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June 22, 2018, 07:59:21 AM

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Author Topic: Angel's Redemption (Any)  (Read 416 times)

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Angel's Redemption (Any)
« on: January 31, 2013, 11:35:17 PM »
Alright, so this is going to be a little different than my usual requests. I have this idea for a story, but any time I try to write up a proper request it seems to want to run and hide, but I have no issue babbling on about it in a conversational way, so here's a bit of a messenger conversation(Just the story related bits) that I had about it. Just to see if I can drum up some interest.

See. It starts with an angel who's been cast down to Earth.
At first I was thinking a full out fallen.
But then I had this thought that maybe she was just angered by the "heresy" of humans and their lack of faith and belief and it was to teach her a lesson.So, she's cast to Earth with no memory of being an angel, and no powers.
Either she's placed into an abusive home, or she's given the memories as if she was in one.
All of this hinging on the idea that the Christian God was in fact the more kindly forgiving deity of the New Testament until pushed too far.
Which you know one of his angels being a total bitch about humanity has caused fall before so...
Alright, so at this point, something massively crappy happens and she ends up either in jail or in a mental hospital.
She's reached the lowest point that she has.
No one has taught her the difference between right and wrong.
No one has taught her how to be a good person though at times the angelic nature does shine through.
This is when it becomes time to remind her who she is.
Though you can't just do that all at once, at least in part because she'd become convinced that she really was insane.
So she has to go through the process of redemption.
Which is where the other character would come in.
The whole point for her would be to come to understand humanity and why they are given such a long leash and ultimately forgiven if their good deeds out weigh their bad
An unexpected romance, one that no one wanted to see or understood cropping up in there somewhere would be an awesome bonus.

So, this idea actually coming out enough for me to talk about it is all thanks to a bit of booze and two songs: Savin' Me by Nickelback, and You'll be in my Heart by Elton John.

Ultimately, I could see this as a game in which the angelic character that's sent to save her just gets in the way. They're too high in the instep or something. There was supposed to be a lesson for them in bringing her to redemption and they're about to fail it.

I would prefer the other character be someone or something that you'd never expect to be the path to redemption. A demon, or some other supposedly "evil" creature. Genders are fluid in this, meaning that I don't care what gender you'd like to play, and will gladly play my character as male if you would like. I do however insist on playing the character that is being redeemed.

Given that I will not be using this thread for anything else, feel free to post here or PM me if interested. Regardless, best wishes, and happy roleplaying.

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Re: Angel's Redemption (Any)
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2013, 01:33:10 AM »
I've sent you a PM about this.