, Step-Mother [Owner of Small Bar], Nico Portoculus Jr., Half-Brother [Soldier in US Army, Corporal].

Height: 5 ft. 7 in.
Weight: 127 lbs.
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Azure
Usual Style/Clothes: Dresses for the weather conditions and comfort usually in airy colors light azure, blues, greensand white of common materials but usually long dresses and she always dresses like a woman if very feminine.   
http://jasonlan.deviantart.com/art/Helen-of-Troy-281019532] [url]http://jasonlan.deviantart.com/art/Helen-of-Troy-281019532 [/url]

Powers (if applicable):
[Active at the Start]
- Fluent in Ancient and Modern Greek
- Supernatural Beauty
[Under GM Control Only]
- Visions in Dreams from Aphrodite (a Power That Be)
[Standard Powers of Aphrodite's Daughters, Unknown at the Start]
- Nimbus of Light: As long as she makes no offensive action any threat must get passed a divine shield of celestial light, it will not stop attacks that won't harm her but will protect her from powers or harmful force of any source short of an Old One or serious Big Bad.
- Mirror Gate to Aphrodite's Garden: Can walk into a mirror to visit the gardens and baths of Aphrodite a place of serene rest, healing and safety not to mention hang out with nymphs of paradise and relax.
- Magic: Is able with training to use magic well not on par with a witch but must be from Greek ceremonial magic sources and drawn from her mother.

Personality: Is kind, gentle, peaceful, artistic and open minded in fact she is downright as beautiful on the inside as the outside the only issue is she doesn't ever want to hurt anyone or anything.
Favorite Quote: "I'm not gay, just all the people I loved so far happen to be women."
Quirks: Is a pacifist. Is openly a lesbian.
Hobbies: Dancing, Gardening, Music (plays a guitar and can sing quite well), World of Warcraft
History: Not much her mother is Aphrodite the Power That Be to an amazingly handsome Greek man with a kind heart currently an Alderman on NYC overseeing Little Greece and the owner of several businesses. Her father said her mother abandoned her which was not entirely true but her obligations as a Power That Be demanded her not directly contact her daughter save in the odd dream or whisper in the night. But she has several daughters with mortals so is someone more neglectful as other powers but doesn't ignore her child either. She grew up doing well in school, did amazingly well is Greek School to study the Greek Language and Culture. Later she did some modeling once she turned 18 and decided to go to college to major in philosophy on a pre-law track. Is a recent arrival and is staying in the dorms as a Freshman so doesn't know anyone.


Slowly coming up with my character, I'll just modify and edit my last post with the picture until I'm done.

By the by, nice character Ruby! And KC too! Does anyone remember all the powers of the slayer, I remember strength, speed, martial arts...and didn't she have some kind of demon-sense to a degree? That's all I can remember, but it's been a long time since I've seen the show.



My favorite show of all time.

Do count me in. I see you have a slayer volunteer so I will think of something else.
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I'm trying to steer away from being a Buffy clone (too much, short blonde already done though) so I was thinking more comic book geek, probably likes to draw, maybe has a more "girly" side of her, trying to just brainstorm her out right now. But I think that's the direction I'm going in, in case anyone cares. =P


Character Sheet for my (sort of) antagonist:

Name: Azorin - “He who Shapes and Changes”

Date of Birth: Unknown. The first definitive references to Azorin are found in Knights Templar texts from the 12th century, although some scholars have argued that he is either referenced or made an appearance in certain Babylonian and Roman texts.

Place of Birth: Unknown hell-dimension

Known Relatives: None

Height: Changeable. His typical form is about 6'1' tall

Weight: Changeable. His typical form weighs around 185lbs.

Hair: Changeable. His typical form has light brown hair.

Eyes: Changeable. His typical form has deep brown eyes.

Usual Style/Clothes: Changeable depending on his appearance. In his typical form he will almost always wear sharp and formal clothes based around suits, shirts, jackets, waistcoats, ties, cravats and suits in a somewhat British cad/modern dandy style.


Powers (if applicable):

Azorin possesses great shape-changing powers, able to modify the entire of his body virtually at will. It is known he can take on any human appearance he wishes, as well as any animal. Writings claim he can alter his body into the form of objects, and alter one part of his body and not the rest, but because of a lack of detailed reports and verifiable witnesses, it is hard to be certain. It appears that while he can alter his size and weight when changing shape to mimic that which he changes into, he is unable to merely grow or shrink in his “standard” form.

Azorin also posses basic telekinesis, able to lift items up to the size of a car and hurl them some distance. He can also use this power to create basic shields around himself and fire force blasts. It should be noted that this power is much weaker than his shape changing, and while he wields it with considerable skill and finesse, it is limited: he can only lift so much and his shields can only take a very limited amount of punishment (especially when covering a wide area).

Azorin is virtually immune to mind reading even by extremely powerful magic users, with only small individual words being able to be found out. It is also impossible to mystically see through one of his identities. While logical deduction may be able to reveal his identity, mystical attempts will always show him to truly be whatever (or whoever) he appears to be at that moment.

Azorin has considerable super-strength, easily above peak human and approaching the levels of the strongest vampires.

Azorin can heal from injuries at a very quick rate, often only taking minutes to heal from major wounds. He can also regenerate limbs, although this takes much longer and leaves him weak while it occurs. Much like his TK shielding powers, his healing can be overloaded if he suffers too much harm.

He has the ability to see souls, be them human or demon (or the lack of).

Personality: Azorin is at heart a trickster and manipulator, taking vast pleasure in controlling the events around him and observing how others react. He lacks what would be considered “conventional” morality, having absolutely no conception of right or wrong, but he not particularly “evil” by demon standards; he may not be above killing but he takes no particular pleasure from it (outside of the reactions it may lead to in others) and understands that by killing he is removing a potential plaything.

In his dealings with others Azorin is normally fairly light-hearted, although given to occasional sarcasm and disdain. He is normally incredibly polite but when his ire is raised his sarcasm and disdain come to the fore. Over the years he has come to appreciate the finer things in life, something  the fortune he has acquired (and his ability to impersonate someone else if necessary) has allowed him to indulge these tastes.

Favourite Quote: “You are a most interesting person...”

Quirks: Azorin has a tendency to give grandiose speeches. Over the years he has developed a real taste for single-malt scotch whisky, rich and deep French red wines, opera and, somewhat in contrast to his otherwise urbane persona, pulled pork sandwiches and TV murder mysteries.

Hobbies: Devious schemes manipulating those around him, sitting back and watching people react to situations, listening to music, watching Murder, She Wrote and Diagnosis Murder.


From the Watcher's Handbook:

Dear Slayer,

I’ve given some additional information of most of the other demons and nasties in the handbook, so I’ll give some more for this creature although you probably won’t need it. Azorin isn’t your typical “destroy/rule the world” type demon… that’s not to say he is harmless, but he has far less interest in harming the earth or anyone on it then many of the others here. Instead, he seems far more interested in studying humans, and manipulating them to see how they’ll react. He’s a powerful demon if you get on his wrong side, but he’ll rarely get into direct confrontations, or do too much to arose suspicion. In the grand scheme of things, although he’s a dangerous demon and obviously an enemy, he’s not that huge of a threat unless you catch his interest. Despite his long life, he doesn’t seem to have had much interest in Slayers. Some have speculated that while he’s obviously a leading demon in whatever dimension he’s from, he doesn’t particularly like it there, and so spends his time on earth. Due to this keeps his head down so that he doesn’t get noticed and banished. Hope this helps.

QuoteAzorin, or “He who Shapes and Changes” has been on this earth for at least 800 years, and some speculate more. The first confirmed reports on him were when he and another demon, identified as Prisab (a mind controller) had their way with a battalion of Knights Templar in the Holy Land. When the elite of the Templer Order arrived they found Prisab riding the commander of the battalion like a horse while the rest acted like dogs on their hands and knees, with Azorin laughing some way back. Prisab was struck down by the leader of the relif force, her head cut from his shoulders, but Azorin turned into an eagle and flew away before he could be banished.

There is some debate as to whether a shadowy force that seems to have manipulated people throughout the worst excesses of both the Roman and Babylonian empires was in fact Azorin. Details remain sketchy and we are unable to confirm or deny this; Azorin's shape-shifting abilities mean it is hard to confirm sightings.

It is this fact that leads to our limited information on Azorin. He has not been part of any major plots that required the Watcher Council’s full attention and has not appeared to form any long lasting or major cults, moving frequently (for an un-aging demon). Confirmed reports are scarce. It was known he was with the Cathars in France during their scouring, and some argue it was he who struck down the Pope’s messenger and lead to the Crusade against the Cathars. Other sightings include during the renaissance in Italy and during the French Revolution at the Court.

Only once has his power ever truly been shown, when the Spanish Inquisition burnt his lover at the time, a Jewish woman, at the stake. Azorin appeared in Teruel, leading the city to revolt, before hunting down the Inquisitors who had lead to his lover’s death, ending finally with his murder of Pedro de Arbués, an Inquisitor who, while officially never giving a sentence of death, had lead the prosecution personally. In total over 55 Inquisitors died, along with over 300 of their guards and attendants.

Note: Demon’s are soulless (by human terms), and thus it is impossible that Azorin felt love for this woman. While we cannot quite explain he actions in response to her death, we can deduce that he vengeance was probably due to him seemingly being disrespected or having his favourite toy taken away.

Despite his power, Azorin prefers to manipulate behind the scenes, something we can possibly guess was due to his time spent with Prisab. His seems to be infatuated with humanity and its limits and vices, moving to find new seats where he can corrupt and influence new groups.

There has not been a confirmed sighting of Azorin since the 1800’s.


And my supporting character:

Name: Sam Reid

Date of Birth: 02/08/1994

Place of Birth: L.A.

Known Relatives: Scotty Reid (Father), Jackie Reid (Mother - deceased)

Height: 5'9''

Weight: 170lbs

Hair: Dark blond

Eyes: Blue

Usual Style/Clothes: A casual, “trendy” style, comprising mainly of designer items.


Powers (if applicable): None

Personality: Sam is somewhat cocky and self-assured but a large part of this is a cover over the deep sense of loss and loneliness he feels following his mother's death and his relocation to Fairview. His history of mingling with celebrities means that he is rarely intimidated by authority figures but much of his popularity in LA came not from who he was but who his father was and who he hung around with.

Sam has almost no “street” sense; he lived a protected life in LA and so it utterly unused to personal danger or aggression.

Favorite Quote: “One time, I was at this party in L.A...”

Quirks: Sam has a long history of using drugs although it has not reached the stage where he is dangerously addicted.

Hobbies: Partying, drinking, drug taking.

History: Sam Reid is a student at the College in Fairview as well as a resident, having only just moved to the town. His father, “Scotty Reid” was once a high flying club owner in LA, running a series of successful bars and clubs that became fashion and celebrity hotspots. Sam grew up used to the finer things in life and a fairly relaxed attitude towards the law (especially with regard to illegal substances).

However, Scotty’s wife died in an auto accident recently, and unable to continue to stay in LA, Scotty moved completely away from his life in the city, moving Sam and himself to Fairview, the most middle of nowhere town he could find, to give him time to grieve and heal away from the bright lights. He bought the most established bar in the town from it’s owner for a much larger amount than it was worth and currently runs it.

Sam hates the town, it being a far far far cry from the rest of his upbringing in LA, where everything he ever enjoyed was on his doorstep. As a new arrival Sam hasn't really made any friends. Sam was popular during his time in LA, partly due to his father’s connections, and partly due to his own personality, and given time will probably be again.


Name: Ashleigh Valentine
Date of Birth: August 7th, 1994
Place of Birth: Malibu, Ca
Known Relatives: Mother – Lydia Valentine (38), widowed, owns a health food store; Brother – Maxim Valentine (20), student

Height: 5'11”
Weight: 143 lbs
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue
Usual Style/Clothes: Ash is a tomboy and tends to dress like it. She chooses clothes for comfort and the ability to move, though she can and will dress up for dates or special occasions.

Powers (if applicable): Ash is a hereditary witch and has the potential to be quite powerful, though she is currently in denial. Her arsenal of tricks is admittedly limited considering she likes to pretend her mother is just eccentric and not at all a witch and local coven elder but if given the right tools and the right guidance she could accomplish quite a number of advanced spells and rites.

Personality: Ash is a very fun, down to earth girl who isn't afraid to get down and dirty with the boys. She can be silly and energetic at times and very chill and relaxed at others. For the most part she is very comfortable in her skin and is always very unapologetically Ash. She loves sports of all kinds—the rougher the better—sexy cars that go fast, robbing people blind in poker games, and has a secret love for comic books and anime. She can be kind of intense on the field but otherwise she is very laid back and likes to go with the flow. She does have a bit of a temper, inherited from her father, and while it is fairly hard to get her to that point it will be apparent when she slips into a stream of rapid Italian as she does anytime she is frustrated, upset, or angry. She's the type that will sacrifice herself for others, and  is very loyal and protective, if sometimes a bit naïve.

Favorite Quote: "What?! There's no food? Aww, I'm out!" or "Dude, who's bringing the snacks?"

Quirks: She has an admittedly odd sense of humor and sometimes cracks jokes at inappropriate times. She almost always has food of some sort as she's always saying she's hungry. Ash is bisexual.

Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Basketball, Soccer, Kickboxing, Judo, Poker, Eating, Cooking, what she likes to call "nerding out"

History: Ash spent the first 13 years of her life in Malibu attending private school and generally being a normal kid until her father (a police Sergeant) was shot and killed in the line of duty. Needing a change, her mother abruptly packed them all up and moved them to her home town, Fairhaven, hoping they could have a peaceful life there.

Ash, a two sport athlete in high school, received several offers from colleges but chose to stay local to look after her mom. She attends the local college on a full athletic scholarship for basketball and also plays soccer. She hasn't the slightest idea what her major will be but interestingly enough a couple courses have already started getting her to look a bit more into her ancestry and the claims her mother makes of them being witches. *eye roll*

Her brother Maxim, is the school's Quarterback and a campus stud, and as his little sister she's fairly popular herself for a freshman--though not ridiculously so. She stays on campus but frequently visits home to check on her mother.
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Would anyone be interested in playing an ex of Eric's?  In the original bio it was the slayer herself (also called Buffy though a different char), but it can be anyone closely tied to the slayer.  I was kind of thinking that Scarlett might have a young Watcher (if Kokaine or Snorkel were interested in that) and that Eric was the ex-lover of Scarlett, her Watcher, or a close friend of Scarlett's.

Btw, nice char Kokaine.
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Loving all the characters so far...

And my paltry photo-editing efforts at making a logo:


I just realized that's a painting and not a photo. XD  I knew something looked off about it.

Anyway! As for Eric and Scarlett, unless you make him younger, he's too old for Scarlett, she likes guys within one or two years of her.  Could be someone close to her, a sister, or a friend.  I'm still figuring her out so I'm definitely up for meshing histories and stuff.  Been a while since I've come up with someone non-superheroic.  Although she still kinda is super heroic, may even give her a domino mask and a make shift costume (leather pants, halter top combo with heeled boots and domino mask?) Or something, I figure if she's a comic book geek she might actually see this as an opportunity to be a heroine, perhaps an earlier foray into spandex wound up with it getting destroyed. =P


Alright, my girlie is all done up above. Let me know if you need anything fleshed out a bit more Mr. GM.

Quote from: kckolbe on March 24, 2013, 08:57:56 PM
Would anyone be interested in playing an ex of Eric's?  In the original bio it was the slayer herself (also called Buffy though a different char), but it can be anyone closely tied to the slayer.  I was kind of thinking that Scarlett might have a young Watcher (if Kokaine or Snorkel were interested in that) and that Eric was the ex-lover of Scarlett, her Watcher, or a close friend of Scarlett's.

Btw, nice char Kokaine.

Thanks luv. I dunno that Ash is a good candidate for a watcher, lol. I'm not sure how responsible she is on that front.
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Hey Consortium, when would Scarlett have gotten her powers? The typical 16 or are we bumping it up to far more recently? Maybe eighteen when she got them? Or even more recently than that?  And are we saying she has a watcher yet or would that be Eric and that stuff will happen in-game?


I think it's probably best if Scarlett has already had her powers for a while... exploring her getting her powers and the like is a pretty personal story and risks leaving the rest of the group somewhat out in the cold. I'm more than happy for her to have developed them fairly recently but I'm reluctant for them to have just appeared; she may not know much but I'd hope Scarlett starts the story knowing she's the Slayer and knowing at least the basics of what a Slayer is/does.

The Watcher situation is flexible. There could be an existing relationship or a new watcher (her old one having died/retired/left/anything we can think of), she could start off not having one (we can use Fortula's visions as a plot device to drive our story forward) and one of the characters become one or I can play an NPC watcher (albeit one without much personality or impact outside of exposition). It's dependant on if writer's are willing to play a Watcher and the sort of Watcher they want to be.


Gotcha.  This is why I ask!  Okay, I'm more able to form an idea of her in my mind now.  She's slowly coming together in there. It'd be great if Eric could be her watcher. HINT.

Okay, so I may give her a couple of sisters or something, older, and maybe Eric dated one of them for a while? That way she may know of him, but not know him directly, or met him once or twice.  Could definitely be an interesting dynamic if the watchers basically sent him to her since they already are aware of one another. 

Oh! Here's another question, has she always lived here? Or is it possible she lived over another Hellmouth before moving out this way?

EDIT: Oh! Oh! What if her old watcher was a woman and Eric dated her? Could be how he found out about the watchers? Fair warning though, I'm probably going to kill her off. >.>