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Author Topic: A Class of Their Own  (Read 423 times)

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A Class of Their Own
« on: February 17, 2013, 07:00:34 AM »
Thread for RP between Safire and Monfang. Going to get the details figured out in the first posts before getting started.

Characters: (Changeable by their players.)

Galderon: Simply put, he's an old soldier who would be more at home on the battlefield than anywhere else. Even as he enters his late fourties, he still maintains his body, remaining fit and strong as any man who he has the displeasure of training. He stands almost six feet tall, his once dark brown hair now has faded to nearly grey, his beard similarly so. Though his face carries new wrinkles across the few light scars on his face, his green eyes are still as sharp as ever. Though he carries the title of Baron, he still prefers to wear the simple clothing of a lower classed man. Thick woolen clothing with a full lenght jacket even during the summer is his common attire. But no matter what he wears, he still keeps a blade of some length on his body.

Kyra- She wants her way. It's simple. She believes she can be a knight, and she will be a knight. With a bit of practice with wooden swords already, it's no wonder she's angry at being placed into her idea of the equivalent of knight daycare. She's definitely a 16 year old (the key syllable being 'teen').

Side-Characters: ((Changeable by most players with good ideas))

King Avalon Everfield: Ruler of Malafold for nearly forty years, his age is rapidly catching up with him. When before he was a strong and active leader in his kingdom, but in what it seems like a rapid illness, he lost the virility that he once had. Now most of his days are spent from his bedroom, doing what he can to keep his kingdom alive and running. His wife had shortly after the childbirth of his son, Evan, leaving behind him and his older daughter Kyra.

Count Ralcont: A shady character, got into Everfield's good graces after his rescue on the battlefield when the King was cut off from the rest of the army. After that, he turned away from the field of battle to deal with internal issues, or so he says. No one really knows what he does for the kingdom, but it wasn't long after he was given his title that the King started to turn ill. Recognizable by his long black and oily hair and his cloak made of raven feathers over his attire. Not well liked by many of the people of the Kingdom.

Sage Holland: Known as 'Grandfather' by both of the King's children, the old sage has keep close eye over the affairs of the kingdom for a long time, how long no one can be sure but the hope he will stay for a long time is on the lips of many people. He had guided the king in good times and bad and taught the children much of what he knows from early on. Usually seen with a knarled wooden staff that he uses to support himself as he walks and white cloak that covers him from head to toe.

Evan: Younger brother to Kyra and son to King Everfield, he is barely past the age when he is learning how to walk. A very active and trusting boy, he carries the same eyes of his father, however has a lighter hair color. He is well loved by the people he interacts with and is equally caring about them. He had taken strongly with the Sage Holland and immerses himself in learning and educating himself rather than learning the art of combat.

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Re: A Class of Their Own
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2013, 07:06:32 AM »
Actually it seems I can't edit my first post yet, so any changes Safire might want will follow this.

Offline Safire

Re: A Class of Their Own
« Reply #2 on: February 17, 2013, 04:56:43 PM »
I like your ideas. Would you like to start us off?