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Author Topic: [NWOD] Rise of the Wolf-Cubs. (Closed. Sorry.)  (Read 257 times)

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[NWOD] Rise of the Wolf-Cubs. (Closed. Sorry.)
« on: May 09, 2013, 01:25:09 AM »
New World of Darkness: Rise of the Wolf-Cubs

Suits by day, fur by night.

Borrowing the setting developed by Blythe, this will focus specifically on the MacEvan Pack as a new generation of werewolves seek out their place in the city of Atro. I myself have very little (read: none) experience as a GM so I would prefer someone who is experienced come take the lead. No experience with New World of Darkness required as it can be explained very easily. However, I do ask that the GM be someone who can lead and develop interesting stories and plot lines without using underhanded tactics like railroading, etc.

One of the things I want to try in this roleplay is to focus less on traditional means of combat and more on the new forms of 'combat' in the new era. Combat in boardrooms, courts, in the lobby halls of government buildings, in front of a podium in the court of Public Opinion and on the Internet. There is more than one way to bring down a foe.

And now for some things I am 'borrowing' from Blythe:

This is an RP that will use White Wolf's Storyteller system. There will be dice involved—just d10s, easily used in the dicebot. The goal is to not use the dice too terribly much if it can be avoided. The story will involve extreme elements, up to and including: nonconsensual scenarios (you may choose to opt-out your character), consensual scenarios, light and extreme BDSM (you may choose if you prefer one, both, or neither), MxM, MxF, FxF, and maybe even a little gender confusion depending on what the powers are of certain characters. I'm looking for people willing to read through posts that might not include matching sexualities and kinks to their own in the interests of keeping up with a storyline. You will not be asked to participate in anything you do not like.

If you have never played in the World of Darkness setting, never fear! I hope to make it an easy experience for you, if you care to try. I can go over any questions or rules in a PM—the easiest way to play the World of Darkness is as a normal human, or someone who has just come into supernatural power, that way being ignorant of something isn't a problem, it's realistic and interesting. <3

Character Types Permitted:
*Any gender.
*Any sexuality.

*The focus will be on the werewolf pack for player characters. However, they may NOT come from the Pure.
*If there is a strong plot reason, a character from a different faction may be allowed excepting Alexander's Coven, the largest and most powerful Vampire Coven in the city. However, there are smaller covens in the city.

The Plot:
Atro City.

Like many cities, it has more than one face about it. In the light, it is slowly becoming one of the most prosperous cities in the United States. While the rest of the country seems to be moving slowly under the weight of economic woes, Atro managed to find a way to bring forth riches in troubling times. A combination of it's rich mineral deposits on one side and beautiful beaches on the other makes Atro the landmark city for both Industry and Tourism. However, these riches are attracting the interests of darker forces.

One of the most famous aspects of Atro are the major families which stood in Atro sense it's founding 300 years ago as a small trading town. One of those is the MacEvan family from Scotland. Within a short time of them staking a claim, the MacEvans became famous for being savvy investors. If there were ever figureheads for Capitalism, it was they. Investing in even the most unusual of ideas, they were behind some of the most famous businesses across the nation.  In the Shadows, however, was where the real power of the MacEvan Family lay. For they were truly a pack of werewolves. When Alexander MacEvan begin looking into the Enlightenment Philosophy, he saw the folly of the old ways. He saw his packmate's hardcore devotion to them as a dangerous sign and tried to warn them of their folly. When he was struck down for his ideas, he gathered those who believed in him and left Scotland for America where Enlightenment was finding a home. It was there that Alexander proclaimed the goal of the MacEvan Family.

"We will find Balance in not only Nature and in Ourselves. But in our Human Kin. We will lead the way so they can balance their needs and wants while taking care of Nature as Mother Luna and Father Wolf wishes of us."

With that dream driving them, the MacEvans have been the driving force behind many advances in human development as well as the supporters of countless Wildlife Reserves and Sanctuaries. National and Local Parks, No-Kill Animal Shelters, and countless other programs. It was a point of celebration when their actions saw to it that recently there were more acres of forests than there were 100 years ago.

However, all is not as it seems. Under the surface of even the Shadows. Forces are on the move from not only outside of the Pack, but inside as well. As the time of the Renewal draws closer, they are making their move. Each generation, the Head of the MacEvan Pack reduces the power of not only the Pack but the Company as well to a small fraction of itself before choosing a new Pack Leader. It is during this time that the they are at their weakest not only externally but internally. With everything on the line, James Strongvoice must prove himself a worthy successor to the title of Pack Alpha, or watch as the legacy of his Family and his Pack crashes around him.

The Eroticism: (Plot Hooks to make a character)
James Strongvoice is the clear front runner for new Pack Alpha. However, he can't go about it alone. He will need himself close allies to make his dream come true and no better than the new generation of werewolves. Whether they be a few months old or a few years, they have not yet been introduced as full members of the MacEvan Pack. But now is their chance to make their mark and raise up along with James. They will have to learn from their Elders about what it means to be one of The People. But if they can conquer not only those who raise against them but the beasts within, they will find themselves key players in a much larger game.

However, it will not be easy. Forces are gathering that seek to use the power of the MacEvan to their advantage. Radical forces moving on two fronts. One seeks to return to the Old Ways where Nature was paramount. Their goal to speed up the goals of Alexander and force Humans into smaller and smaller habitation zones and let Nature run free again. The other seeks to abandon nature and the Balance all together. Though a newer Philosophy, they believe the tales of Mother Luna and Father Wolf to be fairy tales and desire to use their power to take full control of both Human and Nature as the top of the food chain.

It isn't just the Pack that threatens James. But the human members of MacEvans Investment as well. The recent raise in prosparity in Atro City as also brought with it shader aspects. Drug and gun running is becoming popular though the highway that divides the city and the wealth of money has started to breed a greed in the hearts of some Humans. Without knowing the larger game at play, they make their move to take the company away from the MacEvans and find new ways to make themselves more money.

Outside of the Pack; Vampires, Mages, Hunters, Changelings and more are reacting to the shift in the power of the MacEvan. A temporary vacuum in power is open and they are moving quickly to claim territory. Some groups are even so bold as to aim to topple the MacEvans entirely and bring a new faction into power. While the largest in each Race, the Main Families of the City of Atro, are content with where they are. Smaller groups within them are eager to make a name for themselves and to be the first to topple the 'Old Blood'.

For inexperienced players:
If you would like to play and do a character sheet using the World of Darkness rules, PM me. I will walk you through character creation. Don't be shy—I don't bite. Much. <3 For experienced players who do not have access to the rulebooks, PM me if you have questions.

Posting Expectations:
I would like at least a paragraph per post. I would prefer to see something closer to three or four paragraphs. I would like proper spelling and grammar in these posts. I understand some small mistake here and there; I'm guilty of them myself. But do your best and things will be fine.

Dice Rolling:
Use of the dice is simple. You add an attribute (which is an innate quality of your personality, body, or mind) to an ability (a cultivated knowledge, talent or skill) to determine how many d10s you roll for most types of check, including attacking people. I, the GM, determine difficulty. Higher numbers are more difficult to attain (8, 9, and 10). Every time you roll and equal or exceed the difficulty number, you acquire a success.

You normally need only one success to do most things, but very complicated things or extended challenges might require more. If you roll a 10, you may roll that dice again to see if you may acquire an additional success. Rolling a 1 will subtract a success from your total, and may result in a critical failure.

This is literally all you need to know initially to play the game at first. More complicated things can be brought in as we progress.

Notes: This RP will have a definite ending. It ends when James Strongvoice is elected as Pack Leader or in the event he dies or fails. If the game does succeed, then everything will be canonized for future games in this setting.

NEW PLAYERS: I must reassure you that mistakes happen. I will probably make my fair share of them as well. No one is perfect. That's the fun of trying out a new setting, maybe new characters, maybe some new ideas. I say this to you as a new member of E currently terrified that I'm making mistakes right and left.

NOTE: If people are interested, I will discuss more about the various supernatural entities and factions. I have most, if not all, most of the new World of Darkness sourcebooks in pdf format. I will only put up character sheets and info if there are at least four people interested.

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Re: [NWOD] Rise of the Wolf-Cubs. (Interest check/Seeking GM)
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2013, 01:50:18 AM »
Small update, added a bit in the Plot Hooks where the Humans of the Company are taking action as well.

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Re: [NWOD] Rise of the Wolf-Cubs. (Closed. Sorry.)
« Reply #2 on: May 10, 2013, 02:17:23 AM »
Closing this for now as the main game this is based off of is coming back. Maybe talked into reopening it.