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Author Topic: The Doctor's Ideas  (Read 1102 times)

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The Doctor's Ideas
« on: March 02, 2013, 10:55:50 AM »
Hi All, I am The Doctor (No not that one!)

Finding myself with more time during the day and evenings in between the studying I am having to do and therefore am actively looking to start a few more stories with the wonderful people of E!

I don't have an on/offs page because I am quite willing to try anything once, can't hurt can it?! I am looking for a partner who can test me as a writer, push me, and surprise me! Onto my ideas;

Life of a Gigolo

My character is a male prostitute. This story would follow his life as he meets up with different clients. This story requires a partner who is willing to play many different characters, with different desires and fetishes. Don't really want to go into too much detail with this one, as it would really be up to my partner to decide what fetishes they want included etc.

Boys will play

A young student (18+) is just starting to learn about the art of masturbation and the pleasure it can bring a boy. He is struggling with his seemingly never ending arousal, and often finds himself excusing himself from classes to masturbate in the janitors closet. When he is interrupted by a young female student he stops until she tells him to continue, that she often visits the closet to do the same thing. They start talking besides masturbating, and soon enough their visits to the janitor closet is no longer just for masturbation, but for sex after they take each others virginity.

Another World (Is a story I started with Sao but unfortunately came to an end)

There's no story line, basically it's a porn world where everything is related to porn, for example: you don't greet people by shaking their hand but touching their genital, the appetizers in restaurant would be the waiter's sperm... You can put any fantasy of yours in. The only rule here is not hurting the character, such as: cutting their arms off while having sex with them.

And you can be anyone you want, you can be the daughter in this scene then change to the father in another scene. But you must be ready for any thing. For example, I'm not very found of homosexual encounter but if a guy come and kiss my male character, I'll play along as long as the situation is logical and acceptable. So you'll have to be ready for a female to approach your woman.

We don't really need to plan anything, how many kinks to add...any kink you want to try just put it in the right situation. Like the part about how to greet other people: just like in the real world, sometimes you just nod your head, sometimes you shake hands, sometimes you hug and even kiss. In this world you can even use sex as a greeting but it must be given to some one close to your character. And remember that in real world a girl can slap a man because he kisses her at the wrong time, in this world my or your character can slap each other too.

Online can be fun!

This is pretty straightforward.  They don't have to be a romantic couple.  Maybe they're friends, brother and sister, cousins or anything else we decide that might make it a little more interesting.  Neither has a job, and as they're strapped for cash they're constantly on the lookout for an opportunity.  Your character finds one.

While browsing the internet, he happens across one of the popular revenge porn sites.  Much to his surprise, he finds a familiar face (YC).  Though the material there is very light, he finds a great deal of comments asking for more.

Daddy Knows Best

He and his wife divorced a couple of years ago and in order not to disrupt her college life, his 18 year old daughter decided to stay with her mum. However when she suffers a messy breakup in a relationship she decides she needs to get away from everything and goes to live with her father. I see this as starting off quite innocent, i.e Sitting on daddy's lap, going to his bed when there is storm. Maybe they start to tease each other, having always had a good relationship, and one thing leads to another, and soon enough they can't help it....

If you like anything you have seen above, or have ideas of your own, Message Me!
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Re: The Doctor's Ideas
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2013, 09:14:34 AM »
Edited!  :-)

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Re: The Doctor's Ideas
« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2013, 03:09:53 AM »
Deleted old stories, added new