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April 24, 2018, 06:08:01 PM

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Author Topic: One on Ones with Lirliel, the unofficial Princess of Dark Excess.. [MUL, NC-E]  (Read 866 times)

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Offline LirlielTopic starter

Well Howdy to all who came to check out whatever my perverted mind has managed to churn out once more, after all, ya'll know me as the darker side.. so I don't want to let my fanbase down. Here are some one on one's I would enjoy playing out with some people.

1# Darkness Gathers

Set in the Warhammer Fantasy world, the story will revolve around myself playing a young female from a small town in the Border Princess, born into a noble family she was raised to be a good woman but learned from several men in her father's employ, also the beauty of weapons and soon developed a keen interest in fighting, becoming faster and stronger as the years went by. Now at twenty years of age the young teen has developed, matured, and is ready to face the darkness of the Old World.

This could include, Skaven, Orcs, Chaos and sum-such, while also being led to perhaps multiple encounters with Witch Hunters, Fanatics of Sigmar. Do note, requirements are: Knowledge of World, people, places and such. 2, I do not wish to be turned to the darker powers, nor eaten or killed, well not right away, might happen later..

2# The Blood War,

Born into an everlasting war the Demoness Rashila was never at home there, always wanting something more then leading her people in war against other demons, gaining more power and lands for creatures she would never see she decided to do the unthinkable. She opened a portal into the celestial lands, at first the tide was turned but slowly, the dark spawn that had been laid there were born anew the Daughter of Rashila, whom I will play, has been born of Celestial mother, a celestial in appearance, nothing is the same in her doings. And slowly the children of Darkness will plunge the worlds of Peace into a Blood War the same as that which rages below.

A bit of a homebrewed world, coupled with plane hopping and D&D stuff. Playing the Daughter of the Demoness, she will probably be able to change sex at will or at least, from Lesbian to Hermaphrodite, expect several.. erm 'nasty' things ;)

That's it for now.. will write up more when it comes too me..

Offline Darthvegeta800

Ooh Warhammer! I think i'll sent you a little pm ;)

Online MagicalPen

If anyone picks you up on Idea 1, let me know so i can read. Not familiar with the world/people/places myself soo....yeah.

Offline LirlielTopic starter

Bump and Silv, started the game, it's in extreme.

Offline Solstice

The second sounds like something I may be interested in, though I s'pose I'm not too clear 'bout what all it would entail, and if I'm necessarily up to it. :x

If you're still looking for someone for it, that is, o' course.

Online Idej

Warhammer, such a fun game and still is.:)  Those two ideas, both sound interesting.  If you need anyone give me a holler.

Offline Barding

Bump for Warhammer, dear...If you ever happen to want to bump into a certain rather unusual example of an ex-Druchii Highborne then feel free to toss me a PM!

In the meantime, good luck!