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Started by RubySlippers, March 05, 2013, 02:46:46 PM

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I was wondering is anyone into GURPS 4th Edition it might be fun to have a game with two GMS and several players in a sandbox or non-sandbox (as the players wish) game in a fantasy setting in an urban or large town/rural setting.

I was thinking young people so maybe older apprentice sorts of starting points a 150 Point Buy and 50 Points of Disavantages in that range if anyone is interested in doing this.

I'll put in for a GM and a player spot up front, if another GM wishes to join in just so I can play to.

Right now I will place it in Shrewsbury if that sounds good as a base, I found a nice map for it unless someone has a better location and can provide a map. Humans will be the norm but there will be non-humans so will set a base limit of one non-human per three humans in the groups. I will take a human to keep things simple. Yes things like elven long life must be bought up as an advantage I'm keeping the build open. You want to fly fine by me it will be an advantage and assumed to be magical.

Magic will be uncommon most commoers likely know a bit like witches are all bound to demons and clerics can do faith healing if touched by the diety in question. But its hardly all over a mage with serious power is likely rare however the location likely has all the know masters of magic countable on one hand.

Religion I'm bouncing around I was thinking of the One as in the monotheistic one church is dominant, some pagan faiths around but out of favor save for commoners and peasants (and slaves) with some lords still following it. And the Dark Ones the powers of evil and darkness kind of demon worshippers.


That sounds like fun, Ruby.  I'd play. 
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I likely will borrow a city for it to keep things simple like a fantasy version of ancient Rome perhaps or one of the smaller cities, no use reinventing the wheel.


I've thought Shrewsbury would be good and I'm a fan of Brother Cadfael it will be fantasy based but we can keep the abbey and all in place, and it has a more rural option to for the forester types.




I have never played GURPS, just flipped through older books and the new handbook. I had a friend that swore by GURPS.

I am interested, if you won't mind a new player.
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I'd be interested in this!  I've always liked GURPS but had almost no playing experience.  Hmmm...  Magic is rare, but would playing a magic-user be all right?
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Okay for comparison a mage that is a sorceror, witch or someone that can use magic is about as common as a watchmaker in the modern world. In game terms they are around but hardly common. As a rule on the levels of rarity from least to most (roughly):

Witches and warlocks as in pact makers (easiest option in practical terms, not all are evil).

Divine healers as in faith healers.

Divine channelers that is can use spelss from a divine source.

Mages that is those who trained to use magic.

Races have some shift in this elves have more magic using people but are not numerous and dwarves use mostly divine magic and that is rare among them.

So you can, but how your treated depends on many factors likely where you get your magic from and if your for example what tradition of magic your in if a mage a Merlinite follows the teaches of Merlin and is considered a good mage then there are independents and then ones that draw magic from evil traditions.

I'm working on game setting things now for religions and the like.


Right.  Okay, probably someone in the Merlin tradition, but perhaps a bit darker.

I think I still have access to the GURPS character generator software.  I'll check!
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Well there are five traditions of magic:

The Merlinites they are the official order the kingdom supports openly.
[good, forbidden to deal with dark powers]

Renegade Merlinites
[think grey jedi, dabble in some magics that are not good]

Witches/Warlocks of the Black Saint
[she is neutral, the One Church considers here worship a heresy - open to all kinds of magic it
also has a clergy and some few mages]

Mages of the Old Way
[pagan mages and elven magical users, fae mages and the like - officially not heresy and in
general on decent terms consider her kind of like a Merlinite for attitudes of the massess that
follow the old ways - there are witches/warlocks and clergy]

Followers of the Dark Ones
[evil, dark mages and witches/warlocks basically worship demons and devils and well generally
the ones no one supports except the Black Saint who is neutral to them]

Major Faiths:

The One Church: Worships the One and is like the Roman Catholic faith is more patriarchial and the official church of the nobles who tend to enforce the overall worship by simply making a follower "beneficial" to the commoner. But has most of the schools, alms houses, hospitals and orphanages. Around 60% worshipped not including those also in the Black Saints following.

The Black Saint: Actually worships the One and the Black Saint is his wife, that is the heresy part and tends to have a decent following if underground. Is considered a get out of jail free card to the afterlife being ruler of her own elysium for the faithful. Around 15% of the humans worship her but this is usually hidden in The One Church save for a few churches and covens in remote areas.

The Old Ways: Pagan gods and goddesses, spirits and the fae powers tends to be worhipped by 20% or so of humans and all non-humans fall into this unless they converted to the One Faith. As a rule considered harmless by the One Church and since they have some influence in the Court and hold land serving the King they are fairly secure.

The Followers of the Dark Ones: Underground cult still has a good following since persecuting them is not easy perhaps up to 5%, tend to be the fast path to magic and prone to various evil deeds. Worshipped by monsters and evil races.


*checks the renegade Merlinite box*

*modified later*

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I'll have to see if I have a copy of 4th. I think I have the hardback, but most of my GURPS stuff is 3rd edition.


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